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"The end has finally arrived ... The Beatles are no more. The official word
is that Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr will never play
together again as a group ..."

- Apple press release


In America, Capitol Records' marketing division CEMA, releases 14 more Beatles jukebox only singles.

George spends the month in India, producing music for Ravi Shankar, specifically the album Chants Of India which is recorded in Madras. A 4CD Ravi Shankar retrospective, entitled Ravi - In Celebration is released on George's Dark Horse label, in association with Angel Records. Also this month, George wins a partial victory against his former business partner Denis O'Brien. The Los Angeles superior court awards George $11.6 million (approximately £7.25 million) against O'Brien. (Originally George had sought $25 million.)

In London, Linda begins her gruelling course of chemotherapy sessions, usually once or twice a week.

Friday January 5

Klaus Voorman travels to London and hands in to Apple, at their Ovington Square headquarters, his completed design for The Beatles Anthology 3.

Monday January 8

Following seven years of preparation, as part of a £12 million refurbishment scheme, LIPA, the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, finally opens its doors in Mount Street, for the first 200 of its planned patrons.

Monday January 22

With the completion of The Beatles Anthology home video versions gaining speed, Apple Productions, from their Wendell Road offices, dispatch to Paul, at his Sussex home, VHS preview cassettes of parts one and two for his final approval.

Tuesday January 30

In Liverpool, Paul hosts the official press launch for LIPA, alongside LIPA's chief executive Mark Featherstone-Witty and George Martin. Paul jokes: "I haven't got a speech, you're probably glad to know!" Guests include Paul and Linda's son James, Mike McCartney, Gerry Marsden and Neil Aspinall. Paul and George Martin happily pose for pictures where Paul is seen cutting into a specially baked cake. Paul's wife Linda is conspicuous by her absence.

Tuesday February 13

A new version of the 'Real Love' video, re-edited by Jerry Chater to feature additional scenes of Paul, George and Ringo with their respective wives, is finally completed today, in West London. (The running time is again 3' 50".)

Wednesday February 14

The Beatles' second comeback single 'Real Love' is beamed to UK radio stations, via satellite, for broadcast at 8:10am on St. Valentine's Day.

Today's edition of the Sun newspaper carries a story with the headline: "£100,000 To Kill Macca". It reveals that two thieves, currently in custody and turned supergrass, knew of a plot to kill Paul and that a hitman had been hired to do the job. Scotland Yard dismisses the story as "totally untrue"!

Saturday February 24

The newly edited promotional video to accompany 'Real Love' (completed in London on Tuesday February 13) is distributed to television stations around the world.

Monday February 26

The scheduled release today of Anthology 2 fails to materialise. EMI announces that the release has now been put back until March 18. They report that the reason for the delay was down to The Beatles' last-minute change in the album's running order. The track 'I'm Down', which had been listed as track six on the CD inlays, has been moved to track three, pushing tracks four and five back. This also means that the original two-and-a-half million CD booklets, printed to accompany the release, are now obsolete and a further batch, costing EMI an estimated £500,000, are ordered. (Rumours in the industry suggest that it is actually Paul who ends up footing this hefty bill.) EMI also reveals that the single 'Real Love' has also been delayed until March 4.

Tuesday February 27

The Beatles' announce that they have created Apple Organic, described as "The world's first eco-conscious merchandise label". The aim of this venture is to "promote and encourage the use of environmentally friendly fabrics and processes in Rock & Roll fashion." The first products, manufactured in Los Angeles by the US based company O'Wear, include T-shirts, polo shirts, jerseys and jackets etc. all sporting the Anthology logo. Also on this day, the United Nations nominate The Beatles for its Fashion For The Environment Award, which was set up four years previously to promote green awareness.

Yoke Ono
Mini-Tour of America
Thursday February 29 - Monday March 25

To help promote her current album Rising, Yoko undertakes a short tour of America on which she returns to the pioneering sounds she produced with John in the late Sixties and early Seventies. She is joined on the concerts by her son Sean Lennon's band IMA. Her seven-date tour includes performances at the following venues:

Washington DC (Thursday February 29)

New York (Wednesday March 6 where she is joined on stage by the local Japanese duo Cibo Matto)

Chicago (Sunday March 10 - she is joined by David Yow of the band Jesus Lizard)

Los Angeles, California (Wednesday March 13)

San Francisco, California (Monday March 18)

Seattle, Washington (Thursday March 21)

Toronto, Canada (Monday March 25)


In stark contrast to November of last year when BBC Radio 1 rushed to become the first radio station in the UK to play 'Free As A Bird', this month "wonderful Radio 1", causes a storm of controversy by banning The Beatles' new single 'Real Love' from their playlist. "We have played 'Real Love' a few times, but no, it's not on the playlist," confirms the Radio 1 press officer Polly Ravenscroft.

