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"There were times when we thought, 'Oh, it would be great. It would be good.'
But we generally thought that if we did it, it would be a let-down and we didn't
want to come back as decrepit old rockers saying, 'Remember us? Hey, She loves
you, yeah, yeah, yeah.' "

- Paul


The year begins badly for Yoko when she is forced to fire her assistant Fred Seaman. He leaves her employment armed with John's diaries, recording equipment and manuscripts.

At Abbey Road Studios, Paul spends most of the month concluding work on the album Tug Of War. Amongst the visitors to the studio this month is Paul Weller, front man of The Jam, who is recording in an adjacent studio. This month, MPL, in association with Thorn-EMI, spend a total of £100,000 for TV advertising of the Rockshow home video.

Sunday January 3

Today's Sunday Mirror publishes a report on Paul, his home in Rye, Sussex, and the changes he has made to it.

In Liverpool, long time Beatles fans Liz and Jim Hughes officially open Cavern Mecca, a Beatles museum, in Mathew Street.

Monday January 4

In England, a profile on Paul is published in The Times newspaper. During the piece, which is headlined "Living With The Beatles' Legacy ... The Smears That Lennon Left Behind ... And The Battle To Win My Babies Back", Paul is quoted as saying: "If I could get John Lennon back, I'd ask him to undo this legacy and to tell everybody what he told Yoko - that he still liked me after all!"

Friday January 8

BBC1 in the Southeast transmits a pre-recorded interview with Paul at Abbey Road Studios by Sue Lawley, for the news magazine programme Nationwide.

Tuesday January 12

The Beatles' former drummer Pete Best records an interview for inclusion on the unauthorised Beatles American triple album Like Dreamers Do.

Wednesday January 13 (until Friday January 15)

Ringo's single 'Private Property'/'Stop And Smell The Roses' is released in America. To coincide with its release, Ringo and Barbara join Paul and Linda at the Ewerts Studio in south-west London to appear in a special eleven-minute short film showcasing three tracks from the album Stop And Smell The Roses, entitled The Cooler. The film, produced by Paul's MPL company, features 'Private Property', 'Attention' and 'Sure To Fall', and receives its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 24. UK cinemagoers have a chance to see the film when it is released as a support to the musical Grease 2.

Sunday January 17

In England, as part of the BBC Radio One series The Record Producers, George Martin discusses his early comedy recordings, the early days of The Beatles and recalls the recording sessions for 'Yellow Submarine', 'Strawberry Fields Forever' and 'Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite'.

Wednesday January 20

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Paul, making his first major media appearance since John's death, becomes the 1,630th castaway on the long-running BBC Radio Four programme Desert Island Discs. Hosted by Roy Plomley, and recorded this morning at the BBC Studios at 201 Egton House in London, the 39-minute show is first transmitted on BBC Radio Four between 6:15 and 6:54pm on Saturday January 30, with a repeat transmission, on long wave radio only, the following Friday February 5 between 9:05 and 9:44am. During the conversation with Plomley he reveals that he doesn't own a complete collection of his own records.

Paul's choice of records to take to the mythical island are: 'Heartbreak Hotel' by Elvis Presley, 'Sweet Little Sixteen' by Chuck Berry, 'Dances From Gloriana' written by Benjamin Britten and performed by Julian Bream, 'Be-Bop-A-Lula' by Gene Vincent, 'Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)' by John Lennon, 'Searchin' ' by The Coasters, 'Tutti Frutti' by Little Richard and 'Walking In The Park With Eloise' by The Country Hams, the only song overwritten by Paul's father, Jim. The Country Hams, of course, was an alias used by Paul whilst recording in Nashville during June and July of 1974 (see entry for further details on the sessions). Plomley asks Paul if he could only take one disc, which one would he take. He chooses John's 1980 recording of 'Beautiful Boy'. As one luxury item, Paul chooses a guitar and, for a choice of book, he elects his wife's book of photography, Linda's Pictures.

The show is also filmed by BBC2 for an Arena documentary, first transmitted on Tuesday February 23 between 10:05 and 10:49pm, where he is seen singing along with parts of The Coasters' recording of 'Searchin' ' and, in an emotionally charged sequence, he sings along with John's 1980 song 'Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)'.

Paul's first public appearance since John's untimely death gets off to a bad start when, just as he is about to enter the BBC Studios, he punches the Daily Star photographer Paul Massey, who was on his very first assignment Realising his mistake, Paul apologises to Massey. The incident appears on the front page of the Daily Star on Thursday January 21, headlined: "Paul's Latest Hit ... The Man From The Star." There is further controversy surrounding the Desert Island Discs programme when the noted Sixties impresario Larry Parnes sues Paul and the BBC over remarks made during the show.

Monday January 25

Paul appears briefly in a short videotape introduction for Stevie Wonder during tonight's syndicated ABC TV American Music Awards presentation.


The official EMI monthly magazine Entertainment News publishes a two-part interview with Paul to promote his forthcoming album Tug Of War. (The second part is printed in the March edition.)

In London, at the Globe Theatre, George is seen in the audience at Eric Idle's new stage play Pass The Butler.

Still in the capital, Ringo and Barbara attend the British Charity Premiere of Absence Of Malice at the Odeon in Leicester Square, an event which will raise a record £80,000 to be split between The Variety Club Of Great Britain and the Italian Hospital in London.

Monday February 8

In England, the Handmade Films production of Scrubbers begins filming.

Tuesday February 9

In Los Angeles, after a wait often years, George finally receives, from Hugh Downes, the chairman of the US committee for UNICEF, the UNICEF Award for his work on the 1971 Bangladesh relief concert. George is also honoured with a citation for an 'Outstanding Contribution to the World's Children'. After the ceremony, the former Beatle remarks: "It's nice to know you can achieve these sort of things. Even though the concert was over ten years ago and the public has probably forgotten about the problems of Bangladesh, the children still probably need help and the money will have significant impact." Coverage of his awards presentation will be featured on ABC TV's Good Morning America breakfast show tomorrow morning and on the CBS TV Entertainment Tonight programme, transmitted on February 11.

Thursday February 11

At the Old Royal Mint in London, make-believe prison scenes are shot for the second version of the 'Ebony And Ivory' promotional clip. Paul's additional scenes, including the first version with Stevie Wonder, are shot in London the following month.

Saturday February 13

The Cleveland, Ohio, radio station WZZP causes near hysteria by announcing (unofficially) that Capital/EMI will release The Beatles' single 'Leave My Kitten Alone' backed with 'How Do You Do It?' later this year.

Monday February 15

Still in Los Angeles for the UNICEF Award, George and Olivia check into L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, using the alias "Mr. Jack Lumber". The Harrisons leave the hotel on Thursday February 18, paying a bill of $2,308.99.

Today's planned UK release of Paul's Tug Of War album fails to materialise. The release date is now scheduled for Friday March 12.

