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Club Sandwich 43

he and Paul then refined until it could be 'storyboarded out' for shooting. Playing an important part in realizing their ideas was producer Adam Whittaker.
            "We used several locations. The scenes with the girl by the bridge and the river were shot near Settle in North Yorkshire.
            So was the train going over the viaduct: the line was closed and we had control of the train. The girl looking out to sea and running along the cliffs were done on the Gower Peninsula, near Swansea. It was completed in London, split between Linford House Studios and East Greenwich gasworks."
            Was the colourization tricky?
            "We'd done a fair bit before. It's very tricky and time-consuming: it has to be done frame-by-frame, so as there are 25 frames per second you can imagine the amount of work involved. The process is done on a machine called a paintbox."
            How long did the making of the video take?
            "There were six days' shooting, on location and in the studio. The editing session was the longest we've ever had for a video. There were complicated compositions and superimpositions-for instance, the different elements when the train is going over the bridge: the train, the man on the train, the colourization of the windows. Then, in the hamburger shot, there are the silhouettes, the hand, the girl and the colourization again.
            "The frame you see Paul on is computer-generated, which is starting to be more common. It was used in Dire Straits' 'Money For Nothing' video."
            Once again, Paul McCartney has shown the trouble he's prepared to take over the presentation (as well as the making) of his music, by pooling his own ideas with the best talents and most advanced techniques available. The benefits are plain to see in 'Pretty Little Head'.

Club Sandwich 43