To cash in on the current Anthology excitement Lingasong Records in the UK, announce plans to reissue a remixed version of The Beatles' 1962 Star Club in Hamburg tapes, complete with four black and white photographs taken of the group backstage at the Granada Cinema in East Ham, London, in March, 1963.

Ringo's career away from the fabs continues to flourish when, this month, he is reported to have been paid £500,000 to speak just one line of dialogue for a Japanese TV advert for the soft-drink product Ringo Suttar. He films his brief role over two days in Vancouver, Canada.

Monday March 4

The Beatles' second comeback single 'Real Love' is released. In the press release to accompany the single, Paul says: "It was good fun doing it. Unlike 'Free As A Bird', it had all the words and music and we were more like 'sidemen' to John, which was joyful, and I think we did a good job."

The press release goes on to say: "The surviving Beatles decided to use as little state of the art equipment as possible to give a timeless Beatles feel to the single. To enhance this effect, Paul McCartney used a stand-up double bass originally owned by Elvis Presley's bassist, the late Bill Black. Both Paul and George used six-string acoustic guitars to augment the electric instruments and Ringo used his Ludwig drum kit. The result is a bona fide organic Beatles single with ageless appeal."

Jeff Lynne, the producer of the track, remarks: "It is much simpler than 'Free As A Bird', sort of a love song, and bouncier. It's a beautiful tune as well and they all do great harmonies."

Friday March 8

As part of the Anthology 2 promotional tools, Apple prepares, for distribution to selective television stations in America and Europe, the following Beatles archive clips: 'Help!' (from the titie sequence of the film but without the darts), 'Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby' (live in Paris, June 20,1965) and 'Eleanor Rigby' (from the Yellow Submarine film 1968).

Saturday March 9

The war over BBC Radio 1 refusing to play 'Real Love' rages on when Paul writes an 800-word article on this subject for today's edition of the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The Beatles don't need our new single 'Real Love' to be a hit - it's not as if our careers depend on it. We've done all right over the years, and if Radio 1 feels that we should be banned now it's not exactly going to ruin us overnight ... Is Radio 1 as important as it was? As Ringo said to me about all this, 'Who needs Radio 1 when you've got all the Independent stations?' "

The Daily Mirror (whose readers voted 91% in favour of hearing The Beatles' new single on the radio) back Paul and invite their readers to ring or fax Trevor Dann at Radio 1 and "Give Dann a hard day's night by telling him exactly what you think!"

Later tonight, even though it is banned from the BBC Radio 1 playlist, BBC Television screens the new version of the 'Real Love' video on the BBC2 music show TOTP2. (A further screening of the clip takes place the following Thursday March 14, on BBC1's Top Of The Pops.)

Monday March 11

Radio stations around the world receive advance copies of The Beatles Anthology 2 album.

Saturday March 16

'Real Love' enters the Music Week top 75-music chart at number four, selling 50,000 in its first week. As the weeks progress, the single achieves the distinction of becoming the poorest chart-performer of an original Beatles single since 'Lady Madonna' back in 1968, which stayed in the charts for only eight weeks.

Monday March 18

EMI Records finally release the 45-track Beatles Anthology 2, simultaneously around the world.

The track listing is, CD1: 'Real Love', 'Yes It Is' (newly remixed and edited version), 'I'm Down' (take 1 - recorded on June 14, 1965), 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away' (take 5 - June 18, 1965), 'If You've Got Troubles' (June 18, 1965), 'That Means A Lot' (June 20, 1965), 'Yesterday' (take 1 - June 14, 1965), 'It's Only Love' (edits - takes 3 and 2 - June 15, 1965), 'I Feel Fine', 'Ticket To Ride', 'Yesterday' and 'Help!' (all from Blackpool Night Out - ABC TV August 1, 1965), 'Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby' (live at Shea Stadium - August 15, 1965, not included in the television documentary), 'Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)' (take 1 - October 12, 1965), 'I'm Looking Through You' (October 24, 1965), '12 Bar Original' (November 4, 1965), 'Tomorrow Never Knows' (take 1 - April 6, 1966), 'Got To Get You Into My Life' (take 5 - April 7, 1966), 'And Your Bird Can Sing' (take 2 - laughing version - April 20, 1966), 'Taxman' (take 11 - April 21, 1966), 'Eleanor Rigby' (remixed strings-only version - take 14 - April 28, 1966), 'I'm Only Sleeping' (instrumental rehearsal & take 1 - April 29, 1966), 'Rock And Roll Music' and 'She's A Woman' (both live at the Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan, June 30, 1966).