Wednesday February 24

In Los Angeles, at the 1981 Grammy Awards, Double Fantasy is voted 'Album Of The Year'. A tearful Yoko, standing alongside Sean, acknowledges a standing ovation and collects the award in person. In London, at the first annual BRIT Awards held at the Grosvenor House in Mayfair, John is honoured for his 'Outstanding Contribution to British Music'.

Saturday February 27

Ringo and Barbara attend Elizabeth Taylor's 50th birthday party at the London nightclub Legends.


At Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, working with the director Barry Myers, Paul films two different promotional clips for the song 'Ebony And Ivory'. For the first version (featuring Stevie Wonder), Paul films his scenes alone with Wonder's scenes (filmed in America) being edited in later. During a break from the sessions, he consents to an interview for the April 11 edition of Good Morning Australia, clips of which later form the TV special Freeze Frame, which also includes a recent interview with George Martin, also conducted for the Good Morning Australia programme. The first version of 'Ebony And Ivory', is premiered in America on Friday Night Videos on April 23 (see entry).

Paul's former Wings partner Denny Laine, via his manager Brian Adams, begins touting around to book publishers a "warts and all" expose on his time with Paul, Linda and Wings.

Reports in the UK and USA press insinuate that Ringo and Barbara's eleven month wedding is already hitting the rocks.

Still in America, Murray "The K" Kaufman, the self-titied "fifth Beatle", dies of cancer, aged 60. As a tribute, BBC Radio One in the UK broadcast a twenty-minute tribute to the man.

Tuesday March 2

In the UK, the Daily Star publishes the first of a three-part interview with Paul, conducted by Moira Warren and Jan Bendrick. (Part two is printed on March 3 with part three appearing on Thursday March 4.)

Sunday March 7

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Beatles' first BBC radio appearance, Radio One transmits (between 3:00 and 4:59pm) the two-hour special The Beatles At The Beeb. The show, introduced by Andy Peebles, features many of the Beatles BBC radio sessions recorded between 1962 and 1965 and an interview with Peter Philbean, the producer of their first radio appearance. (A revised repeat of the show takes place on December 27.)

Friday March 12

Paul's new studio album Tug Of War again fails to show. Reports suggest that the delay is due to further remixing. The release, Paul's last under his current US contract with CBS/Columbia, is now re-scheduled for April 19.

Monday March 15

At 1:05pm, at George Martin's AIR Studios in London, Paul gives his first major interview since John's death. The interview, carried out by Freddy Hausser for the French television station A2, is for a 31-minute special entitled James Paul McCartney. He talks about his idols, which include the Liverpool footballer Kenny Dalglish, music publishing, and announces that his new album (Tug Of War) will be a solo release and not credited to Wings. Paul also performs on the piano a short piece of his first ever composition 'I Lost My Little Girl'. Archive film clips from Rockshow and the new video for 'Ebony And Ivory' accompany the feature.

Thursday March 18

In the UK, the paperback version of George's I Me Mine is published, brought forward from its planned April 15 release date.

Friday March 19

Yoko and Sean are featured in the German magazine Horzu.

In Australia, press reports insinuate that George appeared on stage tonight, at the Horden Pavilion, with Elton John during the performance of 'Empty Garden', a song written by Elton as a tribute to John.

Saturday March 20

Incensed by the perpetual TV, radio and newspaper rumours concerning the apparent breakdown of his marriage to Barbara, Ringo, at his home in Ascot, phones the UK newspaper the Sunday Mirror, to tell them that these stories are: "Nonsense," adding, "Barbara is here with me now and I'm telling you in front of her that I am deeply in love with her and we are very much married ... now and for always!" A story about Ringo's phone call is published the following day, Sunday March 21, while the extremely happy Mr & Mrs. Starr are heading off to Cleveland, Ohio.

Sunday March 21

Hours after arriving in America with Barbara, Ringo gives a live interview to the American radio station WZZP in Cleveland, conducted by the DJ Robert W. Morgan.

Monday March 22

The Beatles' compilation album Reel Music, featuring a selection of tracks from then-feature films, is released in America. (The UK release takes place on March 29,17 days after it was originally scheduled for release.) A single to promote the album, 'The Beatles Movie Medley'/'I'm Happy Just To Dance With You' is also released today in America. (The UK release takes place on May 24.) Its original B-side 'The Fab Four On Film', featuring an interview with The Beatles on the set of A Hard Day's Night, is pulled off just prior to release, due to a dispute with the producer Walter Shenson.

Monday March 29

Paul's single 'Ebony And Ivory' (performed with Stevie Wonder) and 'Rainclouds', recorded by Paul during the time of John's tragic death, is released in the UK (The American release takes place on April 2.) The UK 12-inch single (also released on April 16 in America) features Paul's solo version of 'Ebony And Ivory'. To coincide with the release, the promotional video for the solo version of the song is prepared today for worldwide television transmission.

Also today, in London, Handmade films begin production on film The Missionary, starring Michael Palin. Further location shooting takes in Scotland and Africa.


The Liverpool station Radio City begins transmitting the longest ever Beatles radio special. Entitled The Beatles - Days In Their Lives, it lasts almost thirty hours, in 15 two-hour episodes spread over five consecutive weekends. Roger Wilkes, the station's head of programming, says: "It's a monumental piece of history, with a lot of new sidelights on John, Paul, George and Ringo. There are scores of previously unheard interviews with them." Based on an idea by the Canadian broadcaster David Pritchard, the series, already sold to various US stations, covers The Beatles' schooldays right through to the break-up in 1970.

The Liverpool City Council gives a green light to a £7 million redevelopment scheme which will turn Mathew Street into a multi-storey shopping complex.

In the States, The Beatles' film A Hard Day's Night is re-released to selected American cinemas, where, during its first week on the circuits, it grosses over $340,000. In Philadelphia it rakes in over $48,742. At the end of the month, at the UCLA in Los Angeles, the film's producer Walter Shenson holds a seminar on The Beatles where he discusses his work with the group. Many fans are outraged to discover that tickets for the event are, in their opinion, an extortionately high $5.50.

At the start of the month, Paul and Linda visit New York where they have lunch at Le Cirque restaurant with Yoko, Sean, Lee and John Eastman and Yanov Collart, who in December will present Linda's pictures at an exhibition in Paris, followed by shows in Amsterdam, Geneva, Milan and Barcelona. The McCartneys then fly on to Tucson, Arizona, for a short holiday and then to Los Angeles, where, on April 16, they visit the Universal Film Studios. Besides taping appearances for the Today show (transmitted between April 26 and 29) and Entertainment Tonight, and being interviewed for the New York Times (published April 25), Paul also records an appearance for the US TV music show Friday Night Videos (recorded on April 16 and transmitted on April 23 - see entry) and spends three days recording at Westlake Studios on April 14,15 and 16, with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, the song 'The Girl is Mine', also written by Jackson. (The track is later released as part of the single 'Can't Get Outta The Rain', appearing also on Jackson's album Thriller.) Also this month, Paul becomes the first Beatle to be listed in the prestigious book Who's Who.

t At the start of the month, George, and Dennis O'Brien, attend Handmade Films business meetings in New York. George then travels on to Long Beach to watch the Grand Prix and then Nassau, where he and Olivia spend time with his friend, the writer Jerry Kosiuski.

Saturday April 3 & Sunday April 4

Ringo and Barbara are spotted in New Rochelle, New York, during their weekend stay at the Sheraton Plaza Inn. They are here to attend the wedding of Barbara's brother, Dr. Peter Goodbach, who is marrying Dr. Jo Shapiro on Monday April 5. The following day Ringo and Barbara return to England.

Tuesday April 6 (until Friday April 16)

At Startling Studios, based at his Tittenhurst Park mansion in Ascot, Ringo, joined by the former Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, begins recording the first tracks intended for his album Old Wave, although the bulk of the sessions will not begin until Friday May 31.

Wednesday April 7

In the States, Cynthia and her son Julian appear by satellite from London on the ABC TV breakfast show Good Morning America, where they are interviewed by the regular host David Hartman.

Thursday April 8

This evening's Top Of The Pops (transmitted on BBC1 between 7:25 and 7:59pm) features the world premiere screening of Paul's promotional film clip (version one featuring Stevie Wonder) to accompany the single 'Ebony And Ivory'.

Sunday April 11

A pre-recorded interview with Paul, carried out at his MPL offices in Soho Square, to promote Tug Of War is transmitted on the German television show Musicszene.

Monday April 12

A pre-recorded interview with Paul to promote Tug Of War is transmitted on the German television station WDR 3TV.

Wednesday April 14 & Thursday April 15

At the Westlake Studios in Los Angeles, Paul begins recording sessions with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.

Thursday April 15

Rolling Stone magazine in America pre-empts the other papers by exclusively revealing that: "Ringo is in London working on a new album with Joe Walsh acting as the producer."

Saturday April 17

In the UK, the first part of a two-part pre-recorded interview with Paul is featured in SFX, the short-lived music magazine on an audio cassette. Part two is included in the edition released May 1. (Copies reach the shops up to three days before the issue date.) Another interview with Paul is broadcast today on BBC Radio One.

Sunday April 18

Now back in England, BBC Radio One broadcast a pre-recorded interview with Paul conducted by Andy Peebles, to promote the album Tug Of War. This same day, a two-part interview with Paul, carried out by Tony Fletcher, is published in the Sunday Mirror. (Part two is published on April 25.)

Monday April 19

With the media awash with pre-recorded interviews, Paul is to be found resting and writing new songs at his Scottish farmhouse.

Tuesday April 20

A section of New York's Central Park, partly funded by Yoko, is officially dedicated to John as 'Strawberry Fields'.

Paul appears in a pre-recorded feature on CBS TV's Entertainment Tonight.

Friday April 23

In America, tonight's edition of Friday Night Videos features the first US screening of the 'Ebony And Ivory' promotional film, featuring the specially recorded introduction by Paul who, by now, has returned to London and is spending the day at George Martin's AIR Studios in London. He will leave the studio at 7pm.

Saturday April 24

Back in England, to coincide with the release of Paul's new album Tug Of War, an exclusive interview with the former Beatle is published in the Record Mirror.

Still in London, Ringo, alongside Barbara, is seen socialising at a party with his old flame, the singer Lynsey De Paul and the actor James Coburn.

Sunday April 25

An interview with Paul to promote Tug Of War, carried out by Robert Palmer, is published in today's New York Times. During the feature, Paul recalls a previous meeting he and Linda had with John and Yoko at their Dakota apartment. Also today, an interview with Paul is published in the LA Times.

Monday April 26

Paul's album Tug Of War is finally released, simultaneously in both America and in the UK. The grunting and groaning at the start of the title track was recorded at the championship meeting of the Tug Of War Association in Huddersfield, while Ringo is featured on drums on the track 'Take It Away'. Another track on the album, 'Here Today', becomes Paul's tribute to John. To coincide with the album's American release, a pre-recorded four-part interview with Brian Gumble is transmitted (daily until April 29) on the NBC TV breakfast show Today. Just before he enters the television building for the taping session, which took place at the start of the month, a roving reporter briefly interviews him for the CBS TV programme Entertainment Tonight. Paul, meanwhile, is to be found today at AIR Studios in London, where he is seen leaving with Linda and their son James at the usual time of 7pm.

Thursday April 29

Further promotions for Tug Of War takes place when an interview with Paul is published in the Liverpool music newspaper Scene.


Ringo asks the Windsor and Maidenhead District Council for permission to build a two-storey building in the grounds of his Tittenhurst Park mansion which he plans to use as a video and sound recording studio.

Saturday May 1

The single 'Ebony And Ivory' reaches number one in the UK singles chart.

Wednesday May 5

George begins recording songs for his album Gone Troppo. The three-month sessions, carried out at his Friar Park Studios, produce the tracks: 'I Really Love You', 'Greece', 'Wake Up My Love', 'Mystical One', 'Gone Troppo', 'Unknown Delight', 'Baby Don't Run Away' and 'That's The Way It Goes' (which will not appear until 1988 when it is released in the UK as a bonus track on the 'When We Was Fab' 12" and CD singles). The finished album also features the track 'Circles', originally written in India back in 1968 and recorded in 1978 during the April 11-October 12 recordings for the George Harrison album. (The sessions continue until August 27.)

Thursday May 6

At the BBC TV Centre in Wood Lane, London, Paul and Linda appear unannounced following the screening of the 'Ebony And Ivory' promotional clip to send their greetings to their daughter Heather at the end of tonight's edition of Top Of The Pops, transmitted on BBC1 between 7:25 and 7:59pm. (Heather McCartney had recently been thrown from her horse and was in traction for a while, having broken both her leg and collarbone.) The McCartneys, making their first studio appearance on the show since November 20, 1974 (see entry), also take part in a short interview with the host Simon Bates. As the final credits run to the accompaniment of 'Really Saying Something' by Bananarama & Fun Boy Three, Paul is seen signing autographs among the audience.

Saturday May 8

The Beatles' film Let It Be receives its fourth UK TV screening this afternoon on BBC2 between 3:11 and 4:29pm. This will be its last television screening in Britain for almost two decades. In the States, 'The Beatles' Movie Medley' reaches number 12 in the American singles charts and Reel Music makes number 19 in the US album charts.

Friday May 14

In New York, Crown International Pictures re-release Ringo's 1978 film Sextette, starring Mae West.

Saturday May 15

There is a double celebration today for Paul, when his single 'Ebony And Ivory', reaches number one in America and his album Tug Of War reaches number one in the UK album charts.

Wednesday May 19

Paul pops into Air Studios in Oxford Street, London where he briefly meets George Martin.

Monday May 24

The MPL film The Cooler (see entry for Wednesday January 13) is entered in the 'Best Short Subject' competition at the annual Cannes Film Festival in the South of France with both George and Ringo in attendance.

Saturday May 29

The two-hour radio special The Beatles At The Beeb is transmitted in America throughout the Memorial Day weekend.

On the day that the album Tug Of War reaches number one in the US charts, Paul is to be found back in Liverpool, attending the wedding of his brother Mike to the former dress designer Rowena Horne at St. Barnabas Church in Mossley Hill. At their service, where Paul serves as best man, the church organist plays The Scaffold hit 'Uly The Pink' to accompany Rowena as she walks up the isle. A reception follows at the McCartneys' home in Rembrandt, Heswall, The Wirral, Merseyside.

Monday May 31 (until Thursday June 10 & Thursday June 24 until early July)

At Startling Studios in Ascot, Ringo continues recording songs for his album Old Wave, which at one stage was to be called It Beats Sleep. This month-long (periodically produced) session will include the tracks: 'In My Car', 'As Far As We Can Go', 'Hopeless', 'Alibi', 'She's About A Mover', 'Be My Baby', 'I Keep Forgetting', 'Picture Show Life', 'I'm Going Down' and the instrumental 'Everybody's In A Hurry But Me'. The album will have a very limited release, in Germany on June 16, 1983, where a single, 'In My Car'/'As Far As We Can Go' is also released, and in Canada, where the album is issued on June 24, 1983. Old Wave is released in several other countries, namely Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand and Japan but not in either America or in the UK. Four songs from it do appear in America, when they are released on the Rhino CD Starr Struck - Best Of Ringo Starr Vol. 2 on February 24, 1989.


A profile of Paul's career is featured in this month's woman's adult magazine Playgirl. Paul, though, retains his clothes. This month, even though he is sporting a heavy disguise, Paul is sail recognised at a Ry Cooder concert at the Hammersmith Odeon, London.

George and Olivia are seen in the audience of Simon & Garfunkel's Wembley Stadium London comeback concerts. Later, the Harrisons attend a gathering at London's Jazz Club in Camden, where they are seen partying until dawn. George continues his bout of concert going by joining Ringo, on a different night to Paul, at a performance by Ry Cooder at the Hammersmith Odeon. Ringo is also seen with Barbara at the opening night of The Rolling Stones' three-night run at Wembley Stadium.

Friday June 11

Ringo and Barbara depart from Heathrow Airport en route to Los Angeles to deliver sample master tapes of some of the tracks from his latest album Old Wave. (The couple return to England on Monday June 14.)

Sunday June 13

In readiness for Paul reaching his 40th birthday next Thursday, the Sunday Mail publishes a two-page article headlined "The Magical Maturity Of McCartney".

Monday June 14

The Sun newspaper reports that Paul has bought an 18th century windmill for his Sussex property. (This will later be turned into a recording studio, located about three miles from his Waterfalls home in Peasmarsh.)

Tuesday June 15

Today's Daily Mirror publishes an interview with Yoko Ono, who announces: "I'm very anxious to visit England some day, although no immediate plans have been made.'

Friday June 18 (until Wednesday June 23, but excluding Sunday June 20)

On a set at the Elstree Film Studios in Hertfordshire, working with the director John McKenzie, filming begins on the promotional clip for Paul's new single 'Take It Away'. On the first day, a party is thrown to celebrate Paul's 40th birthday, and among those in attendance, besides Linda, are Ringo and Barbara, George Martin, Eric Stewart and the drummer Steve Gadd. (See entry for June 23.) Paul receives a telegram from Cilia Black which reads: "If life begins at 40, what the 'ell 'ave you been doing all these years?" Paul also receives a birthday "kissogram" from a scantily clad singing telegram girl, who calls herself Susie Silvey. The sight of an attractive, near naked female came as a complete surprise to everyone present, as Susie recalls: "I told a girlfriend I wanted to do a singing telegram for him, but didn't know if I dared. She dared me! So I took all the gear along to the studio where Paul was making 'Take It Away'. Just before lunch, I slipped into my fishnets, suspenders and black lace corset and covered it with a dress I could easily peel off when the moment came. I was shaking like a leaf. As Paul started to leave the set for lunch, I ran after him and shouted, 'Paul!' He spun round and as he did so, I took off my dress and stood there in front of him in my gear, singing a special version of 'All You Need Is Love'. Then I gave him the birthday congratulation telegram. He thought it was amazing."

The Sun newspaper celebrates Paul's 40th birthday by publishing the article "Fab And 40". In America, a pre-recorded three-part interview with Paul, entitled Paul McCartney Today, is transmitted on NBC Radio. (Part two is aired on June 19, with the third and final part being aired on June 20.)

Sunday June 20

The American radio station WMMS-FM in Cleveland, Ohio, broadcasts the audio soundtrack from the complete unedited NBC TV Today show interview with Paul, transmitted between April 26 and April 29.

Monday June 21

Paul's single 'Take It Away'/'I'll Give You A Ring' is released in the UK. (The American release takes place on July 3.)

Wednesday June 23

On Stage 4 at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, on a day that had begun at 10am (brought forward from 12 noon due to the current London tube strike), Paul completes the shooting of 'Take It Away', this time before a live studio audience comprising members of his UK Wings Fun Club. Many of them are kept waiting on stage 3 until the technicians are ready to shoot their scenes, and the waiting continues when they are told that they will not be needed until 2pm. The disgruntled fans are then told they will not be needed for another two hours. At 4pm the fans are treated to a mini-concert by Paul, including performances of 'Bo Diddley', 'Peggy Sue', 'Send Me Some Loving', 'Reelin' And Rockin' ', 'Lucille', 'Twenty Flight Rock', 'Searchin' ' and the instrumental theme tune to the American cops drama series Hill Street Blues. Before the show begins, Paul introduces the band. "George Martin on electric piano, Richard (Ringo) on drums, a Steve Gadd look-alike butler on drums, Eric Stewart on lead guitar, The Q-Tips brass section, our Lin' on tambourine and my name's Fred." During a break, someone asks Ringo to sing and he delivers a few lines of 'Yesterday'. At this point, George Martin starts to play the tune on his piano but Paul resists all temptations from the excited crowd to join in with the others. Instead, he tells Martin to "carry on entertaining us", and sings a brief snippet of 'Here, There And Everywhere'. At its conclusion, Linda delivers a short version of 'Maybe I'm Amazed'.

