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            Dear Paul,
            I'm writing this letter to thank you for giving me such a good time just to listen to your great music. I like everything you did as a solo artist from The Family Way to your wonderful Give My Regards to Broad Street. Of course, I love your work with the Beatles, like everyone.
            I was wondering, the other day, about the songs I love the most and it was very hard to choose because I love them all. I finally made a list of seven songs:
            "Maybe I'm amazed"
            "Too many people"
            "Band on the Run"
            "You gave me the answer"
            "Mull of Kintyre"
            "Ballroom Dancing"
            and "No more lonely Nights"
            So, I'm waiting for your next album and I'm sure it's gonna be another masterpiece!
            Your friend, ANDRETRUDEL, MONTREAL, CANADA.

            Dear ‘Fan Club’
            How about some articles on past LP's of Paul's and the Beatles', in depth studies where and how they were made — you know what I mean.
            Yours sincerely, MICHAEL COONEY SELBY, N.YORKS

            We'll certainly consider it, Michael.

            Dear Sue,
            This year's Club Sandwiches were the best ever, full of good colour and black & white photos and interesting stories and news. After Live Aid surely Paul must have the desire to go "back on the road" and I was pleased to see he didn't let a fault with the sound equipment put him off! Is there any hope of a tour in the near future? Please let me know.
            Once again, let me say what great value the Fun Club is and I look forward to receiving more editions of Club Sandwich.
            Yours Sincerely, JON BRETT MILTON KEYNES

            Regarding possible future concerts, see Cuff Link and The Uncommon Tourist.

            Dear Paul,
            As fond (extremely!) as I am of your love ballads, it was great to see and hear you rock again in your current video "Spies Like Us". It's always enjoyable to see you play a lot of instruments in your videos. Your hair looks great(!) by the way. It complements that eternally handsome face of yours! I recently purchased and received the books-"Linda's Pictures" and "Photographs". Linda is an excellent photographer and I will treasure those books forever.
            Well, back to reading my Club Sandwich back issues. It sure is fun being a Wings Fun Club member!!

            Dear Paul,
            How are you? Paul, congratulations for your new L.P., I heard "Spies Like Us" and it's so beautiful, the guitar solo you did is excellent! I got stirred when I read that in "Spies Like Us" you play all the instruments. I think you are really a "one man band". Paul, I don't know if I will see the comedy "Spies Like Us" in Colombia, 'cause here the t.v. programs are so bad, they present the worst programs. I really want to see it.
            Hey, I'm hearing radio, and they said, "and number four is Paul McCartney with "Spies Like Us". Congratulations, genius! Soon it will be a hit!
            O.K., please send my regards to Mary, Stella, Linda, James and Heather. I love you!

            Dear Sue,
            In light of the big "hoopla" being made unnecessarily over Paul's supposedly recent comments, I would like to pass on a passage I came across going through back issues of Life Magazine. This is from the April 16, 1971 issue, and I hope this says it once and for all i.e., how Paul really cared and acknowledged John.
            "I've changed. The funny thing about it is that I think a lot of my change has been helped by John Lennon. 1 sort of picked upon his lead. John had said, 'Look, I don't want to be that anymore. I'm going to be this' and I thought that's great. I liked the fact he'd done it and so I'll be doing it with my thing. He's given the O.K."
            BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, U.S.A.

            Dear Paul,
            Last night I watched the American Music Awards. Receiving the award of merit: Mr. Paul McCartney! Well, I must say, I felt as though I was receiving the award myself. Every time you're awarded something, I'm just as glorified the minute I hear the news, and just as nervous before you make the speech. But just as always, your acceptance speech was warm and wonderful. Thanking your mum and dad the way you did ... you're a good lad Paul.
            I thought Pete Townshend made a great point that evening. He said that the thing he loved most about you was that whatever you do, you always have a good time doing it. That's the truth Paul. It's the fun you're truly having that reaches all your fans and friends inspiring us to have that same zest for life that you do.
            Phil Collins read aloud the inscription on your award and as if the crowd couldn't scream loud enough, you appeared on stage with the unprecedented impact the award commended you for. Your comical smooches on Phil were greatly appreciated as your charming wit always is.
            Aside from thanking your mum and dad, you thanked three other fairly well known chaps: George, Ringo and Julian's dad, John. And as if you hadn't reached every heart watching that evening, you confessed to the crowd, as if you were speaking to each of us individually, that this is probably one of the most nerve racking things that any of us do. "I'm certainly no exception to this".
            I shared in the dream of a million other fans watching that night, that only the magic of you on live television can provide.

            Dear Paul,
            'PLEASE PLEASE ME' and all your other fans and do a concert. 'THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING' seeing you in concert that's if I got a ticket 'WITH A LITTLE LUCK'. 'DEAR FRIEND' that would be the 'SWEETEST LITTLE SHOW' on earth! 'NO WORDS' could explain the reaction from all your fans! You 'CAN WORK IT OUT' hopefully! 'OO YOU' would make so many fans 'COME TOGETHER' and 'FEEL FINE' with your 'SILLY LOVE SONGS'.
            So please 'SAY SAY SAY' you will do a concert! 'DON'T LET ME DOWN' please 'LET IT BE' 'ON E OF THESE DAYS' so I can say (who's just an 'AVERAGE PERSON'!) I'LISTEN(ED) TO WHAT THE MAN SAID' and it was great.
            'FROM ME TO YOU'.

