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            Nine thousand days ago, give or take a few, the McCartneys were in America recording an album that they would call Ram. Paul's second long-player after the Beatles, its lushness, melodies and adventurous ideas were reminiscent of Abbey Road, and, like that record, Ram took months to record. (Although not every week was a working week.) The result topped the British album chart, scored second place in America and is now perceived by many critics as something of a forgotten masterpiece.
haven't forgotten it, of course, but we do wonder: when was the last time that you played Ram? Well, not too many people know this, dear boy, but while doing so you can eat at home with your long haired lady, or sit in the back seat of my car, in the heart of the country, sipping a monkberry moon delight, or you can smile away in the company of Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey or dance with their ram on 3 legs.
            Go on, give it a whirl, it's a ton of thrills and you know it makes sense...

Club Sandwich 77