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Club Sandwich 42

            "Stranglehold": Messrs. Marotta and Padgham justify themselves immediately: the crisp drumwork is beautifully recorded and propels an arresting track which can only be described as swinging. Paul and Eric drive it along on acoustic guitars, saxophone swells occur at just the right moments and there's some delightful, clipped electric rhythm guitar.

            "Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun": "There's a nostalgic air about summers that have gone," explains Paul. "...To me the song is three summers: one when I was a kid going to Butlin's in my short trousers, feeling embarrassed 'cause I wanted long trousers... Then the second verse is a bit more grown up... I associate that second verse with The Beatles - 'It was a silly season, was it the best?/We didn't need a reason, just a rest!' That's one of my favourite lines on the album... Then the third verse is kinda ominous, talking about a great summer before the war.. .That's the twist in the tail of that song." Eddie Rayner is on guitar and Carlos Alomar shows that solos don't have to be long to make an impact, contributing a jagged little interlude. Ruby James and Paul's cousin Kate Robbins, the fast-rising comedienne, are on backing vocals and there's a suitably warm reggae lilt to the song until explosive drumbeats announce the brief, upbeat "Feel The Sun".

            "Talk More Talk": This piece of controlled eccentricity stands out for its syncopation even on Press. Indistinct conversation leads into Paul duetting with himself in superb style. "The basic track was done in a day. Lyrically it was picking out quotes that I liked from, I think, a Tom Waits interview. 'I don't actually like sitting-down music', great things like that". There's a 12-string guitar in there somewhere and slowed-down and speeded-up voices express great thoughts like 'All he wants is a handyman; all he wants is quick service' and 'I hear water going through the pipes'. Great.