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"The Beatles made a lot of money and we have not seen them since."

- A Liverpool city councillor


With Julian now returned to England, John, according to Yoko's Tarot card reader John Green, retreats to his Dakota bedroom, where he will stay for a large part of the next fifteen months, spending his time channel hopping on the TV, reading, smoking French cigarettes and sleeping for long periods at a time.

Monday January 1

In Hawaii, George celebrates his year lay-off away from music by composing the songs 'Blow Away' and 'If You Believe', a track co-written with Gary Wright.

Thursday January 4

At EMI's Abbey Road Studios, Wings near completion of the final recording sessions for the album London Town. (The recordings are finally wound up on January 23.)

Saturday January 14

The Wings single 'Mull Of Kintyre' becomes the biggest selling single ever in the UK with sales, so far, of over 1,667,000 copies. By the end of January, the single will have sold over two million copies in the UK alone. These sales figures are not matched in America where the track 'Girls School' receives the most exposure and reaches the comparatively low number 33 position.

Sunday January 15

With perfect timing, the first programme in the new London Weekend Television series The South Bank Show, entitled Paul McCartney: Songsmith, is transmitted across the ITV network later this evening. (See entry for Friday December 2, 1977.) This week's TV Times, the ITV listings magazine for the week of January 14-20, profiles Paul and the South Bank programme in a feature entitled Masks Of McCartney.

Wednesday January 25

At the Thames Television studios in Euston Road, London, George is a surprise guest on the ITV network programme This Is Your Life (transmitted between 7:00 and 7:28pm), which tonight honours the motor cyclist Barry Sheene. George appears in the studio where he talks of admiration for Barry, but admits that: "Before I met him, I thought Barry was a bit of a Midland Banker!" Later, at the after-show party, Eamonn Andrews asks the show's researchers why he didn't have any notes on the fact that George had once been employed by Midland Bank. Andrews clearly missed the gist of George's rhyming slang.

Thursday January 26

George and Olivia depart from Heathrow Airport en route to Los Angeles and then Hawaii for a nine-week holiday.


George, now in Hawaii with his creative juices flowing, writes the tracks 'Love Comes To Everyone', 'Soft Hearted Hana' (the lyrics of which are started in his local public house The Row Barge), 'If You Believe' and 'Here Comes The Moon', a follow-up to his Beatles' track 'Here Comes The Sun'. He also composes (on February 26) 'Dark Sweet Lady' for his girlfriend Olivia Arias and the unreleased humorous song 'Sooty Goes To Hawaii'.

Monday February 4

John and Yoko pay more than $178,000 for several acres of land in Delaware County, New York. They announce that they intend to use the land as a vacation retreat and for raising Regis Holstein cows.

Monday February 11 (until Friday February 22)

In Hollywood, for ten of the next twelve days, Ringo shoots his TV special Ringo, sometimes affectionately known as Ognir Rrats, after the character in the show. (See entry for Wednesday April 26 for details of the show.) The last few days of the month are spent with various overdubbing requirements.

Tuesday February 19

The episode of Tony Palmer's TV history of popular music series All You Need Is Love, entitled Mighty Good, which focuses entirely on The Beatles, is broadcast on American Television. (The UK transmission took place across the ITV network on May 14,1977.)


From the seclusion of his Dakota apartment, John commits to tape humorous recordings featuring the exploits of the French detective Maurice Dupont.

With production of Ringo now complete, Ringo takes a holiday with Nancy Andrews in Portugal.

In Liverpool, at the start of the month, the local city council puts forward plans for an alternative Beatles tribute. With the idea of a statue now rejected, committee members suggest a possible "Beatles sports centre" or a "Beatles museum". (See entry for March 21.)

Saturday March 18

During his Portuguese vacation, Ringo poses for a snap with a young lady who makes large dinosaur monsters out of papier-mache.

Monday March 20

The Wings single With A Little Luck'/'Backwards Traveller' - 'Cuff Link' is released in America. (The UK release takes place on March 23.)

Tuesday March 21

An interview with Paul to promote the new single is broadcast on Capital Radio.

