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Club Sandwich 42

            Further to Linda's participation in the Council for the Protection of Rural England's campaigning Royal Festival Hall exhibitidn (see CS41), she offered to produce a calendar in conjunction with the Council, to be available from CPRE and the Fun Club (see Club Offer sheet.) Linda McCartney's Country Calendar 1987 contains both photos reproduced in CS41 with others from the Festival Hall, also further studies of Sussex scenes nof under immediate threat but well worth recording for their beauty.
            Several of the black-and-white studies feature Linda's characteristic 'dappled' style, very effective in conveying the tranquility of the areas pictured. Two
tinted pictures of a meadow strewn with flowers and swans on the marshes at Fairlight Down have an almost painted appearance and provide a pleasing contrast.
            BBC2 broadcast
Landscapes on September 12th, highlighting the contributions of Linda and Don McCullin to the CPRE campaign. We saw the beauties ofFairlight Down while hearing Council President David Puttnam ask the fundamental question-. "How do we wish them (houses and factories) to fit into our lives?"
            "When you look through the camera you see something better," explains Linda. "You get very emotional about it.
            I try to capture life as it is. I'm not a good technician."
            The threatened area is a few hundred yards from a country park near Hastings. Linda raves over the 'carpets of colours' to be seen and finds an ally in a lady who walks her dog there twice daily. "Everywhere I go, people say 'Thank you for being involved'."
            The Department of the Environment could still approve the application to drill for oil, but East Sussex County Council have rejected it, mainly because of the scale of the operation. The lorries required to erect the rig would devastate the country lanes, for instance.
            Linda emphasises what would be lost: "Fairlight Church makes a beautiful skyline... the frogs and swans would be affected. The RSPCA gave us two cygnets, which began to attack our ducks. I caught them - with difficulty-and released them
on Fairlight Down. Now there are twenty to thirty swans."
            "I will do other kinds of work," Linda told the
Daily Mirror, "but I get most pleasure just from photographing nature as I find it."
            The results are in Linda's calendar for the enjoyment of all.


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