            Dear Mr. McCartney,
            I am proud to announce our new AOR FM Radio Station, the KAT. It went on the air October 1st and has been getting great local response. I have been a big fan of yours for as long as I can remember, and I really feel a little awkward writing this to you.
            I've been in Radio for over 8 years and have tried to play at least 1 Beatles (or solo) recording each and every shift. So. when the KAT went on the air I was upset to find only 2 of your solo albums in the library, but I was so excited last week when a shipment from CBS arrived with all of them there. And then the next day we received your new single "Spies like us". I just wanted to express my feelings to you. I've been a member of the Fun Club for several years and have really enjoyed each issue of the Club Sandwich.
            Thanks so much for all you have done for the world of music. We could never make it without you.
            Sincerely, JACK RANDALL AMARILLO, TEXAS, U.S.A.

            Dear Sue,
            I'm writing in appreciation for the amount of work that goes into Club Sandwich.
            I love the features and the photos are brilliant.
            The Live Aid issue was great and I'll treasure it for years as a monumental remembrance of the great event that rocked the world. I'm sure Paul enjoyed the event just as much as his fans did seeing him perform for many years.
            The special spy issue was very useful because it tells the fans everything they wanted to know about the filming and recording of the "Spies Like Us" song and video with Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase.
            The end product was a video full of fun and a song with great thinking lyrics. I particularly love the Prince Charles mask Paul wears and the scene crossing Abbey Road at the end.
            I've been a fan for many years and I have all Paul's albums and most of the singles. I await the next album with great enthusiasm. (I wonder what it'll be called.) I'd like Paul to know I think he's my No. 1 all the time.
            I'm only seventeen years old and I've never seen Paul in person, but would very much love to.
            Rock on Paul.


Club Sandwich 40 ACROSS
1. Gambling game using revolving wheel (8)
8. Satellite of the earth (4)
12. Inner husks of corn sifted from the flour (4)
13. Empty, unoccupied (6)
16. Short for "westbound" (2)
18. Poetic word for "near" (4)
20. Secure, certain (4)
21. "____ and behold!" (2)
22. Movable cover of the eye (3)
24. Places where milk is kept and butter and cheese made (7)
26. Jelly-like substance (3)
27. Stupid or coarse person (4)
29. Short form of "grandmother" (4)
30. Larger of the two bones of the forearm (4)
31. Apiarist (9)
34. Animals kept for companionship (4)
35. District of NE Manhattan (6)
36. ____ fly, that transmits parasites and causes sleeping-sickness (6)
38. Third largest of the twelve satellites of Jupiter (2)
39. Long and difficult journey (4)
41. Short tail of deer or rabbit (4)
42. South-east (abbr.) (2)
41. Resort of SE France, famous for its annual film festival (6)
45. Makes into act or statute (6)
47. Glance over quickly (4)
49. Thought transference (9)
51. Story (4)
52. Left side of a ship when facing the bow (4)
53. Slippery, snakelike fishes (4)
55. In folklore, supernatural being that is small and mischievous (3)
56. Violent cold dry wind in Southern France (7)
59. Payment asked by professional person for his services (3)
60. __ __Stevenson, author of "Treasure Island" (2)
61. Printer's unit of measurement (4)
62. Rob Roy, for example (4)
64. Short for South America (4)
65. Sides of the face (6)
67. Amount carried or conveyed, a burden (4)
69. Metal piece of currency (4)
70. Person's complete costume or a group of musicians (8)
2. River in N central Soviet Union (2)
3. "Ode on a Grecian ____" (Keats) (3)
4. Put in a horizontal position (4)
5. Pledge of marriage (10)
6. Television (2)
7. Relaxation of manner, simplicity (8)
8. "The Red Planet" (4)
9. Single (3)
10. Old Testament (abbr.) (2)
11. Nocturnal birds (4)
14. Signal given to actor (3)
15. US name for treacle (8)
17. Port in N Spain on the Bay of Biscay (6)
19. To engage for wages (4)
21. Fasting season before Easter (4)
23. Active or energetic person (4)
25. Totally absorbed, spellbound (4)
26. Great merriment; song for unaccompanied voices (4)
28. Ancient Celtic festival (anagram of tenable) (7)
30. Outlying sections of a state, especially of New York State (7)
32. ____ Jerome , composer of "Show Boat" (4)
33. Object that holds something; container (10)
35. Leather cases for pistols, attached to a belt or saddle (8)
37. Large sea-fish of the mackerel family (4)
40. Thing kept in remembrance of giver (8)
42. Prevailing fashions in dress, looks etc. (6)
43. Young of the cow (4)
44. Long aperture or groove, such as one in a vending-machine for inserting a coin (4)
46. Principal cook in a restaurant (4)
48. Cry aloud or make a short visit (4)
50. Makes mistake, sins (4)
54. Piece of furniture for sitting on (4)
56. Person's manner, bearing or appearance (4)
57. Water in the solid state (3)
58. Apparatus for weaving (4)
61. 21st letter in the Greek alphabet (3)
63. Bill for a meal (3)
65. Short for Commanding Officer (2)
66 Chemical symbol for tin (2)
68 Abbreviation for decilitre (2)


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