In Liverpool, the city council finally decide that a Beatles statue will serve as a fitting tribute to "their favourite sons" and will be erected in Williamson Square. It's decided that the piece will be cast locally by Brian Burgess, who is to be sponsored to the tune of £25,000. The Beatles' former manager Allan Williams is given the task of raising the money. So far, he has been promised £5,000 by a nostalgic carpet retailer named Spencer Lloyd Mason, who once managed the Sixties group The Mojos. Unfortunately, the scheme does not please some members of the local council. A Labour chairman is heard to remark: "The Beatles made a lot of money and we have not seen them since." A Conservative councillor, also against the statue, states: "The Beatles? They could not sing for toffee." A spokesman for the Liberals disagrees, stating: "Can you imagine Vienna having the same attitude over Strauss?" It's also revealed that the Royal Institute of British Architects has lent its name to a competition to elicit ideas for a redevelopment of an area of Liverpool City centre which includes Mathew Street, the former home of the, now demolished, Cavern Club.

Wednesday March 22

"I think it was the trousers!"

The Beatles-spoof TV special All You Need Is Cash is premiered on NBC TV in America between 9:31 and 10:58pm. The first repeat screening takes place on the same station on December 10 this year, between 11:46pm and 1:13am. (The UK TV premiere, featuring a 64-minute truncated version, takes place on BBC2 on Easter Monday, March 27, between 8:45 and 9:49pm, while a repeated, thankfully longer, version is shown shortly after.) This delightful take-off of The Beatles' career, written by Eric Idle, traces the history of a mythical pop group called The Rutles, portrayed by Neil Innes (as John), Eric Idle (Paul), Rikki Fataar (George) and John Halsey (Ringo). George Harrison, as a grey-haired television reporter, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Paul Simon all make cameo appearances. The collection of Beatle-esque songs, written by Innes, is released on a Warner Brothers soundtrack album. (A copy of both the programme and soundtrack album are sent to John, at the Dakota, for him to give a nod of approval. The former Beatle was so impressed by the results that he refused to send either back to Innes. The guideline for The Rutles television show was based on the 1976 version of The Beatles' The Long And Winding Road documentary, loaned to Innes by George the previous year.)

In England, Wings hold a press launch for their new album London Town on a boat which sails along the Thames from Charing Cross pier to Tower Bridge and back again. Eating a bag offish and chips, Paul, Linda and Denny pose for photographers and take all manner of questions from the press. All areas of the media including Thames At Six (for London ITV) and BBC Radio One naturally cover the event. Amongst the questions, Paul is asked his opinion on the imminent arrival of The Rutles. "No Comment!" he replies.

Monday March 27

In America John resumes his own private recordings. Today, he commits to tape his 'Mind Movies' series.

Friday March 31

The Wings album London Town is released simultaneously in the UK and in America.


At Abbey Road Studios, Wings begin recording the track 'Daytime Nightime Suffering'. (They will return to the track in January 1979.)

George and Olivia conclude their nine-week holiday at the Grand Prix at Long Beach, California. The couple return to England via Heathrow Airport on April 4.

Ringo holds a party in New York to celebrate the release of his new album Bad Boy.

EMI withdraw their funding of the Monty Python film Jesus Christ - Lust For Glory, later to be called The Life Of Brian.

Tuesday April 11

Back at Friar Park, George, invigorated by his holiday, records the track 'Flying Hour', originally included on the original, unreleased version of the album Somewhere In England but rejected from the released version. (The song will appear in a re-mixed form on the bonus EP and CD, included in the limited edition book Songs By George Harrison, released on February 15, 1988.) George also begins recording songs for his album George Harrison. As inspiration for the recordings, George listens again to his 1970 album All Things Must Pass. During the sessions he records the following tracks: 'Love Comes To Everyone', 'Not Guilty', 'Here Comes The Moon', 'Soft Hearted Hana', 'Blow Away', 'Faster', 'Dark Sweet Lady', 'Your Love Is Forever', 'Soft Touch' and 'If You Believe'. He also resurrects the song 'Circles', which he had composed back in 1968. The track will not see the light of day until 1982, when it appears on the album Gone Troppo. (The recordings are concluded on October 12.)

Saturday April 15

At a private London cinema, Paul and Linda attend a special 45th anniversary screening of the 1933 John Barrymore comedy film Dinner At Eight.

