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            With different singles being taken from Press To Play for the UK and the US, Paul has been very busy on the video front. For 'Stranglehold', he felt a 'performance' video with a Mexican setting would be just the job. Director Bob Giraldi (of 'Say Say Say' video fame) was enlisted and the search for a location began.
            Mexico was impractical, for various reasons, so a small town in Arizona called Amado (near Nogales, just north of the border) was chosen instead. The venue was the Half Way Station, previously a stopping place on the old road - replaced by Interstate 19 - and more recently a derelict restaurant, just done up for re-opening. Listening to Trevor Jones, a long-time McCartney aide, it seems further refurbishment may have been necessary after the troupe left town.
            "The ceiling was knocked out to get the lights up near the roof, and holes were knocked in the walls to get the best camera angles. (All fixed before we left!)"
            Ah well, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. But why the Mexican flavour? Perhaps that last taco at the Holly lunch had lingered on Paul's palate... Anyway, the flavour is discreet, onstage at least: a neon cactus, vaguely cowboy clothes, an Indian clasp at Paul's neck instead of gent's necktie as worn. (Mature McCartney-watchers will recall similar neckwear from the Back To The Egg sleeve.) The audience of 180 extras can't help being a shade Mexican, of course, living so near the border.
            So much for atmosphere; now on to the story - a Paul McCartney conception, by the way. A Mexican in his early teens (played by Oscar Gonzales of LA) hurries down main street, a saxophone case in hand. The final chords of 'Move Over Busker' are heard: oh no, the gig's started! But what's this? A scowling doorman won't let him in. Quick, let's sneak in the back way - uh-oh, nabbed again. (An echo of the young Paul outside the Liverpool Empire?) Meanwhile, the band swings into 'Stranglehold'.

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