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           I first met The Beatles in 1965: George and John at Alien Ginsberg's 39th birthday party in London, Paul at Peter Asher's house and Ringo at a recording session at Abbey Road. Together with John Dunbar and Peter Asher, I founded a company called Miles Asher and Dunbar Limited (M.A.D. Ltd) and opened Indica Books and Gallery. Paul McCartney was then living in the Asher household and quickly became involved in the project: putting up shelves, plastering holes in walls and designing and printing the wrapping paper. In 1966 it was at Indica that John met Yoko Ono when we gave her her first European show.
           That same year I co-founded International Times (IT) and once again Paul was the first Beatle to get involved. He suggested I interview him, and that on the strength ofthat we would be able to get record company advertising. I did, and he was right. It was my first interview. I followed it up with one with George, then Mick Jagger and many years of rock journalism followed. Paul and John came to Indica quite regularly, and I often hung out at their recording sessions, particularly when they were making Sgt. Pepper. When Apple was started, Paul made me the label manager for Zapple, the spoken word and experimental label. John and Yoko were very involved with Zapple and it was in 1969 that I did a two-day interview with them - once again for the underground press - this time for Oz.
           Throughout the period I kept journal notes, as well as bulging clipping files and these have been the basis of much of this book. As the years went by, I also accumulated an enormous library of Beatles books and related trivia, always assuming they would come in useful one day. Well, that day finally came. As we were putting this book together new books on The Beatles were appearing at the rate of one or two a month, literally one every three weeks. I have details of more than 350, though many of these are little more than picture books, and I cannot claim to have referred to more than 150 of them. In the end there were a dozen or so essential source books that I found myself pulling from the shelf time and time again, the primary one of which was of course Mark Lewisohn's The Complete Beatles Chronicle (London, Pyramid, 1992). Anyone wishing to know the full details of every Beatles recording session will find Mark's book indispensable. Another key book was Kevin Hewlett's The Beatles At The BEEB, The Story of Their Radio Career (London, BBC, 1982).
           For early dates and addresses of homes and schools I used Hunter Davies' authorised The Beatles (London, Heinemann, 1968, revised and updated several times since then), and of course, another indispensable source of information was The Beatles Book Monthly 1-77 (August 1963-December 1969).
           For John, by far the best for facts was Albert Goldman's The Lives of John Lennon, which added new information to the story (the name and dates of John's first school, for instance) even though the book is ungenerous in spirit. John's murder provoked about 100 "tribute" books of one sort or another, which I'll not list here. The following books proved useful in assembling this chronology: Baird, Julia, with Giuliano, Geoffrey: John Lennon, My Brother (London, Grafton, 1988); The editors of Rolling Stone: The Ballad of John and Yoko (London, Michael Joseph, 1982); Fawcett, Anthony: John Lennon, One Day At A Time (New York, Grove, 1976); Harry, Bill: The Book of Lennon (London, Aurum, 1984); [eds] Herzogenrath, Wulf and Hansen, Dorothee: John Lennon: Drawings Performances Films (Stuttgart, Cantz Verlag, 1995); Lennon, Cynthia: A Twist Of Lennon (London, Star, 1978) [also updated and rewritten in Hello! magazine]; Lennon, Pauline: Daddy Come Home (London, Harper Collins, 1990); Miles, [Barry], ed: John Lennon In His Own Words (London, Omnibus Press, 1980); Peebles, Andy: The Lennon Tapes (London, BBC, 1981); Sheff, David: The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon (London, NEL, 1982); Shotton, Pete and Schaffner, Nicholas: John Lennon In My Life (London, Coronet, 1983); Wenner, Jan, ed: Lennon Remembers (Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1973).
