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            Our main focus in this Sandwich is the grand opening of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) on 30 January, an event that marked the culmination of years of planning and fund-raising, and saw the completed transformation of Paul McCartney's former school into a centre of true excellence for the entire performing arts industry. In we'll do what never has BEEN DONE BEFORE... Mark Lewisohn imparts the flavour of a day that was very emotional, not only for those directly involved with conversion of the dream into reality - in particular Paul and Mark Featherstone-Witty - but also for the participating students and guests, who were fortunate to have been present on this historic occasion. Although LIPA is now up and running we'll continue to touch base with events there from time to time in future issues.
            We continue also with the story of The Beatles Anthology, this time with Geoff Baker's TURNED OUT NICE AGAIN..., which depicts, through press cuttings and snippets from memos, the excitement generated by the fantastic sales figures and breaking of TV viewing records. We firmly expect the razzmatazz to continue with the release at this time of the second single 'Real Love' and the Anthology 2 album. Here at the Sandwich it has been a pleasure to read your many letters and see how much you enjoyed the outstanding Anthology TV series. From what we can gather, another entire generation has been infected with Beatlemania!
            Although it's not yet autumn, when we usually write about him, we have a mini-feature on Buddy Holly, to coincide with the February release of the tribute album notfadeaway. And THE family WAY looks at a new recording, by the French-Canadian classical guitarist Carl Aubut, of one of Paul's earliest classical endeavours, the theme music for the film of the same name. As the soundtrack album has been deleted for many years, and has yet to transfer to CD, this will give many of us a first listening.
            Our usual stable of features includes MINING THE FILM AND video ARCHIVE, in which we take a look at the photo session for the Band On The Run album cover; AND IN THE GREEN CORNER, which gives an opportunity for The Vegetarian Society to highlight their campaign against the horrors of the "exotic meat" trade; backwards traveller, which casts us back to the melodic music of Ram; and INSPIRATION, which unearths the newspaper cutting that helped spark the song 'She's Leaving Home', one of Paul's most beautiful pieces.
            Before I conclude I'd like to mention a way in which we could all show our loyalty to and support for Paul and Linda. It has come to our attention that a coach-load of fans recently made a visit to the vicinity of Paul and Linda's house in the country. I'm sure you're aware of the importance that the McCartneys attach to family values, so this incident has been a particularly unwelcome intrusion into their private life - and a really unfair one at that. So please help them by putting the word around that Paul and Linda need to keep their family life private, out of the public eye, and assist them in every way possible to achieve this. Thank you!
            Lastly, Linda has asked me to pass along her heartfelt thanks to the many Club Sandwich readers who sent messages of goodwill and support following her recent illness. She says, "I feel all the good vibes coming from the kind fans who have sent me their loving thoughts and sweet "wishes. You have no idea how it makes me feel to know you care so much. Spring is in the air and it's a great healer."

'til next time

Club Sandwich 77

            One year ago Paul fronted an evening at Kensington Palace on behalf of the Royal College of Music. (See CS74.) More recently, on 8 November, he had another booking with the RCM, accepting its prestigious fellowship in a moving investiture ceremony hosted by The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.
            A member of the British Empire, given the Freedom of Liverpool, awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Sussex and now a Fellow of the Royal College - what next for Paul, we wonder.