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"There will be no Beatles reunion so long as John Lennon remains dead."

- George

Friday January 6

Ringo, accompanied by his wife Barbara, attends the taping sessions for Shining Time Station, the new PBS children's series, at the Travel Town Studios, in Burbank, California.

With no scheduled UK broadcasts in sight, the American Westwood One Lost Lennon Tapes radio series begins transmissions in France on all of the Europe 2 stations, in the exact same running order played, almost exactly one year ago, on the Westwood One network. For the French FM stereo transmissions, the French language versions are transmitted between 7:30 and 8:30pm and hosted by Frederick Hubert. The original English language versions, hosted by Elliot Mintz, are transmitted later in the evening, between 12 midnight and 1:00am.

Sunday January 8

In the UK, the Granada Television documentary programme The Movie Life Of George is transmitted across the ITV network. (See entry for Saturday October 1, 1988.)

Monday January 9

At Chicago's Union Train Station, Ringo, following a break from videotaping, appears to promote his new PBS programme Singing Time Station, which is due to start broadcasting on Sunday January 29. In front of a large gathering from the American press, Ringo announces about his series: "I love to appear and disappear at will, and being miniaturised. That's the magic in the show! It's great to be 18 inches again."

Tuesday January 10

From London, MPL issues a letter to all members of Paul's Wings Fun Club, urging them not to buy Paul's Russian album as an over-priced import. The letter states that the club is making provisions to supply the disc, restricted to one copy per member.

Thursday January 12

Ringo again breaks from recording to promote Shining Time Station, appearing at 7:50am on the NBC News programme Today, where he is joined by the show's co-star Brian O'Connor.

Monday January 23

The Traveling Wilburys single 'End Of The Line'/'Congratulations' is released in America. (The UK release takes place on February 20, where the 12-inch and CD versions feature an extended mix of the A-side.)

Thursday January 26

At the BBC World Service headquarters in Bush House, in The Strand, London, Paul, aided by some of the World Service's 35 Russian speaking staff, appears live in front of an estimated 18 million short-wave listeners in the USSR on the Russian radio show Granny's Chest, where he answers telephone questions from the Soviet Union. The special London telephone number where you could ring Paul, in Studio S7, was printed in the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda on the morning of the broadcast. As a result, the BBC station receives a total of over 1,000 calls. The last luminary to attempt this. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, received just under 300 calls in July 1988. Unfortunately, only 14 callers make it on to the programme. The Russian language questions are translated into English for Paul by the show's English host of Granny's Chest, Sam Jones. Paul's answers are then translated back into Russian for immediate transmission back behind the Iron Curtain. (The programme also features music from Paul's album CHOBA B CCCP, and is transmitted between 6:05 and 7:00pm GMT. Highlights from the show are transmitted to the rest of the world on the BBC World Service programme Multi Track 3, which is broadcast on Friday January 27, with a repeat taking place the following day. Paul's arrival at the BBC studios earlier in the day is featured on both the BBC and ITN news bulletins.)

Sunday January 29

In America, the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), as planned, begins broadcasting, at 6:30pm ET, the new 20-part children's television show entitled Shining Time Station, featuring Ringo in the role of an 18-inch high Mr. Conductor who, quite conveniently, narrates the animated stories about Thomas The Tank Engine And His Friends.

After finally securing the rights from Geffen Records in America, EMI and Capitol issue John and Yoko's 1980 album Double Fantasy on CD and LP in the US and in the UK.

February (through until April)

At his home studio in Sussex, Paul and his band are filmed rehearsing and recording several songs for inclusion in the 50-minute TV special Put It There. During the extensive filming, Paul and band record new versions of The Beatles' classic 'The Long And Winding Road', as well as new tracks including 'Rough Ride' and 'Party Party'. The finished show will be premiered in the UK on BBC1 on June 10 and in America on November 11 on the station Showtime. (An extended 65-minute version is later released on home video.)

It is officially announced that the UK radio transmissions of the Lost Lennon Tapes series will not now be taking place.

Thursday February 2

In Liverpool, a pre-recorded interview with Paul is transmitted on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Friday February 3 (until Tuesday February 7)

A four-hour radio special entitled Meet The Beatles: The 25th Anniversary, a programme celebrating the quarter of a century landmark since The Beatles first landed in the States, is syndicated across many radio stations in America.

Monday February 6

The 25th anniversary since The Beatles first landed in America is featured on the Paramount television programme Entertainment Tonight when this historic event is remembered during their Inside Music report, which includes an interview with Cynthia Lennon, and archive interviews with Paul (carried out in 1986), George (1988) and Ringo (1983).

Thursday February 23

In Los Angeles, George attends the premiere of Handmade's new film Pow Wow Highway, which takes place at the Director's Guild Theater, an event also organised as a benefit event for the Southwest Museum.

Friday February 24

In the UK, the home video release takes place of the 1966 film The Family Way, featuring a music score written by Paul.

In America, the 1969 film The Magic Christian, starring Ringo and Peter Sellers, as well as featuring the track 'Come And Get It' written by Paul and performed on the soundtrack by Badfinger, is simultaneously released on laser disc in the US and on home video in the UK

Also Stateside, the Rhino compilation album Starr Struck: Best Of Ringo Starr Vol. 2, featuring some of Ringo's greatest hits is released. The issue marks the first outing in America of tracks originally featured on his album Old Wave. (Starr Struck is not released in the UK)


During the month at FPHOTS, George, working with Jeff Lynne as producer, records a version of 'Cheer Down' for inclusion on the Lethal Weapon 2 film soundtrack, a version later released as a single. The song was originally written in 1988 for inclusion on Eric Clapton's 1989 Journeyman album, but he ultimately rejected it. This month, George also attends the annual Grammy Awards at the Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium with fellow Wilburys Petty and Lynne.

In the States, Ringo makes a cameo appearance in Jan Hammer's video for 'Too Much To Lose'.

The private German radio station in Hamburg, West Germany, called OK Radio, begins transmitting a new weekly series entitled Beatles Forever, which features demo tapes, rare tracks and archive interviews with the group.

Sunday March 5

At Sarm West Studios in London, Ringo is one of many artists contributing vocals to the song 'Spirit Of The Forest', a record sold to raise funds for preservation of the planet's rain forests. The sessions, which take place in New York and Los Angeles, also include star names from the music industry, such as Dave Gilmour, Brian Wilson, Mick Fleetwood and Joni Mitchell.

Sunday March 19

Alan Civil, the horn player who played on The Beatles' Revolver track 'For No One' in 1966, dies of a liver complaint in a London hospital. He was 60 years of age.

Wednesday March 22 & Thursday March 23

On a sound stage at Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, George and Ringo join Tom Petty to film a promotional video for Petty's track 'I Won't Back Down'. For the second day's shoot, March 23, panic erupts when the director, David Leland, realises he still needs Ringo, who had been told not to turn up, for one long shot. Instead, a lookalike from the Beatlemania stage play is drafted in as a replacement, much to the annoyance of George. (The clip is prepared for television distribution on March 29.) As for the song itself, George had played guitar and sang backing vocals.

