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"We were recording 'C'mon People' and we were singing 'Oh yeah, oh yeah'.
My guitarist Hamish Stuart and I found ourselves singing it just like John.
John's spirit was in the studio with us."

- Paul


This month in London, Paul and his band spend time filming the promotional clip for the song 'C'mon People', working with the director Kevin Godley. Also during this period, the proposed deal between Paul and ABC TV in America falls through. The planned link-up between the two organisations was scheduled to feature three exclusive Paul McCartney films or television specials.

At the annual Midem music industry convention in Cannes, South of France, the television documentary The Making Of Sgt. Pepper wins the prestigious international visual music awards Grand Prix.

Thursday January 7

With the release of a new single, it usually means another appearance on BBC TV's Top Of The Pops. Following rehearsals at the BBC TV Centre in Wood Lane, London, Paul and his group perform a new live vocal version of 'Hope Of Deliverance' for inclusion in tonight's live BBC1 show. Earlier in the day, prior to performing on the show, Paul videotaped another interview for the BBC2 music programme the O Zone. The brief five-minute interview, which will be transmitted on January 10, also includes the 'Hope Of Deliverance' video. (A short unscreened part of the interview is transmitted on the show on BBC2 on March 21.) Also on January 7, during the early hours of the morning, Paul's 1990 MPL documentary From Rio To Liverpool, is repeated on the Central region of ITV only.

In the States, the E! (Entertainment) Channel repeats George's November 1968 appearance during the selected re-runs of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Due to a denial from Apple, The Beatles' performances of 'Hey Jude' and 'Revolution', also from 1968, do not figure in these repeats.

Sunday January 10

John and Yoko's Live In New York City home video, featuring footage from the August 30, 1972, One To One concert afternoon rehearsals, is transmitted on the oldies satellite station UK Gold.

Monday January 11

To help promote the rush released 12-inch version of the 'Deliverance' single issued this coming Friday, Paul begins a round of live unannounced telephone interviews with selected high-profile DJs, beginning today with a call to Steve Wright on his afternoon BBC Radio One show.

Wednesday January 13

Paul's live radio phone-ins continue when the stations BRMB in Birmingham and Chiltern Radio in Milton Keynes interview him about various topics including the release of the 'Deliverance' 12-inch single.

Thursday January 14

Paul puts in another live radio phone call, this time to David Jensen of Capital Gold in London.

The complete uncensored version of the Warner Brothers 1988 film Imagine: John Lennon is transmitted on the satellite station TV1000.

Friday January 15

An outtake videotape clip of Paul performing 'Big Boys Bickering' on the MTV show Up Close, is premiered in the UK on a special late-night edition of the ITV network Chart Show. This late-night screening (actually transmitted in the early hours of Saturday January 16) allows the airing of the word "fuck" in the lyrics of the song. The video clip intercuts Paul's Up Close performance with documentary footage of various environmental disasters. In the UK today, a 12-inch single featuring 'Deliverance'/'Deliverance' (Dub Mix) - 'Hope Of Deliverance' is released. The 'Deliverance' tracks are remixes by Steve Anderson of many samples from McCartney's Off The Ground sessions. This evening, Paul appears in a pre-recorded interview on the BBC1 programme Entertainment Weekly where the 'Hope Of Deliverance' video receives another airing and on the BBC Radio One programme News '93.

Saturday January 16

In Australia, the TV rock show Rage repeats their 1977 film clip featuring Wings during the London Town recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios. While in Pretoria in South Africa, Paul's Liverpool Oratorio receives another performance.

Sunday January 17

In London, at his MPL offices in Soho Square, London, Paul records an exclusive promotional interview, intended for the radio special Paul McCartney: Off The Ground, which will be broadcast throughout the world on January 26, including the Independent Local Radio (ILR) stations in the UK. In South Africa this evening, another performance of Paul's Oratorio is taking place, this time in Johannesburg.

Tuesday January 19

In New York at the MTV Studios, final editing takes place for Paul's Up Close programme, which is premiered in America on Wednesday February 3, at 10pm EST. (The first European screening will take place three weeks later on MTV on Wednesday February 24.)

Friday January 22

This morning, Paul makes another appearance, but this time it's unannounced and by phone during the BBCI programme Good Morning With Anne And Nick, where Paul puts a phone call through to the hosts and talks live on air about women's safety. Paul also appeared earlier in the day, when the first of a two-part interview, recorded on January 20, is screened on the ITV breakfast station GMTV. (The second part is broadcast on Tuesday January 26.) During rehearsals for his New World Tour on Stage 1 at Pinewood Studios, in Iver, Buckinghamshire, Paul is visited by Princess Diana and her two sons, William and Harry. A mutual friend David Puttnam, who has recently set up offices at the studio, had invited the Princess to the studios as his special guest. Paul begins the conversation by asking the Princes, "Are you Beatles fans?" They inform him that they are, having been introduced to their music by their father, Prince Charles, who often plays Beatles CDs in his car. Following a special performance for the Royal visitors, with Paul and his band playing the songs 'Can't Buy Me Love' and the Buddy Holly song 'Rave On', the former Beatle joins Diana and David Puttnam in the Pinewood Studios canteen where the Princess asks Paul about his various holidays. In particular, she asks about the West Indian island of Mustique.

Saturday January 23

In the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper, a competition is run offering fans the chance to win tickets for an upcoming "secret" Paul McCartney concert. In Germany, ZDF TV transmits a pre-taped interview with Paul.

Monday January 25

Today, a promotional campaign begins for Paul's new album Off The Ground, an event which involves 500 radio stations in 35 different countries. The one-hour programme, titled Paul McCartney: Off The Ground, is commissioned by EMI, compiled by MCM Networking, and includes the first public airing of tracks from the album. An exclusive interview with Paul, taped in London at MPL on Sunday January 17, also appears in the show.

Tuesday January 26

Besides playing host to Princess Diana, a crew from MTV Europe visits Paul at Pinewood Studios to carry out an interview. The brief segment is aired the following day on MTV News, during which he announces that he has written two letters to Michael Jackson tabling another bid to buy Northern Songs, The Beatles' publishing company. Jackson, Paul reveals, replies to neither letter. During the interview, Paul announces: "I can't blame Michael for buying the company. He needed to invest the money he made from Thriller." He then goes on to disclose the royalty rate he is currently receiving from Northern Songs. "Getting 15% for a song like 'Yesterday' is hardly right, is it now?" Paul asks.

Wednesday January 27 (until Monday February 22)

Linda's exhibition Sixties: Portrait Of An Era opens at the Hamilton Gallery in Carlos Place, in Grosvenor Square, London, W1. This evening, to mark the opening of the exhibition, Paul and Linda hold a party at the gallery. Those in attendance include Paul and Linda's daughters Mary and Stella, Ringo's children Lee and Jason, Elvis Costello and the actress Koo Stark. During the get-together, Linda is interviewed for the Carlton ITV entertainment programme Big City, which is transmitted on the station the following evening, Thursday January 28.

Friday January 29

Not surprisingly, several American and UK radio stations including the BBC, ban Paul's track 'Big Boys Bickering', which appears as a bonus track on the 'Hope Of Deliverance' CDs. The Fox Television network videotapes an interview with Paul, who talks about his decision to use the "fuck" word in order to describe what he felt was being done to the Earth's environment.

Saturday January 30

At the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, Ringo appears again as a guest on the hugely successful chat show Late Night With David Letterman, hosted by David Letter-man.


