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            Dear Paul,
            I am pleased to hear you sing "The rest of my life in front of me" on "Move Over Busker". That means we can enjoy your music for many years more.
            What a fantastic album "Press to Play"! I support your co-writing with Eric, some of the numbers belong to the best you ever made.
            "Footprints" is wonderful, a song which could only have been made by you.
            It is good to see you back on stage. "That is the place where you belong dear Paul"!
            I hope "Press to Play" will be a smash No. 1 all over the world and Paul, don't wait too long with your next album because your real fans are still hungry.
            Best regards,
            (A FAN FOR MORE THAN 22 YEARS)

            Dear Paul!
            This is the first time I write to you - and I don't know if this letter will ever reach your eyes — and I have to confess I'm pretty nervous.
            I just want to let you know how much I love your music, your songs, your words, your voice-I need it, really! I don't know if you understand this, but it's true.
            "Ebony & Ivory" was the first song that I noticed. And how I noticed it. That had never happened before: I was listening and then the melody stayed in my head over weeks. I got the 'Tug of War' album and was more than thrilled. This is four years ago and I'm still thrilled!
            You inspired me to learn to play the guitar. I learnt more than just playing, I learned how fantastic it is to make music, to sing and play. I try to write songs, but something is missing. I admire you for yourtalent, you're a genius!!!
            You helped me and guided me through these years - without knowing it - and I want to thank you, just thank you!
            Perhaps these sentences sound very confused, but it's very difficult to express something in a language that I just learned at school for a few years. But if I would write in German, you wouldn't understand anything.(?)
            So I take leave of you, my best wishes for your future, and give my regards to Linda.
            Lots of love,
            WESSELING WEST

            Paul, Lin & MPL Gang,
            I just wanted to drop a note to thank you all for PRESS TO PLAY - it's splendid!
            I must admit that I originally liked the cover work better than the music (I'm so ashamed). But then I opened my mind and ears to Paul's somewhat "new" sound and I found that what was on the vinyl was fantastic. I found that, even if it didn't sound like Paul's music at first, it was definitely his and that I really like it.
            Speaking or writing, of the cover again, it's superbly done. At first glance, one should realise that the album within is just as classy and it's classic McCartney.
            Thanks again!

            Dear Paul,
            Well the long wait for your new album 'Press To Play' is finally over! and let me say it was well worth the wait! From start to finish I found (like all of your other albums) 'Press to Play'to be a new and fresh approach, that's one of the advantages of being a fan of yours, with each new album one can only expect the unexpected. Every album is different, no two are alike. And that is one thing that makes you very very unique!
            I was listening the other night to the "Press to Play Album Party" that was broadcast over one of our local radio stations (from which, incidentally I won a 'Press to Play'compact disk! just by calling an 800 number they announced before the show started). So anyway, during the interview you suggested a film ought to be made about the song "Pretty Little Head" which ! thought wou|d be a great idea, I can visualize maybe a Raiders of the Lost Ark or like you said, "Dune" typesetting. Any film-makers out there? Mr. Spielberg, please give this one a thought!
            Well I better close for now. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your new album. I've been a great admirer of you and your music for twenty-two years, ever since your first appearance in the United States in 1964. I'm never disappointed when I buy one of your records or see one of your interviews on television. I think you're a very warm and sincere person, oh and talented! Let's not forget talented!
            One last thing before I close, do you think you would ever consider making all your videos available to the public on videotape? I (and I'm sure thousands of other fans) think that would be something great to have!
            Cheers for the future, Paul!
            And thanks for such a great album.
            Keep on Rockin' and best wishes always,
            MARK STEVENSON
            LOCK HAVEN, PA.

            Dear Paul,
            Just wanted to tell you how much I love your new album! I've been waiting for it for a long time with much excitement and like always you haven't let me down. It is just totally FAB! You and your music ARE totally outstanding! It just blows me away! I love all of your new songs and you look so adorable in your video Press! Hope to see more of you on video and other assorted things. Thanks again for making my world a little brighter.
            AKRON, OHIO,

            Dear Paul,
            I just have to write and tell you that the new album is exceptional. The more I listen the more impressed I am. I really can't thank you enough for all the pleasure you've given me over the years with your music.
            My favourite song on the album is 'Pretty Little Head'. Then, 'However Absurd', 'Footprints', 'Angry' etc. etc.
            I hope you can read this letter with your heart because it is only heart to heart that you could perceive how very special your album is to me.
            Thank you Paul.