CD2: 'Strawberry Fields Forever' (John's home demo - November 1966, take 1 -November 24, 1966, and take 7 plus edit piece - November 29 and December 9, 1966), 'Penny Lane' (new assembled version - from outtakes recorded between December 29, 1966, and January 17, 1967), 'A Day In The Life' (new version - edited from takes 1 & 2, January 19 & 20, 1967, and February 10, 1967), 'Good Morning Good Morning' (take 8 -February 8 & 16, 1967), 'Only A Northern Song' (new version - edited from takes 3 & 12, April 13, 14 & 20, 1967), 'Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite' (studio dialogue - takes 1 & 2, February 17 & 20, 1967, plus take 7), 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' (new version, edited from takes 8, 7 & 9; March l & 2, 1967), 'Within You, Without You' (remix of Indian instrumentation; March 15, 16 & 22 and April 3, 1967), 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' (Reprise) (take 5 - April 1, 1967), 'You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)' (restored stereo mix - from takes May 17 and June 7 & 8, 1967, plus April 30, 1969), 'I Am The Walrus' (take 16 - without overdubs - September 5, 1967), 'Fool On The Hill' (demo - September 6,1967), 'Your Mother Should Know' (take 27 - September 16,1967), 'Fool On The Hill' (take 4 - September 25, 1967), 'Hello, Goodbye' (take 16 -October 2 & 19, 1967), 'Lady Madonna' (new version - edited from takes 3 & 4; February 3 & 6, 1968) and 'Across The Universe' (February 3, 1968).

Paul originally wanted 'Carnival Of Light' on Anthology 2 but George, Ringo and Yoko opposed this because they felt that the track was never originally "intended for The Beatles".

In its first week of sale in the UK, the album shifts a total of 78, 000 copies. In America, the Best Buy chain sells approximately 442,000 units.


In America, The Beatles Anthology 1 is awarded three simultaneous sales awards -Gold, Platinum and six times Platinum - representing total US sales of three million (or six million single CDs) units. It's also reported that, around the world, the album has sold 12.5 million copies to date.

In the States, Ringo lends his name to a new series of ceramic collectibles, marketed by Garland USA, a New Jersey-based company which specialises in commemorative porcelain figurines. There are six in the Ringo Starr range, which include him as featured on the 1969 Abbey Road sleeve and, among others, Ringo behind his drums, circa 1964. Still in the States this month, Ringo undertakes a marathon four-hour signing session where he personally signs limited-edition Ringo Starr plates.

George and Ravi fly again to Madrasin India for further work on the album Chants Of India at the Sruthilaya Media Artists and the Swara Laya studios.

Sunday April 21

In the UK, the Observer newspaper writes: "In 1996, The Beatles have achieved what every group since them has failed to do - become bigger than The Beatles."


At the end of the month Ronnie Wood announces at a press conference in Sao Paolo that when he returns to England he'll be recording with George.

Monday May 13

Paul and Ringo are videotaped working on the song 'Beautiful Night' at the Mill Studio in Sussex. Extracts will appear in MPL's documentary Paul McCartney In The World Tonight.

Wednesday May 15

In the UK, ITN (the Independent Television News) transmits, in news bulletins throughout the day, a few seconds of a recently discovered colour 8mm 1962 film of The Beatles in performance at the Casanova Club in Liverpool. Apple, keen to include the film in the extended home video version of The Beatles Anthology, is offered the film for £30,000. They decline the offer, instead offering only £10,000.

Saturday May 18

Paul appears by phone on the BBC Radio Two programme The Steve Wright Show, which is transmitted today between 10am and 1pm.


George is voted the 16th best guitarist of all time in the current issue of Mojo magazine. Jimi Hendrix is placed at number one.

Wednesday June 5

Yoko Ono, in Britain to promote her European tour, is interviewed on the Sky News programme Newsmaker.

Thursday June 6

Among the items on offer at the annual Christie's auction, held at their South Kensington showroom in Old Brompton Road, London SW1, are some 1966 Ringo Starr reel-to-reel audio tapes, featuring sound recordings made during The Beatles' visits to Munich in Germany and Tokyo in Japan that year. These include unreleased Ringo compositions, including 'Looking For The Lightning', 'Sitting In The Back Of My Car' and another track, which is possibly called 'Hang On To The Roll She Gave You'. (The tapes sell for £2,875.)

