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"I saw George yesterday in California, and we're getting together, you know"

- Paul


In quiet back street Wendeil Road, near Chiswick in London, work finally recommences on another Beatles-related project, already now some twenty-two years since it was first conceived. The title of this old Beatles project is none other than their long anticipated documentary history programme ... The Long And Winding Road. The director is Geoff Wonfor, a friend of Paul's who has previously worked on Channel 4's The Tube and has directed some of Paul's MPL produced documentaries, including Put It There and Ghosts Of The Past.

Wednesday January 29

Paul records a classical piece of music, featuring a co-arrangement with Carl Davis and incorporating the Linda McCartney composed tune 'Appaloosa', and 'Meditation', written by Paul. The recording is used in a half-hour documentary film, entitled Appaloosa, which is finished during early July this year. (See entry for May 12 this year.) The piece is also performed by the Boston Pops, with Davis conducting, on May 12. A videotape of the performance is aired on PBS Television in America during August 1992.


In the States, Ringo resumes the Los Angeles' recording sessions for the album Time Takes Time.

Wednesday February 12

With The Beatles' history programme now at last taking shape, the fear of unofficial Beatles-related film and video footage flooding the market becomes a reality. Paul instigates proceedings against one of Europe's top collectors when a writ from the High Court in London is served today.

Monday February 17

The dispute between Apple Corps and EMI Records over their November 1989 'wide ranging' agreement, reaches the High Court in London. Apple make known their attempts to block EMI from releasing Beatles-related product in the new formats, such as DCC (Digital Compact Disc) and MD (Midi Disc) until a new agreement has been sorted out.

Friday February 21

At the London headquarters of the PRS (Performing Rights Society), as part of a drive towards opening a school for the Performing Arts at his old school in Liverpool, Paul hosts a fund-raising lunch for top music industry executives. He delivers a speech, as does Mark Featherstone-Witty, the full-time co-ordinator of LIPA (Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts), in which he explains his hopes for the venture and announces that he is seeking sponsorship to the sum of £8 million. At the conclusion of this afternoon get-together, Paul is given a guided tour of the PRS building.

Tuesday February 25

In New York, Ringo is present at the 34th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony, held at the Radio City Music Hall.


A new book is published in Japan, entitled ai: Japan Through John Lennon's Eyes, which comprises sketches and notes taken from John's exercise book of the late Seventies when he was studying the Japanese language.

Monday March 2

In the UK and America, Rykodisc releases the Yoko Ono six-CD box set entitled Onobox, comprising of 105 tracks, many of which she recorded with John between the years 1968 and 1980, and many of which are previously unreleased. Among the unreleased recordings is Yoko's album A Story, a selection of recordings she made during her separation from John in 1973 and 1974.

At the Mayfair Hotel in London, George appears in the audience at a press conference given by fellow member of the Traveling Wilburys Tom Petty, who is joined by his group The Heartbreakers. Following the conference, George and Tom go to a private party at the Hard Rock Cafe in London, at which B.B. King and Gary Moore are also in attendance.

Tuesday March 17

At London's Heathrow Airport, George joins Tom Petty on a flight to Berlin in Germany, where Petty is giving a concert later this evening.

Monday March 23

After four straight years of broadcasting in America on a regular weekly basis, Westwood One radio concludes the series The Lost Lennon Tapes. The series, which was originally scheduled to run for just 52 shows, concludes at show number 218, or at number 219 if you include the original two-hour preview show. One week after the finish of The Lost Lennon Tapes programmes, Westwood One in America begin airing the new radio series The Beatle Years.


Paul gives a private London screening of his MPL produced short animated feature entitled Daumier's Law.

The film The Hours And The Times, which focuses on the alleged relationship between John and Brian Epstein, is screened during the London gay movie festival.

Wednesday April 1

A preview of George's upcoming concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London takes place on CBS's This Morning in America.

Thursday April 2

In New York, at the Radio City Music Hall, a big army of reporters and TV crews gather to hear Ringo announce the release of his new album Time Takes Time, as well as news of a new All-Starr Band, who will tour both North America and Europe, beginning on June 2. The new band line-up retains both Joe Walsh and Nils Lofgren from the 1989 All-Starrs, and adds several new members in the shape of Dave Edmunds, Burton Cummings and Todd Rundgren who are all present at the press conference, plus Timothy B. Schmit, Tim Cappello as well as Ringo's son Zak on drums.

Back in England, at 10am, tickets for George's concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, on Monday April 6, go on sale. Prices range from £15 to £20.

Friday April 3

To help promote both the album and forthcoming tour, Ringo begins a hectic round of personal appearances, beginning tonight with a live spot on the CBS TV programme The David Letterman Show, presented at the historic Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, the scene where The Beatles made their famous American television debut on February 9, 1964. Following this, Ringo rushes to be a guest presenter at the annual Grammy Awards ceremony show. Also today, advance copies of Ringo's single 'Weight Of The World' are sent to various US radio stations.

Saturday April 4

In America, Ringo is interviewed on the television programme Late Night.

Sunday April 5

In an interview primarily to promote his concert tomorrow, George announces to the BBC, "I will be recording a new studio album in the summer and will be touring with it upon its release." He spends the day in rehearsal at the Royal Albert Hall.

Monday April 6

George performs in concert with Eric Clapton's Band at London's Royal Albert Hall in support of the Natural Law Party, a Bedfordshire based organisation which promotes transcendental meditation and a spiritual lifestyle. The show, which kicks off at 7:30pm, is promoted as "George's First UK Show Since Leaving The Beatles" and billed as "The Natural Law Party Presents George Harrison & Friends - Inspiration To The Youth Of Great Britain - Election Is A Celebration". (During the current British elections, the Natural Law party, which was formed on March 15, has 310 candidates running for office.)

In answer to the frequently asked question as to why he is performing at the show, George issues a statement which reads: "I am performing in this concert to support the Natural Law Party. I will vote for the Natural Law Party because I want a total change and not just a choice between left and right. The system we have now is obsolete and is not fulfilling the needs of the people. Times have changed and we need a new approach. I believe this party offers the only option to get out of our problems and create the beautiful nation we would all like to have. The General Election should be a celebration of democracy and our right to vote. The Natural Law Party is turning this election into a wonderful national celebration and I am with them all the way."

Asked about The Beatles' association with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and how he feels now about transcendental meditation, George replies: "I still practise transcendental meditation and I think it's great. Maharishi only ever did good for us, and although I have not been with him physically, I never left him."

