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Club Sandwich 65

of 'C'mon People', so everyone retired to the dressing-room to watch a first-time playback. On their return the band jammed for a long while, some songs recognisable to this writer ('Matchbox' for one), others not. Then much of the stage disappeared and the band readied themselves for an acoustic set - an idea, apparently, just introduced by Paul into the scheme of things. Club Sandwich 65
            First up was 'Take This Hammer'. A jam, and as sweet a version of the traditional Leadbelly work-song as you'd ever hear. Without rehearsal, mind you, the band started together, they stopped together, they were all in tune and they knew the lyrics. Empathy is the word. Then it was back to the handwritten set for 'Good Rockin' Tonight' - inserted by Paul to chart the right acoustic groove - followed, blisteringly, by 'We Can Work It Out', 'And I Love Her', 'Every Night' (although it wasn't on the list), 'Hope Of Deliverance', the newly cajun-flavoured 'Can't Buy Me Love' (again, not on the list), 'Michelle' and 'Biker Like An Icon'. Show-stoppers every last one of them.
            In tours gone by, pianos were either installed on stage before the show or they were wheeled on in slightly ungainly fashion part way through. Technology 1993 fashion is such that at this point a grand piano suddenly appeared on stage, just like that. It had been underneath, but the stage parted, somewhat biblically, to make way for it. (Someone should have reminded Robbie of this - he was standing on the relevant bit of stage when it started to give way beneath him. Much laughter ensued.)
            Once up, the ebonies and ivories were tinkled to produce 'Magical Mystery Tour' (look, I appreciate this is getting repetitious, but here's another momentous song never before performed in concert by Paul), 'The Long And Winding Road' and 'C'mon People', plus 'My Love', 'Lady Madonna', 'Live And Let Die' (announced by PM as 'Live And Let Jive') and 'Let It Be'.
            Now it was gone 5.30 and rehearsal was over for die day. The chap unmoved by 'Drive My Car' went home, doubtless to play his Mantovani or Legendary Stardust Cowboy albums, the man from the "red eye" woke up and drifted away, and this writer headed once again for the still operative Docklands Light Railway. It had been a show and a half, and yet the band hadn't found the time to rehearse 'Fixing A Hole', 'Penny Lane', 'Sgt Pepper', 'Band On The Run', 'Here, There And Everywhere', 'Yesterday', 'Get Back' or 'Hey Jude'.
            As I left I spotted a logo spray-painted onto an equipment container. "Macca 93" it read. On the evidence of this rehearsal and this tour, he'll still be out there rocking at well past that age.

Club Sandwich 65