Friday March 24

Wally Heider, the man who played host to Paul and Wings during the Los Angeles recording sessions for Venus And Mars in 1975, dies of lung cancer in Santa Clarita. He was 66 years of age.

Saturday March 25 (until Saturday May 13)

BBC Radio One begins broadcasting a special eight-part series called McCartney On McCartney, in which Paul talks to the DJ Mike Read about his career from Beatlemania to the present day. The first part, entitled "Early Beginnings to 1962" is first transmitted on Saturday between 2:01pm and 2:59pm and then repeated the following Tuesday evening, again on Radio One, between 7:31 and 8:29pm. (The further seven parts follow suit.) Meanwhile, an edited version of the series is transmitted in America during the Memorial Day weekend of May 27 to 29.

Ringo, meanwhile, is to be found in Paris, attending Elton John's lavish 42nd birthday party, held at the exclusive Bois De Boulogne restaurant. Due to the array of fine foods and drinks on offer, Elton's bill for the bash comes to a grand total of £265,000. Further expense is heaped on Elton when he foots the bill for his guests' accommodation, an entire floor of the nearby plush Ritz Hotel. (Not wishing to incur more expense for Elton, Ringo returns to London the following day.)

Monday March 27

Ringo returns to the Abbey Road Studios in London where he joins Buck Owens to record a new version of 'Act Naturally'. Ringo, of course, recorded a version with The Beatles back in 1965, included on side two of their UK album Help!

In the UK, Julian Lennon releases his third solo album Mr. Jordan.


Capitol Records in America, EMI Records in London and the RIAA (the Recording Industry of America) launch an assault on the manufacturers of a new batch of high quality Beatles/solo bootleg albums that have begun to appear in Europe and across America. The titles in question, Ultra Rare Trax, Back Track, Off White and Silver Wilburys, all feature master tape quality recordings of previously unreleased studio outtakes and songs.

Cynthia Lennon opens her restaurant Lennon's in London. Among the delights on offer are Sgt. Pepper's Steak and Penny Lane Pate!

Saturday April 1 & Sunday April 2

John and Yoko's film Ten For Two, shot at the John Sinclair Benefit Concert on December 10, 1971, receives its world premiere with screenings at the Royal Oak Music Theater and the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor.

In the UK, the 60-minute home video of the 1986 BBC/MPL TV programme titled The Paul McCartney Special, is released. (When originally aired on BBC1 on August 29, 1986, it sported the simple alternative title of McCartney. A home video and laser disc version of the show is released in America on June 21.)

Tuesday April 4

At the Ivor Novello Awards Ceremony luncheon in London, Paul receives a standing ovation when he receives the Outstanding Services to British Music accolade. As he collects his award, Paul delivers to the audience his very own, recently composed 'Ivor Novello Rap', as follows:

"This Ivor Novello was a pretty fine chap,

But just one thing he didn't know, was how to rap.

'Cause, if he was living in the present day,

He'd have to think of something to say.

I think I know what it might just be,

He'd say whatever happened to the melody!"

Monday April 10 & Tuesday April 11

Over two days in the house at Strawberry Fields in Liverpool, Paul, Linda and his band film the promotional clips for the latest single 'My Brave Face'. Working with the director Roger Lunn, the clip features a straight (black and white) performance of the song by the group intercut with various MPL archive film clips, most notably Tony Barrow's home movies from the 1965/1966 Beatles tours that Paul acquired during the 1986 Sotheby's Auction. (Final editing on the clip, which is produced by Vanderquest Productions, takes place on Thursday April 13.) Simultaneously whilst recording the first 'My Brave Face' clip, Paul commissions a second clip for the song to be shot, featuring colour video of the group making the first version. This sports the apt title of The Making Of My Brave Face.

Thursday April 20

At the PWL Studios in Borough, South London, Paul, along with several other artists, records vocals for a new recording of the Gerry And The Pacemakers track 'Ferry 'Cross The Mersey', a song recorded to raise money for the Hillsborough Disaster Fund, organised to help the families of the Hillsborough football stadium disaster where 90 fans tragically lost their lives. Paul completes his vocals and is seen leaving the building at approximately 2pm. (The special charity single is released in the UK only on May 8.)

Monday April 24

At the annual Sony National Radio Awards show, held at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, the 14-part Radio 1 series The Beeb's Lost Beatles Tapes wins the award for the Best Rock & Pop Programme. On hand to collect the accolade from Alan Freeman and Michael Aspel are those responsible for the shows, namely Richard Skinner, Kevin Howlet and Mark Lewisohn.

Friday April 28

The home video of John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band Live - Rock & Roll Revival, Toronto, is released in the UK. (The American release takes place on May 1.) The footage derives from John and Yoko's performance at the September 13, 1969, Toronto concert. Also in America today, the 1988 film John Lennon: Imagine is released on American home video. (The UK release takes place on May 8.)

April (until June)

During recording sessions in Henley at his private studios, George records the tracks 'Cockamamie Business' and 'Poor Little Girl', both of which appear as bonus tracks on the Best Of Dark Horse 1976-1989 compilation album. ('Poor Little Girl' will also appear on a single in the UK)

Monday May 1

In the UK, the home video release of Rock'n'Roll - The Greatest Years 1971 is stopped following George's objection to the inclusion of 'My Sweet Lord', which had been extracted without permission from Apple's 1971 Bangla Desh concert film. Harrison's official objection will not take effect until July, which means early copies of the video still find their way into the major retailers before being withdrawn. The video also includes the 1971 Ringo promotional film for 'It Don't Come Easy', the first time that one of Ringo's promotional clips has been released commercially.

Thursday May 4

The promotional film clip for 'Spirit Of The Forest' (see entry for Sunday March 5), is premiered tonight on the BBC2 programme Nature.

Monday May 8

Paul's single 'My Brave Face'/'Flying To My Home' is released in the UK. (The American release takes place on May 10.) Today, the charity single 'Ferry 'Cross The Mersey', featuring Paul's vocals, is also released in the UK

Wednesday May 10

A previously recorded appearance with Paul on the French television music show Rapido, appears in England on the BBC2 version of the music show. (A repeat transmission takes place on Saturday May 13, again on BBC2.) Also today, the MPL promotional film, The Making Of My Brave Face, which was recorded on April 10 and 11 (see entry), is distributed to selected television stations around Europe.

Saturday May 13

Paul is interviewed for nine minutes on the French television show Champs Elysees where he talks about his sheep, his first trip to Paris and the 'My Brave Face' promotional film. (Paul, Linda and the band return to England the following day.)

Tuesday May 16

At his home studio in Sussex, Paul records an interview with Rona Elliott for broadcast on the NBC TV Today show.