Monday April 17

Six years after John and Yoko had appeared on the programme, Ringo guests on American television's prestigious afternoon, top-rated talk show The Mike Douglas Show (transmitted between 4:30 and 6:00pm ET). Naturally he takes the opportunity to promote his new album, single and his Ognir Rrats television special which, coincidentally, also features a cameo appearance by Mike Douglas.

Tuesday April 18

Ringo's single 'Lipstick Traces'/'Old Time Relovin' ' is released in America.

Friday April 21

Ringo's album Bad Boy is simultaneously released in both the UK and in America. It will only reach number 129 in the American charts.

In New York, today and tomorrow (April 22), a board meeting, featuring representatives from each of The Beatles, is held regarding the reorganisation of Apple Corps Ltd.

Wednesday April 26

Intended as a vehicle for the Bad Boy album, Ringo presents his own American TV special, a modern-day comic musical reworking of Mark Twain's Prince And The Pauper, titled simply Ringo (or sometimes affectionately as Ognir Rrats.) The show, narrated by George Harrison who also makes a cameo appearance, features Ringo exchanging his high pressure pop star lifestyle with that of a low-life "Map Of The Stars Home" seller called Ognir Rrats. Hank Jones plays the role of Ringo's double. Newly recorded songs performed during the 48-minute special include: 'I'm The Greatest', 'Act Naturally', 'Yellow Submarine', 'You're Sixteen' (performed as a duet with Carrie Fisher), 'With A Little Help From My Friends' and, as part of a concert sequence at the end of the show, 'Heart On My Sleeve', 'Hard Times' and 'A Man Like Me' on which he is backed by Ringo's Roadside Attraction. The cast also includes Art Carney, John Ritter, Carrie Fisher and, in cameos, Angie Dickinson, Mike Douglas and Vincent Price. In the television ratings revealed the following week, the show finishes 53rd out of 65 programmes aired this evening. (The first UK TV transmission will not take place until Channel 4 on January 2, 1983.)


George's father, Harold Harrison, dies at George's Friar Park mansion in Henley-on-Thames. George later reveals that, the night before his father's death, he had a dream of his father bidding him farewell. This month, the Monty Python team approach George to finance their film Jesus Christ - Lust For Glory. He says he will look into it and consults Dennis O'Brien, to whom he was introduced by Peter Sellers in 1973.

Linda's short animated film Oriental Nightfish is shown at the annual Cannes Film Festival in France. (The film is later included on the Rupert And The Frog Song home video release.) Also present at the festival is Ringo, accompanied by his girlfriend Nancy Andrews.

Wednesday May 3

In New York, a fire on one of John's farms in Franklin completely demolishes the barn, garage and tool shed.

Friday May 5

Wings assemble at the RAK Studios in London to begin recording the guitar, bass, drums and piano tracks for the song 'Same Time Next Year', which later appears on the final credits of the 1985 Ann Margaret film Twice In A Lifetime. (It will be released on February 5, 1990 in the UK on the 'Put It There' CD and 12-inch singles.)

Saturday May 6

Additional work on 'Same Time Next Year' takes place at the RAK Studios, where today Paul supervises the recording of a 68-strong string orchestra, featuring Paul and Fiachra Trench. Meanwhile, at the Baynard Gallery in the Soho section of New York City, an exhibition of Linda's photographs opens. The event runs until June 1.

Tuesday May 9

In the UK, the promotional film for 'With A Little Luck' is transmitted (between 4:21 and 4:44pm) on the Granada ITV children's television show Paul, hosted by Paul Nicholas.

Sunday May 14

Paul and Linda appear in a 30-minute simultaneous BBC Radio One and Two interview on The Simon Bates Show (transmitted between 6:00 and 6:59pm) to promote the release of the album London Town as well as the single 'With A Little Luck'.

Saturday May 20

'With A Little Luck' tops the US singles chart, while in the UK, the single will reach number five.

A rare archive clip of The Beatles performing 'Can't Buy Me Love', from the March 20, 1964 edition of Associated Television's Ready Steady Go!, is transmitted during the first 'Revolver Reviver' slot of the new ATV music series Revolver, hosted by Peter Cook, and transmitted across certain ITV regions late this evening. (This is the first airing of the clip since July 15, 1965.) Joining the Fab Four on this first show are Kate Bush and The Tom Robinson Band who perform live in the studio.