Friday June 7

LIPA is officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen who, along with Paul and the Chief Executive Mark Featherstone-Witty, is shown around the building and watches, among other things, a performance by the rock band The Salvation. Paul admits later: "This is a very proud day for me. It's exciting that we have saved this fine old building of my school, and that Her Majesty has taken such an interest in our new school." Paul is naturally asked about Linda's absence. "It's a bit hectic for her, but she is well," he replies.

Saturday June 8

Yoko and Sean, backed by IMA, play a live concert at the LA2 venue in Charing Cross Road, London WC2. For the show, Yoko makes a welcome return to the avant-garde musical style she pioneered with John back in the Sixties and early Seventies. (Shortly after, Yoko, Sean and the band fly to Japan where they resume their concert appearances. See entry for Saturday June 22.)

A television documentary on the history of Paul's LIPA project, entitled The Fame Game, is transmitted on BBC1 in the UK.

Thursday June 13

In the UK, BBC Radio 4 broadcasts a 30-minute play looking at the last troubled years of The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein. The play, entitled With A Little Help From My Friends, is written by Francis McNeil.

Saturday June 15

Although Paul had been a long-time favourite to be knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, the honour instead goes to The Beatles' record producer George Martin. di In the UK, the NME (New Musical Express) publishes an interview with Yoko. When asked about her updated sound, she replies: "I like to think I'm this generation."

Yoko Ono / IMA
Tour of Japan
Saturday June 22 - Monday July 1

Yoko Ono, backed by Sean's band IMA, which consists of her son Sean, on guitar, keyboards, saw and backing vocals, Timo Ellis on drums and Andrew Weiss, on bass, play four shows in Japan. This short tour consists of the following concerts:

Club Quattro, Tokyo (Saturday June 22)

Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo (Tuesday June 25)

Bottom Line, Nagoya (Friday June 28)

Yubin Chokin Hall, Osaka (Monday July 1)

Notes on the tour:

Yoko, Sean and the band arrive in Japan on Thursday June 20, at the New Tokyo International Airport. The following day, Friday June 21, Yoko is interviewed for the NHK TV programme News 11, which is transmitted between 11:00 and 11:35pm. Further promotions for the tour take place on Monday June 24, when Yoko, this time accompanied by Sean, is interviewed for the TV Asahi programme Super Morning, which is broadcast between 8:00 and 9:55am.

Wednesday June 26

In London, Paul visits Hyde Park, the site of this Saturday's Prince's Trust Concert, where he is seen chatting to Harvey Goldsmith, the promoter of the show. Rumours of a possible Beatles reunion at the concert instantly flare up in the press.

In America, the VH-1 Archive series of classic Dick Cavett Shows from the Sixties and Seventies transmits the first part of John and Yoko's 1971 appearance (part two is broadcast on July 3) while on July 18, the series includes George's solo appearance from 1971, transmitted for the first time in almost 25 years. (See original 1971 dates for further information on the programmes.)

Thursday June 27

In London, Geoff Baker, Paul's spokesman at MPL, is asked about the rumoured Beatles reunion at Saturday's Hyde Park concert. He instantly quashes such stories when he announces: "It's nonsense. Paul would never play on stage as The Beatles without John!"

Friday June 28

Among the attractions of the auction held at the annual Silver Cleff awards lunch at the Intercontinental Hotel, Hyde Park in London, is a Paul, George and Ringo signed six-string Rickenbacker 325 V 63 vibrator guitar. (The three Beatles signed their names in silver ink in May.)

Saturday June 29

The open-air Prince's Trust Concert, at London's Hyde Park, goes ahead without the rumoured Beatles onstage reunion. The story started following Eric Clapton's announcement that, during the concert, he will present a "surprise act, you've known for all these years!" The Evening Standard newspaper, in the UK, even got in on the act by printing the headline: "Beatles Lined Up For Hyde Park Surprise!" Present at the show though is Ringo's son Zak, who plays drums with The Who during their performance of Quadrophenia. In addition, Ringo's daughter Lee and Paul's daughter Mary are seen mingling with celebrities backstage.

Sunday June 30

Although Ringo did not perform at Hyde Park yesterday, he does make an appearance today in Peterborough in Ontario, Canada, with the country and western star Willie Nelson, at a concert in aid of the mental illness schizophrenia, performed on the back of a flat-bed truck.


It is revealed this month that there won't be a third Beatles reunion single after all. Jeff Lynne adds fuel to the fire by announcing: "The Beatles have not finished any of the tracks they were reported to have been working on - 'Now And Then', often referred to as 'Miss You', 'Grow Old With Me' or (the McCartney-Harrison composition) 'All For Love'."

