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            Linda means beautiful in Spanish, and my Linda was certainly that - inside and out.
            Anyone who met her, however briefly, was touched by her genuine interest and gentle kindness.
            I never stop thinking of her as my girlfriend, even though she became my wife, my children's mother, and my Lady.
            The beauty of her spirit never failed to communicate itself to those she encountered, whether they were young or old, male or female, or whatever, they were worthy of respect and so she treated them exactly the same and they invariably felt very comfortable being with her.
            Our love of animals was something we discovered, we shared as time went by, and they too enjoyed the same deep respect given to them by her.
            Her vision of the world was, and is, a simple one.
            Love, kindness, respect and thoughtfulness for one another and for our fellow species and a deep distrust of people who neglect these values.
            I am blessed to have shared thirty loving years with this uniquely special woman, a fact which I will remain eternally grateful for. This, of course, makes our loss that much more painful to bear, but the kids and I know that she would want us to be happy, even though at this moment it isn't an easy thing to do.
            This issue of Club Sandwich may convey a small amount of the love we and her many friends and admirers feel for her, but nothing could ever really express the deepest feelings in our hearts.
            Her spirit will live forever in those of us who believe in the magic she stood for. Linda means beautiful. We love you Linda.


Club Sandwich 86