The 105-minute set on the night consists largely of tracks performed by George and Eric during the 1991 tour of Japan, including 'I Want To Tell You', 'Old Brown Shoe', 'Taxman', 'Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)', 'Something', 'What Is Life', 'Piggies' (with the extra verse written by John back in 1968), 'Got My Mind Set On You', 'Cloud 9', 'Here Comes The Sun', 'My Sweet Lord', 'All Those Years Ago', 'Cheer Down', 'Isn't It A Pity', 'Devil's Radio' and, for the encore, 'Roll Over Beethoven' and 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps', which features Ringo. (Ringo had, in fact, started the day at 10:30am by holding a lengthy 43-minute press conference at the Dorchester Hotel in London, an event to promote his new album Time Takes Time and his forthcoming All-Starr Band tour.)

At the conclusion of George's set, Ringo remains on stage where he joins drummer Steve Ferrone and Ray Cooper in a spontaneous five-minute jam session. When George reappears on stage, he is accompanied by his son Dhani, who is clutching an electric guitar and joins his father and the other musicians in another performance of 'Roll Over Beethoven', which closes the show. Joining George on stage tonight are Joe Walsh, Gary Moore, Zak Starkey, Tessa Niles, Greg Phillinganes, Katie Kissoon, Steve Ferrone, Andy Fairweather-Low, Ray Cooper, Will Lee, Chuck Leavell and Mike Campbell.

In the audience is Paul and Linda's daughter Mary.

Thursday April 9

Paul and George Martin are filmed at Abbey Road Studios in London for the TV special The Making Of Sgt. Pepper, which is premiered in the UK across the ITV network on June 14 and in America on the Disney Channel on September 27. The Disney Channel version is slightly different to the one broadcast in the UK, omitting a discussion between the ex-Beatles and George Martin on the use of drugs and their possible influence on the album. Alternative footage is added to fill the gaps.

Sunday April 12

In George Martin's West London home, George Harrison films an interview for inclusion in the TV special The Making Of Sgt. Pepper.

Thursday April 16

In the States, Ringo puts in a guest appearance on the CNBC show Real Life.

Sunday April 19

One week after George had prepared his sequence, Ringo films his appearance for the TV special The Making Of Sgt. Pepper in Aspen, Colorado.

Monday April 20

The 43-minute Japanese NHK TV children's programme Tsukai Ningen-Den (Dashing Life Stories - transmitted between 8:00 and 9:00pm) tells the story of John's life through pictures and archive film clips. Included is some amazing video footage of John, Yoko and Sean visiting Japan in August 1978 and the first ever public screening of the presumed destroyed Double Fantasy video footage (see entry for Monday August 18 1980). This 26-second clip, taken from day two of the taping (August 19), features scenes of only Yoko in a recording booth ready to sing and the musicians (drummer Andy Newmark, guitarists Earl Slick and Hugh McCracken) playing in the studio. John is not seen in this extract.

The footage was directed by the New York director Jay Dubin, responsible for many pop promotional music videos. (He directed the Billy Joel video for 'Uptown Girl' in 1983.) VT recording back in August 1980 was carried out on one-inch tape using two cameras, and once the five-day sessions have been concluded, and before any copies could be made, the video master tapes are handed over personally to two of Yoko's bodyguards. A further extract of the Double Fantasy sessions, albeit ten seconds, appears in the 1984 American documentary Yoko Ono: Then And Now where, under a narrative, Yoko can be seen clearly singing 'I'm Moving On'. Sources close to Yoko and her basement archives at the Dakota in New York claim that the complete Double Fantasy video footage does indeed exist but it is now filed as "untouchable".

Tuesday April 21

Ringo's skill as a narrator is called upon again today when he "voice-overs" the 15-minute animated story Elbert's Bad Word, for Shelly Duvall's Bedtime Stories series on the US cable station Showtime.


In London, Apple Corps officially announces that the three ex-Beatles will work together again on the forthcoming official Beatles documentary film The Long And Winding Road. The project had originally been conceived during May 1970, but was never completed. Each Beatle, during the time of the split in April 1970, had already filmed a brief interview intended for inclusion in the first episode.

At the annual, prestigious Cannes Film Festival, Paul and Linda's MPL produced film Daumier's Law receives its premiere. The short 15-minute animated film, directed by Geoff Dunbar, recreates the drawings of the French artist Honore Daumier. Paul wrote and produced the film's musical score and performed most of it himself, recording it during late December 1989.

Friday May 1

Another Nike commercial is transmitted in America and again irritates fans. This time, John's original 1970 recording of 'Instant Karma' is featured in these "Yoko approved" commercials. (Seven years later, John's original recording of 'Instant Karma' will again appear on a television commercial. See entry for April 1999.)

Tuesday May 5

Ringo appears again on the American Paramount TV show Entertainment Tonight.

Saturday May 9

In the States, Ringo makes a guest appearance on the American one-hour NBC TV variety special Dame Edna's Hollywood, hosted by Dame Edna Everage. During the show, Ringo joins the host to perform a rather unique version of 'Act Naturally'.

Tuesday May 12

In America, Carl Davis conducts a performance of Linda's composition 'Appaloosa', as well as Paul's piece 'Meditation' with The Boston Pops. This performance is videotaped and transmitted by PBS Television in America during August.

Saturday May 16 & Sunday May 17

In America, Ringo begins shooting the promotional video for the track 'Weight Of The World'. A CNN report on the making of the clip is transmitted in the programme Showbiz Today on Monday May 18.

Wednesday May 20

Ringo appears again on American TV to promote his new album and single, this time a guest spot on the Paramount show Entertainment Tonight.

Friday May 22

Ringo continues the round of American TV promotional activities by being featured, with his All-Starr Band, on the ABC TV music show In Concert '92.

In Barcelona, Spain, Paul's Oratorio receives another performance. (This is its eighth public airing.)

Tuesday May 26

Ringo crops up again, this time on the American VH-1 TV programme VH-1 To 1.

The second phase of Apple's reissue campaign takes place today when the albums Wonderwall by George, Maybe Tomorrow by The Iveys, No Dice by Badfinger, Earth Song/Ocean Song by Mary Hopkin and Doris Troy by Doris Troy are issued.

Wednesday May 27

Ringo appears as a guest on the syndicated American television show Arsenio, hosted by Arsenio Hall. Following an interview, he joins his All-Starr Band to perform 'Weight Of The World'.