Meanwhile, in response to the planned March 1996 re-release, Apple Corps Ltd. issues a high court writ against Lingasong Music, on behalf of Paul, George, Ringo and Yoko, to prevent further manufacture of this new version of The Beatles' 1962 Star Club, Hamburg recordings.

The 4CD Ravi Shankar box set In Celebration, featuring a written introduction by George, is issued in the UK. Saturday July 6

Yoko and Sean take to the stage for a spontaneous performance at the Summerstage concert held in Central Park, New York.

Sunday July 7

Further recording on Chants Of India takes place with Ravi Shankar at George's home studio in Henley.

Thursday July 11 (until Thursday July 18)

George and Ravi are joined by a small team of Indian musicians for further Chants Of India sessions at Friar Park.

Friday July 19 (until Thursday July 26)

George and Ravi continue alone on Chants Of India sessions at Henley.

Tuesday July 23

Apple hold a press conference at their West London headquarters to announce details of the forthcoming Beatles Anthology eight-volume home video box set, due for release on September 23. This get-together also features a question and answer session with Neil Aspinall, Derek Taylor and the Anthology producer Chips Chipperfield.


Reports this month reveal that Paul has helped record a studio version of 'The Ballad Of The Skeletons'with the legendary American poet Allen Ginsberg. The song comes about after Ginsberg, in America, had sent tapes to Paul's home studios in Sussex. Meanwhile, on a more downbeat note, the LIPA chief executive Mark Featherstone-Witty announces that "The Institute is facing a huge cash crisis which could possibly force its closure. The school is now more than £5 million in debt and must raise £2.8 million by the beginning of 1997 to stave off disaster!"

During the month, Paul, at his Sussex farmhouse, George, at home in Henley, and Ringo, at Apple's London offices at Ovington Square, record interviews with Derek Taylor, intended for use in The Beatles Anthology 3 EPK (electronic video press kit).

Monday August 12

VCI home video in Britain releases a digitally enhanced version of The Beatles' 1967 film Magical Mystery Tour.

George works on Chants Of India at his home studio with arranger John Barnham (also on August 13, 16 & 22).


Paul releases a statement regarding Linda's condition: "She is doing fantastically well, all the doctors are amazingly pleased with her." During the month, Paul completes the recordings that will form his new album. (The tracks will be released in May of next year and titled Flaming Pie.)

Insiders to The Beatles' activities reveal that Apple have just secured the rights to the Sixties Beatles Cartoons series, produced in America by King Features between 1965 and 1967.

Figures released this month by the BPI, the British Phonographic Industry, reveal that Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is now the biggest selling album of all time in the UK

Saturday September 7

The ITV network Chart Show in the UK, broadcasts (for the first time ever on television around the world) a colour version of The Beatles' 1966 promotional film for 'Paperback Writer', shot at Chiswick House in London in May 1966. The following week, Saturday September 14, the same programme broadcasts an alternative colour version of 'Rain', also filmed at Chiswick House in London. The clips are naturally released by Apple to help promote the forthcoming Anthology video box set.

Saturday September 21

Paul's Liverpool Oratorio is performed for the 100th time. This special airing takes place in Liverpool at the Philharmonic Hall.

Monday September 23

The scheduled release today of the Anthology home video box set fails to show. Apple announces that the release will now take place on October 7.

Tuesday September 24

BBC Radio 2 in the UK broadcasts a one-hour documentary entitled The Beatles In Scotland, which features a new interview with Paul.

Sunday September 28 & Monday September 29

In America, Paul and Linda's short nine-minute film on the rock-group The Grateful Dead, utilising the photofilm idea (where computer wizardry seemingly makes a still picture move) receives its premiere at the two-day New York Film Festival.


Carl Perkins' new album Go Cat Go, featuring John performing 'Blue Suede Shoes' (from the 1969 Live Peace In Toronto concert), Paul performing 'My Old Friend' (originally recorded with Perkins back in 1981 during the Tug Of War sessions on the island of Montserrat), George performing 'Distance Makes No Difference' (a new Perkins' original) and Ringo with his All-Starr Band performing 'Honey Don't' (taken from his 1989 All-Starr Band concerts) is released in the UK on the Dinosaur label.

The Allen Ginsberg single The Ballad Of The Skeletons', featuring Paul on Hammond organ, drums, guitars and maracas, is released in America on the Mercury label.