The taping concludes at 5:30pm and restarts at 6pm until 7pm. Following another break at 7:45pm the band are moved on to Stage 3 at Elstree in order to make room for more elaborate concert sequences. Then, at 8:15pm, the band return to Stage 4 where scenes involving the actor John Hurt are filmed. Once completed, Paul and Linda hold a signing session for the fans, but due to the number of records, pictures and magazines being presented, fans are asked to sign their name and address on the back of each item handed in and promised that the item will be returned to them once Paul and Linda have signed. By all accounts, Ringo becomes extremely moody, apparently because no one was bothering to try to get his, or Barbara's, signature.


EMI Records in London announce that The Beatles' version of 'Leave My Kitten Alone' will be released as a single before Christmas.

Rumours fly around the film industry that Ringo is set to play a pirate in Graham Chapman's new comedy film Yellowbeard, with the former Beatle replacing the pop singer Adam Ant who has now dropped out of the role.

Yoko is seen at a matinee screening of the film Diner at the Festival Theater in New York.

Saturday July 3

'The Beatles' Movie Medley' reaches number 10 in the UK singles chart.

Monday July 5

Paul's 12-inch single 'Take It Away'/'I'll Give You A Ring' and 'Dress Me Up As A Robber', is released in the UK (The American release takes place on July 26.)

Thursday July 15

Paul's promotional film for 'Take It Away' receives its UK TV premiere tonight on Top Of The Pops, transmitted on BBC1 between 7:35 and 8:10pm.

Friday July 16

In London, Capital Radio broadcast the special programme Cruising - The Early Years Of The Beatles, which features an examination of The Beatles' music covering the years up to 1963.

Friday July 23

Philip Norman's best-selling Beatles biography Shout! is published in paperback in the UK by Corgi Books.


Paul, Linda and the children spend most of the month on holiday in the West Indies.

Sunday August 1

WGAR-AM Radio in Cleveland, Ohio, broadcasts a pre-recorded interview with Paul, conducted by David Perry, to promote his new album and single. The show is called Paul McCartney: The Man & His Music.

George visits the Northampton General Hospital to see his motorcyclist friend Barry Sheene, who was recently involved in a nasty motorbike accident.

Thursday August 5

Yoko and Sean arrive on stage at Elton John's Madison Square Garden concert in New York, following a performance of 'Empty Garden', his tribute to John. Yoko tells the large crowd: "I want to thank you all. I really believe you are all my family."

Sunday August 15

Ringo and Barbara arrive back in Britain at London's Heathrow Airport, where he announces to the press that he has "changed his mind about appearing in the film Yellowbeard", adding, "If it goes ahead I won't be in it."

Thursday August 19

In the shop Browns, based at 143 New Bond Street, George buys a medium sized Ralph Lauren shirt and eight pairs of socks. His bill comes to £108.

Saturday August 21

'Take It Away' reaches number 15 in the UK and number 10 in the American charts.


The Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs release a 13-album box set of original stereo UK Beatles albums on half-speed mastered discs. The special box also includes a half-speed mastered version of the US compilation album Magical Mystery Tour.

Bettina Huebers, a 20-year-old German woman, files a paternity suit against Paul, claiming he is her father. Paul, meanwhile, begins recording songs to be featured on the album Pipes of Peace in his Sussex farmhouse studio. These sessions produce the tracks: 'Pipes Of Peace', 'So Bad', 'The Other Me', 'Through Our Love' and 'Tug Of Peace'.

Yoko sends Sean on a fortnight's holiday to Bermuda, accompanied by three burly bodyguards. Yoko is unable to go due to business commitments.

Ringo and Barbara spend the first three weeks of the month on a Polynesian holiday.

Wednesday September 1

Yoko and John's first son Julian are pictured, by Bob Gruen, leaving the Hit Factory recording studio in New York.

In London, Paul begins a short period of recording and mixing at Abbey Road Studios.

Tuesday September 7

Paul and Linda, dressed suitably in genuine fifties garb, are present at the Buddy Holly Rock 'n' Roll Championship at London's Lyceum. Described by those present, who include Ringo and Barbara, as "The biggest Rock 'N' Roll Party In The World", the event carries on long into the early hours of September 8, and launches Paul's annual Buddy Holly Week celebration, which concludes on September 13.

Friday September 10

A selection of tracks from The Beatles' Decca Records audition of January 1, 1962, is released in the UK by Audiofidelity Enterprises as an album entitled The Complete Silver Beatles. Fearing legal reprisals, missing are the three Lennon-McCartney numbers recorded that day, namely 'Love Of The Loved', 'Like Dreamers Do' and 'Hello Little Girl'. (The album is released in America by Backstreet Records.)

In New York, a Manhattan woman whose daughter was allegedly injured by another young girl at Yoko's Long Island estate sues Yoko for more than a million dollars. The injured girl, seven-year-old Caitlin Hair, had her arm broken during a dispute on the front lawn of the Lennon's property. The lawsuit is asking for $1 million for "permanent injury" and $50,000 for medical negligence in expenses and also accuses Yoko of leaving her child in the care of "incompetent, irresponsible, careless and negligent bodyguards, agents, servants and employees." (The case continues.)

Friday September 17 (to Sunday September 19)

In America, Westwood One syndicates the radio tribute programme John Lennon: Rock And Roll Never Forgets.

Also on September 19, this time in the UK, and as a prelude to his new series, BBC Radio One repeats (between 4:01 and 4:59pm) Paul Gambaccini's profile on The Beatles for his series Appreciation. Still in the UK, the Sunday Mirror reveals that Paul has taken an interest in the dubious art of body tattooing.

Monday September 20

Paul's single 'Tug Of War'/'Get It' is released in the UK (The American release takes place on September 26.)

Sextette, starring Ringo and Mae West in her last ever film, is released on Media home video in the UK (This becomes the first time this film has been seen outside of America.)

Thursday September 23 & Friday September 24

Paul shoots a promotional film clip for 'Tug Of War' at George Martin's AIR Studios in Oxford Street, London. The American Yonkers Herald Statesman newspaper reveals that, "Paul may sign with RCA instead of resigning with Columbia in America."

Saturday September 25

Following a night at their Cavendish Avenue home, Paul and Linda are joined by over 80 top recording stars, including The Police and Pink Floyd, at Abbey Road recording studios for a Guinness Book Of Hits book launch party. At the end of the evening, Paul and Linda leave the building and sign autographs for fans camped outside the building.

Sunday September 26

Ringo and Barbara leave Heathrow Airport, en route to Sydney, Australia.

In the first of a new radio series for BBC Radio One (transmitted between 4:01 and 4:59pm), John is spotlighted in the Paul Gambaccini programme Appreciation.

Monday September 27

In America, the album The Silver Beatles Volumes 1 & 2 is released by Pheonix Records and contains 12 of the 15 tracks recorded by The Beatles at their Decca audition on January 1, 1962. Seven of the 12 tracks are artificially extended by repeating sections of the recordings.

Tuesday September 28

Just over nine months after appearing with Michael Parkinson on his show in England, Ringo and Barbara record a television appearance on Parkinson In Australia, one of the first shows presented by Michael Parkinson shortly after leaving the BBC. During the Sydney based show, besides being interviewed, Ringo plays drums and performs on the medley of 'Honey Don't'/'Blue Suede Shoes', supporting the vocals of Glenn Shorrock. (The 50-minute programme is broadcast on October 8.)

Back in the States, Fred Seaman is arrested on charges of stealing some of John's priceless letters, paintings, unreleased music tapes, photographs, videotape recordings, stationery, a sound mixer and an AM-FM radio. The police report that following his arrest virtually all of John's stolen property was recovered.

Wednesday September 29

Following a night in the cells, Fred Seaman is released without bail from Manhattan's Criminal Court.


A scheduled special Beatles 20th anniversary of 'Love Me Do' edition of the BBC1 Mike Read series Pop Quiz is cancelled due to "technical difficulties". To coincide with the celebrations, MGM/UA release on home video worldwide the two-hour documentary The Compleat Beatles, which claims to feature an abundance of "previously unseen footage". For once, the hype proves to be true. In England, following the reprint of the 77 original magazines, Beat Publications re-launch the official Beatles Book Monthly, which is now devoted entirely to the current activities of the former fab four, and includes archive features and reports on the continual Beatle happenings which regularly take place around the world. In Brazil, EMI Records release a special 20th anniversary (limited edition of 200 copies) disc called Tudo Comecou Ha 20 Anos Atras, which roughly translated means It Was All Started 20 Years Ago. The 12-inch single features lizzie Bravo recounting how she came to sing on the original (February 1968) version of'Across The Universe', interspersed with snippets of various Beatles songs and an excerpt from The Beatles' 1963 Christmas recording. On the B-side , there is the second version of 'Love Me Do' and the recent compilation song 'The Beatles' Movie Medley'.

MTV m America reveal that Paul has saved the music magazine Jamming from going broke by donating $10,000.

Ringo finally leaves his tax haven home of Monte Carlo to live back in England at his 17th Century Tittenhurst Park mansion in Ascot, Berkshire, with his wife Barbara.

Newspaper reports again suggest that Yoko and her interior designer Sam are planning to marry.

George and Olivia visit New York where they are seen backstage at a taping of NBC TV's Saturday Night Live. Later, they are also seen at a party for cast and crew at New York's Palace Restaurant.

Sunday October 3

In America, Yoko officially leaves Geffen Records and signs for Polygram Records. She takes with her the Double Fantasy leftover tracks that will (in 1984) form the Milk & Honey album.

Monday October 4

As part of the current EMI Beatles celebrations, Parlophone/EMI issue 7-inch vinyl and picture disc versions of the single 'Love Me Do'/'P.S. I Love You' as a 20th-anniversary commemorative release. Due to an oversight by EMI, the single features the album version of 'Love Me Do' and not the original single version with Ringo playing drums. EMI make amends for this error on November 1 (see entry). To coincide with the anniversary, Paul gives an exclusive interview for BBC TV news, which is included in the late night programme Newsnight. He is asked: "Just how likely was it, when John was still alive, that The Beatles would ever play together again?"

Paul: "There were times when we thought 'Oh, it would be great, it would be good.' But we generally thought that if we did it, it would be a letdown. One of the things we'd been consciously aware of with The Beatles was to go and have a great career and leave them laughing and we thought we'd done that, you know. We didn't want to come back as decrepit old rockers saying 'Remember us? Hey... She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah!' "

From this point on, right up until 'Let It Be' in 1990, all of the original Beatles UK singles, with the exception of 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' in November 1983, will be reissued on the nearest possible date to the 20th anniversary of their first release.

To celebrate the special 20th anniversary release of 'Love Me Do', BBC Radio 2 broadcast throughout the day both sides of every Beatles single released in the UK between 1962 and 1970. Later this evening Capital Radio throws a special Beatles party at London's Dominion Theatre which features screenings of Help! and Let It Be, the new stereo version of the film A Hard Day's Night, as well as miscellaneous Beatles Movietone newsreels from the Sixties.

Aside from Beatles activities, Thorn-EMI delay (due to contractual problems) the release on home video in the UK of the 95-minute version of George's Concert For Bangla Desh from August 1, 1971 (see entry). This truncated version removes a large portion of Ravi Shankar's performance.

Tuesday October 5

Paul gives another 'Love Me Do' 20th anniversary interview, this time with DJ Tony Prince for the station Radio Luxembourg which is included in the programme McCartney Remembers.

Thursday October 7

In England, Paul breaks from the fresh round of Beatlemania by giving his time to a matter most dear to him, the current health workers' pay claim. He sends a telegram to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, warning her: "What the miners did to Ted Heath, the nurses will do to you." His action angers Tory MPs who tell him to, "Stick to your music and stay out of politics." Paul's brother Mike McGear points out that the reason for Paul's militancy is that their mother Mary, who died in 1956, was a midwife in Speke, Liverpool, and was affectionately called "The Angel" by her patients.

Saturday October 9

As part of a special 'Love Me Do' 20th anniversary feature, Paul's brother Mike McCartney appears as a special guest on the BBC1 Saturday morning children's show Saturday Superstore, hosted by the DJ Mike Read. During the interview, during which promotional film clips for 'Love Me Do' and Paul's 'Tug Of War' are transmitted, Mike McCartney reveals that he has a Beatles rehearsal tape, recorded at The Cavern back in 1962. While he is showing Read various Beatles artefacts, he accidentally drops a model of Paul, breaking off one of its hands.

Sunday October 10

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that George has purchased a new home in Los Angeles that is so private, it is accessible only by helicopter.

Monday October 11

The EMI TV advertised compilation album The Beatles Greatest Hits (Parlophone EMTVS 34) is shelved. It was scheduled to include all 22 singles plus 4 other double A-side tracks. Instead, plans have been shifted towards the Parlophone album 20 Greatest Hits (see entry for October 15).

Wednesday October 13

At their encore at Shea Stadium this evening, The Who perform 'I Saw Her Standing There' and 'Twist & Shout' as a tribute to The Beatles who played the venue back in 1965 and 1966. Prior to the start of this evening's Who show, excerpts from The Beatles' August 15, 1965, Shea Stadium appearance are flashed on the stadium's video screens.

The Handmade Film production of Time Bandits premieres in cinemas in Manila in the Philippines. The film will re-open in US cinemas shortly afterwards.

Friday October 15

With a new wave of Beatlemania currently gripping the world, EMI waste no time in rushing out The Beatles 20 Greatest Hits. (The UK release takes place on October 18.) The album reaches number 10 in the UK and number 50 in the US charts.

Sunday October 17

The BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Services) station in Germany broadcasts the two-hour 'Love Me Do' 20th anniversary show entitled Beatlemania, which features interviews with Bob Wooler, Tony Barrow, Norman Smith and Victor Spinetti among others.

