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3 signed copies of 'Tug of War' will go to the first three correct entries opened on 1 March. Good Luck! We'll publish winners and answers in the next issue.

            • Dear Sue,
            In the eight years I have been a member of the Fun Club, I don't ever recall a quiz being printed. So instead of waiting for someone else to do one, I've compiled my own, which I have enclosed.
            The questions are not easy, but I hope if you are able to print the quiz in a future edition of CLUB SANDWICH, readers will find it interesting and informative.

            ROBERT BROWN Stanway, Nr. Colchester, Essex

  1. Excluding his home studios, which other studios did Paul use to record his 'McCartney' LP?
  2. Name the venue which held the Wings launch party.
  3. Name the date and venue of Wings first live gig.
  4. Why did Wings appear live at the Hard Rock Cafe on 18 March, 1973?
  5. Name the unreleased animated film based on the 1972 Wings European Tour.
  6. In what year did MPL acquire the animation rights to the Rupert Bear cartoon?
  7. Who were the opening act on the Wings 1973 British tour?
  8. Name the only song collaboration between Paul and poet Roger McGough.
  9. Who recorded the McCartney song 'Let's Love'?
  10. In which year did Wings appear live on stage at the Hammersmith Odeon with the Crickets as part of Buddy Holly Week?
  11. Where were the rehearsals held for the 1979 British tour?
  12. In what year was Paul presented the Ivor Novello Award for his Outstanding Contribution to Music?
  13. In what film did Paul's song, 'Did We Meet Somewhere Before' appear as the opening number?
  14. For whom was 'Baby's Request' written?
  15. Who animated the 'Oriental Nightfish' film?
  16. Who or what was 'Fair Carol'?
  17. Who has added lyrics to the original instrumental 'Hot as Sun'?
  18. In October 1979, as the most successful recording artist ever, Paul was presented by the publishers of the Guinness Book of Records, a rare metal disc. What was the metal used?
  19. For whom did Paul write 'Giddy'?
  20. Where was 'Junior's Farm' recorded?
  21. Whose LP was produced by Paul in the summer of 1976?
  22. How many times did Wings perform behind the Iron Curtain?
  23. In what year was the James Paul McCartney TV Special made?
  24. Where was the European premiere of 'Rockshow' held?
  25. What was the name of the band who recorded a song written by Paul's father?


  • As we go to press, the hottest news is that the current single, 'The Girl is Mine', by Paul and Michael Jackson (ECP A2729) is rocketing up the charts round the world where it's sure to be a monster hit! It's a song taken from the Epic LP/Cassette Thriller' (EPC 85930), previewing the dynamic Paul/Michael combination which will also be featured on Paul's new album.
  • Speaking of the new album, sorry if you got the impression that it was going to be out this year. It almost was, but Paul's had to interrupt finishing it off 'til early in the new year, so it's set now for a spring release. One of the last things completed was a song using children from the Pestalozzi Children's village in Sedlescombe in the chorus - rather a special event both for them and for Paul!
  • The album's delay was partly caused by the very tight filming schedule for 'Broad Street' (see page 4) which loomed up, so now Paul's immersed himself completely in the celluloid world. Sure to be a super flick, it stars Paul and features all kinds of fab music. Watch this space for further news. . .
  • As another year rolls to a close, we've given this ish our customary festive treatment. Also, we have an original recipe from our resident 'Cook of the House' Linda, which I'm sure you'll love. . .
  • Linda's been really busy this autumn with all sorts of projects. The third of her successful photographic exhibitions opened in Paris on 24 November, and I hoar that her new book's already sold out in America, and is now reprinting. Certainly makes a super pressie, as does her Calendar for '83. Most recently, she's been in the studio to work on a new single called 'Love's Full Glory', which is being produced by Tony Visconti.
  • So as we end this year of the Tug of War' classic and look to the horizon of '83, it remains for me simply to say, 'Have a Wonderful Christmastime' from all of us here at the SANDWICH.
  • 'til next time.


The trunk of the Christmas tree contains a message. Can you fill in the rest of the puzzle?

2 Fore-limb from shoulder to hand
4 Honey producer
5 Wish happiness to
6 Estimated time of arrival (abb.) 9 Musician's tonic?
12 Transgress
13 To be in debt
15 Beverage
16 Slippery fish
17 Make a mistake
18 Consumed food
20 & 21 down. Paul 36 down was his guest in 'Desert Island Discs' (3,7)
21 Lying face downward
23 A mineral spring
25 Guides by the hand
26 Short for segment
29 'Time' in music
30 Sheet (anagram)
31 Marry
32 Mediterranean island awarded the GC
33 Male cat
34 Goods vehicle
35 By means of
36 Postal system
38 Familiar name for Helen or Eleanor
39 Poacher's produce?
42 Short for 'crescendo'
43 Bill of fare
44 Low cape, ness (in place-names)
45 Flow back
47 '.... of Kintyre'
48 Dwelling-place
49 Elementary or simple
51 Christmas is an immovable one ,52 ' Drinks counter
54 English physicist and chemist
55 Girl's name
58 Industrious insect
59 Duet
61 Pose as model
62 Fresh
63 English public school
64 Transmit by radio or television
67 From a distance
68 Facial expression of scorn
69 Electrically charged atom
70 Place a bet
71 Insane (slang)
72 Family
73 Flatfish
75 Poem
76 One who drives fast
78 National emblem of Scotland
2 Skilful
3 Table-shaped hill
7 Winter sports participant
8 One who stitches
10 Girl's name
11 Pedal extremity
12 Brook
14 'Walking in the Park with ......'
18 Part of verb 'to be'
19 Finish
21 See 20 across
22 Landed properties
23 Rock singer, pianist and songwriter, born Stephen Judkins (6,6)
24 Foot controls of piano etc.
27 Set high value on
28 Musician and arranger, esp. of music of 36 down
36 See 20 across
37 Breed of horse
40 African antelopes
41 Oman, or example
45 Organ of hearing
46 Offer to pay at an auction
49 Nobleman
50 Artificial watercourse
52 Flying mammals
53 Soon
56 Handy, clever
57 'Take it ....'
60 West Indian witchcraft
61 Pig-pen
65 .... 'n' Roll
66 Identical
73 Female deer
74 Resting-place
76 Arrange
77 Regret

Club Sandwich 28


            ACROSS: 4 Linda's, 6 Calendar, 9 Netted, 10 Scorpion, 11 Earth-tremor, 15 Calls up, 17 Spectre, 18 Strict-tempo, 22 Proverbs, 23 Gemini, 24 Linesman, 25 Hinges.
            DOWN: 1 Gareth, 2 Dance-music, 3 Pear-tree, 4 Leniency, 5 Naturals, 7 Dais, 8 Rung, 12 Rupert Bear, 13 Stamping, 14 Memories, 16 Suspense, 19 Tie-pin, 20 Opal, 21 Moon.