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Clinton hails Paul in TV Maccathon

Club Sandwich 82 anc

            BILL CLINTON has joined the Paul McCartney fan club - rating Macca as one of the President's favourite musicmen.
            The President gives his thumbs up for the Beatles bassist in a week-long Maccathon to be screened in the USA and around the world from May 12th on VH1.
            VH1 cameras went out and about asking people for their favourite McCartney song or Maccamoment and the President chipped in with his own.
            He tells VH1: "I think 'Eleanor Rigby' is one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard. Just brilliant".
            VHl's exclusive Maccathon will include scores of hours dedicated to the music of Paul McCartney and will air for six days through May. Starting on Monday, May 12th, the special will celebrate Paul's time with The Beatles, Wings and his solo recording years. It will include showings of Paul live in concert and the USA premiere of the new documentary film made on Paul by Anthology director Geoff Wonfor.
            The Maccathon will climax with a worldwide Internet event on Saturday, May 17th when Paul will go on the Net from London to take questions from fans from all over the world.
            The Net event will be broadcast on VH1 and relayed on radio all over the USA. It will be staged in central London before an invitation-only audience of media, friends and competition winners.
            VH1 supremo Bill Flanagan told The Flame 'Ever since this show was agreed, VH1 has turned into McCartney Central.'
            'Every-body wants to work on this show, we're going to have a lot of fun with this".


            Paul McCartney is teaming up with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal for the new comedy movie Father's Day
            Williams and Crystal provide the laughs in Warner Bros, summer release and Macca provides the music.
            Father's Day
- in which Williams and Crystal are caught in the chase for a runaway boy in order to discover which of them is his father - will feature two of Paul's songs from Flaming Pie - 'Young Boy' and 'The World Tonight'.
            Father's Day
will go on screens from May 9th, coinciding with the worldwide release of Flaming Pie.


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