Tuesday October 19

In New York Linda McCartney buys a pair of doves at the Crystal Aquarium, situated at 93rd Street and Third Avenue.

Saturday October 23

'Tug Of War' reaches number 53 in both the UK and US single charts.

Monday October 25

The Michael Jackson single 'The Girl Is Mine', a duet with Paul, is released in America. (The UK release takes place on October 29.)

Wednesday October 27

George's album Gone Troppo is released in America (the UK release takes place on November 8). Also in America, two tracks from the album, 'Wake Up My Love'/ 'Greece', are released as a single. (The UK release of the single, to coincide with the album, occurs on November 8.) George declines to involve himself in any promotional activities for either the album or single, and the sales of the records are poor, with 'Wake Up My Love' only reaching number 53 in the American charts on December 4.

Thursday October 28

With his new album in the American shops, George, Olivia and Dhani fly out on Concorde from London's Heathrow Airport at 11:45am, landing in Washington at 12:05am (local time). On their arrival, they are picked up by the Dav-El Umo Hire company who transport the Harrisons to the nearby Watergate Hotel, where they have rooms booked (for one night) under the alias of Mr and Mrs Tannerhill.

Friday October 29

To cash in on the current Beatles hysteria, 'Searchin' ' b/w 'Money' and 'Till There Was You', is lifted off the Decca audition album and released as a single in the UK by Audiofidelity Enterprises. In the States, Lyric Art Productions of California release the first "officially licensed" Beatles calendar. The pages feature 'eight days a week' instead of the more regular seven.

Videoform Pictures release in the UK Ringo's 1969 film The Magic Christian, which co-stars Peter Sellers.

In Washington, a limousine from Dav-El arrives at the Watergate Hotel to take the Harrisons to the airport where they board Lockheed Tristar TWA 891 5:00pm first class flight to Los Angeles, arriving at 7:20pm.

Saturday October 30

'Love Me Do' reaches number four in the UK singles chart.

On the WBEN radio station in Buffalo, New Jersey, Ringo takes part in a radio phone-in, taking many Beatles-related questions live on air.


Sources close to MPL suggest that Paul's new album will either be called Hug Fo' Love or Tug Of War II and is scheduled for release in either late January or early February 1983.

In Sweden, Polydor records release the six-track EP featuring both the German and English (in stereo) introductions to 'My Bonnie' and the first version of 'Sweet Georgia Brown' as recorded by The Beatles with Tony Sheridan in Germany back in 1961. The EP also features Ringo's 1977 track 'Just A Dream', 'Badge' by Cream (a track co-written by George who also plays rhythm guitar) and 'Giddy', a track composed by Paul for Roger Daltrey.

An interview with Ringo appears on the GRSS Buffalo radio programme Soundtrack Of The 60s.

Monday November 1

Parlophone/EMI make up for not reissuing the correct version of 'Love Me Do' on October 4 by releasing a 12-inch single coupling both versions of the track, featuring Ringo on drums on one track and Andy White on the other, as well as 'P.S. I Love You'. (Note: The master tape to the original single version of 'Love Me Do', featuring Ringo on drums, was destroyed by EMI back in 1963. To release this new 12-inch version today, a tape is made from a pristine copy of the original single, as supplied from the collection of Mark Cousins, a life-long Beatles fan.)

Also in the UK today, the compilation album The John Lennon Collection is released and contains the following tracks: 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over)', 'Stand By Me', 'Power To The People', 'Whatever Gets You Through The Night', 'No. 9 Dream', 'Mind Games', 'Love', 'Imagine', 'Jealous Guy', 'Oust Like) Starting Over', 'Woman', 'I'm Losing You', 'Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)', 'Watching The Wheels' and 'Dear Yoko'. (The American release, featuring an alternative track listing of: 'Give Peace A Chance', 'Instant Karma', 'Power To The People', 'Whatever Gets You Through The Night', 'No. 9 Dream', 'Mind Games', 'Love', 'Imagine', 'Jealous Guy', '(Just Like) Starting Over', 'Woman', 'I'm Losing You', 'Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)', 'Dear Yoko' and 'Watching The Wheels', takes place on November 8.)

Pete Best is a live guest on the ABC TV breakfast show Good Morning America where he discusses his departure from The Beatles over two decades ago with the host David Hartman.

Tuesday November 2

Yoko's album It's Alright (I See Rainbows) is released in America. A track on the album, 'Never Say Goodbye', features John shouting.

Friday November 5

At the Elstree Film Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, working with a budget of £1,500,000, Paul begins filming and recording songs for the movie Give My Regards To Broad Street. The opening scenes filmed today at Teston Locks on the River Medway include Paul dressed in Dickensian style clothing for the 'Eleanor's Dream' sequences of the film. Broad Street production will continue until May 8 next year and will include new song titles such as: 'No More Lonely Nights' (ballad and playout versions), 'Not Such A Bad Boy', 'No Values' and the instrumentais 'Goodnight Princess', 'Corridor Music' and 'Eleanor's Dream' plus new recordings of The Beatles' classics 'Eleanor Rigby', 'For No One', 'Good Day Sunshine', 'Here, There And Everywhere', 'The Long And Winding Road' and 'Yesterday'. Paul also reworks more recent compositions, including 'Wanderlust' and 'Ballroom Dancing'. (These songs will appear on the Give My Regards to Broad Street soundtrack album.) The London Weekend Television programme The South Bank Show films a documentary, aptly titled The Making Of Give My Regards To Broad Street, during this period. The show, hosted by Melvyn Bragg, will be transmitted for the only time across the ITV network on Sunday October 14, 1984, between 10:31 and 11:29pm. (The production on the Broad Street film will continue through until July 26, 1983.)

During the filming of Broad Street, Paul and Linda's daughter Heather passes several A level exams with flying colours. Following her success, she requests that her parents buy her a car, which she receives only after Ringo urged Paul to do so. "Give the kid a break," Ringo told him. "All her friends have cars and it's not as if she wanted a BMW or a Roller. We're only talking about a Volkswagen!" The lunch breaks for Paul during the shooting are also quite memorable when, on more than one occasion at the studio canteen, he will bump into the cast of the latest Tarzan film, Barbra Streisand (who is there filming Yentl) and Steven Spielberg (who is currently filming Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom). During the filming at Elstree, Paul and Ringo book into the studios using the aliases Mr Manley and Mr Newbury respectively.

The Handmade Film production of The Missionary, starring Michael Palin, opens in Los Angeles cinemas.

Saturday November 6

The album The Beatles 20 Greatest Hits reaches number 10 in the UK and number 50 in the American charts. Today, Billboard magazine reports that the temporary restraining order against MGM/UA over the "rockumentary" The Compleat Beatles has been lifted, with MGM/UA agreeing to pay Apple Corps a royalty for the use of The Beatles' name, logo and film performances. (The case is settled out of court and the sum involved in the agreement is not disclosed.)

