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            Dear Paul,
            Congratulations tor the Bambi award tor your lifetime achievement. It was a great event to see Linda and you during the award ceremony in Munich on German TV Surprisingly you spoke in fluent German to the audience explaining that you have learned the language at school and during the time you lived in Hamburg.
            Due to the flight prohibition you had to leave early that night. But after the celebration Andre Heller and popstar Falco, who both got a Bambi award too, said that they were very impressed seeing you as the surprise of the evening and naturally we felt the same.
            Thanks for the 'Pretty Little Head' Video, which is really a state of the art. Keep your good work up so we will have a lot more 'Good Times Coming'. All the best for you, Linda and the kids.
            FLENSBURG WEST

            Dear Paul,
            I would just like to echo the sentiments of Stephen Parkinson in the last Club Sandwich (which I enjoyed thoroughly, by the way) when he said how wonderful it would be to have 'James Paul McCartney' on video. Maybe a word in the right place and it could even have another TV showing.
            I was in the audience on that magical day, a day that I will never forget as long as I live. Ever since than I have been trying to get hold of a good copy, but every one I have seen has been really bad. So how about it Paul, is there anything at all you can do for your two most loyal fans?
            Anyway, back to the present. I could not leave without joining everyone else in congratulating you on 'Press to Play'. What more can I say than it's another Masterpiece from The Master.
            Love from your other Number One fan,
            WIGAN, LANCS.

            Dear Club,
            I'm writing to let you know that I'm very impressed with Paul's new album. I think its got some of his best songs I've heard for awhile. 'Press' is very good, too, and I also like 'Linda's Pictures', her first book, which I've recently obtained through the club. I'd like to take this opportunity to say I think this is the best club I've come across, and I hope you'll continue for many years to come. I'm also looking forward to the next Club Sandwich. A special thanks to your club and Paul for giving us fans so much pleasure, and I hope Paul will tour and comes to Australia. I also hope to be a member next year and looking forward to it, too. That's all for now.
            Best wishes
            MICHELLE KELLY
            PICTORIA POINT, QLD.

            Dear Sue,
            I've been subscribing to Club Sandwich for over 6 years now, and I've never been disappointed with an issue. Its leaps and bounds ahead of all the other fan club publications I've seen. I'm really looking forward to the next issue on the making of 'Press to Play'.
            The Prince's Trust issue was super. I recently saw the concert on HBO. It was great seeing Paul up there rockin' and rollin' again. He looked and sounded better than ever, and really stole the show! It's obvious that Paul still loves performing.
            Which brings me to my first question - There's been a lot of reports over here recently that Paul is planning to go on a world tour sometime next year, possibly as early as next spring. Is there any truth to this? Since it's been over 10 years since his last tour of the U.S., there are thousands of fans who haven't even had the opportunity to see him live simply because we were too young the last time (I'm 21). Hopefully, we won't have to wait another 10 years, but being Paul McCartney fans are so loyal, we'll wait if we have to. If, and when he does tour, will Fun Club members be given advance warning of when, and where he'll be performing, so we'll be able to get a jump on tickets?
            'Press to Play'is brilliant! Every track is a winner. The varied styles and moods on the album are a tribute to Paul's versatility. I'm really impressed that Paul is still taking risks musically, unlike a lot of established artists, who seem to stick to the same formula again, and again. My favourite songs are: 'Stranglehold', 'Angry', 'Only Love Remains', 'Pretty Little Head', and 'Move Over Busker'. I hate to single out just those tracks, because I really love the entire album. The cover photograph is beautiful too. If you are able to pass along the message to Paul, please let him know that his fans appreciate all the work he puts into his albums, and we really love 'Press to Play'. Will there be another video?
            I have just a couple more questions, if you don't mind. Is it true that Paul is currently working on an album, with Phil Ramone producing? If so, would you have a rough idea on when it will be released? Also, will 'We All Stand Together' be released in the U.S. to coincide with the recent release of 'Rupert and the Frog Song' on video? Since it was such a huge success in the U.K., it might do the same over here if it was given a chance. It would certainly help familiarize Americans with Rupert, and I think we're ready for the furry little guy over here!
            I guess that's all.
            Best wishes,
            INDIAN ORCHARD, MASS., U.S.A.
            (For next album info, see Sue's Letter-about 'We All Stand Together', no news. Ed.)