Wednesday May 17

In the States today, a pre-taped interview with Paul is transmitted on the NBC programme Today. (Part two of the interview is aired tomorrow.) Paul also crops up today in another US TV show, this time the Paramount television programme Entertainment Tonight where he talks about his pre-tour rehearsals and again gives his views on Albert Goldman's book on John Lennon.

George is in attendance at the opening of Bill Wyman's new London restaurant Sticky Fingers. Joining the former Beatle are other celebrities, including Tina Turner and former members of Traffic, Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi.

Thursday May 18

Paul's European promotional tour continues with an appearance on the West German ZDF TV variety show Mensch Meir, where Paul and his band mime to the tracks 'Put It There' and 'Figure Of Eight'. Back home, the promotional film for 'My Brave Face' (version 1) receives a screening on tonight's edition of Top Of The Pops on BBC1.

Friday May 19

Paul, Linda and their band return to England and immediately head for the BBC Television Theatre in Shepherd's Bush, London, to make another appearance on the BBC1 early evening chat show Wogan With Sue Lawley. During the live show, transmitted between 7:00 and 7:39pm, the group mime to specially recorded new versions of 'Figure Of Eight' and 'My Brave Face'.

Earlier in the day, as Paul left his MPL offices in Soho Square, he was pushing his way through fans when a woman approached him, screaming, "Why don't you acknowledge me? Why don't you acknowledge me?" Clearly distressed by the incident, Paul requested that the running order on the Wogan show be changed so that he might leave early, thus avoiding more unpleasantness should the woman have followed him to Shepherd's Bush. The identity of this woman has never been established.

Saturday May 20

UK TV transmits, in certain regions of the ITV network, the annual American World Music Awards, which feature Ringo introducing and presenting an award to the singer Tanita Tikaram.

Sunday May 21

A profile, featuring a pre-taped interview with Paul, is transmitted in America on the Paramount Television programme Entertainment Tonight. (Another feature on Paul is transmitted tomorrow night, this time on the show's weekday programme, Entertainment Tonight.)

Monday May 22

Paul, Linda and the band return to the Con Cordia TV Studios in Bussum, Holland, where they make another appearance on the NED 2 TV pop-show Countdown, on which Paul and his band mime to the songs 'How Many People' and 'My Brave Face'. (Their performance, alongside an interview with Paul, and a screening of the 'Mull Of Kintyre' promotional film, is transmitted on the Veronica TV station on Wednesday May 24.) During the afternoon rehearsal, watched only by a selected few, Linda plays the drums. Paul and Linda also pay a visit to the Vincent Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam where, for the benefit of a waiting cameraman, Paul poses with a strategically placed bicycle. Later in the day, Paul consents to an interview with the Belgian reporter Andre Vermeullen.

Friday May 26

A pre-recorded interview with Paul, including the first UK TV screening of the Making Of My Brave Face promotional film, is transmitted on the breakfast station TV AM. In Italy, Paul is a featured artist on the Italian RAI UNO television programme Notte Rock.

Saturday May 27

Paul and his group travel to Los Angeles, California, leaving from Heathrow Airport in London early this morning.

Monday May 29

For 90 minutes, Paul appears live on the KLOS-FM in Los Angeles radio phone-in show Rockline. Following this, Paul and Linda head off back to France.

Wednesday May 31

In America, Tom Petty's home video compilation entitled A Bunch Of Videos And Some Other Stuff, featuring the video for 'I Won't Back Down', co-starring George and Ringo is released. (The video is released in the UK on August 11.)

During their brief stay in France, Paul gives an interview to RTL Radio and makes an appearance with his band on the French Television show Sacree Soiree, where they perform 'My Brave Face'. During his 23-minute appearance, which includes an interview with the host, he is reunited with George Martin and is embarrassed by a playing of 'Besame Mucho' from The Beatles' 1962 Decca Records audition tape.


In America, the Tommy album, featuring two tracks by Ringo, is released on compact disc.

Monday June 5

The 'Spirit Of The Forest' charity single, featuring brief lead vocal lines by Ringo, is released in America on a 12-inch vinyl single. (The UK release, also today, is in the form of a standard 7-inch.)

Also in the UK, Paul's Flowers In The Dirt album is released. (The American release occurs on June 6.) The issue features production credits by Trevor Horn, Neil Dorfsman, Chris Hughes and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

Wednesday June 7

At Twickenham Film Studios in Middlesex, London, before a large crowd mainly comprising 150 members from the Wings Fun Club, Paul and his band appear in a live satellite link-up with Japanese TV for the programme Hunky Dory (or alternatively called in Japan Yoru No Hit Studio). The feature, which commences later than the scheduled 12 noon start, includes an interview with Paul carried out between mimed performances of 'This One' and 'My Brave Face'.

This evening, George and Ringo are to be found standing in the wings of Bob Dylan's concert at the NEC in Birmingham, with Eric Clapton and Jeff Lynne. Throughout Bob's UK tour, George will be seen "hanging out" with the reclusive star. Completely unnoticed, they even ride bicycles through London's Hyde Park.

Thursday June 8

Paul and his band fly to Spain and assemble at the Barcelona studios of the Spanish Television station TVE to record an appearance on the programme La Luna. The lengthy sessions involve the miming, two separate times, of 'My Brave Face', 'Distractions', 'We Got Married', 'This One', and a brief interview with Paul which, when transmitted, features Spanish subtitles. (As a result of the editing of their performances, the song 'Distractions' fails to appear anywhere during the transmitted show.) Shortly afterwards, the entourage return to England.

Saturday June 10

Paul's MPL documentary Put It There is aired tonight on BBC1 in the UK.

Tuesday June 13

Ringo appears as a guest on stage with Bob Dylan, joining him on two songs at Les Arenes in Frejus, France.

In Madrid, Spain, Yoko is a guest on the TVE programme La Tarde.

Thursday June 15

Paul and his group fly to Rome in Italy for further European promotions for his Flowers In The Dirt album. The day begins with a press conference before Paul and his band appear as guests at the Teatro Delle Vittorie in Rome on the RAI TV programme Saint Vincent Estate '89. During their segment, before a live studio audience, Paul and his band mime performances of 'My Brave Face' and 'This One'. (The programme is transmitted by RAI UNO the following day, June 16, just as Paul, Linda and the band are returning home.)

Saturday June 17

At BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, Paul conducts his third live radio phone-in of the year, this time on the Italian RAI station Stereo 2. During the course of the one hour broadcast, more than 500 calls are received by the BBC.

Monday June 19

Paul begins arranging a shoot for the promotional film of 'This One'. He calls for the assistance of the director Tim Pope.

Tuesday June 20

In America, Paul's albums, Wild Life, Pipes Of Peace, London Town, Back To The Egg and Wings At The Speed Of Sound are released on compact disc.

In New York at the Palladium, Ringo holds a press conference which is simultaneously broadcast on the radio station Westwood One, where he announces his plans for a live solo concert tour. Later this evening, Ringo travels to the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, where he makes a live appearance on the top-rated David Letterman Show on CBS.

