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Club Sandwich 52

            Back to our regular format, this issue features Paul's many current activities and introduces his eagerly awaited new album Flowers in the Dirt, released worldwide on 8th June. 'My Brave Face' the first single lifted from the album is already heading up the charts; too late to have been included in this issue, the feature on making its video will appear next time. Overseas readers who were unable to hear the McCartney on McCartney BBC radio series will no doubt appreciate reading Paul's track by track album briefing on pages 4 and 5.
            Away from the album to the other recent events, we eavesdrop on the BBC Russian phone-in, and applaud Paul's Outstanding Service to British Music which was com-memorated by his latest Ivor Novello Award.
            As the second of our series on the musicians currently working with Paul, we feature drummer Chris Whitten. Paul is at present re-hearsing with the band, and whilst some concerts may be forthcom-ing, it is still much too early to have any details about venues or tickets. Members of the club will be informed as soon as any decisions are taken.
            Our two features on Linda's career give an update on the photographic side; later this year the SANDWICH will be having a special feature on vegetarianism to coincide with the publication of her cookbook in the autumn.
            Our letters give you only a sample of the enormous number we've had following the club's mailing of the CHOBA B CCCP album. Members were clearly most delighted and appreciative!
            Unfortunately, there were a number of you who failed to receive your album, either because it was lost in the post, or because you joined or renewed too late to have been included in the mailing.
            Luckily, a limited supply of the album has become available for sale, so if you are interested, please see details of our offer on the back page.
            Many of you also have expressed the wish to make a donation to charity in lieu of payment for the album. Paul is giving some of his royalties to the Armenian Earth-quake Appeal, and for any of you wishing to help, please send your contributions to:

Armenian Earthquake
Appeal Headquarters
9 Grosvenor Crescent

            At this time of Paul's new album release, I thought I should take this opportunity to say that any albums issued on the CLUB SANDWICH label have nothing whatsoever to do with us or Paul, and as bootlegs should certainly be boycotted. I realise that the use of our name has confused many of you, so now be warned, and spread the word to your friends.

'til next time, Sue

Club Sandwich 52

The Band: from left to right Robbie McIntosh, Hamish Stuart, Paul, Linda, Chris Whitten and Paul (Wix) Wickens.