Ringo and Polydor announce that 'Lipstick Traces' will be the first single released off the Bad Boy album, even going so far as to allot it a catalogue number (Polydor 2001-782). But the single never appears.

In a brief statement released to the press in New York, John and Yoko announce their next venture. Over a year in the planning, it is a musical entitled The Ballad Of John And Yoko. Songs intended for it at this point are 'Real Love' and 'Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him'. This month John and Yoko take another holiday in Japan.

Thursday June 1

At the Plaza Hotel in New York, John and Yoko visit Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones. The Lennons bring along a bottle of Scotch for Ronnie as today is his birthday, but the Stones' guitarist doesn't have a chance to chat with John, as the former Beatle spends most of the evening asleep on the bed.

Friday June 2

George and a heavily pregnant Olivia take another holiday, this time a three-day break in Madrid in Spain. They leave this morning bright and early from London's Heathrow Airport and return to England on June 5.

Sunday June 11

In England, the News Of The World newspaper publishes the first part of its exclusive two-part series by John's first wife Cynthia. Primarily serialisations from her new paperback book A Twist Of Lennon, it includes accusations that "John introduced me to drugs against my will" and that "Yoko stole John from me". During this period, Cynthia (who since her marriage to John has been married twice more) also undertakes a round of promotional TV and radio appearances, including the BBC1 lunch time show Pebble Mill At One.

Monday June 12

The Wings single 'I've Had Enough'/'Deliver Your Children' is released in America. (The UK release takes place on June 16, where it will reach the number 42 position in the charts.)

Tuesday June 13

In New York, John reads the first of Cynthia's News Of The World articles and immediately issues a High Court libel writ in an attempt to prevent further extracts from her book being published and alleging that Cynthia is in breach of marital confidence. The case is heard in London's High Court on Friday June 16 (see next entry).

Friday June 16

John's case against Cynthia over her News Of The World article last Sunday June 11 is heard at the High Court in London. John loses the case and the second part of the feature, a serialisation of the book A Twist Of Lennon, goes ahead on Sunday June 18. (The case immediately goes to the Court of Appeals.) In conclusion, Lord Denning, who presided over the case, remarks: "I cannot see that either of these two parties have had much regard for the sanctity of marriage. It is as plain as it can be that the relationship of these parties has ceased to be a private affair."

Monday June 19

In London, 60 members of the Wings Fun Club attend the Wembley Music Centre to assist with the completion of the Wings Over America film. Their task is to help with overdubbing by clapping and singing along with some of the songs in the film. Paul, meanwhile, is to be found with Linda in the 3,000 strong audience at the New York Palladium, watching a live performance by The Rolling Stones. (The McCartneys return home to England on Wednesday June 21.)

Thursday June 29 (until July 27)

At Paul's Spirit Of Ranachan Studios in Scotland, Wings begin recording tracks for inclusion on the album Back To The Egg. Songs produced during the first 29-day period include: 'To You', 'Arrow Through Me', Denny's 'Again And Again And Again', 'Winter Rose - Love Awake' (first versions recorded between July 12 and 17), 'Old Siam Sir' and 'Spin It On' (recorded m one day, on July 23), an early version of 'Ballroom Dancing' plus further work on the soundtrack for Paul's Rupert film. During these sessions, guitarist Laurence Juber and drummer Steve Holly join the group full time. Unreleased tracks recorded during this time include 'Cage' (later to be dropped from the Back To The Egg album in favour of 'Baby's Request'), 'Crawl Of The Wild' (with ex- Traffic member Dave Mason), 'Maisie', which later reappears on the Laurence Juber solo album Standard Time, and 'Weep For Love' which Denny Laine will later release on his solo album Japanese Tears (aka In Flight). The first Back To The Egg sessions end on July 27, when the group breaks for their summer vacation. (Work on the album will resume on September 11.) Incidentally, Paul will re-title his Ranachan Studios, Rude Studios later in his career.


Doing his best to forget the betrayal of his former wife, John charters a small jet in Florida where he, Yoko and Sean fly to the Caribbean for a holiday. Reports suggest that John will spend a large part of the vacation locked in his hotel room.

