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Club Sandwich 71

            There's a very special edition of Club Sandwich afoot, in which you, the reader, for the first time, can put a question to Paul McCartney. Entries have been pouring in since we announced the news in the Summer issue but there's still time — just — for you to send in a question if you haven't already done so. (Remember, only one per reader, please.)
            To take part couldn't be simpler: just send in the question you would most like Club Sandwich to ask Paul, hope that it is selected in our random draw, and we'll put it to Paul on your behalf. The resulting special interview, with your name featured, will be published in our Christmas issue.
            Your question can be on any subject to do with Paul's career, be it the Beatles, Wings, the 15 years since Wings, his songwriting, his musicianship, his environmental and vegetarian beliefs...any topic at all except for his private life.
            Here's the boring but essential "small print" bits once again: do not use your postcard to convey any other Fun Club or Club Sandwich request or information; multiple applications will result in disqualification; no personal correspondence can be entered into; no preferences will be given in the draw.

Ask one question only, and send it on a postcard to:
The Paul McCartney Fun Club,
PO Box 110, Westcliff,
Essex SSO 8NW England.