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            "Fame - I wanna live forever!" Well, Paul can't arrange that, but he can certainly do his best to ensure that Liverpool has its own School for the Performing Arts. Depressed on visiting his old school, the now defunct Liverpool Institute, last year, he remembered a friend saying after the Toxteth riots that the city needed a Fame type school with moderate fees. Paul mentioned the idea to George Martin and made some enquiries, culminating in a McCartney open letter in the Liverpool Echo of 24th February. Via the Echo, Paul asked the people of Liverpool to say 'Yes' or 'No' to the idea: the response was overhelmingly in favour. "I am sure," Paul had said, "that if the answer is a positive one we will be able to attract interest from many other sources." George's experience suggests Paul is right: the London School for Performing Arts and Technology should open late next year in Croydon. The money is coming from the government (under its City Technology Colleges programme) and the music industry, with the site being donated free by the local council.
            "The Institute encouraged us all to be individuals," said its last headmaster, Jack Sweeney. "It gave us an atmosphere in which we could all develop." Paul confirmed that he "got a great start in life there" and "would love to see other local people being given the same chance." It looks as if his wish may come true… Another Institute product millionaire Steve Norris, became MP for Epping Forest in December. When head boy, he had to drag the truants back to school from the Cavern!... Rock is certainly flirting with cap and gown these days. Bristol teacher Tim Cain scored an immediate hit with his GCSE music course book, featuring illustrated rock classics... West Lothian College of Further Education offers an HNC Business Studies (Music Management) course, including law, economics and publishing - 80% of graduates have found work in the music business; one discovered Fairground Attraction; Simple Minds' manager was so impressed he promptly hired a student...
            Liverpool already has an Institute of Popular Music: EMI MD Rupert Perry recently presented them with 250 albums. Guess whose albums were pictured in the presentation photo? Not the Beatles, but solo John and Paul...'Green' charities are thriving as never before. The last few months have seen the formation of Media Natura, an alliance of conservationists and media professionals headed by David Puttnam, whereby the media pros offer their services at vast discounts to promote 'green' causes; also Ark, a 'democratic, mass movement' headed by an ex-Greenpeace director with Chrissie Hynde and Kevin Godley as fellow-directors, which incorporates two companies marketing 'environment-friendly' cleaning products and foods. Mrs. Thatcher's 'green' speech last September has helped to bring new members flocking to Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and CPRE. Long may it continue. ..Animal charities such as Artists for Animals and Beauty Without Cruelty have also swum into our ken... Linda gave a signed picture of her cat, Scratch, to a Hard Rock Cafe auction for the Celia Hammond Animal Trust last November. Celia's sensible aim is to spay as many cats as possible at low-cost clinics to end the large scale destruction of strays...On a less earnest animal note, the TV cartoon Count Duckula has become an adult cult. The count is the first vegetarian vampire duck and thus a great disappointment to his family!...BBC Radio's Paws, Claws and Whiskers series of animal stories for children brings to mind the McCartney-McManus number 'Pads, Paws and Claws' from the Elvis Costello album Spike. Paul doesn't play on this one, but plays bass on two others: Hofner on 'Veronica', the jointly composed hit single, and Rickenbacker on 'This Town'. Apart from 'T-Shirt', the latter is Paul's first pure guest appearance in years.. .Truly, life is a Beatles' song title: the Church of England Children's Society has a leaflet called 'Love Me Do'. The 'boys' in fact did some publicity for the Society in their hey-day. Details of all charities may be obtained from the Charity Commissioners on 01-210 3000 or 01-210 4533.. .No wonder Mike Berry gets asked to all the Buddy Holly lunches. As well as his 'Tribute' record, there's the B-side to his hit version of 'The Sunshine of your Smile': 'I'm as old as Paul McCartney'. Sample: "I'm as old as Paul McCartney/Maybe just a little bit more/But you can bet that he'll look 46/When I'm 64." Well, at the last Holly lunch Paul was 46 and you didn't look 64, Mike: does that make you feel better?...Elvis and Marilyn are not the only ones to be sighted after death. Buddy Holly reportedly walked into a Lubbock bar calling himself Peggy Sue and wearing a pink frock. It's not known if Jerry Allison was there to see his ex-wife in her new guise... The Stars sing Lennon and McCartney, a rather mixed bag including Cliff Richard, Deep Purple and Olivia Newton-John, is available on the budget Music for Pleasure label...More inviting is the reissue on the revived Stax label of Booker T. and the MG's instrumental version of Abbey Road, called McLemore Avenue after their record company studios' address.. .Beatle items, many of them of dubious ownership, continue to go for daft sums at auction. 