Wednesday June 21

Ringo continues promotions for his upcoming tour by appearing on the ABC breakfast show Good Morning America. (The feature had been taped at the New York press conference yesterday.)

Friday June 23 & Saturday June 24

Paul and his group assemble in the London studios of Albert Wharf to film a promotional film for 'This One', working with the director Tim Pope. This video features the song set against an Eastern, mystic backdrop with Paul and his band having eyes painted on their closed eyelids.

On June 24, Ringo and Buck Owens shoot a promotional video in America for their new recording of 'Act Naturally'.

In the States on Saturday, Roseanne Cash's version of The Beatles' 1964 track 'I Don't Want To Spoil The Party' becomes the first Lennon & McCartney composition to hit the USA country & western number one spot.

Friday June 30

In an out-of-court settlement in London, The Beatles' lawsuit against Dave Clark (London) Ltd. is finally settled. The outcome is that Clark, the one-time drummer of the Sixties group The Dave Clark Five, retains the right to market the Ready Steady Go! television shows which feature The Beatles' three appearances from 1963 and 1964.

Tuesday July 4 & Wednesday July 5

Paul, not entirely happy with the first 'This One' video, arranges for a second version of the film to be shot, this time utilising the talents of the director Dean Chamberlain. This involves stop-motion action, a process which will take a while to complete. The clip is finally edited and prepared for television distribution on July 21.

Also on July 5, the Ringo and Buck Owens' duet of 'Act Naturally' is released on a single in America. In Los Angeles, Ringo and his new band members begin rehearsals for an upcoming American tour. The band includes drummer Jim Keltner, pianist Billy Preston, saxophonist Clarence Clemmons, drummer/vocalist Levon Helm, Dr. John, guitarists Joe Walsh and Nils Lofgren, and bass player Rick Danko. Collectively they will be billed as "Ringo's All-Starr Band".

Saturday July 8

'My Brave Face' reaches number 25 in the American singles chart.

Monday July 10

Paul's album Wings At The Speed Of Sound is released on CD in the UK.

Friday July 14 & Saturday July 15

At the Cliphouse Studios in London, Paul videotapes a unique promotional film for the track 'Ou Est Le Soleil?' which largely centres around a computer game. (The clip is edited and prepared for television distribution on July 30.)

Monday July 17

In the UK, Paul's single 'This One'/'The First Stone' is released. (The American release on August 2 takes place as a cassette single only.)

Friday July 21

Ringo and his All-Starr band continue rehearsals in Los Calinas, Texas.

Saturday July 22

On the eve of the first All-Starr Band concert tour, Ringo and Barbara attend the party at Le Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood, celebrating the premiere of the latest James Bond picture Licensed To Kill.

Ringo & The All-Starr Band
First Tour Of America
Sunday July 23 - Monday September 4

Ringo and his All-Starr Band begin their first tour, a journey through North America. Besides Ringo's obvious solo turns, each member of the band performs at least one number during each show. Ringo's repertoire for the shows includes 'It Don't Come Easy', 'No No Song', 'Honey Don't', 'You're Sixteen', 'Photograph', 'Yellow Submarine', 'Act Naturally', 'Boys', 'With A Little Help From My Friends' and either, 'I Wanna Be Your Man' or 'Back Off Boogaloo'.

The tour includes performances at:

Park Central Amphitheater, Dallas, Texas (Sunday July 23)

Poplar Creek Music Theater, near Chicago (Tuesday July 25)

Deer Creek Amphitheater, Indianapolis (Wednesday July 26)

Riverfest, Minneapolis (Friday July 28)

Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, Wisconsin (Saturday July 29)

Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, near Detroit, Texas (Sunday July 30)

Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, near Cleveland, Ohio (Monday July 31)

Lake Compounce Amusement Park, Bristol, Connecticut (Wednesday August 2)

Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York (Friday August 4)

Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey (Saturday August 5)

Bally's Grand Hotel, Atlantic City (Sunday August 6)

Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland (Tuesday August 8)

Mann Music Center, Philadelphia (Wednesday August 9)

Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey (Friday August 11 - return appearance)

Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantaugh, New York (Saturday August 12 and Sunday August 13)

Great Woods Center, Mansfield, near Boston, Massachusetts (Tuesday August 15)

Kingston Concert Grounds, Kingston, New Hampshire (Wednesday August 16)

Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York (Friday August 18)

CNE, Toronto (Saturday August 19)

Castle in Charlevoix, Michigan (Sunday August 20)

Winnipeg, Canada (Tuesday August 22)

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (Wednesday August 23)

Olympic Saddledome, Calgary (Thursday August 24)

Northlands Coliseum, Edmonton (Friday August 25)

PNE Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C. (Sunday August 27)

Cal Expo Amphitheater, Sacramento (Tuesday August 29)

Aladdin Theater, Las Vegas (Wednesday August 30)

Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, California (Friday September 1)

Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa, California (Saturday September 2)

Greek Theater, Los Angeles (Sunday September 3 and Monday September 4)

Monday July 24

Ringo appears on the live American radio phone-in show Rockline. Ringo is also informed today that the producer Chips Moman and CRS Records are planning to release an album of recordings that Ringo made with the producer Moman back in 1987. Ringo immediately obtains a court order from Judge Ralph Hicks in Fulton County Supreme Court, preventing the release of the album for 30 days, pending a final ruling on the case.

Friday August 11

During Ringo's show at Holmdel, New Jersey, Bmce Springsteen appears on stage as a guest. He performs with Ringo on the tracks 'Get Back', 'Long Tall Sally' (both additional songs to the show's regular repertoire), 'Photograph' and 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. Ringo's son Zak is also a surprise guest on the night and plays drums on three songs, two of which ('Photograph' and 'With A Little Help From My Friends') feature the Ringo/Springsteen duet.

Saturday August 12

Paul and Linda watch from the wings at Ringo's concert at Jones Beach Amphitheater in Wantaugh, New York.

Tuesday August 22 & Wednesday August 23

Ringo's case against Moman, preventing the release of an album of recordings made back in 1987 is heard in court. Two of the tracks, 'Whisky And Soda' and 'I Can Help' are played as evidence to show that, due to his having drank alcohol during the sessions, Ringo's singing ability is below standard.

Thursday August 24

The court grants Ringo another 30 days extension barring the release by Moman of his 1987 Ringo Starr album.

Friday August 25

American TV broadcasts, for the first time, the comical Oldsmobile car television commercial featuring Ringo and his daughter Lee.

Sunday September 3 & Monday September 4

Four songs from Ringo's September 3 concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles ('No No Song', 'Honey Don't', 'You're Sixteen' and 'Photograph') and three from the September 4 show are videotaped and later included in the Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band video presentation. (The sound recordings are captured on a mobile 48-track machine, which had been loaned from the Record Plant studios.) Also on September 3, the track 'Boys' is transmitted live on the long-running American TV show The Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.