           For Paul I used his brother's three books: McCartney, Michael: Mike Mac's White and Blacks (London, Aurum, 1986); Remember, The Recollections and Photographs of Michael McCartney (London, Merehurst, 1992) and Thank U Very Much, Mike McCartney's Family Album (London, Arthur Barker, 1981). I also looked at the following and found the odd date or two among them: Benson, Ross: Paul McCartney, Behind The Myth (London, Victor Gollancz, 1992); Coleman, Ray: McCartney, Yesterday and Today (London, Boxtree, 1995); [duNoyer, Paul][ed]: The Paul McCartney World Tour (London, MPL/EMAP, 1989); Elson, Howard: McCartney, Songwriter (London, W.H. Alien, 1986); Flippo, Chet: McCartney, The Biography (London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1988); Gambaccini, Paul: Paul McCartney In His Own Words (London, Omnibus Press, 1976); Giuliano, Geoffrey: Blackbird, the Life and Times of Paul McCartney (New York, Dutton, 1991.); Harry, Bill: The McCartney File (London, Virgin, 1986); Salewicz, Chris: McCartney: The Biography (London, Macdonald, 1986); Schwartz, Francie: Body Count (San Francisco, Straight Arrow, 1972); Welch, Chris: Paul McCartney, the Definitive Biography (London, Proteus, 1984) and Paul's fan club magazine: Club Sandwich.
           For George I used his autobiography: I Me Mine (New York, Simon & Schuster, 1980); Giuliano, Geoffrey: Dark Horse (London, Bloomsbury, 1989), and Taylor, Derek: As Time Goes By, Living In The Sixties (San Francisco, Straight Arrow, 1973).
           For Ringo I checked my dates and addresses against Clayson, Alan: Ringo Starr, Straight Man or Joker? (London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1991).
           As far as record releases went, I found Harry Castleman and Walter Podrazik's 1976 discography A// Together Now to be the most accurate and complete of the dozens of Beatles discographies I have seen, though I also consulted Campbell, Colin and Murphy, Allan: Things We Said Today, (songs concordance) (Ann Arbor, Michigan, Pierian Press, 1980); Carr, Roy and Tyier, Tony: The Beatles: An Illustrated Record (London, Triune, 1978); Dowlding, William: Beatlesongs (New York, Simon & Schuster, 1989); Guzek, Arno: Beatles Discography (Hvidovre, Denmark, 1976); McGeary, Mitchell: The Beatles Discography (Olympia, Washington, Ticket To Ride, 1975); Reinhart, Charles: You Can't Do That! Beatles Bootlegs & Novelty Records (Ann Arbor, Michigan, Pierian Press, 1981); Russell, Jeff: The Beatles: Album File and Complete Discography (Poole, Dorset, Blandford, 1982); Stannard, Neville: The Long And Winding Road, A History of The Beatles On Record (London, Virgin, 1982); Turner, Steve: A Hard Day's Write, the Stories Behind Every Beatles Song (London, Carlton, 1994); Wallgren, Mark: The Beatles On Record (New York, Simon & Schuster, 1982); Wiener, Allen: The Beatles: The Ultimate Recording Guide (London, Aurum, 1993) and The Beatles For The Record (Knutsford, Cheshire, 1981).
           I think Tom Schultheiss's A Day In The Life: The Beatles Day-By-Day, 1960-1970 (Ann Arbor, Michigan, Pierian Press, 1980) was the first day-by-day chronology though there have been many since and I have taken dates from all of them, in particular: Beatles Diary for 1965 (Glasgow, Beat Publications, 1964); Beat/es Press Book (London, Apple Records, 1969); Benson, Harry: The Beatles In The Beginning (Edinburgh, Mainstream, 1993); Bunt, Jan Van De: The Beatles Concert-ed Efforts (The Netherlands, 1979); Fulpen, H.V.: The Beatles, An Illustrated Diary (London, Plexus, 1982); Lewisohn, Mark: The Beatles Live! (London, Pavilion, 1986) and Pawlowski, Gareth: How They Became The Beatles (London, Macdonald, 1990). The source of many of the above books has been the (virtually identical) chronologies given in George Tremlett's two individual Beatle biographies: The John Lennon Story (London, