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Club Sandwich 42 The Presentation to Jerry Allison

Sullivan, who then hosted an early evening autograph party. Star of that night's concert was Joe Ely, a Lubbock native who gives country and rock 'n roll his own personal twist and has several neat LP's to his credit - try Musta Notta Gotta Lotta.
            The Buddy Holly Memorial Society held a Memorial Service at Lubbock Cemetery on Sunday, followed by a BBQ and Birthday Cake at Studebaker's. And then, to show that the Texans retain a sense of proportion, 'The Greatest Music On Earth' - gospel - in the Civic Centre Theatre. Lubbock had certainly done Buddy proud.
            Had he lived, what would Buddy Holly have been up to at 50? Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Carl Perkins - to name three of his contemporaries - are still spirited performers, but Del Shannon and the reunited Everley Brothers are almost the only ones to produce striking original work in recent years. However, Holly's self-discipline and progressive approach would surely have kept him to the fore in one role or another. An anecdote from Jerry Allison (featured in the video) reveals wisdom beyond Buddy's years. After The Crickets' first bout of intensive touring, he suggested they should take some time off to mess about on their bikes and generally have fun — after all, they could be dead tomorrow. At a time when a pop star's popularity was expected to be brief (two years, perhaps), this took a cool head. This ability to step off the treadmill and follow his own path was later shared by The Beatles and would probably have protected him from the creative burn-out suffered by other '50s stars chained to a punishing schedule.
            Buddy Holly's recorded legacy stands in sharper relief than ever in 1986. When a great artist's work is presented afresh, it reveals still further pleasures: in Holly's case, the arrival of the compact disc and the issue of a self-explanatory double album, Buddy Holly Rocks, by Charly Records have achieved this in their different ways. The reissue of the Complete Buddy Holly box gives new listeners a chance to delve deeper. Like millions before them, they will discover that this is one posthumous cult rooted in sheer talent and artistry.

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