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No doubt of the main topic in our postbag this time. Fun Club members were delighted with Choba B CCCP: we print a small selection of your thank you letters. In answer to several queries, there is nothing to pay. Should you wish to show your gratitude financially, Ian Craig has some excellent suggestions below. (See Cuff Link for other charities). At least three readers got the album on their birthdays: happy chance!
'Summertime' and 'Crackin' Up' were singled out by several of you, perhaps because they were unexpected amid the rock 'n roll standards. Your pleasure gives us pleasure: thank you for writing.

Dear Sue
I'm writing to say thank you so much for the 'CHOBA B CCCP" album, it arrived on Comic Relief day and as it was free I donated £25.00 to Comic Relief, an amount I would happily have paid for the album. I've always enjoyed the magazine but this one gesture to Paul's real fans has made club membership completely worthwhile. Thank you once again and may your snark never be a boojum.


Dear Paul
In late spring of 1967, rumours about the impending release of the Sgt. Pepper album prompted me to write to a record supplier in England and order a copy, to be shipped upon its release. I remember thinking at the time that previous releases of Beatles albums in the US had varied significantly from the British ones, and I wanted to get the "real" version as soon as possible. You can imagine my surprise and delight when my copy of the album arrived prior to its release in the US! Or at least in Detroit, Michigan! I took it to a record shop which I regularly patronized and caused quite a stir amongst the customers, I can assure you. That experience stands out in my mind as the most enjoyable I've had in 25 years of collecting Beatles music.

Until now, that is.

Receiving "Back in the USSR" in the mail yesterday topped them all! I am completely overwhelmed. I just had to write and express my utter and profound gratitude for such a lovely gift. I could not be happier if you handed the record to me in person. Thank you for a very personal and generous gesture from an artist to a fan.

Sincerely yours with love\

A Poem

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
For sending me the most
Fantastic of surprises
That ever came by post!!

Well Sue, you've proved again
That you're really number one
For providing us with goodies
And seeing we have fun!

The vocals are quite stunning -
Our Paul is still the best
You see he's not too old to rock
When he's put to the test.

'Summertime's a cracker
With its wistful negro sound;
Congratulations Macca -
You've got the best blues voice around.

'Twenty Flight' is handled well -
And all the words are clear!
These youngsters, they don't sing - they yell;
They've much to learn, I fear.

Elvis was the King they said
But now that King has gone
'That's Alright Mama' - he's not dead
Through Paul his soul lives on.

Miss Clawdy, Lawdy! Who's that man
That sings with such a passion?
Paul McWho? A Beatles fan?
Can he still be in fashion?

There's no one else that can compete
With Paul - I wish he'd tour -
For swinging he cannot be beat -
Don't get around much anymore!!

You say oh you mockers McCartney is 'soft'
A 'yesterday' man, 'MOR'.
Well a fig for you all! - Now your caps must be doffed
To the proven new King of the Rockers.

To Paul, Sue and all at MPL with much love!

You caught us napping with that six-liner, Janet. In purple ink, too!

After all these years I thought I'd take a moment and express some appreciation for the enjoyment I've derived from your music.

I've loved the great majority of your material, but among my favourites are the simple melodic ballads that have often ended up as the last song on the side of an L.P. Songs like SO BAD, or ONLY LOVE REMAINS. You must enjoy them as well, since you have established a sort of tradition of material of this kind, going back to things like I WILL.

These songs and others like them tend to have a warm, very human feel. Often, the melodies are so good that they completely transcend the performance style or recording arrangement. WANDERLUST is like that for me.

I wanted to put my word of thanks in for these songs, particularly since I've heard and read a bit of criticism from people who are interested only in faster, harder material.

Incidentally, my kids, four, six and 16, enjoy your stuff just as much as I do. For what it's worth, they particularly enjoy the Broad Street video and album.

It's been very nice having you around. I'll still be listening during the years ahead.


Dear Paul
I hope you are well. You can't imagine how excitedly I had been waiting for last night, since I noticed one of your greatest songs in our Radio News at the beginning of the week. This was a new song for me so I wanted to record it into my collection. The All the Best album -which can't be found in our record shops - includes this song. I know that it can be ordered from you but I haven't got foreign currency. This song is 'Coming Up'. Before recording it I was reading the story behind this song in your latest issue. And it is in my head all day today. It is a lovely song. Now I have got only two songs missing from this album: 'C-Moon' and 'Goodnight Tonight'. By the way I recorded 'Mull of Kintyre' from this programme not a long time ago and it is one of my favourites.

