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Que Sera, Sera

A number by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans which Paul recorded as a Mary Hopkin single in August 1969, with 'Fields Of St Etienne' by Bernard Gallagher and Graham Lyle on the flip.

It was issued in France on Friday 19 September 1969 on Apple 16 and in America on Monday 15 June 1970 on Apple 1823.

Queen Mary

The famous British ocean liner, which is now permanently docked at Long Beach, California. On Monday 24 March 1975 Paul and Linda held a special party for 200 invited guests to celebrate the end of two months of recording for the Venus And Mars album.

George Harrison was among the guests and it was believed that this was the first time the two ex-Beatles had met socially following the break-up of the Beatles.

Also present was Peter Grant, manager of Led Zeppelin, together with members of the group; Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones of the Monkees; former Apple friends Derek Taylor and Mai Evans; Cher; Joni Mitchell; Carole King; Ryan and Tatum O' Neal; Marvin Gaye; Bob Dylan; the Faces; Phil Everly; the Jackson Five; Paul Williams; Tony Curtis; Rudy Vallee; Dean Martin and David Cassidy.

Music was provided by Professor Longhair and the Meters. Professor Longhair (Henry Byrd) had his performance recorded by Paul and it was later issued as an MPL album in 1978 called Live On The Queen Mary.

The Meters (one of the members was Art Neville, later of the Neville Brothers) also had their set recorded during the evening. It wasn't issued as an album until late in 1992 when it was released by Sequel

(NEX CD 220) called Uptown Rest! - The Meters Live On The Queen Mary. In the introduction to their set, Paul, Linda and Wings are mentioned.

Quickly, Tommy

A young Liverpool singer signed up by Brian Epstein. Epstein provided him with the Remo Four, one of Liverpool's top groups, as a backing band and gave him John Lennon's 'No Reply' to record.

Quickly was slightly drunk at the session and couldn't manage the song. After seventeen takes he abandoned the attempt. Epstein then gave him the Paul McCartney number 'Tip Of My Tongue'. The number had been added to the Beatles' repertoire in 1962 and the group actually recorded it on Monday, 26 November 1962, but George Martin didn't consider it suitable for release. The Tommy Quickly version was issued in Britain on Piccadilly 7N 35137 on 30 July 1963, but failed to enter the charts.

Quinn, Aidan

The actor who appeared as Paul in the VHI movie The Two Of Us, first transmitted in 2000.

Prior to filming, in his search for authenticity, Quinn spent a day and a half in Liverpool. Ian Hart, a fellow actor who had played John Lennon in The Hours And The Times and Backbeat accompanied him. Quinn commented, 'I went to Liverpool as soon as I got the job and grabbed Ian, who's a friend of mine, and he was my tour guide. We went and did the whole Beatles thing. But I still might fall flat on my face.'

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