In the UK, Paul again makes headlines when he begins legal proceedings against Lily Evans, the widow of The Beatles' roadie Mal Evans. The matter involves a collection of original handwritten lyrics she is trying to auction at Sotheby's, which include 'With A Little Help From My Friends' and the instrumental notes to 'Yesterday'. Paul maintains that they belong to him, George Martin and the estate of John Lennon. She insists they belong to her and is currently countersuing Paul.

In Liverpool, Canon John Roberts, the vicar of St. Peter's Church in Woolton, where John met Paul back in 1957, also foments unflattering stories about Macca. Apparently, when he approached Paul about making a contribution to renovate the historical site, Paul sent him back two unsigned books to raffle. "They're no use," he stormed. "I need cash, not raffle prizes. Maybe we can persuade Paul to play a benefit gig on the 40th anniversary of their meeting. Otherwise we might as well wait until the place falls down." (The cost of the renovation has been estimated at approximately £400,000.)

Sunday October 6

At Abbey Road's 65th anniversary party in London, Paul's brother Mike McCartney reveals that Linda is still having chemotherapy treatment in America, adding, "She has more stamina than all of us and Paul is there for her." Also present at the party is Sir George Martin.

Monday October 7

The scheduled release today of The Beatles Anthology 3 fails to materialise. EMI puts the release date back to October 21. What does appear today is the highly anticipated Beatles Anthology eight volume home video box set. Sales are brisk, especially in Liverpool where, at the HMV store, 50 copies of the £99.99 box set are sold in the first hour of business.

Friday October 11

In America, Paul and Linda's short film on The Grateful Dead receives another screening at the Angelika Film Center in New York. Further showings take place this month in Santa Monica and San Francisco. In Los Angeles, the McCartneys' film is shown as support to the movie Microcosmos.

Monday October 14

In the UK, Polygram releases, on both home video and laser disc, the legendary unreleased 1968 Rolling Stones film The Rock & Roll Circus, featuring John (performing 'Yer Blues') and Yoko.

Monday October 21

Once again, The Beatles Anthology 3 fails to show. EMI now insists the release will take place one week later on October 28.

The pre-fab four The Rutles release, today in the UK on Virgin, their first new album in 18 years, entitled Archaeology.

Monday October 28

The Beatles Anthology 3, featuring 50 songs, is finally released simultaneously around the world. The track listing for the album is:

CD1: 'A Beginning' (a short orchestral piece composed by George Martin as the original introduction to Ringo's 'Don't Pass Me By' - 1968), 'Happiness Is A Warm Gun' (John's demo - the first of seven tracks recorded at George's Esher home in 1968), 'Helter Skelter' (Paul's R & B version - 1968), 'Mean Mr. Mustard' John's demo - 1968), 'Polythene Pam' (John's demo - 1968), 'Glass Onion' (John's demo), 'Junk' (Paul's demo - 1968), 'Piggies' (George's demo - 1968), 'Honey Pie' (Paul's acoustic demo - 1968), 'Don't Pass Me By' (outtake - 1968), 'Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da' (alternative version -1968), 'Good Night' (studio outtake - 1968), 'Cry Baby Cry' (take 1 - 1968), 'Blackbird' (Paul's acoustic performance - 1968), 'Sexy Sadie' (John's slow version - 1968), 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' (George's acoustic demo - 1968), 'Hey Jude' (alternative version -with ad libs, 1968), 'Not Guilty' (George's unreleased White album track - 1968), 'Mother Nature's Son' (Paul's solo demo - 1968), 'Glass Onion' (unreleased version by John - 1968), 'Rocky Raccoon' (unreleased outtake - 1968), 'What's The New Mary Jane' (unreleased track - 1968), 'Step Inside Love'/'Los Paranoias' (light-hearted jam during White Album sessions - 1968), 'I'm So Tired' (alternative version - 1968), 'I Will' (take one of Paul's White track - 1968), 'Why Don't We Do It In The Road?' (Paul's acoustic demo early take - 1968), 'Julia' (studio work out - 1968).

