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Club Sandwich 82 anc

by Robby Montgomery

            PAUL McCartney has exclusively revealed the secret behind the writing of one of his best love songs - he wrote it for a bet.
            Paul told how his inspiration for the new ballad 'Some Days' was just a gamble he made with himself. The poignant ballad sounds as if it had been brewing in his mind for years. But last night Paul admitted he did it for a dare!
            Said Paul: "I actually wrote 'Some Days' in a couple of hours whilst Linda was doing a photo session for one of her cookery projects.
            "I drove her to the photoshoot at this house and then tucked myself away upstairs with my guitar and made up a little fantasy for myself - I knew Linda would be about two hours doing the shoot, so I set myself a deadline to write a song in that time.
            "It was just a little game that I sometime play with myself - so that when Linda'd say 'What did you do? Were you bored?' I could say 'No, I've written this song'".
            He added: John (Lennon) and I used to play this game, I don't think it ever took us more than three to four hours to write a song".
            Paul revealed that 'Some Days' is not the only song on his new Flaming Pie album to be written against the clock. His new single, 'Young Boy', was composed while Linda cooked lunch!
            "We were in America and Linda was cooking a meal with Pierre Franey for a story in The New York Tunes, said Paul, "They got on and cooked and when they'd finished I came in with 'Young Boy'
            "It was another one of those set myself an arbitrary deadline things, just a silly motivation thing - they come in and say 'What've you been doing?' and I say 'Well, I've written a song' and they go 'What? But you've only been two hours!'. I just do it for that moment".
            * In the time that it took Paul to write 'Young Boy', writes Cookery Editor David Salt, Linda had made vegetable.

Club Sandwich 82 anc


            'Hope Of Deliverance' looks set to go down in history as Paul McCartney's best-selling single. The 1993 hit has sprung into the sales lead ahead of the 1977 Wings monsterselling 'Mull Of Kintyre' - with worldwide sales of 'Hope' now exceeding 4 million. Most of 'Hope's' sales were in Germany, where the single is the most airplayed song in history.

the man with all the answers

            Dear Joe,
            What is the story of Flaming Pie? Is this how The Beatles got their name?
            P. Winn

            JOE WRITES
            Dear Mr. Winn, In 1961 John Lennon wrote an article for the Liverpool newspaper Merseybeat titled 'Being A Short Diversion On The Dubious Origins Of Beatles', in which he joked that tile name came in a vision when "a man on a flaming pie" appeared before John, George and Paul and told them "from this day on you are Beatles with an A.
            In actual fact, the name Beatles was thought up by John and Stuart Sutcliffe one night in Liverpool. However, over the years some people have missed John’s Merseybeat joke and believed that there was such a "vision", although John's allusion to a flaming pie (as opposed to a flaming chariot or phoenix) clearly implies there was not.
            Flaming Pie,
the song, is Paul's spoof comment on this mythology.

            Dear Joe,
            The two guitarists on 'Heaven On A Sunday' seem to have a similar style. Are they perchance related?
            G. Gersh
            Cleveland, Ohio.

            JOE WRITES
            Dear Mr. Gersh, My, what big ears you have. Yes, indeed, this pair of pickers arc in the same key - step forward James Paul McCartney (the knight) and James Louis McCartney (his 19-yeard-old son).

            Dear Joe,
            Who plays the doublebass on 'The Song We Were Singing' and is there a story to this?
            Mick Heatley

            JOE WRITES
            Dear Mick, On this track, Paul plays the doublebass - which is actually the same doublebass that once boomed alongside Elvis. The bass was originally the late Bill Black's (bass player with Elvis). As Paul is such a huge fan of Elvis and Bill, Linda bought him the bass as a birthday present a few years ago. Although it is right-handed (and Paul is not), he can manage the odd tune out of it - including 'Heartbreak Hotel".