I was awfully lucky with 'We All Stand Together'. When I switched on my radio in 1986 and tuned into the BBC it was a great surprise for me when I heard that there would be an interview with you in half an hour. There were songs too and the only new one for me was this one. It hasn't been on Hungarian Radio.

Recently I heard that you were going to tour Moscow in the near future. Well, I must tell you that I would be awfully happy if you could come to Budapest on your way back. You should know there are no frontiers if it is about your great music.

Your true fan,

Home-taping certainly seems excusable in your case, Eva.

Dear Sue - and, of course, Paul & Linda
A congratulatory pat-on-the-back for the continued excellence of Club Sandwich. Any chance of doing a feature on unnamed musicians on Paul's songs, e.g. is it Ringo on drums on 'Average Person' and who plays what on Press to Play? And talking of the latter, two years on I find it a constant thrill -the drums on 'It's Not True', the singing on 'Write Away', the subtle guitar work (and lyrics) of 'Footsteps'. Future analysts, I'm sure, will see the '80's as Paul's high-water mark.

A grateful thanks for the extended CD releases, allowing us who have always over-played the B-sides to have them in full, pristine condition again. 'The Mess' and 'Country Dreamer', for example, have made Red Rose Speedway one of my all-time favourites. I hope it won't be too long before '80's gems ('Spies', 'Koala Bear', 'Rainclouds' etc.) are released in this format. I hope it won't be too long either before Paul goes out live!

Anyhow, all the best,

You would make the rest of us jealous by dwelling on Press to Play's CD-only tracks!
As with Paul's videos, detailed examination of tracks from his past must await a time
when he is not keeping us busy with his current activities.

Dear Sue
I write to let you know that I think your sarcastic remarks to Jonathan Coker, who wrote to express his wishes that Paul released Back in the USSR worldwide and do a long awaited tour, were very distasteful. (LWFS, CS50). You owe him an apology and also Paul. In essence you wrote that Paul would not be able to tour and keep a successful personal life at the same time. I feel that a tour from Paul is more than long overdue. Do you realize that it's been 13 years since Paul's World Tour in 1975/76? I also think the four previously released tracks from Back in the USSR are some of the best works Paul has ever done and that he should have released it worldwide in fairness to all of his fans. I hope you realize that we, Paul McCartney fans, wait with great anticipation to see him perform live and desire to have every note of recorded material that we possibly can.

Sincerely yours,

Editor takes rap. We all want more Paul, but there are ways and ways of asking: Jonathan was a bit on the brusque side. (Incidentally, he wrote a very nice letter thanking us for his copy of the album). Also, some people's needs are greater than others' - hence the Russian-only release.

Dear Paul, Linda, Sue, Richard and all at MPL
Today I received my copy of Again in the USSR. I could not believe I had one in my hands. Thank you! I had seen copies at record conventions for $500.00 and higher and also bootleg Compact Discs for about $50.00. I could not afford to spend $500.00 for a real copy and don't like the idea of Bootlegs, so when you sent out the letters in January, I responded the same day. I am very glad I did because now I have a copy of Paul's Russian album. AND FOR FREE! All of my friends did not believe me until they came over, saw the record, and read the Club Sandwich special edition. Thank you!

I've heard Paul might tour this year to support a new record. I hope he comes somewhere near Northwest Ohio so I can see him. I was too young to remember the Beatles or attend one of his 1976 American shows. But I have seen Rock Show, and would love to see him and Linda live! I have recently bought Elvis Costello's new record, Spike, and love the two songs written with Paul. They are great, as is the one on the 'B' side of 'Once Upon Along Ago' ('Back on My Feet').

I just wanted to write to thank you for the fantastic gift of Paul's Russian album. This is my tenth year as a member and I have never been disappointed with any of the issues or how you always take EXCELLENT care of your fans. Thank you.


'All the Best'

Other readers also praised the Spike tracks. Seems you like it when Paul spars with another heavyweight!