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Having completed her interview with Paul, Laura Gross tried to ask the other members of the band about the album and tour.
She should have known better...


            If you were to review Off The Ground what would you say?
            LINDA: I'd say that McCartney and his band are really happening again. What would you say, Robbie? Club Sandwich 65
            ROBBIE: That it's all the same producer and it's all the same band, because the last album was four different producers and spanned a few years.
            HAMISH: We're having some fun now.
            What can we expect from the tour?

            LINDA: Great music.
            HAMISH: Better be!
            Robbie, if you were to say to a friend "I'd really like you to listen to my new album because
………" what would you say?
            ROBBIE: "...because you're really boring and I want you to go away, so there you are, have this."
            HAMISH: I think it's real. I've developed this theory [makes throat-clearing sound from famous Monty Python 'Theory’ sketch starring Anne Elk] of music being too perfect. It's now possible to make perfect records - the technology allows that. But this one shows character, you know, it's six individuals playing together.
            Wix and Blair, if you had to review
Off The Ground what would you say?
            BLAIR: I'd ask you, Wix.
            WIX: What's the next question?
            I know you really feel like a band now. Can you tell me about the sort of organic spontaneous stuff that's going on?

            WIX: I don't eat organic spontaneous stuff.
            BLAIR: I just want to drink it.
            Do you feel like you have a lot of freedom now, because you all know each other so well?

            BLAIR: I'm free! Thank you Lord.
            WIX: Well, since Blair got out of prison we're all free.
            Wix, Paul says that you cornered him and said "Let's do some computer stuff" and that's how 'Off The Ground' happened.

            WIX: Yes, I got him by the throat on the floor, with my knee on his chest, and said "When are we doing the computer stuff?".
            And he said?

            WIX: And he said "get off me". Then he came in strumming his guitar saying "This is the one we're going to do with computers" and I died and then came back to life again and we began work, just mapping out bits and bobs and getting it in order.
            BLAIR: Do you like my socks?
            WIX: Yeah, they're great socks aren't they? Just get them away from my tea. So that's how we did it, then Paul went in and played a bit of guitar and sang.
            Blair, you 've said in the past "I don't want to be. a session player, I want to be in a band".

            BLAIR: Yeah, that's my whole thing.
            Well, tell me about your whole thing.

            BLAIR: That was it.
            Well, could you repeat it?

            BLAIR: I don't want to be a session player, I want to be in a band. I am in a band because I feel safe.
            What can we expect to see on this tour?

            WIX: These are hard questions.
            BLAIR: Swimwear.
            Wix, if you were to say to a friend "Get our
new album Off The Ground because ….." how would you finish that sentence?
            WIX: "...it's messy, so pick it up and get it off the ground."
            What can we expect the shows to be like?

            BLAIR: Huge.
            WIX: Huge.
            BLAIR: Massive.
            WIX: Big screens. Big.
            BLAIR: Beautiful
            WIX: Big. Big.
            BLAIR: Beautiful people.
            WIX: Beautiful people. Big people.
            BLAIR: Big hats.
            WIX: No hats.
            BLAIR: Oh, it's swimwear, isn't it?
            WIX: Swimwear. No hats. Hats on the last tour.
            BLAIR: Boats.
            WIX: Magical memories.
            BLAIR: Few planes on it.
            WIX: No, planes are out...

Club Sandwich 65