In the UK, Music Sales, the company which handles all of The Beatles' printed sheet music in Britain, launches the book The New Beatles Complete, which they describe as a "landmark in music publishing". (The book is a revised and updated version of the best-selling The Beatles Complete, which was first published in 1973 and featured every song that The Beatles recorded, excluding their cover versions.)

Monday February 1

Taking a break from the New World Tour rehearsals at Pinewood Studios in Iver, Paul appears live on the BBC Radio One programme The Simon Bates Show. The broadcast also includes a live performance of the track 'Biker Like An Icon'.

Tuesday February 2

Paul's new album Off The Ground, his 18th solo effort, is released in the UK. (An American release takes place one week later on February 9.)

Wednesday February 3 & Thursday February 4

Paul shifts rehearsals from Pinewood Studios in Iver, Buckinghamshire, to the Docklands Arena in London, in preparation for the concert on February 5.

Friday February 5

At 6:30pm, at the Docklands Arena, in London, Paul conducts a 25-minute press conference, where he announces the first European leg of his New World Tour and takes questions from the gathering press, which are fielded by his publicist Bernard Doherty. This is then followed, at approximately 7:30pm, by a 90-minute rehearsal concert, before approximately 3,000 people, comprising reporters who have remained from the press conference, members of Paul's fan club and 25 winners of the Daily Mirror competition run in the newspaper on January 23. During the conference, Bernard Doherty goes to great lengths to point out to the press that the show tonight is "only a rehearsal and is being presented without its full complement of lighting and stage technology". (Although this gig is reported to be a "secret" event, because Paul has been rehearsing at the venue for the last couple of days, tonight's concert had become common knowledge among industry people and fans alike.) Paul's repertoire this evening, where he is joined by his regular band, includes 'Drive My Car', 'Coming Up', 'Get Out Of My Way', 'Another Day', 'All My Loving', 'Let Me Roll It', 'Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'Off The Ground' and 'I Wanna Be Your Man'. (Robbie McIntosh then performs a guitar solo while the rest of the band leave the stage for a set change.) An acoustic set then follows, including 'Good Rockin' Tonight', 'We Can Work It Out', 'And I Love Her', 'Every Night', 'Hope Of Deliverance', 'Michelle', 'Biker Like An Icon', 'Here, There And Everywhere' and 'Yesterday'. Paul then takes to his baby grand piano, which had risen centre stage from beneath the floor, where, again with the band, he performs 'My Love', 'Lady Madonna', 'Live And Let Die' and 'Let It Be'. For an encore, the band performs 'Sgt. Pepper's', a track which Paul announced before its start that he had not intended to do. (Note: For the upcoming tour, two further tracks, 'Paperback Writer' and 'Magical Mystery Tour', will be added to this set list.) Incidentally, prior to the show, a live backstage interview is carried out with Paul and transmitted on the Carlton ITV news programme London Tonight. The feature also includes an excerpt of Paul and his band performing 'Get Out Of My Way'. Camera teams from stations such as Meridian (ITV), CNN in America and MTV in Europe are also there to capture the proceedings. Further clips from the conference are transmitted on the ITV breakfast station GMTV the following morning, Saturday February 6.

A selection of five videotaped tracks from tonight, 'Drive My Car', 'Coming Up', 'Get Out Of My Way', 'All My Loving' and 'Hope Of Deliverance', are licensed from MPL by ABC TV of America for inclusion in the March 12 edition of US TV show In Concert '93. Due to a disagreement over the arrangements, the footage is never screened and instead is replaced by the official MPL promotional video for 'Get Out Of My Way'.

Saturday February 6

Paul, Linda, and the band fly out from London's Heathrow Airport en route to Los Angeles.

Sunday February 7

In LA, Paul appears live on the American syndicated radio special, titled the Official World Premiere Special of his Off The Ground album, due for release in America in two days. At the start of the day, he records an interview appearance on the syndicated radio show Up Close.

Monday February 8

John is featured in tonight's edition of the syndicated American radio series The King Biscuit Flower Hour, which includes four tracks from John and Yoko's August 1972 One To One Concert at Madison Square Garden.

Tuesday February 9

In the UK, the late night/early hours of the morning ITV network music show The Beat, hosted by the London DJ Gary Crowley, screens the complete performance clip for 'Get Out Of My Way'. (The show is repeated in certain ITV regions the following day, February 10.)

Wednesday February 10

Paul and his entourage fly in to New York to continue with promotional activities and a major appearance on the NBC TV show Saturday Night Live.

Thursday February 11

Following more promotional activities for Off The Ground, which include a New York press conference at The Academy where he announces details of his forthcoming New World Tour North America concert dates, Paul appears live by phone on the KLOS-FM radio phone-in show Rockline, in Los Angeles. (The show, of course, has played host to both Paul and George during the ex-Beatles' visits to this part of America.) Meanwhile, VH-1 in America also announces today its association with Paul's New World Tour, which starts on April 14 and is described by Paul's American publicists as "the biggest rock'n'roll production ever seen in the States and, in fact, Paul's life!"

Friday February 12

This evening, in Studio 8-H at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, Paul and his band perform a one-hour rehearsal for their following night appearance on NBC Television's Saturday Night Live. During a break from sessions, which consist of 14 tracks, three of which he will perform tomorrow, Paul consents to pre-taped interviews with both NBC Nightly News and NBC's Today show. (The complete 10-minute NBC Nightly News interview with Paul, conducted by Tom Brockov, will actually remain unscreened until July 11, 1997, when it appears on the NBC TV archive show Time & Again.)

Saturday February 13

Returning to 30, Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, Paul and his band appear live on the long running NBC TV variety show Saturday Night Live, where they perform 'Biker Like An Icon', 'Get Out Of My Way' and 'Hey Jude'. Paul also reappears in several very funny comical sketches such as The Mimic and joins Linda to take part in a special Saturday Night Live song called 'I Love My Sweatshirt'. Paul is also interviewed by the spoof chat show host Chris Farley, who asks him: "Do you remember when you were in Japan and got busted?" (VH-1 in Europe screens Paul's appearance on the show on November 19.) At the start of the show, almost 17 years after the event, Paul is seen chatting to Lome Michaels about claiming the $3,000 "Beatles reunion offer" money. To promote the show, Paul appears in a special NBC TV Saturday Night Live television trailer.

In Italy, the RAI UNO television station screens a pre-taped interview with Yoko, during which she discusses her art.

Monday February 15

Paul, Linda and the band return home to England at London's Heathrow Airport.

Wednesday February 17

Paul and his band assemble at the BBC Television Studios in Wood Lane, London to pre-record an appearance for inclusion in tomorrow night's edition of BBC1's Top Of The Pops. The lip-synched performance of 'C'mon People' features a 'Hey Jude' inspired audience participation, with the studio crowd joining around Paul's piano for the song's finale. When the videotaped insert is being transmitted the following day, Thursday February 18, Paul, Linda and the band are to be found departing for Italy to begin their next world tour.

Paul McCartney 1993 New World Tour

First Leg - Europe
Thursday February 18 - Tuesday February 23

Paul and his band again take to the road. The first stop on this 1993 New World Tour sees performances in Italy and Germany at:

The Forum, Assage, near Milan, Italy (Thursday February 18 and Friday February 19)

The Festehalle, Frankfurt, Germany (Monday February 22 and Tuesday February 23) (The concerts in Italy are sponsored by Marshall Arts and MPL in association with D'Alssandro & Galli. In Germany, the two shows are sponsored by Marshall Arts and MPL in association with Mama Concerts.)