Thursday May 28

Showing no signs of exhaustion, Ringo appears in a pre-recorded segment on the American NBC TV breakfast show Today. Also today, Ringo and his All-Starr Band attend a private party for them on the Paramount film studio's backlot. Alberto VO5 and Private Music host the event.

Ringo and his new All-Starr Band
North American Tour
Tuesday June 2 - Friday June 26

Ringo and his new All-Starr band undertake a tour of North America, with performances at the following venues:

Sunrise Pavilion, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Tuesday June 2 and Wednesday June 3)

Bayfront Pavilion, St. Petersburg, Florida (Friday June 5)

Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, North Carolina (Saturday June 6)

Chastain Park Amphitheater, Atlanta, Georgia (Sunday June 7)

Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio (Tuesday June 9)

Blossom Music Center, Guyaboga Falls, Ohio (Wednesday June 10)

Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana, near Indianapolis (Friday June 12)

Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hofman Estates, Illinois, near Chicago (Saturday June 13)

Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, Michigan, near Detroit (Monday June 15)

Kingswood Music Theatre in Wonderland Park, Maple, Ontario, near Toronto (Tuesday June 16)

Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia (Wednesday June 17)

Radio City Music Hall, N.Y.C. (Friday June 19 and Saturday June 20)

Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey (Sunday June 21)

Great Woods Amphitheater, Mansfieid, Massachusetts, near Boston (Monday June 22)

Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantaugh, New York (Tuesday June 23)

Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Thursday June 25)

Riverport Center, Maryland Heights, near St. Louis, Missouri (Friday June 26)

(To coincide with the tour, a special limited edition Ringo And The All-Starr Band promotional bubble gum is released by the concert promoters.)

Ringo and his new All-Starr Band
Tour Of Europe
Thursday July 2 - Thursday July 23

The tour moves on to Europe for a three-week period, with the following performances at:

The Gothenburg All Star Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden (Thursday July 2)

Dalarock Festival, Hedemora, Sweden (Friday July 3)

Moelleparken, Maimo, Sweden (Saturday July 4)

Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK (Monday July 6)

Hammersmith Odeon (later renamed Hammersmith Apollo), London (Tuesday July 7)

Le Zenith, Paris, France (Wednesday July 8)

Stadtgarten, Hamburg, Germany (Friday July 10)

Tanzbrunnen, Koln, Germany (Saturday July 11)

Unterfrankenhalle, Aschaffenburg, Germany (Sunday July 12)

Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland (Monday July 13)

Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany (Wednesday July 15)

Pori Jazz Festival, Kiriurinluoto Park, Pori, Finland (Friday July 17)

Valby Idretspark (ITS Rock), Copenhagen, Denmark (Saturday July 18)

Lisbterg Fruespark (ITS Rock), Arhus, Denmark (Sunday July 19)

Belga Beach Festival, Belga Beach, DePanne, Belgium (Monday July 20)

Teatre Tenda, Brescia, Italy (Wednesday July 22)

Teatre La Versiliana, Marina Di Perasanta, Italy (Thursday July 23)

Foro Italico, Rome, Italy (Friday July 24 - cancelled!)

During the tour

Monday July 13

Ringo and his All-Starr Band perform at the annual Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. The following tracks appear in America and the UK on the album Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band Live: Live From Montreux, released on September 14, 1993: 'I'm The Greatest', 'Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go', 'Yellow Submarine', 'Weight Of The World', 'Boys' and 'With A Little Help From My Friends', all performed by Ringo and 'Desperado' and 'In The City' (performed by Joe Walsh), 'Girls Talk' (by Dave Edmunds), 'I Can't Tell You Why' (by Timothy B. Schmidt), 'Bang The Drum All Day' and 'Black Maria' (by Todd Rundgren), 'Walkin' Nerve' (by Nils Lofgren) and 'American Woman' (by Burton Cummings).

Ringo and His New All-Starr Band Tour
Return to America
Saturday August Sunday September 6

Ringo's tour with his new All-Starr band continues with performances at the following venues:

Le Champs de Brionne Summer Music Theater, George, Washington (Saturday August 1)

Harvey's Hotel, Tahoe, California (Monday August 3)

Redwood Amphitheater in the Great American Amusement Park, Santa Clara, California (Tuesday August 4)

Concord Pavilion, Concord, California (Wednesday, August 5)

California Mid State Fair, Paso Robles, California (Friday August 7)

Camp Pendleton Marine Base, Oceanside, California (Saturday August 8)

Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa, California (Sunday August 9)

Greek Theater, Los Angeles, California (Tuesday August 11 and Wednesday August 12)

Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona (Thursday August 13)

Aquafest, Austin, Texas (Saturday August 15)

Riverfront Park, Little Rock, Arkansas (Sunday August 16)

Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, Texas (Tuesday August 18)

Ohio State Fair Celeste Center, Columbus, Ohio (Thursday August 20)

Freedom Hall, Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, Kentucky (Friday August 21)

Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, Iowa (Saturday August 22)

Star Lake Amphitheater, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Monday August 24)

Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canandaigua (near Rochester), New York (Tuesday August 25)

Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York (Wednesday August 26)

Taj Mahal Casino, in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Thursday August 27 - cancelled!)

Waterloo Village Amphitheater, Stanhope, New Jersey (Friday August 28)

Fiddlers Green Amphitheater, Englewood, Colorado, near Denver (Tuesday September 1)

Park West Amphitheater, Park City, Utah in Salt Lake City (Wednesday September 2)

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada (Friday September 4, Saturday September 5 (two shows) and Sunday September 6)

Ringo's repertoire includes the following songs: 'I'm The Greatest', 'No No Song', 'Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go', 'Yellow Submarine', You're Sixteen', 'Weight Of The World', 'Photograph', and encore performances of 'Act Naturally' and 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. The track 'Boys' is added during the latter half of the tour, which features the only track Ringo performs from behind his drum kit, the others being sung on centre stage. Also worth noting is that Todd Rundgren misses the shows in Englewood and Park City, while Joe Walsh is absent from the final concerts at the Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Friday July 3

Ringo's All- Starr Band performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland is recorded and later released on the CD and home video Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band: Live From Montreux. Ringo's new single 'Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go' is also scheduled for an American release today, but fails to materialise. The single does show in Germany though, featuring the otherwise unreleased track 'Everybody Wins'.

Monday July 6

ringo returns home to Liverpool for a concert at the Empire Theatre. Highlights from the concert are included in the Disney Channel television special Ringo Starr: Going Home, which is transmitted in America on Sunday April 18, 1993.