After two months of planning, George, a long-time Monty Python fan, manages to obtain the necessary finance and gives the go-ahead for work to begin on the Monty Python film, The Life Of Brian. Shooting is scheduled to begin in Tunisia on September 16.

Meanwhile, shooting begins on another Beatles-related film, this time the Dick Clark produced made-for-TV film The Birth Of The Beatles. Filming is scheduled to last for seven weeks, visiting fifty key locations in Liverpool, London and Germany. The production is directed by Richard Markland and features Pete Best as the technical advisor.

Thursday July 6

Ringo's single 'Heart On My Sleeve'/'Who Needs A Heart' is released in America.

Friday July 7

In London, at the Pavilion cinema, Paul and Linda are present at the premiere of MGM's new movie That's Entertainment II. Following the special screening, the couple attends the after-show party where they are pictured dancing and smooching to the music.

Saturday July 15

In England, Ringo attends Bob Dylan's Blackbush concert at the Aerodrome in Camberley, Surrey, but is annoyed to discover that even though he is seated in a special reserved section alongside Bianca Jagger, he can neither see nor hear properly. Immediately following the show, Ringo flies to France where he joins up with the Australian filmmaker Christian Topps.

Friday July 21

Ringo's single 'Tonight'/'Old Time Relovin' ' is released in the UK. It will be his last Polydor single. To promote the Bad Boy album, Ringo and Nancy Andrews begin work in the French Riviera on a proposed 30-minute film special based on tracks on the album. Directed by Christian Topps, the production is never completed. To date only 'Tonight', which features Ringo and Nancy dancing, has been screened. During Ringo's stay in France this month, he is involved in some ugly scenes at the Lido Cabaret Club when he thrashes out at a photographer who insists on taking his picture while he is eating a meal.

Saturday July 22

Ringo, accompanied by Nancy Andrews, flies from France to Copenhagen, Sweden where, during the RUSS Ballard sessions at the Sweet Silence Studios, he records the unreleased tracks 'She's So In Love' and 'On The Rebound'. Further sessions at the studio take place tomorrow.

Sunday July 23

The second day of recording at the Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen produces the unreleased tracks 'One Way Love Affair' and 'As Far As We Can Go'. (The latter appears as a bonus track on the Old Wave CD re-issue.)

Friday July 28

At the Sweet Sound Studios in Copenhagen, the engineer David Devore begins work preparing rough early mixes of the four tracks recorded by Ringo on July 22 and 23.


John, Yoko and Sean return to Japan, where again they stay at the Hotel Okura. Rumours suggest that for the first time in seven years the Lennons intend to visit England, where they will visit John's Aunt Mimi at her bungalow at Poole in Dorset. (This fails to materialise.)

Ringo leaves Sweden and spends this month on holiday in Spain with his children.

Tuesday August 1

At the Royal Windsor Hospital in Berkshire, Olivia Arias, George's girlfriend, gives birth to their son, Dhani (the Indian word for "wealthy" or a "wealthy person"). He weighs five pounds.

Saturday August 5

'I've Had Enough' reaches number 25 in the US singles chart.

Monday August 14

To coincide with The Bee Gees' film, The Beatles' single 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' - 'With A Little Help From My Friends'/'A Day In The life' is released in America by Capitol. (The UK release takes place on September 30, where it will reach number 63, staying in the charts for only three weeks.)

Monday August 21

The Wings single 'London Town'/'I'm Carrying' is released in America. (The UK release takes place on August 26, where it will reach number 60 in the charts.)

Friday August 25

To ease the strain of childbirth, George takes Olivia away for a short holiday to Amsterdam, Holland. Departing from London's Heathrow Airport, their first class tickets cost £123.

Saturday September 2

Four weeks after the birth of their son, George and Olivia Arias are married in a secret ceremony at the Henley-on-Thames Register Office. The press are not informed of the marriage until September 8.