Their standard tour repertoire includes: 'Drive My Car', 'Coming Up', 'Get Out Of My Way', 'Another Day', 'All My Loving', 'Let Me Roll It', 'Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'Off The Ground', 'I Wanna Be Your Man', a guitar solo by Robbie McIntosh, 'Good Rockin' Tonight', 'We Can Work It Out', 'And I Love Her', 'Every Night', 'Hope Of Deliverance', 'Michelle', 'Biker Like An Icon', 'Here, There And Everywhere', 'Yesterday', 'My Love', 'Lady Madonna', 'Live And Let Die', 'Let It Be', 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'The Long And Winding Road', 'C' mon People', 'Paperback Writer', 'Fixing A Hole', 'Penny Lane', 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', and encore performances of 'Band On The Run', 'I Saw Her Standing There' and 'Hey Jude'.

Thursday February 18

Paul and Linda arrive in a private jet at lunchtime and head straight to The Forum, tonight's concert venue, where they join the other members of the band in a soundcheck. During which time, Paul gives two interviews for the RAI TV network in Italy, the first, just prior to his first concert in Milan, is carried out by Andrea Babrato. (The feature is transmitted on February 28 at 5:30pm.) Also today, Paul gives an interview to Rolando Giambelli of the Radio 105 Network, where he is asked if The Beatles might ever reunite? Paul replies by saying: "A documentary is being prepared in England, in ten parts. George, Ringo and I have been asked to record an instrumental piece for the soundtrack of the film. I think we're going to do it this year. But we aren't planning to get back together for a tour or anything like that, it's just for this soundtrack." The interview is also transmitted by RAI UNO on November 28. Reports from the two Milan concerts appear on the various TV news bulletins this evening, February 18. The attendance at tonight's show at The Forum is approximately 12,000.

Saturday February 20

Back in England, Paul's video for 'C'mon People' receives its UK TV premiere on the ITV network Chart Show. (The clip will reappear on the programme during its broadcasts on March 5 and 6.)

Sunday February 21

Still in the UK, the late night arts and magazine programme Big E!, transmitted this evening on the Carlton and Meridian ITV regions, screens further excerpts from Paul's February 5 Docklands press conference and clips from the MPL EPK (electronic press kit) for Off The Ground.

Monday February 22

Backstage, during a press conference at the Festehalle in Frankfurt, Germany, Paul is presented with a gold disc for the album Off The Ground. Meanwhile, back home, Paul's single 'C'mon People' is released in the UK (The American release does not take place until July 12.)

Wednesday February 24

A special short MPL documentary entitled The Making Of C'mon People, is transmitted unannounced as an extra programme tonight on the Carlton and Meridian regions of the ITV network.

Thursday February 25

In America, VH-1 broadcasts the show Inside Music, which focuses on Paul's announcement of his upcoming American tour.

Paul McCartney 1993 New World Tour

Second Leg - Australia & New Zealand
Friday March 5 - Saturday March 27

Paul, Linda and the band had arrived in Perth, Australia, on Wednesday March 3, an event covered by the country's various news teams. They will then take up residence at a farm owned by Janet Holmes A'Court, whose financier husband, Robert, was involved in the sale of Northern Songs to Michael Jackson. (Paul and Linda's son James is also present on the tour, during which time he receives special tuition from a teacher employed by the McCartneys.) Paul's first duty down under is to appear live, for 45 minutes, on the following day's Perth Radio 96FM programme 11AM with the Live Aid concert organiser Bob Geldof. (The programme is repeated on the station on Tuesday March 9.) Following this, he immediately joins the band for a soundcheck at the Subiaco Oval, the scene of tomorrow night's opening concert. During this exclusive performance, in scorching 95 degrees heat, the band "jam" tracks such as 'The Fool' and 'Summertime', plus improvised songs like 'Hot Enough For You', a referral to the extreme heat in the country.

Paul's tour of both Australia and New Zealand includes shows at the following dates:

Subiaco Oval, Perth, Australia (Friday March 5)

Cricket Ground, Melbourne (Tuesday March 9 and Wednesday March 10)

The Adelaide Oval (Saturday March 13)

Entertainment Centre, Sydney (Tuesday March 16, Wednesday March 17 and Saturday March 20)

Parramatta Stadium, Sydney (Monday March 22 and Tuesday March 23)

Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand (Saturday March 27)

Thursday March 4

Paul appears live on the Radio 96FM programme 11AM, appearing with Bob Geldof, an event covered by the TV stations Channel 7, Channel 9 and on the Channel 10 show Eyewitness News. Later, during the soundcheck this afternoon at the Subiaco Oval in Perth, an outtake version of Paul's track 'Monkberry Moon Delight' is played over the Oval's PA system.

Friday March 5

The opening night's concert of Paul's Australasian tour takes place at the 40,000 seater Subiaco Oval. During an occasional performance of 'Mull Of Kintyre', Paul and the band are joined by the Blackwood Pipe Band. Incidentally, to correspond with Paul's visit "down under", EMI releases a special 4-CD box set called The New World Collection, which comprises the albums Band On The Run, Wings Greatest, Unplugged and Tripping The Live Fantastic - Highlights. Featured on the cover of this $75 Australian dollar box is a map of Australia and, at the very edge, New Zealand, against which the four respective album covers are cleverly merged together. The box bears the intriguing credit: Design by Stella McCartney.

Friday March 5 (and Friday March 12)

In America, a two-part feature on Paul's tour and the album Off The Ground, is featured on the American ABC TV show In Concert '93. (See entry for Friday February 5.)

Sunday March 7

Paul and Linda rent a house on Sydney Harbour at Mosman, only flying to Melbourne and Adelaide on the day of the concerts. MTV Europe designates the day Paul McCartney Day, by screening a non-stop supply of Macca promotional videos, interviews and programmes.

Tuesday March 9

In Melbourne, Paul records a 15-minute interview for the local radio station 3AW-AM, which is transmitted the following day.

Wednesday March 10

Paul's afternoon press conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground is transmitted live on the television news programme Live Eye.

Thursday March 11

While Paul is on tour down under, his Liverpool Oratorio is being played in Linkoping, Sweden.

Friday March 12

Paul's Oratorio moves on to Stockholm in Sweden.

Tuesday March 16 & Wednesday March 17

Paul's performances on both of these dates at Sydney's Entertainment Centre are videotaped by the Sydney television station TCN 9, who transmit highlights from one of the shows. For 'Mull Of Kintyre' Paul is again joined on stage by the Blackwood Pipe Band. Incidentally, during the soundcheck, prior to the show on March 16, Paul performs a 10-minute song entitled 'Get Out Of The Rain' along with a brief segment of Paul Simon's 'Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover'. Backstage at the show tonight, Paul and Linda are presented with several gold records and meet up with the actor Bryan Brown, who had co-starred in Paul's 1984 big-screen film Give My Regards To Broad Street. On Wednesday March 17, Paul gives a 30-minute interview to the Sydney based radio station 2JJJ FM.

Monday March 22

The performance of 'Here, There And Everywhere' from tonight's show in Sydney, is included on the album Paul Is Live. (Released in the UK on November 15 and in America on November 16.) One song from the show, 'Hey Jude', is most unlikely to see official release, as Paul gets the lyrics mixed up, singing the second verse first and getting the rest of the lyrics of the song incorrect, forcing him to keep apologising to the band.

Tuesday March 23

Two tracks from Paul's performances in Sydney today ('Magical Mystery Tour' from the concert and 'I Wanna Be Your Man' from the afternoon soundcheck) appear on the album Paul Is Live.

Thursday March 25

Paul, Linda and the band leave Australia this evening and head for New Zealand, arriving in Auckland at approximately 9:15pm. On his arrival, Paul meets twenty or so fans who had been waiting to greet him upon his arrival in their country. When pleasantries are concluded, Paul and Linda head for their rented home called Waimanu in Herne Bay, while the band take up residence at the Regent Hotel and Paul's roadcrew stay at the Hyatt Kingsgate Hotel.

Friday March 26

Paul and Linda spend the morning sailing and then, in late afternoon, attend a press conference and another band rehearsal. During the afternoon, Linda is interviewed for the New Zealand television show Prime Time, where she talks about her marriage to Paul, and reveals that she is "feeling more confident about her role in the band than she had done in the past". At the conclusion of the interview, Linda gives the interviewer a copy of her latest vegetarian book so he can pass it on to the New Zealand Prime Minister.

Saturday March 27

Prior to Paul's final show in this tour at Auckland, his 3:45pm soundcheck includes 'I Wanna Be Your Man', 'Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'C Moon', 'Hi-Heel Sneakers', 'Every Night', 'Midnight Special', 'Mull Of Kintyre' and 'My Love'. During the evening's performance, which commences at 8:30pm, Paul announces that it is Wix's birthday, and sings 'Happy Birthday' to him. (Mary McCartney is seen on stage recording the concert and scenes of the crowd on her home video camera.) 'Mull Of Kintyre' is again added to Paul's set, with the Continental Airlines Pipe Band joining the group on stage. This concert in New Zealand is Paul's first since playing with The Beatles back in 1964. At the conclusion of the show, Paul, Linda and the band travel to the Regent Hotel where they have a party which ends at approximately 3:30am. (Paul, Linda and certain members of the band return home to England later this day on a British Airways jet Hamish Stuart does not accompany them, deciding instead to remain in New Zealand for a few more days.)

Saturday February 20

In a programme scheduled to appear near George's 50th birthday, BBC Radio Merseyside broadcasts a special tribute show celebrating his career.

Thursday February 25

George personally celebrates his 50th birthday by attending a private party, with Olivia, at London's Town & Country Club in Kentish Town, London.

Sunday February 28

In the early hours of the morning across the ITV network, the films A Hard Day's Night and Help! are screened to celebrate George's 50th birthday.


In the UK, George Martin is interviewed in today's edition of The Times newspaper. He is asked about The Beatles' tape archives at Abbey Road Studio, and the assortment of unreleased material found there. He replies: "I've listened to all the tapes. There are one or two interesting variations, but otherwise it's all junk. Couldn't possibly release it!" (Eight months later he will publicly announce that he plans to use virtually all of it in the forthcoming documentary series, The Beatles Anthology and release the highlights on CD.)

Still in the UK, the Vegetarian Society publishes the book Famous Vegetarians And Their Favourite Recipes (subtitied Lives And Lore From Buddha To The Beatles). Amongst the 30 mouth-watering recipes contained within are contributions from George and Paul and Linda, who contribute recipes for Green Pea Soup and Savoury Mince. The £8.95 publication also profiles Paul and George's respective careers.

Saturday March 6

Paul and Apple Corps Ltd., place a full page advert in the American Billboard magazine, congratulating George Martin on the opening of his new AIR Studios complex in London.

Saturday March 13

In Ireland, RTE1 broadcasts a 45-minute radio documentary called They Were Our Ecstasy, which focuses on The Beatles' visit there back in 1963.

Saturday March 20

In California, Ringo, accompanied by his wife Barbara, is pictured having an argument with a photographer at the Cicada Restaurant in Hollywood. He annoys Ringo by disturbing their evening meal.

Monday March 22

In the UK, Apple Records begin the third phase of their Apple back catalogue reissues.


In London, Backbeat, the film based on the life of the original fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe, begins production. The unknown American actor Steven Dorf has been signed to play Stu and, apparently, the role of John has already been filled. The producers of the film, Scala Productions, who have a budget of only £3 million, announce that they are still on the lockout for actors to fill the roles of Paul, George and Ringo. Filming will take place in Liverpool, London and Hamburg.

At a private ceremony at London's Mayfair Hotel in Piccadilly, London, Linda is presented with a Gold Dish Award (a gold plated dinner plate, knife and fork) by the frozen food company Ross Young, in recognition of 50 million sales of the Ross Young marketed Linda McCartney vegetarian food range.

Friday April 2

In America, the television programme Friday Night Videos premieres the promotional clip for 'Off The Ground', an item laden with special effects and filmed by George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic Company.

Thursday April 8

Paul and Linda return this afternoon to the plush Mayfair Hotel in the Piccadilly district of London, where he conducts a press conference and announces his plans for the Liverpool School for the Performing Arts (LIPA), a cause in which he has recently become very active. Sharing the spotlight this morning are the Chief Executive of LIPA, Mark Featherstone-Witty, and Johan Van Splunter, the Vice President of the long established German Electronics Company Grundig. (A clip from this conference appears today on MTV News in Europe.)

Friday April 9

Paul, Linda and the group fly out from Heathrow Airport en route to Nevada, where they begin preparations for the next leg of their world tour.

In London, George attends the British premiere of Eric Idle's latest comedy film Splitting Heirs.

Monday April 12

The Traveling Wilburys come under the spotlight during tonight's edition of the syndicated American radio series In The Studio, which includes exclusively recorded interviews and a selection of their music.

Paul McCartney 1993 New World Tour

Third leg - Tour Of North America
Wednesday April 14 - Tuesday June 15

Paul's world tour resumes with a two-month visit to America. The tour includes performances at the following US concert venues:

Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas, Nevada (Wednesday April 14)

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California (Friday April 16; edited performance as part of the Earth Day concert)

Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California (Saturday April 17)

Aggie Memorial, Las Cruces, New Mexico (Tuesday April 20)

Astrodome, Houston, Texas (Thursday April 22)

Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans (Saturday April 24)

Liberty Bowl, Memphis, Tennessee (Tuesday April 27)

Busch Memorial Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri (Thursday April 29)

Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia (Saturday May 1)

Riverfront Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio (Wednesday May 5)

Williams-Bryce Stadium, Columbia, South Carolina (Friday May 7)

Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida (Sunday May 9)

Winnipeg Stadium, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Friday May 21)

HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Sunday May 23)

Folsom Field Stadium, Boulder, Colorado (Wednesday May 26)

Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas (Saturday May 29)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri (Monday May 31)

County Stadium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Wednesday June 2)

Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Detroit, Michigan (Friday June 4)

CNExhibition Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Sunday June 6)

Carrier Dome, Syracuse, New Jersey (Wednesday June 9 - cancelled!)

Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey (Friday June 11 and Saturday June 12)

Veteran's Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Sunday June 13)

Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, North Carolina (Tuesday June 15 - transmitted live on the Fox Television Network)

The repertoire for these concerts is basically the same as those performed in Europe and Australia/New Zealand, except for 'Looking For Changes', which is replaced by 'Get Out Of My Way' and 'Can't Buy Me Love' which is replaced with 'I Wanna Be Your Man'.

Monday April 12

To coincide with Paul's American concert appearances, a pre-taped interview with Paul occurs on the VH-1 television programme Inside Music. The feature includes clips from Up Close and the promotional film for 'Hope Of Deliverance'.

Thursday April 15

Excerpts of 'Drive My Car' and 'Coming Up', from Paul's previous day's concert in Las Vegas, are broadcast during tonight's edition of Showbiz Today on CNN.