Monday July 24

In the UK, Paul's single 'This One'/'The Long And Winding Road' is released in a limited edition box. Meanwhile Paul and his band begin four days of rehearsals at the BBC Playhouse Theatre in Northumberland Avenue, London. The band now features a line-up of Paul, Linda, guitarists Hamish Stuart and Robbie McIntosh, keyboard player Paul "Wix" Wickens and drummer Chris Whitten.

Tuesday July 25

Paul and his band break from rehearsals to record appearances on several shows, including BBC1's Top Of The Pops, which is recorded at the BBC TV Centre and transmitted on August 3. (Footage of Paul and his band rehearsing the song on the set of Top Of The Pops is taped for a behind-the-scenes look at the programme, which is aired on The O Zone programme, broadcast on August 22.) Also on July 25, Paul tapes an interview for BBC2's The O Zone programme, which is aired on Friday July 28. In addition, Linda also records an appearance today for the BBC1 programme But First This... (transmitted on August 10), where she discusses ecology and vegetarianism.

At the Lumiere Cinema in London, George and Olivia attend a special preview screening of the Handmade film How To Get Ahead In Advertising, which opens at the cinema on Friday July 28.

Wednesday July 26 & Thursday July 27

At the Playhouse Theatre in London, Paul performs surprise 5pm concerts before an invited audience, mainly comprising staff from MPL and EMI as well as 400 members of the Wings Fun Club. Their repertoire on both days includes 'Figure Of Eight', 'Jet', 'Rough Ride', 'Got To Get You Into My Life', 'Band On The Run', We Got Married', 'Put It There', 'Hello, Goodbye' (ending), 'Things We Said Today', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Summertime', 'I Saw Her Standing There', 'This One' and 'My Brave Face'. At this point, Paul introduces his band to the audience. The shows then continue with 'Twenty Flight Rock', 'The Long And Winding Road', 'Ain't That A Shame', 'Let It Be' and, for the encore, 'Coming Up'. The shows also serve as a preview of his upcoming world tour, which is scheduled to begin on September 26. At the start of the second day of the Playhouse concerts, Paul hosts a special 1:00-3:00pm press conference to announce his upcoming world tour and performs a brief music set for the benefit of the press and TV cameras. Their performance includes 'Midnight Special', 'Coming Up', 'Twenty Flight Rock' and 'This One'. Afterwards, Paul and his band perform a second concert before an audience of Wings Fun Club members. In America, on July 26, Paul releases a 12-inch and a cassette maxi single version of 'Ou Est Le Soleil?' featuring three alternative mixes of the track.

Friday July 28

A clip from Paul's Playhouse press conference is included in tonight's edition of the BBC2 music show The O Zone. Further excerpts from the gathering are transmitted across Europe, including the German 3SAT music show P.I.T. on July 31.

Sunday July 30

A pre-recorded interview with Paul is transmitted on the Children's ITV morning show Ghost Train, where he promotes his new album and single, 'This One'.


During this month, over a few days in London, George records an appearance for the new ITV music show, entitled Beyond The Groove, devised and co-produced by the former Tourists and Eurythmics star Dave Stewart. The show remains unseen.

Wednesday August 2

In America, a 7-inch 45rpm vinyl promotional version of Paul's 'This One' is released. It is now thought highly likely that this will be Paul's last American vinyl single as, just prior to its issue, Capitol announces that they are discontinuing most 7-inch vinyl singles.

Thursday August 3

In the UK, the film Porky's Revenge is released on home video, featuring George's track 'I Don't Want To Do It' on the soundtrack.

Friday August 4

On the Italian RAI UNO TV music programme Notte Rock, a segment is devoted to Paul, and features excerpts from the Playhouse Theatre press conference of July 27.

Thursday August 10

The soundtrack album to Lethal Weapon 2, featuring George's 'Cheer Down' is released in America. (The UK release takes place on September 4.)

Monday August 21 (until Thursday August 24)

Paul and his band begin rehearsals for their upcoming world tour at the Lyceum Theater in New York. On the morning of August 24, Paul conducts a brief press conference at the Theater, which is simultaneously transmitted live (for 90 minutes) on the Westwood One Radio network in America. (Five songs from the conference, 'Blue Suede Shoes', 'Matchbox', 'Figure Of Eight', 'This One' and 'Coming Up', are included in the transmission.) During a break this afternoon at the Theatre, Paul's hectic schedule continues when he tapes a promotional video interview for Capitol Records. Later this evening, again at the Lyceum Theater, Paul and his band perform a show before a specially invited audience. Their repertoire includes 'Figure Of Eight', 'This One', 'Jet', 'Rough Ride', 'Got To Get You Into My Life', 'Band On The Run', 'We Got Married', 'Put It There', 'Things We Said Today', 'Summertime', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'I Saw Her Standing There', 'My Brave Face', 'Twenty Flight Rock', 'The Long And Winding Road', 'Ain't That A Shame', 'Let It Be' and, as the encore, 'Coming Up'.

Still in America, George's single 'Cheer Down'/'That's What It Takes' is released. dt In London at the annual Sotheby's rock and pop auction, The Beatles' former chauffeur Alf Bicknell offers for sale five Beatles reel-to-reel tapes, items personally given to him by John when Alf left his employment with the group in September, 1966. Of the five, only two of the reels sell, going for almost £12,000 to a buyer from West Germany.

Friday August 25

Paul, Linda and the band return to England where, following a day off on August 26, rehearsals resume at Paul's home studio in West Sussex on August 27.

Tuesday August 29

To capitalise on Paul's recent high profile activities, his 1978 album London Town is released on CD in the UK.

Friday September 1

At his Sussex studios, Paul records a completely new version of the track 'Figure Of Eight', which will appear later, released as a single in no less than eight different formats in the UK and as a cassette single in America.

Saturday September 2

In the UK, BBC2 broadcasts the Network East tribute programme to Ravi Shankar, which features a brief interview with George. The show is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ravi's first public recital. Further showings of the documentary take place on BBC2 on March 31 and then again on BBC1 on April 1, 1990.

Monday September 4 (periodically until Thursday September 21)

Paul and his band shift rehearsals to a sound stage at the Elstree Film Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. At the end of the day, rehearsals are cut short to enable Paul and Linda to head for the BBC Television Theatre in Shepherd's Bush, London, for the programme Wogan. Tonight Linda will make her first solo appearance on the show to promote her cookery book, while Paul watches her interview backstage.

Thursday September 7

Paul, Linda and the band again break from rehearsals to attend the 1989 celebrity Buddy Holly Week luncheon which, this year, is held at the Talk Of The Town in Parker Street, near Holborn, London. Afterwards, Paul's entourage of musicians returns to Elstree for more rehearsals.

Monday September 11

Paul's single 'My Brave Face' is released on a CD in America.

Saturday September 16

'This One' reaches a disappointing number 94 in the American singles chart, while in the UK, the single had reached number 18 the previous month.

