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Club Sandwich 52

            17th January:
Yellow Submarine cartoon soundtrack out. It contains four new songs, plus 'All You Need Is Love', 'Yellow Submarine' and George Martin's incidental music. Paul's showcase is the singalong 'All Together Nona/'. It reaches number three in the album charts.

            30th January:
The Beatles play on the roof of Apple's Savile Row offices, until stopped by the police. (See Let It Be film). Their last 'public' performance.

            13th February:
Paul and Linda attend launch for Mary Hopkin's Postcard album at the Post Office Tower (now the Telecom Tower). Paul produced the record.

            11th March:
Paul produces and plays drums on a new version of the Coasters' song 'Thumbin' A Ride' by Apple artist Jackie Lomax.

            12th March:
Paul and Linda marry at Marylebone Registry Office. Brother Mike, the best man, is delayed by a train breakdown.

            11th April:
'Get Back'/'Don't Let Me Down' issued, crediting Billy Preston on the label. Twenty years on, Paul will tell Patrick Humphries: "I didn't think 'Get Back' was any kind of single; it was a jam, and the other guys had to say, 'No, it's a great single, man'."

            24th April:
"I'm not dead", announces Paul from Scotland, in response to the loopiest of all Beatle rumours.

            30th May:
'The Ballad of John and Yoko'/'Old Brown Shoe' out. John is on guitar, Paul on everything else, prompting this lovely Lennon-McCartney exchange in the studio: "Go a bit faster, Ringo!" "OK, George!" Great though the 'Ballad' was, it was tolerant of the other Beatles to let it go out under the group name, personal and controversial as it was. Besides, 'Get Back' was still number one. The B-side was a surging, witty rocker by George with superb basswork from Paul.

Club Sandwich 52

            23rd March:
Wings' 'Goodnight Tonight'/'Daytime Nightime Suffering' issued, Recording debut of Steve Holly (drums) and Laurence Juber (guitar). The Aside is a rhythmic tour de force, with razor sharp guitar and McCartney bass playing that would have made any session man a legend overnight. Yet some dismissed it as mere 'disco'... The B-side is one of Paul and Linda's favourite Wings tracks: one can see why.

            8th April:
MPL tour documentary Wings Over The World shown on BBC2. Ringo fraternises backstage.

            19th May:
Paul, George and Ringo play together at Eric Clapton's wedding to Patti, George's ex.

            1st June:
'Old Siam, SirVSpin It On' issued. The A-side, a rocker, is as individual as its title.

            8th June:
Back to the Egg, Wings' last album, out. Including two Rockestra items among its 14 tracks, it is diverse and ambitious and will be appreciated more with every passing year over the next decade.


Club Sandwich 52