Friday April 16

The day begins with Paul holding a special Earth Day press conference. Later, he performs an abbreviated show as part of the Earth Day For The Environment Concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Paul adds the songs 'Mother Nature's Son' and 'Blackbird' to his set for this show only. The full song line-up, which runs to approximately 85 minutes, includes: 'Coming Up', 'Looking For Changes', 'Fixing A Hole', 'Band On The Run', 'All My Loving', We Can Work It Out', 'Hope Of Deliverance' (performed as a duet with K.D. Lang), 'Mother Nature's Son', 'Blackbird', 'Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'Off The Ground', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'C'mon People', 'Live And Let Die', 'Let It Be' and 'Hey Jude', where Ringo appears unannounced to join m on the all star finale. Excerpts from the show, namely 'We Can Work It Out', 'Hope Of Deliverance' and 'Hey Jude', are transmitted on VH-1 m America during a special Earth Day concert programme, which is aired on April 22. Viewers in the UK get a chance to see some clips from Paul's performance when excerpts turn up in the programme Hollywood Reports, which is aired across some areas of the ITV network on April 30. (The Earth Day concert is an event put together to raise £250,000 for various environmental charities.) The beneficiaries of Paul's performance are Greenpeace, Friends Of The Earth and People For The Ethnical Treatment Of Animals.

Sunday April 18

Back in England, Paul's MPL documentary Movin' On is screened on Channel 4.

Thursday April 22

VH-1 in America screens the Earth Day television show, featuring excerpts from Paul's performance (see entry above for Friday April 16). Immediately following the broadcast, VH-1 shows a re-edited version of Paul's Up Close programme, featuring alternative interviews with Paul where he discusses "green" related issues.

Monday April 26

A behind the scenes look at Paul on tour by Pat O'Brien, is featured on the American TV show Entertainment Tonight. (Viewers in the UK and Europe have a chance to see this on Sky One the following day, April 27.) In England, the scheduled Parlophone single of 'Biker Like An Icon' as a 7", a cassette and a CD, fails to materialise.

Tuesday April 27

Prior to the evening's performance in Memphis, Paul 'jams' backstage with his friend Carl Perkins for the HBO (Home Box Office) programme Go Cat Go. Among the numbers they perform are: 'Blue Suede Shoes', 'Maybelline', 'Matchbox' and 'My Old Friend', an unreleased track written by Carl during the 1981 Tug Of War recording sessions.

Saturday May 1

The performance of 'Lady Madonna' from tonight's show in Atlanta, appears on the album Paul Is Live.

Sunday May 2

In America, Paul is featured in today's edition of VH-1 To 1, a primarily interview based programme intercut with various MPL archive video clips. Amongst the film that Paul has officially supplied to the station is a short colour clip of the 1971 promotional film for '3 Legs', filmed on Saturday January 2, 1971, and, except for one screening on French television's Beatles Story in 1976, remains unscreened in over twenty years! (Its only UK transmission occurred on BBC1's Top Of The Pops on June 24, 1971.)

Friday May 7

An interview is taped today with Paul, backstage prior to his concert in Columbia. (The feature is transmitted in America on the NBC show Today on May 19.)

Monday May 10

In America, VH-1 viewers are given the chance to enter the Backstage With Paul Sweepstakes, in which the grand prize winner will accompany Paul to one of his American concerts.

Tuesday May 11

A pre-taped feature on Linda, where she talks about the wide range of vegetarian food available to the crew on Paul's current American tour, is featured on the CBS TV breakfast show This Morning.

Friday May 21

During today's concert in Winnipeg, 'Mull Of Kintyre' is added to the set and features the Heatherbelles Ladies Pipe Band who arrive on stage to accompany Paul on the song. Prior to tonight's show, Paul consents to an interview with the Winnipeg radio station 103 UFM.

Wednesday May 26

Performances of 'Let Me Roll It', 'Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'Michelle', 'Biker Like An Icon', 'Penny Lane', 'Live And Let Die' plus, from the afternoon soundcheck, the unreleased track 'Hotel In Benidorm', all appear on the album Paul Is Live.

Saturday May 29

The version of 'My Love', recorded tonight in San Antonio, appears officially on Paul Is Live.

Monday May 31

Appropriately for tonight's show in Kansas, Paul adds to his set the song 'Kansas City'/'Hey, Hey, Hey', while 'Drive My Car', 'Looking For Changes', 'C'mon People' and the version of 'Kansas City' all appear on the album Paul Is Live.

Friday June 11

The following songs from tonight's show at Giants Stadium, 'All My Loving', 'We Can Work It Out', 'Hope Of Deliverance' and, from the afternoon soundcheck, 'A Fine Day', all appear on the album Paul Is Live.

Monday June 14 & Tuesday June 15

To help promote the live televised concert from Charlotte on June 15, the Fox Network broadcasts, over these two days, a special two-part interview with Paul. He even appears in a special TV trailer, which is transmitted on June 14, which advertises the show.

Tuesday June 15

The Fox Network Television Station broadcasts live, free of charge, Paul's concert this evening at Charlotte, North Carolina, an event presented by Blockbuster Entertainment Corps., Paul's official sponsor for the tour. Due to seven commercial breaks, several of the songs are not transmitted on television at all or appear in an edited form. The worst example is 'Hey Jude', where the middle of the encore is not seen by the American television viewers. (A much longer version of the show, complete with the missing songs and a remixed sound, is transmitted in the UK on Channel 4 on November 13.) The soundtrack of the show is transmitted simultaneously in stereo sound on the Westwood One radio network. The following songs from the show, 'Robbie's Bit (Thanks Chet)' (a guitar solo by Robbie McIntosh), 'Good Rockin' Tonight' and 'Paperback Writer' all appear on the album Paul Is Live.

Sunday April 18

In America, the Disney Channel TV special Ringo Starr: Going Home is premiered, featuring footage from Ringo's July 6, 1992, live concert in Liverpool at the Empire Theatre, plus additional scenes shot in Liverpool in September, 1992.

In the UK on Channel 4, a 27-minute edit of the Aubrey Powell documentary on Paul's Off The Ground album, entitled Movin' On, is premiered. (The American premiere takes place on the Fox Television network on June 10, and features slightly different footage.)

Monday April 19

Following a delay, Paul's single 'Off The Ground' is eventually released in America.

Tuesday April 20

The second day of new Macca issues sees the release of 'Biker Like An Icon' on a Capitol/CEMA vinyl single.

Saturday April 24

At the Farm Aid VI concert, held at the Ames Cyclone Stadium in Iowa, Ringo appears on drums with a new group. The New Maroons. Joining him on the bill tonight are Neil Young, country star Willie Nelson, Bryan Adams, John Cooger Mellencamp and Bruce Hornsby & The Range. The event, which raises $960,000 for financially distressed American farmers, is videotaped by the Nashville Network TV channel.

Sunday May 9

While Paul is in concert in Florida, George can be found attending the 37th Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain. During his visit, he declines all requests for an interview.


In the UK, reports suggest that George is hard at work on a new album in Henley, aiming for a release date m either late 1993 or early 1994. Delays in the recordings are, according to Warner Brothers, due to problems with newly installed DAT (digital audio tape) equipment.

George also appears in the news this month when, agreeing with a similar statement from Paul, he announces that he is unhappy with the current production of Backbeat, a film based on the life of Stuart Sutcliffe. He condemns the film, announcing that he is "unhappy in the way The Beatles' younger 'wilder' days are going to be glorified on the big screen!"

Monday June 7

In the UK, a set of completely remastered McCartney albums are issued on CD with several featuring bonus tracks. The albums in question are: McCartney, Band On The Run, Venus And Mars, Wings Wild Life, London Town, Ram, and Red Rose Speedway.