Sunday November 7

In England, the Sunday People newspaper prints a story on the finding of some lost Beatles pictures taken during their first visit to America in February, 1964, recently found by a young man in a junk shop.

Monday November 8

On the same day in America that The John Lennon Collection is released, Yoko releases as a single 'My Man'. (The record is released in the UK on December 3.)

Thursday November 11

In America, to promote The John Lennon Collection, the single 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over)'/'Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)' is released.

Saturday November 13

At Surrey University, George Martin presents a cheque for £2,000 to the recipient of the first John Lennon Scholarship, 23-year-old David Wilson. The purpose of this award is to encourage the study of recording techniques.

Monday November 15

To help promote The John Lennon Collection, John's single 'Love'/'Gimme Some Truth' is released in the UK.

Wednesday November 17 (until Sunday December 5)

The Beatlemania stage play opens in Los Angeles at the Beverly Theater for a limited three-week only run.

Sunday November 21

An interview with Ringo to promote his Stop And Smell The Roses album is broadcast on US TV on the Casey Kasem music show America's Top Ten.

Tuesday November 23

A short pre-recorded interview with Paul is transmitted on the BBC Radio One lunch time show Newsbeat.

Wednesday November 24

Paul and Linda arrive in Paris in preparation for Linda's show which opens tomorrow.

Thursday November 25

In Paris, Paul and Linda attend the opening of a third exhibition of her pictures, this time at La Galerie Ganon.

Friday November 26

Polydor (UK) release the Yoko Ono single 'My Man' b/w 'Let The Tears Run Dry'.

Monday November 29

Michael Jackson's album Thriller is released in America, and features his duet with Paul on 'The Girl Is Mine'. (The album is released in the UK on December 3.)

Yoko releases the album It's Alright in America. (The UK release takes place on December 10.)


ITV and Channel 4 viewers this month get to see a special 45-second (later trimmed to 30-second) television commercial advertising The John Lennon Collection album.

Following the withdrawal of several Beatles-related items from the Sotheby's Rock & Roll Auction this month, Paul sues the famous auction house for the return of various personal artefacts.

Over Christmas, in a London vegetarian restaurant, George meets Cilla Black and they decide to finish off their unreleased recordings from August, 1972 (see entry for details).

Friday December 3

In the UK, Channel 4's tea-time music show The Tube broadcasts a previously unscreened 8mm colour film of The Beatles shot by the photographer Dezo Hoffmann in Sefton Park, Liverpool, and on July 22,1963, while the group was on tour in Weston-Super-Mare. Dezo had actually given Channel 4 all 15 minutes of the film but only two minutes is used. This exclusive is part of a feature to promote Dezo's new book of unpublished Beatles photographs entitled With The Beatles, which is published today by Omnibus Press, priced at £4.95. (Also featured in the, so called. Tube's Beatle Movie, are colour excerpts from the 'Strawberry Fields Forever' promotional film, a complete version of the film for 'Penny Lane' (in black & white) and clips from the never-before-seen Beatles interviews on the set of A Hard Day's Night, shot by HTV Television back in 1964.) Highlights from the feature are repeated in The Tube's Return Ticket, a best of the series compilation programme, which is transmitted in certain ITV regions during September, 1983.

Monday December 6

One year on from the lavish Beatles EPs collection comes The Beatles Singles Collection in a box, released today in the UK by Parlophone, which comprise the entire official singles output from 1962 to 1982 in newly designed picture sleeves.

Wednesday December 8

On the second anniversary of John's death, Paul appears in a Channel 4 tribute programme to the cartoon character Rupert The Bear.

In America Yoko gives a lengthy interview to the New York station WNEW-FM, as well as to Tom Brooke of BBC Television (see entry for December 21). Back in England, the station LBC (London Broadcasting Company) broadcast a special programme looking at the events since John's death. The programme is titled John - Two Years On.

In England, Ringo is accused by a Labour member of the Windsor and Maidenhead District Council of being a scrooge for applying for a £500 grant to help restore his Tittenhurst Park mansion in Ascot, Berkshire.

Thursday December 9

Shout! author Philip Norman is a guest on the BBC1 lunch time show Pebble Mill.

Monday December 13

Two years after John's death, the American People magazine prints another article by Playboy reporter David Sheff, this time entitled "Yoko And Sean - Starting Over".

Sunday December 19

In today's Sunday Mirror, Yoko publicly replies to John Green's allegations about her and John in the book Dakota Days.

Tuesday December 21

Yoko and Sean appear on the BBC1 news programme Nationwide. Tom Brooke carried out the short pre-recorded filmed six-minute interview in their Dakota apartment on December 8. Accompanying the feature is a report on tomorrow's Sotheby's rock and pop auction in London.

Wednesday December 22

On the morning of the annual Sotheby's rock and pop auction, Paul drops in to see what is on offer this year. After seeing an American gold record for the album London Town, he leaves the premises. Later at the auction, a Japanese businessman, Kosaku Koishihara, outbids a host of Beatles fans by purchasing, on behalf of the Tokyo store Seiku, £50,000 worth of souvenirs. Top price paid is £13,000, for a gold disc presented to The Beatles for the album Sgt. Pepper. Among the other lots on offer today is John Lennon's 1964 two-piece olive green suit, which sells to an anonymous buyer.

Saturday December 25

The Parlophone compilation album The John Lennon Collection reaches number one in the UK album charts. Today, Christmas Day, Yoko writes a piece called Surrender To Peace in which she recalls her foundation of Nutopia with John on April 1, 1973. (The article is printed a month later in the New York Times.)

In a busy few days involving The Beatles on the radio. Radio Luxembourg transmits The Paul McCartney Interview between 6:45 and 7:59pm.

Sunday December 26

Beatles-related radio shows continue today when BBC Radio London broadcasts (between 3:03 and 4:59pm) the two-hour radio special entitled The Beatles Revolution, which features archive Beatles interviews and reports. Later in the day, this time on BBC Radio One (between 4:00 and 4:59pm), Paul is featured in the Paul Gambaccini Appreciation series.

Monday December 27

BBC Radio One and Two simultaneously broadcast (between 2:00 and 3:59pm) a revised repeat of the radio special The Beatles At The Beeb, originally transmitted on March 7. This version, features songs from the original broadcast replaced by others not included in the earlier version of the show, for instance, The Beatles' 1962 version of 'Dream Baby'.

Tuesday December 28

Tonight's special Christmas edition of Pop Quiz, hosted by Mike Read and transmitted on BBC1 between 5:25 and 5:54pm, features the belated Beatles Pop Quiz section, postponed from October, and includes questions especially set by both Paul and Ringo.

Thursday December 30

The Beatles pop up again on the radio, this time featured in the Mike Read BBC Radio One programme A History Of The Abbey Road Studios, transmitted this evening between 7:01 and 7:59pm.

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