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Club Sandwich 52


            LINDA'S Sun Prints book and the coinciding show at the V & A don't seem that long ago, but this summer sees the photo-graphic McCartney on show all over the place.
            Firstly, the Sun Prints exhibition ran from 1st April to 7th May at the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery in Sussex. Next, it will be seen at the Access Gallery in New York, from 9th June to 12 July. The book will be published in the US by Salem Press at the same time.
            At presstime, a signed photo by Linda was about to be auctioned at Christie's, as part of the Sportsmen's Aid Society's contribution to the Appeal for Harefield Hospital's Children's Ward, on 12th April. As so often, Linda's in select company: work by Angus McBean, Helmut Newton and Cecil Beaton is also being auctioned.
            Another auction to take place before you read this is across the West End, at the Park Lane Hotel on 27th April. The beneficiary here is the Gandolfi Foundation, which is setting up a trust fund to cover an annual photographic scholarship to the Royal College of Art. The Gandolfi brothers, now in their '80's, are legendary makers of mahogany plate and other cameras, for whom the Foundation is by way of a memorial. The dinnerauction was to feature "definitive signed prints by well-known photographers": this time Linda lines up with such as Norman Parkinson, Don McCullin (who also worked for the CPRE: see CS41/42), Terence Donovan and Terry O'Neill.
            But not all the charity action's in London. Ray McHugh of the NSPCC saw Linda on breakfast TV at the time of her V & A show and heard her views on cruelty to children. Inspired by this and her earlier show at Rye, he wrote requesting permission to mount an exhibition in aid of the charity. This will run from 14th May to 15th June at the Burnley Museum and Art Gallery, located at Townley Hall, a distinguished stately home. It is hoped that Brian Clarke, who hails from that area and did the painting for Paul's new album cover, will open the exhibition.
            And that's not all...The Association of Fashion, Advertising and Editorial Photographers followed its successful F.22 and F.22 Second Exposure shows with F.32, another exhibition of women photographers' work. This ran from 24th April to 5th May at the Association's Domingo Street, London gallery and featured six new Linda McCartney studies, mostly from the family's holiday in Barbados earlier this year.