CD2: 'I've Got A Feeling' (the first of twelve selections from the January 1969 Get Back/Let It Be sessions, featuring Billy Preston on keyboards), 'She Came In Through The Bathroom Window' (January 1969 rehearsal), 'Dig A Pony' (Let It Be outtake - 1969), 'Two Of Us' January 1969 outtake), 'For Your Blue' (January 1969 outtake of George's 12-bar blues), Teddy Boy' (unreleased Beatles track - January 1969 - written by Paul), Medley: 'Rip It Up'/'Shake, Rattle & Roll'/'Blue Suede Shoes' (outtake from January 1969 Get Back/Let It Be sessions), The Long And Winding Road' (1969 Let It Be version without orchestra), 'Oh! Darling' (another January 1969 rehearsal), 'All Things Must Pass' (the first of three George demos recorded in January 1969), 'Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues' (January 1969 - Get Back/Let It Be outtake of a Buddy Holly song), 'Get Back' (recorded during rooftop performance - January 30 1969), 'Old Brown Shoe' (George's demo - 1969), 'Octopus's Garden' (studio outtake - 1969), 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' (studio rehearsal - January 1969), 'Something' (solo George demo 1969), 'Come Together' (first take of John's track - 1969), 'Come And Get It' (Paul's demo -completed in under an hour and released by Apple band Badfinger - 1969), 'Ain't She Sweet' (Beatles 1969 studio recording), 'Because' (new remix of John's 1969 Abbey Road recording), 'Let It Be' (a live studio outtake - 1969), 'I Me Mine' (last track recorded by The Beatles for 24 years, taped in January 1970 - the orginal version), 'The End' (guitar based version of the track released on Abbey Road in 1969).

Paul on 'Dig A Pony': "John and I sing like angels, to be modest. John and I are having such a good time on it, you can just tell in our voices."

Paul on Teddy Boy': " 'Teddy Boy' was considered as a Beatles song but we never got around to it We've now put together a version, an edit of one of the takes of us trying it, which sounds interesting. But you can hear on it also that the band wasn't very interested in it. I don't know why. Maybe I hadn't finished it enough or something. Maybe it was just tension coming in. The bit I'd like to keep actually was John sort of making fun of it. He starts towards the end of it, going, 'Grab your partners, do-si-do,' so we've kept that on. And while it was, in some way, indicative of friction, it was also good humoured friction."

Again sales of Anthology 3 are phenomenal. In America, where the album enters the charts at number one, their 18th chart-topping album in the US and their third consecutive American number one in a year - an achievement not even attained in the Sixties, the Best Buy record stores chain sells approximately 279,000 copies of the album within its first week of sales.

One week after its release, Melody Maker writes: "If Anthology 2 was the parallel Beatles, stacked with portmanteau mixes which would never have existed otherwise, then Anthology 3 is The Beatles Unplugged. Naked genius, no less!" NME: "Anthology 3 is an enthralling glimpse between the shutters of a band in chaos!"

Yoko Ono, with the Anthology campaign now reaching a conclusion, is quoted as saying: "The Anthology albums were like a jewel. They showed how really talented they were. You get a feeling of how laid-back the Sixties were. You don't get that from groups today. Some of them are really violent. It's nice to bring back the feeling of joy of The Beatles."

Tuesday October 29

Hot on the heels of The Beatles Anthology 3 is The Rutles Archaeology. The pre-fab four returns, with their first album in almost two decades, released today in America by Virgin.


In London, Apple Corps sadly releases the following statement: "The end has finally arrived ... The Beatles are no more. The official word is that Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr will never play together again as a group, and that they have decided that there will be no more singles issued from their back catalogue."

As The Beatles offer their swan song as an active group, figures released this month reveal that, during 1996, they sold more albums than in any one year during their time together in the Sixties. Apple announces that, by the end of the year, they expect to sell a total of 20 million Anthology albums. High spots this month include Anthology 3 entering the American Billboard album charts at number one.

Paul is reported to be finishing off his next album at his home studios in Sussex, with additional recordings in Los Angeles. Also during this time, Paul and Linda spend time working on a film project comprising over 4,000 Beatles photographic images between 1967 and 1969, all taken by Linda. The idea is to transform them, via computer imagery, into moving images. Reports suggest that the soundtrack to accompany the film will feature "unreleased Beatles music". (The film, at this time, is scheduled for release before the end of 1997.) Another film that Paul has been working on is Tropical Island Hum, a ten-minute animated film short directed by Geoff Dunbar, inspired by the character Rupert The Bear, and featuring a story centring around a frog. According to Paul's Club Sandwich, an unreleased Paul song will feature on the soundtrack and include Linda and himself as the voice-over artists.

Meanwhile, at a reception towards the end of the month held in honour of his good friend the racing driver Damon Hill, George in an impromptu radio interview, begins his personal tirade against some of his contemporary pop stars. The first in line is the Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher. "They don't actually need him," he snarls. "Noel is really good. He writes the tunes and he sings better than Liam as far as I'm concerned. They (Oasis) are a tidy band, they've written some good songs which I've enjoyed and I liked their Unplugged show on MTV, but that was mainly because the silly one wasn't there! I think it is proven when you see the band without him singing - they are more in tune. He's just excess baggage I think, all he does is make people think what a bunch of prannies they are." George is then asked about Liam's alleged drink and drugs abuse. "He's a bit out of date," he replies. "What's the point? It's silly and I feel sorry for him really, because he's missed the bus."

