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            As Paul and the band take a breather from their extensive world tour, we return with a slightly belated issue which highlights the 1990 concerts. Harry George, our editor of some years, has moved on to other things; we thank him for his work with us and wish him well. Filling in this time are Geoff Baker, Patrick Humphries and Phil Sutcliffe.
            You'll certainly get the feel of a band on the road from this issue. Geoff Baker treats Us to a 'publicist's eye view' of the press madness, which you're sure to never forget. We meet Marc Brickman, the lighting wizard whose brilliant creations have their origins close to the humble pizza.!... We've wonderful action pictures of the concerts themselves - including the mega-show at Rio's Maracana Stadium in Brazil, which shattered attendance records clocking in some 184,000 lucky people.
            Perhaps after following Patrick Humphries' guided tour of the B-sides of the singles taken from "Flowers in the Dirt", you'll be more informed, but it will take more than one reading for many of us to keep them straight! He also takes us through the fascinating pre-concert film made by Richard Lester. In future issues we'll be telling you more about the actual concert film which he is also making.
            The Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Charity features in two articles in this issue. Geoff Baker examines Paul's involvement with Music Therapy, which will be among those to benefit from the all-star Knebworth Festival on 30 June. Patrick Humphries takes a look at another venture for Music Therapy, the compilation album, "The Last Temptation of Elvis".
            Finally, a word about tickets. As you know, the tour continues on the east coast of America through July, and many members are asking whether the Club will be doing priority tickets again. We were fortunate in being able to offer tickets to rehearsals in New York, the autumn concerts and the second leg of the tour. However, we regret we will not be able to do this for the stadium shows being staged in luly. We hope that those of you who still have not seen the show have been determined enough to get tickets on your own to these much larger venues. But more on these shows in our next issue.

'til next time,
Sue Club Sandwich 54