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Astarte Session Orchestra appear behind the couple and sax player Jamie Talbot walks the stage, followed by a blue light.
            Then, after a quick costume change, it's Paul and Linda who occupy the room.
            Soon, the camera homes in on Linda, allowing Paul to slip away, change back into his original clothes and run to the piano for the finale, when the entire band and singers are lit and Jamie goes walkabout again.
            What are the technical demands of this 'one-shot' method of filming?
            "It's a tall order as everything must be perfectly 'choreographed'. We spent Monday and Tuesday rehearsing the cameras, lighting, costume changes etc., then shooting was done on Wednesday - in 24 takes. As well as those being filmed, there were about 100 people behind the camera to be synchronized too. The video for 'When The Going Gets Tough' was also pretty 'live', but this one was more abstract."

Club Sandwich 43