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            Reader Paul Swift has compiled a highly interesting list of Paul McCartney songs available only on 7" singles. Quite apart from any unissued material Paul may care to put on the semi-mythical Cold Cuts - should such a collection ever appear at your local delicatessen or record shop - Paul Swift's list makes one realize afresh how great it would be to have these 45 rpm gems (all still available in 7" form) collected together at 33 1/3.
            With Cold Cuts being dusted off and looked at once again, this seems a good time to print the list with accompanying notes. Except for a few additions (mainly updating to include the Press to Play singles) both list and notes areas Paul Swift sent them in.
            "In the UK Paul has had 39 chart singles, under various names, since the break-up of The Beatles. Many of these tracks are not released on albums. As albums are fairly easy to obtain, I have assumed that most fans have got or heard the 16 albums issued since 1970 (17 if you include The McCartney Interview of 1981). However, there are many fans unaware of B-sides, because singles are not as easy to obtain and B-sides receive little if any airplay. Hence there are fans who have not got a complete collection of McCartney tracks.
            I have listed here the thirty tracks that have been released on 7" singles, but not on album. The non-album tracks are underlined.

            Another Day/Oh Woman Oh Why (Apple R5889)
            Give Ireland Back To The Irish/Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Instrumental) (Apple R5936)
            Mary Had A Little Lamb/Little Woman Love (Apple R5949)
            Hi Hi Hi/'C Moon (Apple R5973)
            My Love/The Mess (Apple R5985)
            Live And Let Die/I Lie Around (Apple R5987)
            Helen Wheels/Country Dreamer (Apple R5993)
            Band On The Run/Zoo Gang (Apple R5997)
            Junior's Farm/Sally_G (Apple R5999)
            Mull Of Kintyre/Girl's School (Capitol R6018)
            Goodnight Tonight/Daytime Nightime Suffering (Parlophone R6023)
            Wonderful Christmastime/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reggae (Parlophone R6029)
            Coming Up/Coming Up (Live) (Parlophone R6035)
            /Lunch Box - Odd Sox/Waterfalls/Check My Machine (Parlophone R6037)
            Ebony And Ivory/Rainclouds (Parlophone R6054)
            Take It Away/I'll Give You A Ring (Parlophone R6056)
            Say Say Say/Ode To A Koala Bear (Parlophone R6062)
            We All Stand Together/We All Stand Together (Humming Version) (Parlophone R6086)
            Spies Like Us/My Carnival (Parlophone R6118)
            Press/It's Not True (Parlophone R6133)
            Pretty Little Head/Write Away (Parlophone R6145)
            Only Love Remains/Tough On A Tightrope (Parlophone R6148)


  1. Another Day' is on Wings Greatest only.
  2. 'Hi Hi Hi' is on Wings Greatest and Wings Over America only.
  3. 'Live And Let Die' is on Wings Greatest, Wings Over America and the film soundtrack LP
  4. 'Helen Wheels' is on the Band On The Run LP in the USA.
  5. 'Junior's Farm' is on Wings Greatest only.
  6. 'Mull Of Kintyre' is on Wings Greatest only.
  7. 'Wonderful Christmastime' is on Now That's What I Call Christmas only.
  8. 'Coming Up (Live)': there is a live version on Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea, but it is different from the single B-side.
  9. 'Goodnight Princess' has only been released on the Brood Street compact disc.
  10. 'Temporary Secretary'/'Secret Friend': released as a 12" single only.
  11. 'Hanglide' is on the 12" single of 'Press' only - 12" singles up to 'No More Lonely Nights were covered in a special feature in CS36.
  12. The B-sides of all three singles from Press To Play are from the compact disc version of the album.


            Paul sang 'Only Love Remains' at the Royal Command Variety Performance on 24th November, his first appearance at this annual beano since the Beatles' one and only, back in 1963. With such a launch and Maurice Phillips' excellent, sympathetic video to back it up, at the time of writing it looks sure to be Britain's Christmas ballad of 1986.

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