Tuesday July 7

In the States, Ringo is interviewed live on CBS TV's programme This Morning.

Sunday August 16

A pre-recorded interview with Ringo in America is transmitted in the UK on Nicky Campbell's evening show on BBC Radio 1. Also today, to coincide with the current tour, Ringo's albums Ringo's Rotogravure and Ringo The 4th are released in the US on compact disc.

Thursday August 27

Following the cancellation of Ringo's All-Starr band concert at the Taj Mahal Casino in Jersey, he is to be found appearing on stage with his friend Joe Walsh during Walsh's charity concert at the China Club in New York City.

Friday September 4, Saturday September 5 & Sunday September 6

To coincide with Ringo's concerts at the prestigious Caesar's Palace Hotel, a special Ringo & All-Starr Band restaurant menu is printed. During the concert on September 6, Ringo appears live on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon on US television, performing You're Sixteen'. The song is not aired in all areas of the States, while on the East Coast of America, it is past midnight when Ringo's appearance finally takes place.

June (through into July)

At Paul's Mill studios in East Sussex, Aubrey Powell films Paul and his band at work, recording the album Off The Ground. The footage will take the shape of a 27-minute televised MPL documentary entitled Movin' On, which also features a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the videos for 'C'mon People' and 'Off The Ground'. (The UK premiere of the show takes place on Channel 4 on April 18, 1993, and on the Fox Network in America on June 10 featuring slightly different footage. An extended 60-minute version is later released on home video in America on October 14, 1993.)

Saturday June 6

A 1991 film clip of George playing ukulele and singing the Cab Calloway number 'Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea', is featured in the Channel 4 music documentary Mister Roadrunner in the UK. Hosted by the former Squeeze pianist Jools Holland, the programme is produced by the team who are currently, in West London, working on The Beatles' Long And Winding Road documentary series.

Wednesday June 10

In the UK, additional Anthology interview segments with Paul are conducted today by Jools Holland, carried out whilst sailing up the Thames in a private boat.

Sunday June 14

The TV special The Making Of Sgt. Pepper is transmitted in the UK across the ITV network, featuring separate interviews with Paul (filmed on April 9), George (April 12) and Ringo (on April 19). The show, which will premiere in America on the Disney Channel on September 27 this year, also features George Martin playing some unreleased Sgt. Pepper's recordings directly off the original studio 4-track master tapes.

Monday June 15

George appears unannounced at the Hard Rock Cafe in Piccadilly, London, where his friend Carl Perkins is in concert. They perform 'Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby', 'Blue Suede Shoes' and 'Honey Don't'. A short clip of George's live appearance is seen on MTV's Week In Rock, transmitted, for the first time, on June 20.

Also today, Parlophone/EMI, in the UK, release The Beatles EP Set, a box set of the original UK Beatles EPs on 5-inch CDs. (The American release takes place on June 30.)

In Japan, Yoko makes a live studio appearance on the NHK TV programme Tetsuko Ni Heya to promote her new CD set Onobox. The entire interview is naturally carried out in the Japanese language.

Thursday June 18

To celebrate Paul's 50th birthday, BBC Radio 2 in the UK, transmits a new one-hour documentary on Paul entitled Paul McCartney - Rediscovering Yesterday, narrated by Brian Matthew. Paul's historic landmark is also celebrated at the National Film Theatre in London, when a night of Beatles film clips from the Sixties, which include the ATV/ITV programme The Morecambe And Wise Show (originally transmitted on April 18, 1964), is screened. In Tokyo, Japan, Paul's Oratorio is played in public for the ninth time. Its tenth performance takes place at the same venue tomorrow, Friday June 19.

Sunday June 21

In the UK, Paul appears briefly during the Channel 4 arts programme This Is Tomorrow. The programme, a special edition of the Without Walls series, celebrates the illustrious career of the designer Richard Hamilton, whom Paul had previously worked with on the designs for The Beatles' 1968 White Album.

Sunday June 28

Still in the UK, Paul appears on BBC Radio 2 in a pre-recorded interview, which focuses on LIPA, the Liverpool Institute For The Performing Arts.


MPL films a 30-minute documentary entitled Appaloosa. The film, directed by Barry Chattington, is the second MPL to focus attention on Linda's Appaloosa horse called Blankit (the first, of course, was Blankit's First Show). As with their first film, Appaloosa also features new music, this time composed jointly by Paul and Linda.

Thursday July 2

Paul and Linda make a flying visit to Belgium, where they host a fund-raising trip for members of the European music industry fraternity in Brussels. This fund-raising event will also help benefit LIPA. (The McCartneys return to Heathrow Airport later today.)

Monday July 13

George's double album Live In Japan, recorded during his visit to Japan in December of 1991, is released in the UK (the American release takes place the following day, Tuesday July 14).


Paul, Linda and family take their traditional, month-long, August family holiday to Long Island in New York.

Thursday August 20

During his vacation, Paul attends a performance by the Saturday Night Live band at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett. During the show, he needs little persuasion to jump up on stage and join in with the band on the song 'Blue Suede Shoes'. Paul and his family return home to England the following week.

Monday August 24

George again visits Los Angeles, cutting short his holiday in Hawaii to do so. During his three-week visit, where he also meets up with Ravi Shankar in San Diego, he puts in another live appearance on the KLOS-FM radio show Rockline. Tonight, during the American syndicated radio series In The Studio, George's 1991 tour of Japan comes under the spotlight, and includes interviews and music from the shows.


During the month, at his home studios in Sussex, Paul records the first demos of the tracks 'Calico Skies' and 'Great Day', songs that will ultimately appear on his 1997 album Flaming Pie.

The scheduled official release in America this month of Apple's documentary The Beatles: The First US Visit, fails to materialise.

Ringo makes another appearance on the US TV show The Jerry Lewis Telethon, where he is seen performing the track 'You're Sixteen'.

Saturday September 5

In England, Paul and Linda arrange a 21st birthday party for Stella in a marquee in the grounds at their Rye, Sussex farmhouse, a similar affair to the party thrown for Mary when she was 21. The McCartneys request that everyone turn up in fancy dress costume. Linda dresses as Queen Elizabeth 1, while Paul comes as a highwayman. Among the guests at the party are Ringo and Barbara with music coming from The Thompson Twins and the 10-piece group Soul Provider. During the latter's 90-minute performance, Paul is persuaded to join in with the group to perform a version of the Al Green track 'Take Me To The River'.