            Dear Paul,
            Go ahead! PRESS TO PLAY is amazing!
            After a week of listening to the new LP I've come to the conclusion that it's your best ever. Of course the primary reaction was "did I accidentally get a Pink Floyd album?", but after repeated listening (except for "Move Over Busker" and "Angry" which were immediately addictive) the usual Macca charm of the whole thing began to pierce my head. Can't get enough of it!
            If I may step back two years, in GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD STEET's board meeting scene, bald guy # 1 said to balding guy # 2 that the "new album" was to have buttons (or was it badges?), posters and t-shirts as merchandise along with it. 'Broad Street' itself only had t-shirts as merchandise as far as I've seen. Is there going to be a lot of promotional PRESS TO PLAY merchandise released? I certainly hope so... 'cos I'm intending to buy the lot of it.
            Ursa major, ursa minor!
            D. TALADA
            ORLANDO, FLA.
            (See your Club Offer sheet for all the new items. Ed.)

            Dear Sue,
            Hi, How are you! I hope you II be fine.
            I've just received the "Sessions" number of Club Sandwich, and I think it's excellent. Thank you and keep up the great publication.
            Til the next "Sandwich" (or before),

            Dear Paul,
            What can I say but congratulations, you've done it again. Your latest album "Press to Play" is an amazingly superb collection of new songs. I agreed with other fans that the wait was certainly worth it. I've picked my favourite songs already, they are:

            "Only Love Remains"

            The sleeve must surely be one of the Best you have ever had. Also it was great seeing you give a fantastic performance as one of the many guests on The Prince's Trust. Thanks for making it another memorable event. Let's have more, please?
            Lastly, I remember seeing the tv spectacular "James Paul McCartney"...when you performed songs like "Live and Let Die", "Bluebird", "Yesterday", and "Mary had a Little Lamb". The part I remember most is the great Busby Berkeley style dance routine. It would be great to have on video. How about letting us see it again? Good luck for all your near future projects, I'll be with you all the way.
            Rock on Paul,
            Your number one fan,

            Dear Fan Club,
            My motto is "Always judge a record by its face".
            The songs on Paul's "Press to Play"album are as beautiful as its cover. Since I love Paul's —The rocker and the balladeer, - this album pleases me to the fullest! I was happy I bought it in the first week it was released because it's a crucial event in his recording career.
            The plethora of synthesizer tones flatter Paul's lovely tenor and give the album a rich '80's sound. His melodies and bass playing shine throughout, as in his previous albums.
            There are a few intense lyrics here. And there are enough rhythm changes to make McVie and Fleetwood jealous!
            My favourite songs? All ten of them! "Press to Play" is a chef d'oeuvre!!
            WAUWATOSA, Wl.

            Oops! Department,
            Robert Brown of Colchester has pointed out some bloomers in CS40. In The Uncommon Tourist, Wings' first gig was wrongly dated 8th February 1972: it was in fact the 9th - they had set out from London the day before. The group's final tour ended on 17th December 1979, not November.
            And how about these from the Singles: U.S. and Us feature? When "Venus and Mars - Rock Show" was issued in November 1975, Wings were no longer touring Britain, but had moved on to Australia. "Pipes of Peace" did indeed make number one in the UK - it was Paul's previous release, "Say Say Say", which reached number two.
            Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Robert.

Well, it was twenty years ago today...

            A quiet period for The Beatles, starting rumours that they were to split. They began recording what would become Sgt. Pepper in November and December.

            6th October:
            "Yellow Submarine", "Eleanor Rigby" and "Taxman" enter Polish charts. Paul retains a strong Polish following to this day.
            18th November:

            The Escorts' "From Head To Toe" (produced by Paul) released.
            19th November:

            Paul returns from holiday in Kenya.
            10th December:

            A Collection Of Beatles Oldies
released, including "Bad Boy", previously unissued in the UK. (It's a Larry Williams song.)
            16th December:

            The Beatles' Fourth Christmas Record
(LP) released by Fan Club.
            18th December:

            Premiere of The Family Way (music by Paul).
            23rd December:

            "Love In The Open Air", the film's main theme, released.
            31st December:

            Interview with Paul in New Musical Express. (Those were the days! Though hang on, what's this? They've actually given Press a good review. Well I never.)

And ten years ago... Club Sandwich 42

            The conclusion of a busy year for Wings

            19th/21st October:
            Triumphant 'homecoming' concerts at the Empire Pool, Wembley. One critic observes that Linda has captured a distinct following of her own.
            4th December:

            Magical Mystery Tour
LP out in U K, a cool nine years after its release in the US.
            10th December:

            Wings Over America
triple live album issued to great acclaim. A documentary of the group's entire set, it is the first solo or Wings record to contain Beatles material.