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Liverpool stars aid football disaster fund

Club Sandwich 52

            As many outside Britain will know, 95 Liverpool fans were crushed to death at a football match in Sheffield on Saturday 15th April. Everyone wants to help after such a disaster, but the question is 'how'.
            Pete Waterman, of the vastly successful Stock Aitken Waterman writing/production team, drives to Liverpool every week to present a Saturday morning show on Radio City. On the day in question Pete's show reflected the city's good-humoured anticipation of Liverpool's Cup semi-final and the chance of a Final against local rivals Everton. Driving home that afternoon, he heard the tragic news on his radio and turned back to Liverpool to see what he could do.
            Most requested record by dis-tressed listeners was not the football anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone', but 'Ferry Cross The Mersey'. Pete decided a charity version must be recorded and immediately contacted Mike Stock to prepare the backing track.
            Paul too was anxious to do some-thing, so was delighted to get the call from Pete Waterman. He immedi-ately accepted Pete's suggestion and the logistics of recording Paul's con-tribution were sorted out between them there and then.
            Good intentions aren't enough: like any other single, a charity record needs the right ingredients to make an impact. Pete decided the public had become used to 'massed choir' charity records and so chose five Liverpool artists to give a personal, less crowded effect. The others were Gerry Marsden, who as com-poser and copyrightholder waived all his rights, Holly Johnson (once of Frankie Goes To Hollywod) and the Christian brothers (band name: the Christians).
            The single was released on 2 May. B-side is 'Abide With Me' from the Liverpool Cathedral service the day after the tragedy. There will be no video or photos of the recording sessions and the sleeve carries some suitable symbol of the event, rather than pictures of the artists. We dearly hope the record is high in the charts by the time you read this.


1. Captain ('Wanderlust')
2. Granny ('No Values')
3. Martin Luther-King? ('Let 'Em In')
4. Long Haired Lady (Ditto)
5. Mr. Marks ('Temporary Secretary')
6. Picasso ('Picasso's Last Words')
7. Crimson Dynamo ('Magneto and Titanium Man')
8. Patty CC-Moon')
9A. The Admiral ('Morse Moose and the
Grey Goose')
9B. The Mate
10. Old Hand ('Footprints')
11. Waitress ('Average Person')
12. Eleanor Rigby (Ditto)


Across: 1 Everybody's Got something to Hide Except Me And My Monkey. 9 Oh Darling, 11 Girl, 15 It Won't Be Long. 16 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, 18 Ask Me Why, 22 Lady Madonna, 23 Let It Be, 27 Revolution, 28 Yellow Submarine, 33 All I've Got To Do, 34 Rain, 35 Old Brown Shoe, 38 Julia, 41 From Me To You, 42 Let 'Em In, 43 Help!, 44 How?, 45 Misery, 47 Nobody I Know, 48 Give Peace A Chance, 51 Sun King, 53 The End. 54 Birthday, 55 I'm Down, 56 Oh Yoko!, 58 Honey Pie, 59 Press, 61 Flying, 62 Think For Yourself, 64 When I Get Home, 65 Mean Mr Mustard, 67 Wild Honey Pie, 71 I've Just Seen A Face. 78 Here There And Everywhere, 81 Only A Northern Song, 83 My Love, 84 Martha My Dear, 85 In My Life, 86 I Want You, 87 Ob La Di Ob La Da, 88 I Feel Fine, 89 Love Me Do, 90 Bad To Me, 91 Yesterday, 93 Penny Lane, 96 It's For You. 97 I Me Mine, 98 Things We Said Today, 99 Dig A Pony, 100 For You Blue, 101 Angry, 102 Drive My Car, 104 Step Inside Love. 105 Power To The People, 106 Jealous Guy, 107 Woman, 108 I'm In Love.
Down: 1 Every Little Thing, 2 Eight Days A Week, 3 You Won't See Me, 4 The Ballad of John and Yoko, 5 I Will, 6 That Means A Lot. 7 And I Love Her. 8 You Know My Name (Look up my Number), 10 Good Morning Good Morning, 12 Dig It. 13 Why Don't We Do It In The Road, 14 P.S. I Love You, 1 7 Wait, 19 What Goes On, 20 You've Got to Hide your Love Away, 21 I'm A Loser, 24 Eleanor Rigby, 25 You Like Me Too Much, 26 Two of Us. 29 Oo You, 30 Because. 31 Don't Pass Me By, 32 She Said She Said, 36 Blue Jay Way, 37 Octopus's Garden, 39 For No One, 40 Blackbird, 46 It's All Too Much. 49 I Should Have Known Better, 50 If I Fell, 52 Got To Get You Into My Life, 57 Michelle, 60 Get Back, 63 Nowhere Man, 66 No Reply. 68 I've Got A Feeling, 69 Lovely Rita, 70 I'm So Tired, 72 A Hard Day's Night, 73 The Word, 74 Write Away, 75 Taxman. 76 A Day in the Life, 77 Cry Baby Cry, 79 This Boy, 80 Getting Better, 82 Doctor Robert, 92 Yes It Is, 94 Piggies, 95 Hey Jude, 103 Jet.