Wednesday September 9

The annual Buddy Holly celebrations again take place in London where Paul hosts a lunch-time Buddy Holly concert featuring The Crickets. During their performance, Paul takes to the stage to perform a medley of Holly numbers, including 'Rave On' and 'Oh Boy!' Joining Paul on stage are guitarist Big Jim Sullivan, Willie Austin, Malcolm Mortimer and Andy Crossheart. Sharing lead vocals with Paul is Seventies pop star Gary Glitter. Later in the afternoon, Paul returns to perform, again with The Crickets, the songs 'Mean Woman Blues' and 'Shake, Rattle And Roll'. This time, the line-up on stage features Gary Glitter, Leo Sayer and, from The Hollies, Allan Clarke on vocals, and Mick Green (formerly of Johnny Kidd And The Pirates), Henry Spinetti and Blair Cunningham on drums. Linda is seen joining Chrissie Hynde, Hamish Stuart and the DJ Tony Prince on backing vocals.

Thursday September 10

In America, with his tour now over, Ringo participates in a comedy sketch as a part of the annual MTV Music Video Awards Show.

Friday September 11

In the States, George features prominently during today's edition of the American ABC TV music show In Concert '92, where professionally shot concert film from his December 1991 Japanese concert tour is premiered. The live tracks shown include 'Taxman' and 'Piggies'. A new interview with him accompanies the five-minute item.

Saturday September 19

Paul and Linda return to Long Island in New York to attend the wedding reception of Linda's niece, Louise Eastman. An improvised concert takes place at the reception and again, Paul is persuaded to participate. Buddy Holly songs feature prominently in the proceedings.

Monday September 21

In Germany, Ringo's single 'Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go' b/w 'Don't Know A Thing About Love' is released as a single. (The CD version features the bonus track 'Everybody Wins'.)

Tuesday September 22

In the UK, The Beatles' unauthorised biographer Geoffrey Giuliano gives an interview, published in today's edition of the Guardian newspaper. He describes The Beatles as "real shits in real life", George as an "eccentric recluse" and Paul as "just shallow and vacuous". George's wife Olivia is unimpressed with the feature and decides to reply. (See entry for Monday October 5.)

Sunday September 27

The documentary The Making Of Sgt. Pepper is premiered in America on the Disney Channel. This screening also marks the start of a six-week Beatles Festival as part of the Disney Sunday Night Showcase. Over the coming weeks (starting at 9:00pm ET/PT), the series includes: Magical Mystery Tour (on October 4), Paul McCartney: Going Home (October 11), the 1990 John Lennon Tribute Concert (October 18), John and Yoko's 1972 Imagine film (October 25) and Paul's documentary film Get Back (on November 1). Further Disney Channel repeat screenings occur with Paul McCartney: Going Home being transmitted on October 17 and Paul's Get Back on November 7,12,18 and 26.

Tuesday September 29

Ringo returns to Liverpool to film additional sequences for his Disney Channel television special Ringo Starr: Going Home. (The show will premiere in America on Sunday April 18, 1993.) Ringo also drops in to The Beatles shop in Mathew Street, where he uses the shop's telephone which will later be auctioned at a Liverpool Merseybeatles convention.


During the month, over a four-day period, Paul works with the producer Youth on one of his strangest projects ever. The pair create the album Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, credited to The Fireman and containing nine different mixes of the same track, with each given its own title. These are 'Transpiritual Stomp', 'Trans Lunar Rising', 'Transcrystaline', 'Pure Trance', 'Arizona Light', 'Celtic Stomp', 'Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest', '444' and 'Sunrise Mix'. These comprise samples, recorded by Paul, such as whispering, banjos, flutes and the original bass played by Bill Black on Elvis Presley's classic recording of 'Heartbreak Hotel'. To aid with the recordings, Paul sampled two of his own tracks ('The Broadcast' and 'Reception'), both of which appeared on the 1979 Wings album Back To The Egg. (Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest is released in the UK on November 15, 1993, and in America on February 22, 1994.)

This month in the UK, the publishers Seeker & Warburg announce that they have signed a deal to produce the official version of Paul's life story. The book is the result of several years of negotiations and Paul will collaborate with his old friend, the writer Barry Miles.

Also this month, Paul and Linda hold a fund and awareness raising lunch at London's Groucho Club for approximately 45 potential sponsors of the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts. Among those present are Robert Key, the National Heritage Ministry, Peter Bounds, the chief executive of Liverpool City Council and Lord Polumbo, chair of the Arts Council.

In America, George becomes the second ex-Beatle to tape a voice-over for an episode of the top-rated TV American cartoon series The Simpsons. The programme, which involves Homer Simpson and his spoof-Beatles group The Bee-Sharps, is not premiered on the Fox network in America until September 30, 1993.

In the States, an interview with George, carried out by Bill Flangan, is reprinted in this month's Rock CD magazine. During the feature, George is quoted as saying: " 'Revolution 9' ... Ringo and I compiled that. We went into the tape library and looked through the entire room and pulled main selections and gave the tapes to John, and he cut them together. The whole thing 'number nine ... number nine,' is because I pulled the box number nine. It was some kind of education programme. John sat there and decided which bits to cross-fade together, but if Ringo and I hadn't have gone there in the first place, he wouldn't have had anything." George also talks about the Beatles Anthology documentary series, currently in production. "This thing has been laying in cans for years," he reveals. "We did an interview for it and during the course of the questions, this thought came into my mind, which sums up the whole of The Beatles' years: How many Beatles does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is four: John, Paul, George and Ringo. Whatever history thinks, that's what it was." (The interview had previously been printed in the American publication Musician.)

In London, the auction house Phillips begins seeking a private buyer for The Beatles Exhibition, which, until recently, has been on show at the Trocadero in London's Piccadilly.

Saturday October 3

BBC Radio One repeats, during the programme Archive Jukebox, clips from John and Yoko's interview with Andy Peebles from December 6, 1980, and George's appearance on Roundtable, originally transmitted on February 9, 1979 (see relevant dates for further information).

On the same day, this time on BBC Radio Two, the 28-minute documentary Yesterday Forever is broadcast, which features a profile of The Beatles and the various other acts who have recorded Paul's famous 1965 song.

Monday October 5

PMI home video in the UK releases the compilation entitled The John Lennon Video Collection.