Friday June 18

The radio station Capital Gold hosts a giant Beatles party at The Grand in Clapham, South West London. Top of the bill are The Bootleg Beatles with a Beatles disco hosted by the Capital DJs David Hamilton, Tony Blackburn, Paul Burnett and Stuart Colman. The event runs from 8:30pm to 12:30am.

Wednesday June 23

In the States, Ringo appears at the Together For Our Children charity concert, held at the Royce Hall, UCLA, performing with Don Was and several other musicians who had worked on his Time Takes Time album. Collectively they are all part of the group who call themselves The New Maroons. (This evening's concert is syndicated across America between June 25 and July 11.) The New Maroons back the singer Jonelle Glosser and perform 'Something Wild' and 'The Dark End Of The Street', the latter being the only song transmitted during the various television broadcasts. Ringo also appears on stage to introduce singer Bonnie Raitt. During a brief press conference, carried out at the start of the day, Ringo confirms that he is indeed recording a new studio album with Don Was, but did not comment on the reports that he is intending to do a New Maroons album. The conference also reveals that Ringo will soon go back out on the road with a third All-Starr Band.


Further insider reports emerge from Apple Productions regarding the long-awaited Beatles Anthology documentary series. The episodes up to 1967 are now completed and the company issues a call for anyone with interesting Beatles film footage to submit it to Apple for possible use in the series. They place an advert in Paul's Wings Fun Club magazine, requesting The Beatles' appearances on Top Of The Pops and Juke Box Jury and coverage of the Beatles' disastrous visit to Manilla in 1966, none of which are found.

Exactly thirty years since his last visit, George turns up in Weston-Super-Mare where he oversees, at the printers Lawrence Alien Ltd, the final stages of his new book Live In Japan, which is to be published next month by Genesis Publications. During his brief visit, George is seen eating fish and chips at the local Sand's restaurant and, quite surprisingly, happily obliges in giving autographs to fellow diners in the restaurant. One recipient is most surprised when George signs the name "Barry Manilow"!

Paul's manager Richard Ogden resigns from his position at MPL, who claim that he had left because his contract had run out. This comes in complete contrast to a story in Music Week's which alleges that "Ogden's departure was linked to disagreements over the high costs and poor publicity on the New World Tour." When asked about this accusation, MPL replies in a statement, which reads "This is absolute bollocks!"

Saturday July 10

Another playing of Paul's Liverpool Oratorio takes place, this time in Auckland, New Zealand, at the Aotea Centre. The Auckland Boys Choir and The Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra stage the concert. (Further performances take place at the venue on July 11 and 12.)

Wednesday July 14

In England on Capitol Radio, Paul gives a live interview by phone from his Sussex home to the disc jockey Chris Tarrant.

Monday July 19

The album Bob Dylan - 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration, featuring George's live performance of 'Absolutely Sweet Marie', is released in the UK. (The American release takes place on August 24.)

Tuesday July 20

Paul appears in a brief pre-recorded interview on Carlton ITV's London Tonight.

Thursday July 22

In London, Paul returns to the Abbey Road zebra crossing where he poses, with an Old English sheepdog, for the picture that will appear on the cover of his album Paul Is Live.

Wednesday July 28

A brief item on MTV News in Europe announces that Paul is currently writing new classical pieces for piano.


According to various published reports this month, the three surviving Beatles hold recording sessions featuring production by George Martin at an unknown location. A spokesman for the group, quite rightly, denies that this session ever took place. Paul is too pre-occupied with arrangements for the next leg of his world tour. (Goldmine magazine in America reports this session in a January 1994 issue and quotes someone close to The Beatles as the source of the story.) Note: The first Beatles "reunion" session will actually take place on February 11, 1994 (see entry).

Monday August 9

In the UK, the next batch of completely remastered McCartney albums on CD are released, and again several feature new bonus tracks. The albums in question are Wings At The Speed Of Sound, Back To The Egg, McCartney II, Tug Of War, Pipes Of Peace, Give My Regards To Broad Street, Press To Play, Wings Greatest, and Flowers In the Dirt.


Paul recalls the recording of 'C'mon People' in the US newspaper The Journal: "We were recording 'C'mon People', which is a bit 'Beatley' and we were singing the 'Oh yeah, oh yeah' part. My guitarist Hamish Stuart and I found ourselves singing it just like John. We couldn't help it. In the end, we just didn't fight it; we just went with it. John's spirit was in the studio with us."

Paul McCartney New World Tour 1993

Fourth Leg - Europe Friday
September 3 - Wednesday October 27

With rumours flying around the world of a possible Beatles' reunion recording session, Paul is to be found preparing for the start of the European leg of his world tour. Their itinerary takes them to the following concert venues:

The Waldbuehne, Berlin, Germany (Friday September 3)

Stadhalle, Vienna (Sunday September 5 and Monday September 6)

Olympiahalle, Munich (Thursday September 9)

Earl's Court, London (Saturday September 11 [extra date added], Tuesday September 14 and Wednesday September 15)

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund (Saturday September 18, Sunday September 19 and Tuesday September 21)

H.M. Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart (Thursday September 23 and October 5)

Scandinavium, Gothenburg (Saturday September 25)

Spektrum, Oslo (Monday September 27 and Tuesday September 28)

Globen Arena, Stockholm (Friday October 1)

Maimarkthalle, Mannheim (Sunday October 3)

Festhalle, Frankfurt (Wednesday October 6)

Ahoy Sportpaleis, Rotterdam, Holland (Saturday October 9 and Sunday October 10)

Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France (Wednesday October 13 and Thursday October 14)

Flanders Expo, Ghent (Sunday October 17)

Metz, France (Monday October 18 - cancelled!)

Zenith, Toulon (Wednesday October 20)

Palasport, Florence (Friday October 22 and Saturday October 23)

Palau San Jordi, Barcelona, Spain (Tuesday October 26 and Wednesday October 27)

Friday September 3

The opening of the European leg of Paul's New World Tour causes much attention, as evidenced by a packed press conference he gives today in Berlin.

Saturday September 11, Tuesday September 14 & Wednesday September 15

The songs performed at the Earl's Court shows are as follows: 'Drive My Car', 'Coming Up', 'Looking For Changes', 'Jet', 'All My Loving', 'Let Me Roll It', 'Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'Off The Ground', 'Can't Buy Me Love', Robbie's Guitar Solo, 'Good Rockin' Tonight', 'We Can Work It Out', 'I Lost My little Girl', 'Ain't No Sunshine', (sung by Hamish Stuart), 'Hope Of Deliverance', 'Michelle', 'Here, There And Everywhere', 'Biker Like An Icon', 'Yesterday', 'My Love', 'Lady Madonna', 'C'mon People', 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'Let It Be', 'Live And Let Die', 'Penny Lane', 'Paperback Writer', 'Back In The USSR', 'Sgt. Pepper's' reprise and encore performances of 'Band On The Run', 'I Saw Her Standing There' and 'Hey Jude'.

Saturday September 11

Earlier m the day at Earl's Court, three acoustic tracks from the afternoon soundcheck ('Good Rockin' Tonight', 'We Can Work It Out' and 'Biker Like An Icon') are transmitted live during Johnny Walker's BBC Radio One FM programme. Paul also takes time, during the transmission, to draw out the names from a hat in a 1FM ticket competition. This evening, prior to Paul's opening night at Earl's Court, he videotapes a spoken message to Cilla Black for inclusion in her ITV special Cilla - A Celebration, which is transmitted across the ITV network on September 26.

