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Club Sandwich 43

            I got my first Hofner "violin" bass way back in the early days in Hamburg.
            Stuart Sutcliffe had handed over the bass playing role to me when he left the group, and for a while I borrowed his bass.
            I saw the violin shape Hofner in a music shop in Hamburg's city centre and was taken by two aspects that appealed to me. First, it was symmetrical; this meant that when I turned it over as I had to, being left handed, it wouldn't look too stupid, as some others seemed to; and, secondly, it was cheap enough for me to afford on my princely wage of £15 a week.
            Another advantage that I realised later was its light weight- a great benefit if you were playing some of the hours we used to.
            I used the Hofner for years and the one I still have ...(I had a couple over the years - nicked I'm afraid!!) has, taped to its side a set list - starting with Chuck Berry's "Rock & Roll Music" and closing with Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally". (These lists were dead handy when you forgot what came next.)
            After many years of service, the Hofner was retired in favour of my left handed Rickenbacker, which seemed to record a little better, and nowadays I go between it and a Yamaha I was given, or my recent favourite, a Fender precision bass which Linda gave me as a pressie!
            But I must admit, I still have a soft spot for the old Hofner...


Club Sandwich 43

            At the British Videogram Awards held at Grosvenor House on 16th October, David Steel presented to Paul the award for the Rupert and The Frog Song Video, which was the highest selling video in the U.K. 1985/86.
            Accepting the award with Paul and Linda were George Martin and animator, Geoff Dunbar (left).


            On his first visit to Germany for 10 years Paul received a Bambi Award as 'Personality of the Year'. The presentation was on 20 November in Munich - Paul's award was presented by legendary football star, Franz Beckenbauer. Sponsored by Burda Verlag, the Bambi Awards are given to honour those who excel in all walks of public life.

Club Sandwich 43


Club Sandwich 43 Club Sandwich 43

            For the cover of the new single "Only Love Remains", it was Paul's idea to have some children submit ideas based upon a heart.
            Art Director, Jo Mirowski, gathered a selection from friends and local schools. Paul's selection, featured here, was drawn by Bartek Skoczek, aged 6, who hails from London.
            Bartek is oblivious of his current success, as he is living abroad with his parents at present.
            As well as being featured on the record cover, the heart illustration has been used in various forms on advertising, posters and sweatshirts.