To coincide with the 30th anniversary of the release of 'Love Me Do', an evening reception is held in Studio Two at Abbey Road in London, celebrating the release of Mark Lewisohn's book The Complete Beatles Chronicles. Representing The Beatles, and indeed Apple Corps, are Neil Aspinall, Derek Taylor and the photographer Tommy Hanley. Further 'Love Me Do' celebratory events take place in America today when, at the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, California, a special open-air Beatles party is held. Beatles fans gathering below are handed slices of a unique 'Love Me Do' birthday cake and are invited, by Capitol's president Hale Milgrim, to sign a giant Beatles birthday card and contribute to an anniversary video greeting.

In England, George attends tonight's Gary Moore concert at The Royal Albert Hall in London, joining Moore briefly on stage for the encore. Meanwhile also today in the UK, the Bunbury Tails album, brought forward from December, is released and features George's recording of 'Ride Rajbun'.

Today's Guardian newspaper publishes a letter from Olivia Harrison, in reply to the article on Geoffrey Giuliano, published in the paper on Tuesday September 22 (see entry). Her sharp, concise letter reads: "The sight of Geoffrey Giuliano's face is enough to make anyone a recluse. My husband once made the remark: 'That guy knows more about my life than I do.' Mr. Giuliano missed the joke and used it to endorse his book. To rate himself as the world's greatest rock'n'roll biographer (a laughable title in the first place) is nothing but delusion. He has only ever been in the vicinity of my husband for about ten minutes and considers himself an expert. He parades as a spiritual person while condemning the famous, yet without them his achievements in this life wouldn't rate one line in any newspaper. To judge Paul McCartney as 'vacuous and shallow' after all Paul has written and offered to the world is surely the judgement of an arrogant mind, especially as Giuliano's own recognition is not because he is creative, but because, like a starving dog, he scavenges from his heroes, picking up bits of gristle and sinew along the way, repackaging them for consumption by a gullible public. His life is a 'curse' to himself, and perhaps his admitted 300 acid trips by the age of 19 have something to do with it. I'm sick of this guy." The letter is signed Olivia Harrison (Mrs. George), Henley-on-Thames.

Thursday October 8

Paul, George and Ringo hold a three-hour business meeting at Paul's MPL offices, in Soho, London. Afterwards they are seen leaving the building separately in the early afternoon, Paul climbing into his waiting limousine while George and Ringo jump into a taxi. Reports suggest that they then go on for a further business meeting in London, which includes Yoko Ono.

Saturday October 10

In the UK, the Daily Star newspaper runs a story headlined: "GOBSMACCA", which reports that "700 packets of Linda's vegetarian Deep Country pies had mistakenly been filled with a distinctly non-vegetarian steak and kidney filling." The report adds that Linda was quite rightly "fuming" and was "worried" that the slip-up could have been done deliberately. The article concludes by quoting Linda as saying: "I have instructed my solicitors to insist that from now on, none of the vegetarian products that bear my name are manufactured anywhere near any meat products."

Wednesday October 14

George and Olivia leave Heathrow Airport en route to New York's J.F. Kennedy Airport.

Friday October 16

At New York's Madison Square Garden, George attends the Bob Dylan Columbia Records 30th anniversary tribute concert. During the star-studded celebration of the music of Dylan, George performs the tracks 'If Not For You' and 'Absolutely Sweet Marie', and returns later, as part of the encore, to join in on the numbers 'My Back Pages' and 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door'. The event is screened live on pay-per-view cable TV in America, and broadcast live simultaneously on FM radio in stereo. (Among the many complete screenings of the show which take place around the world shortly afterwards, a broadcast of the concert takes place on the private French channel Canal Plus at 1:45am on February 26, 1993.) All of George's live performances, bar the first number, are released on the album Bob Dylan - 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration.

Monday October 19

After a week's delay, Apple records in the UK re-issue John Tavener's debut album The Whale.

Tuesday October 20

In the States, Ringo appears in a pre-taped feature on the ABC TV breakfast show Good Morning America. The interview, where he appears alongside the actor Dennis Hopper, is to promote this weekend's three-day Sierra Tucson Ringo Starr Celebrity Weekend.

On his Concorde flight home, George's return trip to England (BAO 44) is forced to return back to New York's J.F. Kennedy Airport when a warning light in the cockpit starts flashing. Once back at the airport, all of the passengers disembark while British Airways' staff check over the aircraft's engines. (The warning signal had been a false alarm.) To help relieve the boredom during the three-hour delay, George takes out his guitar and entertains the packed first class departure lounge with an impromptu 15-minute performance of George Formby songs. He then hands over his captive audience to the flight's other famous passenger, Norman Schwarzkopf, the commander of the allied forces, who goes on to tell his audience tales of heroic deeds and his military action in the Gulf War.

Wednesday October 21

Ringo makes a return appearance on the American variety show Arsenio, hosted by Arsenio Hall, where he performs 'Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go' (announced as his new single) and 'Act Naturally', both with Nils Lofgren and the resident studio house-band. Ringo also participates in an interview with the host.

Saturday October 24

Ringo's recent high profile in America continues with an appearance at the three-day Sierra Tucson Foundation fund-raising benefit concert, held at the University of Arizona's McKale Center. During the evening, which also features on the bill James Taylor and Jimmy Buffet, Ringo and members of his All-Starr Band perform several numbers. Ringo agreed to the concert because he and Barbara had undergone alcohol rehabilitation at the Sierra Tucson Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center for six weeks during October/November 1988.

Sunday October 25

Yet another in a long line of surprise George Harrison live performances takes place tonight when, apparently, he and Gary Moore take part in some late-night jamming at a pub near George's home called The Crooked Billet. The event, part of a birthday celebration for Moore, angers local residents who complain about the noise to the local police, who insist that the music be turned down. When the landlord of the Crooked Billet is asked about this session, he denies that the event ever took place, adding that the music this evening was actually provided by the cockney duo Chas & Dave.

Channel 4 screens the Yorkshire Television documentary film on James Hanratty. Featured in this 65-minute film are clips from the 1969 film about Hanratty shot by John and Yoko, which has previously been screened only once, on February 17, 1972 (see entry).

Tuesday October 27

In the UK, Linda appears in a pre-taped interview for BBC2's The Late Show, recorded at the BBC TV Centre, Wood Lane, London, to promote her book Sixties.


In London, Apple Productions reject the original title of The Beatles' documentary series, currently in progress in Wendell Road in London. The production, in a short space of time, goes from The Long And Winding Road to ... The Beatles Anthology. Apparently, George was against naming the entire Beatles' history after a Paul McCartney song. This new title, originally just a working title but eventually staying, suits all the parties concerned.