At a press launch for an Oasis biography shortly afterwards, Noel Gallagher is asked about George's comments. He replied, "He doesn't even know Liam. What can I say? I haven't heard the interview myself, but I've met George once and he's a really good bloke."

At the annual Q Awards in London, George Martin collects an award for the year's Best Compilation or Reissue for The Beatles Anthology.

Martin collects the award from Peter Blake, who reiterates his annoyance at receiving just £200 to design the 1967 Sgt. Pepper album sleeve. In George's acceptance speech, he touches upon The Beatles' recent achievement of Anthology 3 which became the 18th number one album that The Beatles have had in America. "It's the first time in 30 years that a group has had three number one albums in 12 months, and the last time that happened, it was achieved by a group called The Beatles. Of course, it represents the work of many people, faceless ones that nobody hears about, who put a great deal of work into the Anthology - and, of course, The Beatles themselves."

Thursday November 7

Little Brown publishes the 176-page Linda McCartney book Roadworks, which features 135 black and white alongside 35 colour pictures of her life on tour with Paul's group Wings in the Seventies.

Friday November 8

An exhibition to promote Linda's publication Roadworks, opens at the IPC Gallery in Manhattan, New York. Another display to tie in with the book takes place this month at the International Center of Photography in New York. During the event reporters ask Linda's brother John Eastman about the current state of Linda's health. "She is fine, and looks great," he replies, adding, "She is at the end of her treatment for cancer and she has been given a clean bill of health. She's what you call 'cancer free'."

Saturday November 9

In the UK, to help promote Roadworks, Linda gives an interview in The Week section of the Guardian newspaper.

Monday November 11

Still in the UK, Anthology 3 enters the Music Week Top 75 album chart at number four where sales in its first week total 52,000 copies.

Friday November 15

To assist with promotions for Anthology 3, most notably on VH-1, Apple prepares for television screenings the following Beatles archive film clips: 'All You Need Is Love' (Our World - June 24, 1967 - colourized version), 'Revolution' (alternative video-tape 1968), and 'For You Blue' and 'Two Of Us' (from the remastered Let It Be film 1970).

Also today, a further Linda McCartney exhibition to promote Roadworks opens, this time at the Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford in Yorkshire.

Wednesday December 4

In the States, at approximately 8:54am, the ABC TV breakfast show Good Morning America broadcasts, for the first and only time in the world this century, a one-minute videotaped clip of Paul, George and Ringo performing 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky', recorded at George's Friar Park mansion on Friday June 23, 1994 (see entry).

Monday December 16

In the UK, Paul is secretly notified that he has been awarded a knighthood in the forthcoming Queen's New Year's Honours List. Due to his annual traditional Christmas vacation with his family, this means that he will be out of the country when news of his knighthood reaches the press. He therefore decides to videotape an acceptance speech today to be played on television when the news breaks on January 1, 1997. The short speech, recorded in the LIPA building, goes as such: "It's a fantastic honour. I'm very grateful accepting it on behalf of all the people of Liverpool, and the other Beatles, without whom it wouldn't have been possible. So I hope I can be worthy of it. I'd like to thank my wife and kids, and wish everyone a Happy New Year." (The clip is included in most television news programmes, on BBC, ITN, Channels 4 and 5 which feature reports on the Honours List on January 1, 1997.)

Tuesday December 17

A healthy looking Linda, appearing for the first time in public since the news of her cancer scare, appears with Paul in a video transmitted in America. She is seen sporting a new short-cropped haircut.

Sunday December 29

BBC1 screens, for the first time in almost three decades, John's appearance as a lavatory attendant during the December 1966 edition of Not Only... But Also, as part of the programme Spirit Of '66, an affectionate look back at 1966, the year that England won the World Cup.

Tuesday December 31

The recently released Rolling Stones 1968 Rock And Roll Circus receives its television premiere on BBC2 tonight, just months after being released on UK home video.

In the States, Ringo and Barbara attend a party held by his sister-in-law Marione. While there he meets up with the 33-year-old songwriter Dean Grakal, the son of Ringo's solicitor Bruce. Ringo talks to Dean about songwriting and suggests that he and Ringo's songwriting friend, Mark Hudson, join him at his Beverly Hills home early next year and try writing as a team.

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