            Dear Paul,
            Its taken me a wee while to get round to writing to you, but better late than never, eh? I got 'Press to Play' as soon as it came out, and I'm telling you, pal-it's totally fab. Love it... and the photo on the cover really is beautiful. Sigh!
            'Only Love Remains' is my favourite track on the album, and would make a great single... Also I must thank the Fun Club for the 'Press' button they sent me, it's dead smart. And depending where I wear it, it can be a real source of conversation... 'Press? Is that a statement or an invitation?' I was asked. Definitely an invitation... 'press... right there, that's it... yes!' Good for a laugh.
            I caught your interview in 'Woman' the other week. (I don't usually read that sort of stuff, really I don't... but I saw your picture on the cover.) Anyway, it's good to read that you're enjoying life... So what is the possibility of you getting a new band together, Wings II, or whatever? I'd love to see you in concert so much. And you also mentioned you'd maybe team up with George & Ringo... yeh, ok, it's a 'touchy affair', but wouldn't that be great? Wow! Obviously it wouldn't be the same, without John I mean, and you've had your differences in the past... but it'd be great if you guys could do a one-off single for charity or something. That'd really be ace.
            Well, I'm gonna have to stop. This wee student teacher is on teaching practice just now, and has loads of boring lesson plans to write up. C'est la vie, I guess.
            Thanx for 'Press to Play'... you're fab, Macca. (Love it when 'Smash Hits' calls you 'Fab-Macca-Wacky-Thumbs-Aloft' - it suita ya!).
            Lots of love & all the best...
            ELMA ABERDEEN

            Dear Paul,
            I'm so very happy to hear your new songs. Your new album 'Press to Play'is a great one! And its cover is also fascinating, I think.
            About a month ago I watched 'Entertainment This Week'. Oh, you were there! It was very exciting... I noticed your brilliant talent once again.
            Because I can't speak English very well, it is hard to express my heart-appreciation for you. But my heart is so full that I must tell you about it. Your everything - songs, action, voice, humour, talent and so on - gives me a lot of hopes and pleasure. Thanks again! Say my love to all of you.
            Yours sincerely,
            JIYEON KIM

            Dear Sue,
            What a surprise it was to find another number of 'Club Sandwich' in my letterbox this sad autumnal day. Thank you. This new issue is great! I like all the photos especially the big wonderful poster of Paul. The most interesting for me are: 'Press to Play-the Facts', 'Track by Track' and of course, 'Paul's Stereo Drawings'. I've always known that Paul is very good at drawing.
            I'd like to share with you my opinion about 'Press to Play', which I heard for the first time in October (you know all the news from the world usually comes late to us). Great thanks to Paul for this glorious music! I've been waiting for this new album for a long time, but it's really splendid!
            My favourite songs are:
            'Talk More Talk'
            'Pretty Little Head' (quite unexpected sound)
            'Footprints' (the kind of song which stays in your mind forever)
            It's really a perfect album. It became one of my favourite albums Paul ever did. I like the cover of the record very much, too. I wish I could see the 'Press' video.
            'til next time,
            Best regards
            WARSAW, POLAND

            Dear Sue,
            So long I waited in tears of longing and dismay At last one morn. I arose to see an angel of the Lord bearing only these words, 'Press to Play'.

            I tried to voice my gratitude to the messenger, so lovely and bold
            Yet words never would come, vocal chords held in a Stranglehold

            At once, a thousand heralds began to Press in around the angel's Pretty Little Head
            I awaited to hear harmonious song, but Talk More Talk fell upon my ears instead

            However Absurd, this unwelcome chorus seemed only to scoff at the angel's wonderful news
            With an Angry stare, she turned to the crowd and cried, 'Move Over Busker, enough of your stupid views!'

