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Stan Jones of Fawley in Hampshire sent us this magnificent painting and this is the story behind it.

            In the mid-sixties, when the success of The Beatles was at its height, Paul bought a 1929 Hispano-Suiza saloon car. Although Spanish in origin (where the car was made famous by the Spanish Royal Family), the Hispano-Suiza became known as a French car in the 1920's when a manufacturing plant was set up in France. The factory at Bois-Colombes near Paris produced more expensive and glamorous versions than their Barcelona counterpart and the H6 model was designed as the last word in luxury transport. The 6.6 litre engine was based upon aircraft engine principles and was extremely flexible and reliable. With a top speed of 95 mph and excellent comfort, handling and brakes the same model was a best seller for fifteen years.
            When Paul bought the car he commissioned a London artist to transform the bodywork which was painted in graduated blue-bands and the entire interior was refurbished and reupholstered with spectacular rainbow coloured felt. There were many film premieres and first nights that were graced with the arrival of Paul and the Beatles in this psychedelic luxury transport.
            Paul then loaned the car for display at the National Motor Museum, founded by Lord Montagu at Beaulieu in Hampshire. It was here that Stan Jones, who is a Life Member of the National Motor Museum Trust, saw the car and, combined with his admiration for Paul and the Beatles years, produced this fitting tribute.

Club Sandwich 28

Club Sandwich 28
The Hispano-Suiza 37 HP Model H6 in all its finery at the National Motor Museum.