Wednesday September 6

"Every Day's A Holly Day"

In London, Paul and Linda host the third Buddy Holly Week. Special guests at the party on the opening night include Micky Dolenz, formerly of The Monkees, Carl Perkins, George Melly, David Frost and the former Apple artiste Mary Hopkin. At the conclusion of the week, Paul and Linda attend a party at the eatery Peppermint Park, in St. Martin's Lane, London, the same premises where Cynthia Lennon will later open her short-lived, and rather pricey, Lennons restaurant. Among the guests are Paul's brother Mike, Kenny Jones and Keith Moon. Following their meal, guests watch a midnight screening of the new film The Buddy Holly Story, starring Gary Busey, at the Odeon Theatre in Leicester Square. Keith Moon leaves before the end and returns to the Mayfair flat he is renting from Harry Nilsson where, the following day, he is found dead in bed. Inside the flat are clothes belonging to Ringo.

Monday September 11 (until Friday September 29)

Back To The Egg recording sessions resume at Lympne Castle in Kent where Wings record 'We're Open All Night', another version of 'Love Awake' plus 'After The Ball' and 'Million Miles'. The group also record 'The Broadcast', featuring the poems The Sport Of Kings by Ian Hay and The Little Man by John Galsworthy, both of which are read by Harold Margery, who is not credited on the Back To The Egg album.

Friday September 15

George buys Beundon Mill house, situated a mile from the market town of Sudbury, for Derek Taylor. The property, valued at £67,000, is purchased from Mrs. Beresford Jones.

Saturday September 16

In the Tunisian Desert, filming begins on the Handmade production of Monty Python's The Life Of Brian, featuring a cameo appearance by George. (Shooting will continue until November 12.)

Saturday September 30

The Capitol single 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' - 'With A Little Help From My Friends'/'A Day In The life' reaches number 71 in the American charts on the day that Robert Stigwood's critically panned big-screen version of the album opens in cinemas. The musical film stars The Bee Gees, Peter Frampton and Earth, Wind And Fire.


The American big-screen movie I Wanna Hold Your Hand, which focuses on four teenagers attempting to meet The Beatles as they make their live US TV debut on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964, opens in cinemas across London. Executive producer is Steven Spielberg and there is a cameo appearance by DJ Murray 'The K' Kaufman. The film was originally to have starred Carrie Fisher but she pulled out, to be replaced by Susan Newman. The film was released in the US the previous April.

Tuesday October 3

Between 10:30am and 6:30pm, Back To The Egg recording sessions continue at Abbey Road Studio Two in London. Wings are joined by a large "supergroup" of guest musicians, who are collectively billed as Rockestra. (The musical instruments begin arriving at 10:30am and the musicians, as requested by Paul, arrive one hour later.) Those present include Hank Marvin, from The Shadows, Pete Townshend of The Who, Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd, John Bonham and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Ronnie Lane and Kenny Jones of The (Small) Faces, Tony Ashton of Ashton, Gardner and Dyke, and Speedy Acquaye, Tony Carr, Ray Cooper, Morris Pert, Howie Casey, Tony Dorsey, Steve Howard and Thaddeus Richard. During the all-day session they record the 'Rockestra Theme' and 'So Glad To See You Here' which both appear on the Back To The Egg album. On hand to capture the proceedings is a film crew, using five 35mm Panavision cameras, hired by Paul and featuring the direction of Barry Chattington, who previously worked with Paul on the unreleased 1972 Bruce McMouse concert film. In 1980, Paul edits together (from a total of 80,000 feet of film taken on the day), a 40-minute programme comprising 5,500 feet of film from the events, and calls it simply Rockestra. This film remains unreleased, save for a brief 15-minute excerpt, which is screened at the Back To The Egg launch party on Monday June 11, 1979 (see entry).

Paul recalls the filming: "I asked the fellow who was going to film (Barry Chattington), if he could film it like they film wild life. You know, they sit back off wild life and just observe it and they just let it go on with its own thing and when you try and film our session it's a bit like the same sort of thing. If everyone notices the cameras and lights, they all freeze up and won't talk naturally and they all get embarrassed. So they (the cameramen) put all the cameras behind a big wall and no one could see the cameras and a lot of them didn't even know it was being filmed. John Bonham had no idea it was filmed ... in fact he is suing us!" Paul jokingly concludes.

Further Back To The Egg recordings take place on October 10.

Friday October 6

In America, Ringo makes a guest appearance on the television chat show Everyday.

Monday October 9

To celebrate Sean's third birthday, and of course John's 38th, a party is held at the Tavern On The Green in New York's Central Park.