Thursday September 21

Following months of extensive rehearsals by Paul and his new band, the fruits of their work are finally unveiled tonight during a secret, pre-tour concert, in Studio 6 at the Goldcrest Film Studios, at Elstree in Hertfordshire. The 750 members of the audience, comprised mainly of fan club members and winners from the all-day Radio One competition, are treated to the world premiere of the 11-minute pre-concert Richard Lester-directed film, featuring many rare Beatles' film clips and the full 30-song repertoire from the band, including all of the visual effects that will be featured on the tour. The song line-up will alter periodically during the 10-month world tour. (See entry for September 26 for the full repertoire.) The show tonight, and those throughout the tour, is captured on multi-camera film and videotape and will be professionally sound recorded by Paul. Among those present is writer Barry Miles, beginning work on Many Years From Now, Paul's autobiography.

Monday September 25

Paul and his band fly to Norway to begin preparations for their tour.

Tuesday September 26

Even though the official start day of Paul's concert tour is September 28, tonight Paul and his band perform another warm-up concert, this time at the Drammenshalle in Dramen, Norway. Their repertoire for this concert, as well as for their forthcoming shows, consists of the following: 'Figure Of Eight', 'Jet', 'Rough Ride', 'Got To Get You Into My Life', 'Band On The Run', 'Ebony And Ivory', 'We Got Married', 'Maybe I'm Amazed', 'The Long And Winding Road', 'The Fool On The Hill', 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', 'Good Day Sunshine', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Put It There' (featuring the ending of 'Hello, Goodbye'), 'Things We Said Today', 'Eleanor Rigby', 'Back In The USSR', 'I Saw Her Standing There', 'This One', 'My Brave Face', 'Twenty Flight Rock', 'Coming Up', 'Let It Be', 'Live And Let Die', 'Hey Jude', 'Yesterday' and 'Get Back'. Then, as an encore, the following tracks: 'Golden Slumbers', 'Carry That Weight' and 'The End'. For the show today, September 26, the Richard Lester film does not precede the concert. (Incidentally, later in the CD booklet accompanying Paul's Tripping The Live Fantastic album, Paul mistakenly lists this show today in Dramen as the official start of the tour, but this is not the case.) Coincidentally, back in the UK this evening, Channel 4 is screening, for the first time on British television, the 1980 MPL concert film Rockshow, featuring highlights from Wings' live performance at Seattle's Kingdome on Thursday June 10, 1976.

Paul McCartney's 1989/1990 World Tour
September 28 1989 - July 29

First Leg - Europe Thursday
September 28 - Saturday November 11

Following years of unofficial stories, the rumours finally turn into fact and, after a gap of ten years, Paul goes back on the road. The first leg of his world tour opens with concerts at:

Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden (Thursday September 28)

Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden (Friday September 29 and Saturday September 30)

Sportshalle, Hamburg, West Germany (Tuesday October 3 and Wednesday October 4)

Festehalle, Frankfurt, West Germany (Friday October 6 and Saturday October 7)

Palais Omnisport De Bercy, Paris, France (Monday October 9, Tuesday October 10 and Wednesday October 11)

Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, West Germany (Monday October 16 and Tuesday 17)

Olympiahalle, Munich, West Germany (Friday October 20, Saturday October 21 and Sunday October 22)

Palaeur, Rome, Italy (Tuesday October 24)

Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy (Thursday October 26 and Friday October 27)

Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland (Sunday October 29 and Monday October 30)

Palacio De Sportes, Madrid, Spain (Thursday November 2 and Friday November 3)

La Halle Tony Gamier, Lyon, France (Sunday November 5)

Ahoy Sportpaleis, Rotterdam, Holland (Tuesday November 7, Wednesday November 8, Friday November 10 and Saturday November 11)

The 1989/1990 Get Back tour, as it will be fondly remembered, will travel 100,331 miles and take in 13 countries. A prop used at the start of the tour, but soon dropped, features a large aeroplane which swoops down over the audience at the start of the track 'Back In The USSR'.

A feature of the tour is the free programme, designed by the publishers of Q magazine to resemble a special 100-page issue of the magazine. A copy is placed on each seat in every arena, a welcome gesture in view of the prevailing trend for extortionately priced rock tour programmes with very few pages, featuring little in the way of intelligent text but plenty of adverts for tour merchandise and back catalogues.

Fans were also pleased by the accurate musical arrangements of the many Beatles' songs in Paul's repertoire. Paul and his band, Hamish Stuart in particular, had evidently taken special pains to reproduce as closely as possible the vocal harmonies and backing tracks of the original Beatles' recordings. This was particularly noticeable in 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Sgt Pepper' and the wonderful closing sequence of Abbey Road songs, for which Paul played lead guitar on a Gibson Les Paul and Hamish played bass. For much of the concert Paul played an original left-handed Hofner Violin bass, just as he did with The Beatles, and the reappearance after so many years of this distinctive instrument was usually sufficient to raise a warm cheer from older fans.

Thursday September 28 (until Friday November 10)

Live tracks from several of the shows and pre-concert soundchecks, appear on the album Tripping The Live Fantastic. Namely, tracks from September 28 ('Put It There' and 'Live And Let Die'), October 10 ('Rough Ride'), October 17 ('Got To Get You Into My Life'), October 21 ('Can't Buy Me Love'), November 2 ('Things We Said Today'), November 8 ('Ebony And Ivory' and 'Maybe I'm Amazed') and November 10 ('Figure Of Eight'). Prior to the start of each concert on his tour, Paul's unreleased track 'Church Mice', along with several other unissued tracks, are played over each theatre's P.A. system.

Tuesday October 3

In Hamburg, Germany, Paul conducts a press conference in The Beatles' old haunt of the Kaiserkeller, in Grosse Freiheit.

Wednesday October 11

Following the last concert in Paris this evening, Paul, Linda and the band fly home to England before flying to Dortmund on Monday October 16.

Thursday October 26

Backstage at the concert in Milan, Nancy Duff, of CBS News in America, meets Paul and his manager Richard Ogden. It is during this meeting that she proposes the idea of dedicating an entire edition of CBS's news magazine programme 48 Hours to one stop on Paul's 1989/90 world tour. (A further meeting is arranged for Tuesday November 7.) Later this evening, a live performance of 'C Moon', from today's first show in Milan, is recorded and released officially in the UK on December 3, 1990, as part of the 'All My Trials' singles.

Friday October 27

Today, during the second show in Milan, Italy, Paul performs, for the only time on this tour, the track 'All My Trials'. The performance is officially released in America on the special "record club" vinyl edition of the album Tripping The Live Fantastic Highlights!

Thursday November 2

A report from Paul's concert at the Palacio De Sportes in Madrid is featured in the Spanish television show Rockopop, transmitted on November 4. While highlights from Paul's Madrid press conference earlier in the day, naturally feature heavy on the Spanish TV news bulletins this evening.

