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Zappa, Frank

Founder of the Mothers of Invention, Zappa arrived in London in September 1967 to appear at the Royal Albert Hall and to promote his new album Absolutely Free. During his stay in London he used the Indica bookshop as his unofficial office, with the co-operation of Paul's friend Barry Miles.

Zappa told Miles that for his next album he would like the cover to be a parody of the Sgt Pepper cover and wanted to contact Paul for his permission. Miles arranged it. Zappa phoned Paul and asked him if he had any objection to the proposal and Paul told him that he didn't mind, but he didn't know if there were any copyright problems and it was EMI who should actually be approached. Paul then gave him his blessing.

The album We're Only In It For The Money satirising the Pepper cover was issued on MGM Verve and no permission was sought. As a satirical piece it did not need permission to be given.

Paul was puzzled when, some years later, Zappa claimed that Paul said he wouldn't allow him to do it, yet he'd given Zappa his blessing.

When Apple launched their experimental and spoken-word label Zapple, Zappa mistakenly believed it had been named for him. It hadn't. It was a name John Lennon came up with.

Zappa died in December 1993.

Zeleste Club

An 1800-seat venue in Barcelona, Spain and one of the six venues Paul decided to appear at during his 'Surprise Gigs' tour between May and July 1991 with himself, Linda, Robbie Mclntosh, Hamish Stuart, Paul 'Wix' Wickens and Blair Cunningham playing a 45-minute acoustic set followed by a 45-minute electric set.

The tours were basically intended to enhance the promotion for his album Unplugged - The Official Bootleg.

Paul and the band flew into Barcelona on Wednesday 8 May 1991 and returned to the UK immediately following the concert.

The acoustic set comprised: 'Mean Woman Blues', 4Be-Bop-A-Lula', 'We Can Work It Out', 'San Francisco Bay Blues', 'Every Night', 'Here, There And Everywhere', 'That Would Be Something', 'And I Love Her', 'She's A Woman', 'I Lost My Little Girl', 'Ain't No Sunshine', 'I've Just Seen A Face', 'Hi-Heel Sneakers' and 'Good Rockin' Tonight'. The electric set comprised: 'My Brave Face', 'Twenty Flight Rock', 'Band On The Run', 'Ebony And Ivory', 'I Saw Her Standing There', 'Get Back', 'Coming Up', 'The Long And Winding Road', 'Ain't That A Shame' and 'Let It Be'. The two encores were 'Can't Buy Me Love' and 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'.


The first guitar Paul owned and one that he still possesses. He'd been presented with a trumpet by his father, but wasn't too keen on the instrument because he couldn't play it and sing at the same time, so he swapped the trumpet for a Zenith guitar. Initially, he had difficulty playing it, until he realised that a left-handed player had to reverse the strings, which he did.

Zoo Gang, The

A British ITV television series starring Lili Palmer, Brian Keith and John Mills, which was first screened in 1974. Paul penned the title song for the series and recorded it with Wings. It was on the flipside of the 'Band On The Run' single, issued on 28 June 1974 on Apple R 5997. A band called Jungle Juice released a version of Paul's 'Zoo Gang' in Britain one month before Wings issued a version of their own. The record was released on Pye-Bradley BRAD 74071 on 24 May 1974.

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