Tuesday October 10

Further recordings for Back To The Egg take place at Abbey Road Studio Two, where Wings record the first versions of 'Getting Closer' and 'Baby's Request'. (Additional work on the album takes place in November - see entry.)

Saturday October 14

London Town reaches number 39 in the American album charts, while in the Swiss Alps, Aubrey Powell, of the Hipgnosis design studio, shoots the cover to the album Wings Greatest.

Friday October 20

Five weeks after shooting had started, George flies in to Tunisia to check on how the filming of Monty Python's The Life Of Brian is doing. During this 24-hour visit he films his brief role in the film, as "Mr. Papadopoulos". George flies back to his wife and child the following day, October 21.

November (until the end of December)

Further work on Back To The Egg takes place at Paul's recently opened Replica Studios, situated in the basement of his MPL offices in Soho Square, London. It is so called because it is an exact replica of EMI's Abbey Road Studio Two created because Paul's favourite EMI location was unavailable to him on more than one occasion. During this six week period Wings record additional overdubbing on previously recorded tracks, including 'Getting Closer' and 'Baby's Request'. (The group resumes work on Back To The Egg in January next year.)

At the end of the month, in the seclusion of his Dakota bedroom, John ad-libs a Bob Dylan parody while watching a TV news broadcast, using the words of the news reports to create spontaneous lyrics. The track becomes known as the 'News Of The Day (From Reuters) '.

Sunday November 5

On a yacht on Boston Harbour, Denny Laine marries his long time girlfriend Jo Jo Wood.

Wednesday November 22

The Wings' compilation album Wings Greatest is released in America. (The UK release takes place on December 1.) The tracks for the album are: 'Another Day', 'Silly Love Songs', 'Live And Let Die', 'Junior's Farm', 'With A Little Luck', 'Band On The Run', 'Uncle Albert - Admiral Halsey', 'Hi Hi Hi', 'Let 'Em In', 'My Love', 'Jet' and 'Mull Of Kintyre'. (It reaches number 5 in the UK and number 29 in American charts.) To promote its release, Paul sanctions a 30-second TV advert featuring a man in the bath singing an out-of-tune version of 'Mull Of Kintyre', 'Silly Love Songs' sung by a chef in a busy restaurant and 'Jet', sung by two secretaries, one of which is painting her nails. The final part of the advert sees a dustman sitting at the wheel of a large truck (parked in Abbey Road near the studios), singing a hopelessly bad chorus of 'Band On The Run'. A car containing Paul, Linda and Denny pulls up alongside him, and Paul exclaims, "You're a bit flat mate!" before immediately driving away. Leaning out of his window, the driver replies: "Funny, I only checked them this morning." The advert is screened regularly on the ITV network over the next two weeks.


The rejected first version of the Capitol album Rarities is released in America. (A revised edition is released on March 24, 1980.)

In the village of Pishill in England, George appears with Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell, Simon Kirke, Ian Paice and Jon Lord. The group naturally bill themselves as The Pisshole Artists.

Two years on and Beatles fans in the UK again petition the BBC demanding a repeat screening of The Beatles' film Magical Mystery Tour. This time, the Corporation takes notice of the demands and looks into the possibility of another transmission.

Thursday December 7

George attends a concert by Eric Clapton and Elton John at the Guildford Civic Hall in Surrey. He is persuaded to join them on stage, where he performs on the song 'Further On Up The Road'. The surprise appearance is captured on film by Rex Pipe and appears in the 1980 Angle films 70-minute production of Eric Clapton And His Rolling Hotel, which has very few airings. These include a screening at the National Film Festival in London and at another in New York. (Incidentally the Rolling Hotel in question is a special train built by Hermann Goering, which will house the musicians and crew of Clapton's 1979 tour of Germany, starting on March 27.)

Thursday December 28

In Liverpool, at the club Romeo & Juliet's in the St. John's precinct, Bob Wooler and Allan Williams host (between noon and 2am) a Beatles Christmas Party, featuring live groups, Beatle quizzes, auctions, and a Beatles disco. Later, across the road at the ABC Theatre in Lime Street, Wooler and Williams present an All-Night Beatles Film Show, featuring (between midnight and 7am on the morning of December 29), screenings of A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Yellow Submarine, Let It Be and How I Won The War. The all-day ticket costs just £5.

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