Tuesday November 7

Further to their previous meeting on Thursday October 26, Nancy Duff again meets with Paul and his manager, this time backstage at The Ahoy in Rotterdam, Holland. At the conclusion of their meeting, she finalises a deal whereby Paul's appearance at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago on December 3,4 and 5, will form a special edition of 48 Hours, to be broadcast in early 1990. As part of the conditions, Paul insists that only 15 minutes of music can be used in the completed 75 minutes show. Nancy insists that the music chosen must be an even mix between tracks from the album Flowers In The Dirt and classic Beatles numbers. Paul, in turn, insists that he has a say in the live concert sound used in the programme.

Saturday November 11

A film crew from the UK Channel 4 music show Big World Cafe videotapes excerpts from tonight's concert at The Ahoy. An accompanying interview with Paul is carried out backstage by Mariella Frostrup. The first broadcast of this footage, presented in Nicam digital stereo, takes place on November 21, but when Paul views this version he immediately orders that the video be wiped and never shown again. For the repeat transmission, scheduled for November 24, an alternative, shorter version is transmitted. Also today in Rotterdam, a team from BBC Radio One also records an interview with Paul, an item that will be edited into the revised final part of the repeated radio series McCartney On McCartney, which is due to start transmissions on Radio One on Christmas Day, running every day until January 4 next year.

Paul McCartney's World Tour

Second Leg - America
Thursday November 23 - Friday December 15

Paul, Linda and the band arrive in New York on Wednesday November 22 to promote their forthcoming concerts at Madison Square Garden by conducting a press conference at the Lyceum Theater. Paul also gives an interview to Scott Muni, for inclusion on his New York radio programme World Of Rock. An interview with Paul at the conference is also aired on the LA radio station KLOS-FM. Meanwhile, the next leg of Paul's world tour continues in the States, where they perform shows at:

Los Angeles Forum, California (Thursday November 23, Friday November 24 and Monday November 27 to Wednesday November 29)

Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Chicago, Illinois (Sunday December 3, Monday December 4 and Tuesday December 5)

Skydome, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Thursday December 7)

Montreal Forum, Quebec, Canada (Saturday December 9)

Madison Square Garden, New York (Monday December 11, Tuesday December 12, Thursday December 14 and Friday December 15)

Thursday November 23 (until Saturday December 9)

A selection of songs from the concerts on November 23 ('Crackin' Up' and 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'), December 5 (soundcheck - 'Together'), December 7 ('Golden Slumbers'/'Carry That Weight'/'The End') and December 9 ('Yesterday' from the concert and 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying' from the afternoon soundcheck) will appear on the album Tripping The Live Fantastic, released simultaneously around the world on November 5, 1990.

Friday November 24

In Los Angeles, Paul tapes an interview for the music station VH-1.

Sunday November 26

In Los Angeles, during a break from concerts, Paul records an interview for the Tokyo radio station programme Super DJ.

Monday November 27

The day begins with Paul holding another press conference, during which he announces that The Beatles may get together again, adding that he has never written with George and would like to. The press has a field day with this revelation. Highlights from Paul's press conference in Los Angeles today at the LA Forum are included in a promotional videotape compiled by the Visa credit card company, who are sponsoring the second leg of Paul's tour, starting Thursday February 1. This means that, in America, Visa will be the only credit card allowed for ticket bookings and merchandise. In addition, the Visa Company has agreed to underwrite an $8.5 million advertising campaign to promote the tour. Later today, at the Los Angeles Forum, the Motown legend Stevie Wonder joins Paul on stage to perform a duet on 'Ebony And Ivory'.

Sunday December 3, Monday December 4 & Tuesday December 5

During his stay in Chicago and during the concerts at the Rosemont Horizon, Paul, Linda and his band are followed by a CBS TV news team working on the special edition of the current affairs programme 48 Hours. Cameras catch a glimpse of Roger Daltrey, the lead singer with The Who, who visits Paul backstage in 'The Green Room' on the opening night. As a sideline to Paul, CBS cameras also follow around town the fan Joy Waugh, who is seen preparing herself for Paul's shows at the Rosemont Horizon and making attempts to meet Paul in person. (As a footnote to this, following the first screening of the 48 Hours programme, Paul's publicists, touched by her plight, contact Joy and arrange for her to meet Paul in person, flying her and her husband Bob to see Paul's concert at The Centrum in Worcester, Massachusetts on February 9, 1990. An event covered by CBS and featured during the extended version of Paul's 48 Hours special. Paul is not aware before this meeting of Joy's failed attempts to meet the former Beatle during his stay in Chicago, as Paul had not seen the completed 48 Hours programme, which Joy was most disappointed about.)

Meanwhile, back at the Rosemont Horizon venue, acting on Paul's requests, all soundchecks from the three days, as well as the evening concerts themselves, are preserved on digital 24-track recording equipment. Once the recordings are completed, Paul ensures that the master tapes are dispatched to England where remixing of the live performances is carried out by MPL staff. Once mixed, tapes of the three soundchecks and live performances at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago are sent to CBS in America on quarter inch tape and suitably dubbed into the respective parts of the almost completed 48 Hours programme. (The special will be aired on the station for the first time on January 25,1990. Incidentally, all of MPL's master audio tapes, as well as the unused CBS TV video master tapes on BETACAM and Hi8 are currently locked in a top security area at CBS and not in the general CBS News archives. This action was taken to prevent bootiegging.) A report from Paul's December 4 concert also features on the NBC programme Sirott Tonight. Incidentally, during the show at the Rosemont Horizon on December 3, Paul, just like he did during his 1976 world tour, performs a brief snippet of the track 'Chicago'.

Monday December 11

Backstage at Madison Square Garden, Paul gives an interview to the New York radio station WNEW.

Friday December 15

Following their final concert at Madison Square Garden, in New York, Paul and Linda join Dustin Hoffman, Twiggy, and Sting for dinner at Sardi's Restaurant in the city.

Wednesday September 27

The Beatles' 1968 film Yellow Submarine is released simultaneously around the world by Warner Brothers home video, sporting a "digitally enhanced stereo hi-fi soundtrack!"

Monday October 2

The Buck Owens album Act Naturally is released in America, featuring his duet with Ringo on the title track. (The UK release takes place on February 19, 1990.)

Tuesday October 3

In the UK, Paul's album Wings At The Speed Of Sound is released on CD.

Wednesday October 4

Graham Chapman, a former member of the Monty Python comedy team, dies aged 48. Like all the members of the Python team, Graham was a good friend of George's and had appeared on stage with him on April 20, 1976 (see entry), and in the studio, when George produced the Python single 'The Lumberjack Song' in 1975.

Tuesday October 10

The 1968 film Wonderwall, featuring George's film score, is released on American home video.

Thursday October 12

At the MIPCOM trade fair in Cannes, France, a hastily edited video clip of Ringo and his All-Starr band live in Los Angeles on September 3 is aired to potential foreign buyers.