Sunday November 1

Paul's live-concert film Get Back, featuring direction by Richard Lester, receives its world television premiere on the Disney Channel in America.

Monday November 2

The Beatles' Singles Collection, a box set of all 22 original UK Beatles singles on five-inch CDs, is released in the UK. (The American release takes place on November 17.) The set has previously been released in the three-inch CD format.

Friday November 6

Work continues at Apple Productions in London on The Beatles Anthology. A story board is now firmly in place with certain individual tracks chosen to close each year of the programmes (i.e. 'Strawberry Fields Forever' has been designated to close the year for 1967, 'Hey Jude' for 1968, etc.). Original film sequences for 1964, currently in production this month, feature montages for tracks such as 'Things We Said Today', but are later rejected. The producer of the series, Chips Chipperfield, requests assistance in film research from the author of this book, who meets with him and researcher Nell Burley today.

Sunday November 8 (until Sunday December 20)

In America, the Disney Channel begins an Eight Days A Week Tribute To The Beatles campaign. This six-week event includes on-air sweepstakes, competitions, for which the prizes will be Beatles CD boxes and, as the star prize, a visit to the Abbey Road studios in London. During the period November 28 until December 6, a different Beatles film is shown on the channel every night.

In the UK tonight's edition of the LWT programme The South Bank Show on George Formby goes ahead across the ITV network complete with a split second silent clip of George's performance at the George Formby convention, at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool on March 3, 1991. George had written a letter requesting that the clip of him playing should not be transmitted.

Sunday November 15

The French premiere of Paul's Liverpool Oratorio takes place at the British Arts Festival in Lille, France. In attendance this evening is Princess Diana, who is not amused when she is forced to wait to meet Paul, who takes a full five-minute standing ovation in the centre of the concert hall.

Tuesday November 17

In the UK, the Central region of the ITV network screens Paul's MTV Unplugged show in glorious digital NICAM stereo.

Friday November 20

At the Mean Fiddler Club in Harlesden, North London, at approximately 8:30pm, Paul and his band videotape an appearance for a New Year's television special entitled A Carlton New Year. (Carlton is the new ITV franchise holder transmitting ITV programmes to London and the South East, replacing Thames ITV on January 1, 1993.) Paul's repertoire this evening includes tracks from his new album, and consists of: 'Good Rockin' Tonight', We Can Work It Out', 'Biker Like An Icon', 'I Owe It All To You', 'Michelle', 'Hope Of Deliverance', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Down To The River', and an impromptu version of 'Auld Lang Syne' with the audience. Because the television station is unhappy with some of the performance, Paul is requested to re-shoot the songs 'Biker Like An Icon', 'I Owe It All To You', 'Hope Of Deliverance' and 'Can't Buy Me Love'. (The taping concludes at approximately 10:30pm.) From the set, only three of Paul's live tracks, 'Hope Of Deliverance', 'Michelle' and 'Biker Like An Icon', find their way into the programme transmitted in the London region only, during the early hours of January 1, 1993, starting at 12:01am.

Also this evening, over in San Francisco, California, Paul's Liverpool Oratorio is performed. Another concert takes place there the following evening, Saturday, November 21.

Tuesday November 24

Paul's Unplugged show receives another screening, this time on MTV Europe at approximately 8:30am. (A one-off 30-minute edited version of the show had been aired on the station earlier this morning at 5:30am.)

Thursday November 26

In North Acton, London, Paul and his band, working with the director Andy Morahan, begin shooting the promotional film for 'Hope Of Deliverance', originally scheduled to last between 2:00 and 10:00pm. To assist with the filming, and to boost the huge cast of actors and new age travellers, there are 150 members from Paul's fan club. What is anticipated by many to be a most enjoyable day turns out to be more of an ordeal when many of Paul's fan club members are kept waiting for hours. One of the fans, Jason Hobbs, is so incensed by how the fans were treated that he writes a stinging letter to the Beatles Book Monthly magazine. In part, it reads: "We arrived outside the studios at 2pm and as the canteen was already packed to capacity with the other video extras, we were given a small bowl of pasta and some cheese and biscuits - instead of the meal that had been promised. We expected to be on set within the hour, but three hours passed before we had to ask what was going on. We were told that shooting would begin within 30 minutes. This went on hour after hour, until many people started to get very annoyed, and after having waited over five hours, some people even walked out in protest. Eventually, after seven-and-a-half hours of waiting, we were ushered on to the video set, which looked like a forest. Paul and the band then walked on to some disgruntled moaning from the tired and fed-up extras. Things didn't get much better, however. For the entire hour that Paul was on the set, he only spoke once, and that was in reply to a fan who called out 'Say something, Paul'. Paul's reply was 'I don't speak until tomorrow!' After running through the song a few times, the video shoot was over, and we all waited outside by Paul's car, hoping to get an autograph. But when he came out, he just got in and drove off!" Jason's letter concludes: "Although I am one of Paul's biggest fans, I felt I had to write this letter on behalf of myself and the disappointed fans that day. I don't wish to criticise Paul, but I do feel that he treated us like second-class citizens, and I would like MPL and his fan club to know how upset his fans were."

The first UK TV screening of the completed 'Hope Of Deliverance' film takes place on the ITV network Chart Show, transmitted on January 2 1993.

Meanwhile, away from the fuss also on November 26, The Beatles' 1964 film A Hard Day's Night is screened for the first time on the satellite channel TV-1000.

Sunday November 29

Paul and Linda's recent interview, on November 19 at their MPL offices in Soho, London, is transmitted in Australia on the television programme Yana Lendt.

Monday November 30

In the UK, Ringo's album Goodnight Vienna is released on CD, featuring three bonus tracks. (The American release takes place on March 23, 1993.)

November (Into December)

In Sussex, as part of a Christmas present for Linda, Paul and his daughters Heather and Stella, record the unreleased song 'Ingrained Funkiness'.


Inside information from Apple in London, currently hard at work on The Beatles Anthology documentary series, indicates that the first part of The Beatles' documentary series, namely 1962, 1963 and two parts for 1964, is now completed and approved by Paul, George, Ringo and Yoko. At this stage, it is planned that at least one video will represent each year of the group's career together, with each episode now running for approximately 75 minutes. The biggest hold-up to date is over the year 1963, with Yoko asking for re-edits on John's archive film pieces.

Paul re-signs with EMI/Capitol for the whole world. The deal, according to MTV in America, is worth a cool $100 million and will keep Paul tied to the labels for the rest of his life. At the very start of the month, Paul and Linda are to be found in California.

