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Forty years down the line and the story of The Beatles after The Beatles continues. In truth, it will never end because the musical legacy The Beatles left behind continues to entertain, enlighten and influence more than any other musical legacy from the 20th Century. Although the activities of Paul, George and Ringo will slow down as they reach their sixties and beyond, interest in them never seems to wane. More than any other pop group ever, collectively and individually, The Beatles - whether they like it or not - are still as famous as it is possible to be.

There are Beatles fans who have not yet been born, and Beatles fans will continue to be born long after the deaths of all four Beatles and all those fans who saw them perform and bought their records first time around. One hundred years from now, when everyone who is reading this book will also have died, The Beatles will still be out there in one form or another, their music long out of copyright, distributed and broadcast unchecked in some futuristic format that might seem as outrageous to us today as shiny silver CDs would have seemed to Mozart, Duke Ellington or Elvis in their day.

The Beatles will never die. Interest in them will continue for as long as the human race survives. Let it be.

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