            'I come with a blessing for one who sees Good Times Coming and is still able to Feel the Sun'
            With that, she held out a golden button saying, 'One touch, and all's begun'

            As my finger pressed, heavenly sound filled my head
            The angel vanished, leaving no Footprints in her stead

            Only Love Remains to echo eternally its divine refrain

            - Thank you, Lord forgiving us Paul, Linda, their art, and their lives, and for allowing us to share it.
            TRESSA SMITH
            MERKEL, TEXAS


            As heralded in Sue's Letter last time, The Live-In World Anti-Heroin Album was issued on 24th November, including a specially-written Paul McCartney song, 'Simple As That'. Backing vocalists are Mary, Stella and James McCartney! "They all sing well and jumped at the chance of recording, especially when they heard they were getting paid." said a proud Paul. "James is always singing around the house." ...Paul's cousin Kate Robbins has also been reaping deserved praise for her TV comedy series and revealed a sideline - writing country songs with Linda: "Linda and I are great friends. We write the songs just for fun. She writes the lyrics, I write the tunes." ...Two more Buddy Holly albums to tell you about. Legend (out some time ago on MCA) features digitally remastered versions of many classics. Rollercoaster Records have recently issued Something Special From Buddy Holly (ROLL 2013), a collector's delight as it includes raw versions of early recordings (some with just Buddy and Jerry Allison) smartened up for their original release by Norman Petty... Talking of smartening up, Barbara Daly, special make-up artist for Broad Street, made some interesting comments to Woman's Own "When she (Linda) has to be dolled up she gets on and does it with enthusiasm and... is totally transformed by it all. Paul... has an academic interest in make-up. Linda and Paul obviously adore one another and are very close. Neither of them seems to do very much without getting the approval of the other member of the team." ...Speculation about Paul touring again has been rife of late, particularly following his off-the-cuff remarks to journalist David Wigg at the Royal Command Variety Performance. It may happen, but a McCartney tour requires oodles of forward planning -unlike a one-off such as the Prince's Trust show... A repeat of the Trust's summer spectacular is planned for 1987, while in the meantime you can enjoy Paul and co. again in a video of last year's show, released on 1st December at £9.99. Royalties go to the Trust and there's a possibility of a live album too... When Paul met the Queen Mum at the Royal Command soiree, it's unlikely he reminded her of the time she served a full turkey dinner to our two favourite vegetarians. But, with Christmas close by, he had been giving the subject some thought: "Each year we have lots of fun trying to cook ourselves a substitute. The most successful to date was a macaroni turkey, but we're still working on an idea for this year's meal." ...Linda has designed one of an exclusive range of sweatshirts, available only from Christopher New, 52 Dean Street, London W.I. It's a flowing action shot of B.B. King, the only musical subject in the series. Also, Linda is the only photographer among such artists as Howard Hodgkin, Patrick Caulfield, Gilbert & George and Brian Clarke... Paul accepted an award for best-selling British video on 16th October, after Rupert and the Frog Song had sold 158,000 copies... Blankit's First Show was repeated by BBCI on 6th November. A few days earlier, on 27th October, the same channel showed the splendid film, The Family Way, giving British fans a rare chance to hear Paul's soundtrack music - one specialist shop is selling the out-of-print album for Ј15... The Holly influence pops up again in a new Francis Coppola film, Peggy Sue Gof Married. Starring Kathleen Turner of Romancing The Stone fame and with music by British veteran John Barry, it's not out in the UK yet... 'Pretty Little Head' is the first McCartney single to be issued on cassette. Tracks are as per the 12" single... Last time we said the proposed Sgt. Pepper video album was being hindered by EMI's contention that they owned the video rights as well as the rights to the Beatles' music. This is not so: EMI requested video rights during negotiations, in exchange for which Tyne Tees TV would get permission to use the Beatles' music at a reduced fee. We apologize to EMI for this error... Vera, Chuck and Dave: settle down on that sofa, d'you hear?