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Photographer of The Stars Club Sandwich 40

            Famous Hollywood photographer, 82 year old George Hurrell recently came to England especially to add the portraits of Paul and Linda to his portfolio of stars. During his illustrious career he has photographed all the famous of Hollywood, in his beautiful 40's black and white style, which has been widely copied and now is very much in vogue. You'll be seeing the results of his day with Paul and Linda in the near future. Paul took these shots of Linda at the session.

Club Sandwich 40

MEET TOM'S VAN Club Sandwich 40

            When Paul was making his film "Give My Regards to Broad Street", he hit upon the idea of having Tom drive a van like the original type the Beatles used in their early days, a Bedford Dormobile, 1961-63 vintage, with a small windscreen. After '63 the van was modified, having a larger windscreen. It was a somewhat tall order to find the exact model some twenty years on!
            Most fortuitously, a short while later M PL's John Hammel was driving home from the West End of London late one evening, when he spotted the very van, a right wreck, but the one they needed. However, he couldn't contact the driver as the lights stayed green, so he kept on his tail all the way down Commercial Road until it came to its destination in Mile End. John talked to its owner, a Unigate milkman, who agreed to sell the van a couple of days later. It was a light Burgundy colour, registration 928 GLB, later featured in the film.
            At the end of the filming, Paul decided that it would be fun to keep the van, and have it restored to its original condition. There was an expert on the spot who fitted out the interior of the hot rod used in the film, so Gary Selcow from Car Finders in Devon took the van for a total overhaul. Completely rebuilt, with a reconditioned engine and sprayed British Racing Green, it probably now surpasses its original glory, and has found a new home, as the general run-around at Paul's country studio.

Club Sandwich 40

Broad Street Video Competition Club Sandwich 40

            Monday, February 10th was an unforgettable day in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. John Barnsley and their three children, the day they travelled to London from their home in Stafford, to meet Paul and Linda McCartney!
            It all came about because their 11 year old daughter, Sarah, was a whizz at video games. One day last July, she saw that there was a competition in Your Commodore magazine, involving the popular Broad Street game, based on the feature film by Paul McCartney, and as she was quick at the game, she decided to enter. It required getting the game completed as quickly as possible, which is fairly difficult at the best of times, and answering some questions. She sent in her results, and didn't give it much thought until, much to her surprise and delight, she received word in December that she had been streets ahead of the field on the time, and had won first prize in the first competition she'd ever entered.
            The prize was to come to London for a day and meet Paul and Linda at the MPL office in Soho. Her brothers Christian, 13 years and 8 year old Timothy also had the day off school for the event. Upon arrival at MPL they found a computer had been set up waiting for Sarah to show her skills to the McCartneys. Linda snapped the photos while Paul had coffee with the family and chatted to Sarah about the game.
            Afterwards they tucked into a quick lunch at McDonalds before embarking on a coach tour of London, hitting all the high spots from the Tower of London to Buckingham Palace. The one they missed was Broad Street Station, which is no longer in use!