Wednesday October 13

Paul arrives in Paris 90 minutes late for a press conference just prior to the show at Bercy. As a result, the conference lasts only 15 minutes and a photo shoot a mere three minutes.

Thursday October 14

In Paris, Paul takes part in a record signing session at the FNAC Record Store; again he arrives late, this time by approximately 30 minutes. Due to this, he leaves all but 50 of the waiting fans disappointed and without an autograph. Many of the fans had been queuing for over six hours. During his brief stay at the store, Paul chats with the singer Tony Sheridan, with whom The Beatles recorded some tracks in Germany back in 1961. The troubles for Paul today continue when, during tonight's show at the Palais Omnisports, he completely forgets the lyrics to 'Penny Lane', forcing him to abort the song midway through the performance. While the crowd watch on in a stunned silence, Paul begins the song again, this time singing the lyrics correctly.

Monday October 18

Tonight's concert in Metz, France, is cancelled because Paul has recently been putting his vocal chords under immense strain.

Sunday September 5

BBC2 in the UK screens, for the first time in almost three decades, excerpts from the 1964 programme Follow The Beatles, a documentary on the making of A Hard Day's Night, during the series Hollywood UK, a weekly look at classic British films of the Sixties. Apple, meanwhile, is none too pleased that these rare Beatles clips have been repeated.

Tuesday September 7

At Abbey Road Studios in London, Ringo joins Paul by recording a guest appearance for the ITV special Cilla - A Celebration. The programme, a look back over her career, is transmitted across the ITV network on September 26. (This special also includes Paul's videotaped speech recorded backstage at London's Earl's Court on September 11.)

Thursday September 9

Another Beatles event takes place at Abbey Road today when, in Studio Two, a press conference for American and Continental European journalists only is arranged to launch The Beatles 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 albums on compact disc. The lunchtime session begins with introductory speeches by EMI's managing director Rupert Perry and the Abbey Road boss Ken Townsend. Beatles' producer George Martin says a few words to the press before the gathering is treated to a playback of selected remastered tracks from the two 1973 compilation albums. There is also a visual display featuring screenings of the promotional films for 'Ticket To Ride', 'Help!', 'Hello, Goodbye' and 'The Fool On The Hill', as supplied by Apple. George Martin then hosts a question and answer session with the press before being, quite unintentionally, upstaged by George Harrison, who delivers a short "Thank you" message, before joining Martin in a photo session. Also present, representing Apple, are Neil Aspinall and Derek Taylor.

Tuesday September 14

Ringo's album Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band... Live In Montreux is simultaneously released in both America and the UK The recording stems from Ringo's appearance on July 13, 1992, at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

Saturday September 18

To promote Monday's release of The Beatles' Red and Blue albums, the ITV Network Chart Show screens, for the first time ever on UK TV, the second promotional film for 'Hello, Goodbye'. The remastered clip, which has been supplied by Apple, is broadcast in glorious NICAM digital stereo.

Monday September 20

After a lengthy delay, the digitally remastered CD versions of The Beatles 1962-1966 (the Red album) and The Beatles 1967-1970 (the Blue album) are released in the UK (The American release takes place on October 5.) The 1962-1966 album also features five tracks in stereo released on CD for the very first time: 'All My Loving', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'And I Love Her', 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Eight Days A Week'. (These remastered versions also appear as limited edition coloured vinyl double albums on February 22, 1994, simultaneously released in both the UK and America.) To coincide with their release today, September 20, Derek Taylor talks about the albums on the BBC GLR station.

The release of the Red and Blue albums caused some controversy owing to Apple's insistence that they were released as two double CDs - and priced accordingly - despite the fact that the two Red CDs lasted less than 65 minutes (and could therefore fit on to one CD). Critics were quick to point out that while the Blue albums ran over the limit for one CD, by shuffling the tracks around and deleting one from the Blue album, the four CD package could easily have been issued as a two CD set at around £25 for the pair instead of around £50. EMI - and Paul via a spokesman - defended themselves against the critics as best they could but the general tone of the press coverage was that fans were being exploited. The matter even reached the Houses of Parliament where an MP suggested that fans boycott the releases as a protest.

Tuesday September 21

The BBC1 show Good Morning With Anne And Nick, broadcasts the November 1965 Intertel film clip for 'Ticket To Ride' as a promotional vehicle for The Beatles' 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 albums.

Wednesday September 22

The 30-second television advert, featuring many archive clips, for The Beatles' Red and Blue albums begins transmissions on both the terrestrial and satellite television stations in the UK

Saturday September 25

A further promotion for The Beatles' Red and Blue albums occurs when British DJ and television personality Danny Baker, a self-confessed Beatles fanatic, plays on his Saturday night BBC1 show Danny Baker After All, the promotional film for 'Ticket To Ride', already shown on the station on the previous Tuesday.

Thursday September 30

George's animated appearance in the hugely successful cartoon series The Simpsons premieres on the American Fox TV Network.


In London, an Australian theatre tribute to John called Looking Through A Glass Onion opens to the public.

During his annual visit to Australia, George walks into a busy Sydney high street record store, looking to purchase a CD player, when a guard at the store comes up to him. Noticing a large Beatles Red and Blue album display in the store, the guard says, "You know, you look just like George Harrison." George, finding this most amusing, turns to the guard and replies: "People say that to me all the time."

Sunday October 3

Just days after its American premiere, the TV station Sky One broadcasts, for the first time in Europe, George's animated appearance on the American television show The Simpsons.

Thursday October 7

In the UK, George appears by way of a pre-taped interview on the BBC2 motor car show Top Gear.

Wednesday October 13

In the States, Ringo promotes his Live In Montreux CD on the NBC American breakfast show Today. During his appearance, excerpts from Montreux live home video are also screened.

Monday October 18

In London, at 9pm, the play John Lennon - In Music & Words, premieres at the Criterion Theatre after which a party for the cast and selected guests is held at Planet Hollywood at 13 Coventry Street, London, W1. An invitation to the events had been sent to George, but he declined the offer, returning his card to the organisers with a scribbled note written across it, which simply read: "Sorry - not coming!"

Friday October 22

Still Stateside, Beatles' photographer Harry Benson is a guest on the NBC TV breakfast show Today.

Saturday October 30

Paul's promotional film clip for 'Biker Like An Icon' (version one) receives its European TV premiere during tonight's MTV programme First Look. (The show, including Paul's film, is repeated on the station the following day, Sunday October 31.)


At a Yoko Ono art exhibition, called Family Album (Blood Objects), in Los Angeles, among the objects on display is a bronze replica of the shirt John was wearing when he was shot, along with his bloodstained glasses.

The Beatles' former drummer Pete Best appears twice in the Channel 4 soap Brookside, playing the role of the drummer in the group Scottie Dogs, which also features Gerry Marsden and two original members of The Swinging Blue Jeans.

Monday November 1

MTV Europe designates today, between 6:00am and 2:00am, a Beatles Day, by showing, at regular intervals throughout the day, brand new exclusive interviews with Paul and George, the November 1965 Intertel studio promotional film clips, plus the original films for 'Hello, Goodbye' (version two - 1967), 'Something' (the first complete television screening anywhere in the world since 1969), and the TV film Magical Mystery Tour, unseen in the UK since December 21,1979. In addition, the 1990 MTV Paul McCartney Rockumentary is also repeated.

Sunday November 7

George attends the Adelaide Grand Prix in Australia, where he gives an interview to the local news crew of Channel 9 who are covering the race.

