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Club Sandwich 54

FLYING TO MY HOME (B-side of 7" and 12" MY BRAVE FACE, May 1989): A choir of Paul's ushers in a florid church organ which sounds as if it had strayed over from 'The Phantom Of The Opera'. From then on in, it's no-nonsense drums and an irresistible thumping melody underneath Paul's soaring vocals.

I'M GONNA BE A WHEEL SOMEDAY/AIN'T THAT A SHAME (B-side of MY BRAVE FACE 12", CD and cassette, May 1989): Paul's tribute to one of his first rock'n'roll idols, Fats Domino. These two songs were recorded during those fruitful 48 hours in July 1987 which resulted in Paul's legendary CHOBA B CCCP. They both originally appeared on 'The Russian Album'.

THE FIRST STONE (B-side of THIS ONE 7", 12", cassingle, CD single, July 1989): Co-written with band member Hamish Stuart, THE FIRST STONE is a crashing rocker that rattles along like a runaway train and ends with the Biblical caution: 'Let him who is without sin cast the first stone'.

GOOD SIGN (B-side of THIS ONE 12", July 1989): Nearly seven minutes worth of hypnotic dance music, all the hallmarks of late 80s dance singles are here - the stuttering, sampled vocals, driving drums and phased effects. Reminiscent of what Paul was achieving with COMING UP 1O years ago. GOOD SIGN was only left off FLOWERS IN THE DIRT at the very last moment.

THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD (B-side of THIS ONE limited edition 7", July 1989): Now this one you might be familiar with! Originally appearing on The Beatles' LET IT BE album, Paul reprised it on record for 1976's WINGS OVER AMERICA and the 1984 soundtrack to GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD STREET. This is a rare studio version, which was featured in the BBC TV special 'Put It There'. It was recorded during the rehearsals for Paul's World Tour, and all done in one take!

I WANNA CRY (B-side of THIS ONE 12" and CD singles, July 1989): A real rarity here. A straight 12-bar blues, which features one of Paul's most heartfelt vocals, and authentic helpings of bluesy electric guitar. Can blue men sing the whites? Sho' nuff!

I'M IN LOVE AGAIN (B-side of THIS ONE 12" and CD singles, July 1989): Appropriately, Paul's third cover of a Fats Domino song, this 1956 song provided the Fat Man with his third US hit single. It was recorded during the CHOBA B CCCP sessions, and reminds you of just how effective Paul can be at evoking that authentic 1950s rock'n'roll sound.

OU EST LE SOLEIL? (B-side of FIGURE OF EIGHT 12", 7" CD and cassingle, November 1989): Familiar as the bonus CD and cassette track of FLOWERS IN THE DIRT, this fractured French song cropped up all over the place in a bewildering variety of mixes. Aimed at Club DJs, its pounding dance rhythms saw Paul return to la belle France for the first time since 'sont les mots qui vonttres bien ensemble".

LOVELIEST THING (FIGURE OF EIGHT 5" CD version only, November 1989): Curiouser and curiouser . . . One of Paul's most haunting compositions of late, but only available on the 5" CD. It's classic, under-stated McCartney, and hopefully will be made more widely available sometime in the future.

PARTY PARTY (One-sided etched single included as bonus in the FLOWERS IN THE DIRT -WORLD TOUR PACK, November 1989): Coincidentally, also the title of an Elvis Costello hit from 1982, this is the only - to date -joint composition from Paul's touring band: the alphabetical songwriting credit reads 'P.McCartney/L.McCartney/Mcl ntosh/Stuart/Whitten/Wickens' . It's a funky five and a half minute song, which lives up to its title, and was produced by Paul.

MAMA'S LITTLE GIRL (B-side PUT IT THERE 7", 12" CD and cassingle, January 1990): Beautiful, Country & Western style ballad which starts off with Paul accompanied by a solo acoustic guitar, reminiscent of BLACKBIRD. The rest of Wings then join in to bring this lovely simple song to its conclusion. Recorded during 1975, during the WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND sessions.

SAME TIME NEXT YEAR (B-side PUT IT THERE 12" and CD single, January 1990): Another one that nearly got away, this lavish, orchestrated ballad was recording commenced during the sessions for what proved to be the final Wings album, BACK TO THE EGG.

For the time being, th . . . th . . . that's all folks.


Anyone wishing to try and get hold of copies of any of the rare singles here are advised to look out for copies advertised in the monthly magazine 'Record Collector', 45 St Mary's Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RQ, England.