In London, it is reported that a film based on the life of the original fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe is to be made. The tentative title of the drama is Back Beat.

Thursday December 3

Following the conclusion of its run at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath, Linda's exhibition entitled Sixties: Portrait Of An Era opens at the David Fahey-Klein Gallery in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. (Paul and Linda flew in from England especially to attend the event.) To coincide with the opening, and to promote her tie-in publication, Linda later appears live on the show Arsenio, hosted by Arsenio Hall. Back in England, the 1967 film The Family Way, featuring Paul's music on the soundtrack, is screened on the cable and satellite channel Bravo.

Friday December 4

Linda is seen in a pre-taped appearance on the US TV show Hard Copy, where she again promotes her book Sixties. Also today, another promotional interview with Linda for her book is seen on the CNN programme Showbiz Today.

Saturday December 5

In America, George appears on the cover of the music industry magazine Billboard. During the interview inside, he reveals that his birthday is actually February 24 and not February 25, the date frequently published around the world for the last three decades. (Outtakes from this feature had appeared in the American magazine Goldmine, published on November 27.)

Tuesday December 8

In the UK, the tragic events in America leading up to John's death 12 years ago today are remembered during a BBC Radio Two documentary.

Wednesday December 9

In America, during the annual Billboard Music Awards ceremony, from Universal City in California, George receives the first Billboard Magazine Century Award. Following a short potted history of his illustrious career on videotape, George accepts his award from Tom Petty and makes a short speech. As in every other year, the Fox Television Network televises the event live across America. The event is also covered by the Paramount television show Entertainment Tonight, where a report of the evening, featuring an interview with George, is transmitted the following night, December 10. (Viewers in Europe have a chance to see the show when it's transmitted on Sky One on Christmas Eve, December 24.)

Thursday December 10 & Friday December 11

The day begins early, with Paul meeting George briefly in California, purely for social reasons. Then, later in the day, it's Paul's turn to make an historic return to the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, the scene of The Beatles' historic live American TV debut on February 9, 1964. (Ringo appeared at the venue a few months back when he guested on The David Letterman Show for CBS TV.) Paul and his band record, on videotape, at approximately 9:45pm, a concert appearance for the new MTV music series Up Close. During the two days, the group performs the following numbers (electrically): 'Twenty Flight Rock', 'Get Out Of My Way', 'Fixing A Hole', 'Looking For Changes' and 'Penny Lane'; (acoustically): 'Biker Like An Icon', 'I Owe It All To You', 'Big Boys Bickering', 'Michelle', an ad-lib piece of 'Jingle Bells' on the first night, and 'If I Were Not Upon The Stage' on the second night, 'Hope Of Deliverance' and 'Can't Buy Me Love', presented in a "Country Hoe-down" arrangement. Their second electric set consists of 'Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'Off The Ground', 'I Wanna Be Your Man' and 'Sgt. Pepper's'. The final set features Paul sitting at his Yamaha piano, where, accompanied by the band, he performs 'My Love', 'C Moon', 'Lady Madonna', 'C'mon People' and 'Live And Let Die'.

The programme will premiere on MTV in America on Wednesday February 3, 1993, and will include the following 13 tracks: 'Twenty Flight Rock', 'Get Out Of My Way', 'Fixing A Hole', 'Looking For Changes', 'Penny Lane', 'Biker Like An Icon', 'Michelle', 'Hope Of Deliverance', 'I Wanna Be Your Man', 'Off The Ground', 'Sgt. Pepper's', 'My Love' and 'Lady Madonna'. (The first European screening occurs on MTV on Wednesday February 24, 1993, while m the UK, the programme is transmitted on BBC1 during the Easter Weekend on Bank Holiday Monday April 12,1993. Further worldwide 1993 transmissions include: Norway (on the NRK Channel) in two parts on January 29 and February 5, Sweden (SWTTV) on February 11, Germany (ARD Network) on February 13, Spain (Antenna 3) on February 20, Canada (The MuchMusic TV station) on March 3, Holland (Veronica TV) on March 5, Switzerland (DRF Network) on June 4. A further German TV sale, this time to N3, results in a screening taking place on March 26. In addition, the show is screened in March on Australian TV's Channel 9 and New Zealand's TVNZ to correspond with Paul's concert tour appearances.

Thursday December 10

During their time in California, Linda appears live on the US TV programme Vicki! where she again promotes her book Sixties.

Also today Stateside, George is featured on the Paramount Television programme Entertainment Tonight.

Friday December 11

On the morning of the second day's shoot on Up Close, Paul holds another press conference in New York at The Academy, where he comments on the forthcoming Beatles television series, The Beatles Anthology. Paul says: "We've talked for years and years now about doing this thing - 'One of these days we'll set the story straight and do it our way.' I saw George yesterday in California, and we're getting together, you know, for this thing - so it's bringing us together. And there's a chance we might write a little bit of music for it."

In Australia, news of Paul's forthcoming tour of the country is unveiled on various TV news bulletins, including the announcement that tickets for the March shows will go on sale next Monday, December 14.

Saturday December 12

Paul and Linda leave New York at Kennedy Airport and return to England at Heathrow.

Monday December 14

George does it again, turning up unannounced live on stage, this time at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, appearing with Eddie Van Halen during a benefit concert for the family of Jeff Porcaro, a former member of the band Toto, who died recently in mysterious drug related circumstances.

In Australia, as expected, tickets for Paul's concerts in the country in March 1993 go on sale.

Tuesday December 15 & Wednesday December 16

Following a two-day break, Paul resumes recordings at the Abbey Road Studios in London where he works on the unreleased song 'Is It Raining In London?', a track co-written by Paul and Hamish Stuart. The only public hearing of the track occurs in the 1993 MPL Movin' On documentary film. During the first days recording, December 15, Paul gives a live (8am) telephone interview to the BBC Radio One disc-jockey Simon Mayo, who immediately quizzes Paul over his "Beatles To Get Together Again" story, announced in New York on December 11. Unfortunately, for Simon and the millions of listeners, Paul does not give any more information away.

Saturday December 26

BBC2 in the UK screens the Arena documentary on Linda's photographic career. The show is called Behind The Lens.

Sunday December 27

In Europe, Ringo's 1991 appearance on the American animated Simpsons television show is aired on Sky One for the third time.

Monday December 28

Paul's new single 'Hope Of Deliverance'/'Long Leather Coat', is released in the UK. (The American release takes place on January 18, 1993.)

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