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            As Paul and the band near completion of their greatly anticipated new album we return with the summer Sandwich to report on the many and various projects which continually tick over in the background while sessions are in progress. As a bonus, though, to portray a little of what goes into the recording of a new song, we've asked Geoff Baker to write an inside view of a typical recent day in the studio — you can read his report in WATCHING THE PER-FECTIVES. Incidentally, until the album is delivered it's impossible to have any release information, but please rest assured that Club Sandwich will keep you posted.
            Paul recently received the Polar Music Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to music. Unfortunately, his studio commitments meant that he was unable to attend the Stockholm ceremony on 18 May to accept the prestigious prize in person — instead it was collected on his behalf by Robert Cormack, the British Ambassador to Sweden.
            While on the subject of awards I hear that the World Tour TV film Going Home (that's its American title, in Europe it was called From Rio To Liverpool) has been nominated for an Emmy, and that 'Unchained Melody' from MPL's publishing catalogue has been named song of the year by the ASCAP agency in the States.
            In our two-page feature in honour OF HONORE we look into the making of Daumier's Law, a fascinating new MPL film which few readers will know about. It's a superb animated short which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May and will, we hope, go on to receive general cinema distribution. It deserves to, because the combination of Geoff Dunbar's fine animation and Paul's unique music makes it a real gem.
            Anyone in the UK who saw the ITN coverage of Brightness, the white Beluga whale, could not have helped but be drawn to the plight of such an endearing creature in its hour of need. This issue's AND IN THE GREEN CORNER recounts the whole sorry story, especially written for us by John Hicks of the organisation International Animal Rescue which has been in the forefront of the campaign to return the animal to its proper Arctic habitat. Paul and Linda, along with our good friend Carla Lane and other concerned celebrities, have played a key part in petitioning the relevant authorities to place the welfare of the whale before any other considerations, and although their efforts did not prove successful John Hicks and his team still need all the help and support they can get in their continuing campaign for the release of Brightness.
            As the Liverpool Oratorio performances around the world multiply many of you are writing to us requesting help in arranging and/or actually supplying tickets for the various events. Unfortunately, as we are not directly involved in the staging of these performances, we are unable to assist - all ticket enquiries should be addressed to the venue concerned.
            And speaking of tickets, it's still much too early for any news about any future concert tour by Paul and the band. If and when Paul decides to perform any more concerts we'll be sure to let you know!

Have a great summer

Club Sandwich 62