Tuesday October 17

George's album Best Of Dark Horse: 1976-1989 is released in America. (The UK release takes place on October 23.) The album reaches number 132 in the American charts.

Monday October 23

The 1982 compilation album The John Lennon Collection is released in the UK on CD.

Thursday October 26

Ringo holds a press conference to promote his forthcoming Japanese tour in a Tokyo hotel.

Ringo and The All-Starr Band - Tour Of Japan
Monday October 30 - Wednesday November 8

Ringo, and his All-Starr band, undertake a short concert tour of Japan. Ringo's repertoire includes the following songs: 'It Don't Come Easy', 'No No Song', 'Yellow Submarine', 'Act Naturally', 'Honey Don't', 'I Wanna Be Your Man', 'Boys', 'Photograph', 'You're Sixteen' and 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. Billy Preston, during his solo, performs The Beatles' 1969 track 'Get Back'. Concerts are performed at:

Rainbow Hall, Nagoya (Monday October 30)

Castle Hall, Osaka (Tuesday October 31)

Sun Plaza, Hiroshima (Thursday November 2)

Kitakyushu Koseinenkin Hall, Kyushi (Friday November 3)

Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo (Monday November 6 and Tuesday November 7)

Yokohama Arena, Yokohama (Wednesday November 8)

Monday October 30

On the opening night of the tour, Ringo is interviewed for the Japanese TV programme 11pm, where, besides being interviewed, he is seen at the afternoon soundcheck performing 'Honey Don't'.

Friday November 3

In the UK, the home videos of both the Handmade films Water, including a performance of 'Freedom', featuring George and Ringo, and A Private Function are released.

Wednesday November 8

Following a case that has lasted for over 20 years, The Beatles' lawsuit against EMI/Capitol regarding unpaid royalties is finally settled. It is decided, by all the parties concerned, not to reveal to the press the exact terms of the agreement. However, sources close to The Beatles suggest that EMI/Capitol is set to pay the group approximately $100 million in back royalties. The Beatles are also given full control over the use of their EMI recordings, and a final say in any future record cover artwork.

Monday November 13

Paul's single 'Figure Of Eight'/'Ou Est Le Soleil?' is released in the UK. (The American release takes place on November 15 as a cassette only single, featuring shorter edits of both songs.) In total, eight different 'Figure Of Eight' singles are issued in the UK.

Wednesday November 15

In Atlanta, Ringo returns to court where he testifies that the recorded performances from the 1987 Chips Moman-produced sessions in Memphis are below standard due to the excessive use of alcohol by band members. He also charges that Moman is trying to rush release the album of these recordings to capitalise on Ringo's successful All-Starr Band tour, noting that since the 1987 sessions, no label had shown an interest in releasing the album. Ringo also claims that Moman had formed his own CRS label purely for releasing this album. The hearing ends with the court issuing a further injunction blocking the release of the record for the time being.

Saturday November 18

In London, George attends the Parents For Safe Foods concert at the Albert Hall, where he is seen introducing Eric Clapton on stage. The charity features on its panel the current ex-Beatles' wives, Linda, Barbara and Olivia. Also present this evening is Jeff Lynne, Dame Edna Everage and the comedienne Pamela Stephenson. The concert is filmed but never screened.

Thursday November 23

In the UK, the Flowers In The Dirt (World Tour Pack), a limited edition repackaging of Paul's album, including a bonus one-track single featuring the previously unreleased track 'Party Party' is released. (The American release takes place on January 15, 1990.)

Monday November 27

George's single 'Cheer Down'/'Poor Little Girl' is released as a single in the UK.

Tuesday November 28

From his Handmade office in Cadogan Square, London, George issues a statement replying to Paul's "The Beatles might perform together again" announcement, made in Los Angeles at a press conference the previous day. According to George there will be no reunion "so long as John Lennon remains dead!"


In the UK, the compilation album The Royal Concert is released, featuring tracks from Paul and George during the 1986 and 1987 Prince's Trust shows, respectively. No songs from Ringo appear on the release.

Also this month, Ringo takes part in the UK radio campaigns for RADD (Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving).

Tuesday December 12

Ringo and his manager Hilary Gerrard are seen visiting the Startling Music offices in Knightsbridge, London. During his visit, Ringo delivers a Christmas message to a freelance reporter who is representing the Dutch fanzine Beatles Unlimited.

Thursday December 14

A 24-minute interview with Paul, carried out with the DJ Anne Nightingale for the weekly series One To One, is transmitted in the Central region of the ITV network, just prior to a repeat screening of the 1979 film The Birth Of The Beatles. The One To One show receives further broadcasts on the ITV network on different days, including the London Weekend Television region on January 21,1990.

Friday December 15

In America, Paul and Linda donate a cheque for $100,000 to the Friends Of The Earth organisation, an event covered by MTV.

Tuesday December 19

At Claridges Hotel in London, Paul collects a Unique Achievement Award from the PRS, the Performing Rights Society. During the lunch time ceremony, for which Paul and Linda had flown back to England especially, he is seen cutting a cake in the shape of a four string bass. The hotel's head chef, Mr. Marjan Lesnik, creates a vegetarian menu in honour of Paul and Linda. Amongst the delicacies on offer are Hello Good Pie, Peas Please Me and Mash Elle. Meanwhile, Paul's Put It There documentary is released in America on home videocassette and laser disc. In the UK, the video release of Put It There is issued as an extended 65-minute version. (When originally transmitted on BBC1, the running time was only 50 minutes.) Incidentally, the sleeve for the video lists four additional songs not featured in the TV broadcast, but, in fact, only one, 'The Fool On The Hill', is actually included. MPL refuses to comment on this mistake. The American packaging is changed to eliminate the error.

Wednesday December 20 (until Saturday December 23)

Paul returns home to Sussex, where he records the music intended for the MPL film Daumier's Law, a short film about the artist Honore Daumier.

Thursday December 21

To cash in on the lucrative Christmas market, there's more Beatles-related activity in the video market, when John Lennon: Live In New York City and John and Yoko's 1972 film Imagine, are both released on laser disc. (The UK laser disc release of Imagine does not take place until August of 1991.)

Also released in America on laser disc today is Paul's 1980 MPL concert film Rockshow, as well as Paul's 1984 film Give My Regards To Broad Street and Rupert And The Frog Song.

Saturday December 23

In Tokyo, Japan, newspapers begin carrying notices advertising Paul's upcoming seven concerts at the Tokyo Dome, to be held between March 2 and March 11, 1990. The reports add that the tickets will go on sale on January 7.

Wednesday December 27

In the UK on BBC2, the new Rolling Stones documentary presentation 25 x 5: The Continuing Adventures Of The Rolling Stones, is transmitted and features miscellaneous Beatles-related footage from 1963 to 1971. (An extended home video of the programme is released on March 19, 1990.)

In the early hours of the morning, Paul's 1984 film Give My Regards To Broad Street is repeated on several regions of the ITV network.

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