Wednesday November 10

In the UK, Pete Best pops up again on Channel 4, this time during a pre-recorded episode of US TV's Oprah Winfrey Show, in which she looks at people who "missed out on an incredible opportunity in life".

Paul McCartney 1993 New World Tour

Fifth & Final Leg - Tokyo, Mexico & Brazil
Friday November 12 - December 16

Paul's 1993 World Tour reaches its final stages. Firstly with shows in Tokyo, Japan, at the following venues:

Tokyo Dome, Japan (Friday November 12, Sunday November 14 and Monday November 15)

Fukuoka Dome, Tokyo, (Thursday November 18 and Friday November 19)

Their repertoire, which again includes a mix between acoustic and electric numbers, includes: 'Drive My Car', 'Coming Up', 'Looking For Changes', 'Jet', 'All My Loving', 'Let Me Roll It', 'Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'Off The Ground', (Robbie's guitar solo), 'Good Rockin' Tonight', 'We Can Work It Out', 'I Lost My Little Girl', 'Ain't No Sunshine', 'Hope Of Deliverance', 'Michelle', 'Biker Like An Icon', 'Here, There And Everywhere', 'Yesterday', 'My Love', 'Lady Madonna', 'C'mon People', 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'Let It Be', 'Live And Let Die', 'Paperback Writer', 'Back In The USSR', 'Penny Lane', 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', (encore) 'Band On The Run', 'I Saw Her Standing There' and 'Hey Jude'.

The following live concerts in Brazil close the tour:

Autodromo Hermanos Rodriquez, Mexico City (Thursday November 25 and Saturday November 27)

Pacaembu Stadium, Sao Paulo (Thursday December 3)

Paulo Leminski Rock, Curitiba, Brazil (Saturday December 5)

Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, (Thursday December 10, Friday December 11 and Saturday December 12)

Estadio Nacional, Santiago (Wednesday December 16)

Friday November 12

Video footage of nine songs, namely 'Let Me Roll It', 'We Can Work It Out', 'Biker Like An Icon', 'Lady Madonna', 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'Live And Let Die', 'Paperback Writer', 'Back In The USSR' and 'Hey Jude', from Paul's Tokyo Dome concert today is transmitted in Japan as part of a 90-minute Fuji Television special on Christmas Eve. The TV special, transmitted in "Hi-Definition Television", also features 15 other performances taken from the various afternoon soundchecks. These include Paul performing (on electric guitar) 'Matchbox', 'Just Because', 'No Other Baby' and 'Bring It On Home To Me'. Then, with Paul on acoustic guitar, the group performs 'Good Rockin' Tonight', 'Be-Bop-A-Lula', 'Midnight Special' and 'Every Night'. Paul moves to the piano to sing 'C Moon', 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying', 'Ain't That A Shame' and 'The Long And Winding Road' and finally, this time on his more familiar bass guitar, he sings 'Get Out Of My Way', 'Linda Lou' and 'Twenty Flight Rock'. (A pre-taped interview with Paul, recorded by Fuji Television earlier in the day, is also transmitted this night.)

Friday November 12 (Tokyo Dome, Tokyo)

Paul's complete afternoon soundcheck performance: 'Untitled Jam', 'Matchbox', 'Summertime', 'Untitled Jam #2', 'Let Me Roll It', 'Just Because', 'San Francisco Bay Blues', 'Midnight Special', 'Be-Bop-A-Lula', 'Every Night', 'We Can Work It Out', 'What's Going On', 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying', 'C Moon', 'Ain't That A Shame', 'Untitled Jam #3', 'Twenty Flight Rock', 'Drive My Car' and 'Hey Jude'.

Saturday November 13

During a break from the tour, an alternative version of the 'Biker Like An Icon' video (featuring alternative edits) is shown on MTV in Japan on the programme In Control.

Sunday November 14 (Tokyo Dome, Tokyo)

Paul's complete afternoon soundcheck performance: 'Untitled Jam', 'Matchbox', 'Just Because', 'Bring It On Home To Me', 'Let Me Roll If, 'San Francisco Bay Blues', 'Midnight Special', 'All My Trials', 'Every Night, 'Untitled Jam #2', 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying', 'C Moon', 'The Long And Winding Road', 'Ain't That A Shame', 'Untitled Jam #3', 'Twenty Flight Rock' and 'Robbie's Bit.

Monday November 15 (Tokyo Dome, Tokyo)

Paul's complete afternoon soundcheck performance: 'Untitled Jam', 'Matchbox', 'Just Because', 'Summertime', 'No Other Baby', 'Be-Bop-A-Lula', 'Singing The Blues', 'Midnight Special', 'Good Rockin' Tonight, 'Untitled Jam #2', 'Ain't That A Shame', 'C Moon', 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying', 'Get Out Of My Way', 'Another Day', 'Linda Lou' and 'Twenty Flight Rock'.

Thursday November 18 (Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka)

Paul's complete afternoon soundcheck performance: 'Untitled Jam', 'Matchbox', 'Just Because', 'Crackin' Up', 'Every Night, 'Be-Bop-A-Lula', 'San Francisco Bay Blues', 'Junk', 'Midnight Special', 'All My Trials', 'Honey Don't (performed as an instrumental), 'The Sun Is Shining', 'The Long And Winding Road', 'C Moon', 'Ain't That A Shame', 'Untitled Jam #2', 'Another Day' and 'Twenty Flight Rock'.

Friday November 19 (Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka)

Paul's complete afternoon soundcheck performance: 'Untitled Jam', 'Matchbox', 'Bring It On Home To Me', 'Just Because', 'Honey Don't, 'Every Night', 'San Francisco Bay Blues', 'All My Trials', 'C Moon', 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying', 'I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Some Day', 'Ain't That A Shame', 'Get Out Of My Way', 'Another Day' and 'Twenty Flight Rock'.


Eight months after calling The Beatles' unreleased tape archive "junk", George Martin announces that: "EMI and Apple have asked me to look at the possibility of providing accompanying CDs for each film. That won't be in any way a film soundtrack. It will be complementary to the film. So if we're dealing with the period '66-'67, involving Revolver and Sgt. Pepper, for instance, one would look at a source of material." Referring to the long-discussed and well-documented unreleased Beatles recordings, which he had earlier called "junk", Martin replies, "Everything like that will be available. We're going to put in everything that I consider to be valid from every source, including The Beatles' own private collections, demos that they made, outtakes and alternative versions of songs. For example, there's Take 1 of 'Strawberry Fields Forever', which is well worth people hearing now. And I don't think the famous 'How Do You Do It?' has ever been properly released, so that'll come out."

Monday November 15

In the UK, the release takes place of the album Paul Is Live, recorded during Paul's 1993 world tour. (The American release takes place on November 16.) The UK release also takes place today of the album Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, recorded by Paul and featuring mixing by the engineer Youth. The album is released under the pseudonym of The Fireman. (The American release is February 22, 1994.)


In the UK, George places an order for a McClaren F1 Supercar, billed in the motoring press as, "The finest driving machine yet built for the public road." The cost of this machine is a hefty £540,000!

Sunday December 12

George appears briefly in the ITV network documentary called Curves, Contours And Body Horns, a 50-minute documentary on the history of the legendary Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Monday December 27

An excerpt from George's December 26, 1976 appearance on Rutland Weekend Television is repeated during tonight's BBC2 special programme An Evening With Vic And Bob, hosted by the comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. George's appearance comes in the shape of his acoustic performance of 'The Pirate Song', a track co-written with Eric Idle.

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