1961 autographs of John, Paul, George, Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe went for £2,640 a few months back...Alan Civil, fondly remembered by Paul for his horn playing on 'For No One', has died aged 60. "It would be unrealistic to gloss over the fact that Alan Civil enjoyed a drink," began one tribute, though it's clear his boozing was convivial and combined with a long and successful career. Principal Horn with the BBC Symphony Orchestra for 22 years, he was one of the few outsiders to be credited on a Beatles record...Besides an interview with Paul, Jonathon Green's look back at the '60's, Days in the Life, contains at least one memorable glimpse of the times. "I rang up all the answerphones I knew," remembers Virginia Clive Smith. "I played the entire two sides of Sgt. Pepper on the answerphones so that the secretaries might possibly pick up on a little love and peace.". ..Paul is included in The National Portrait Gallery Collection, ranging from Richard III to the present day and a snip at £27.50, or £14.95 in paperback...The '60's spirit lives! At an April exhibition in Matt's Gallery in East London, sculptor Richard Wilson removed a window, "creating a surprising mixture of sculpture and landscape." His title for the exhibition? She Came In Through The Bathroom Window...
            Cilia Black enthused about Paul and the Beatles on Desert Island Discs a while back. Her favourite record? 'The Long and Winding Road'...A ripple from Paul and Linda's appearance on Bread: Bryan Murray, who plays Shifty, still had his Beatles Fan Club membership card and got Paul to sign it at the party after filming. ..Paul recently described the Apple press office as "like a bar" to Mike Read. Assistant barman to Derek Taylor was one Richard DiLello, who wrote the notorious The Longest Cocktail Party about this period. He's now popped up as creator and co-writer of the TV series Midnight Caller, clearly inspired by Clint Eastwood's Play Misty For Me: a late night DJ gets caught up in weekly dramas involving callers to his programme. More than a bartender after all... We misled you in CS49. John Lennon recorded 'Just Because' by Lloyd Price of 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' fame. The 'Just Because' on Choba B CCCP (by Bob and Joe Shelton and Sid Robin) was a different song recorded by the young Presley... Simon Bates of the booming voice is moonlighting on Radio Four in an entertaining weekly quiz, The Year in Question, where teams from two different newspapers hear archive recordings from a particular year and answer questions on them. The programme has an arresting theme tune, familiar to Chris Whitten from schooldays: the Average White Band's 'Pick Up The Pieces', which set Hamish Stuart and Co. on the road to fame Jane Moss of the Power of Music production team (CS5O) told us that the Nordoff-Robins Centre received 1,500 letters after the programme, which had five million viewers despite being opposite Rough Justice, the popular legal drama series, on BBC2.. .Legendary songwriter and raconteur Sammy Cahn ("Which comes first, the words or the music?" "First comes the telephone call.") is also President of the Songwriters' Hall of Fame and told Paul and Linda of the plans for that body's twentieth anniversary celebrations on 11th May. At presstime a TV spectacular, The Magic of Music, was to be followed by a post-performance party at the New York Hilton. Inductees to the Hall this year include Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley and the late Roy Orbison. Elton John is Hitmaker of the Year, while Quincy Jones receives the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work with Michael Jackson and in the jazz field. All proceeds from the bash go towards realising Johnny Mercer's dream of a Music Centre and Museum for Songwriters in New York. Sounds a suitable home for all this Beatle memorabillia floating about...You may have noticed 'True Love Ways' in Terrys' All Gold Chocolates TV advert. (A single and TV album resulted before Christmas.) Some time ago 'Everyday' was used to push chicken drumsticks on TV: please note that Paul has no say in the UK use of Buddy Holly's music ...
            And so, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you bake.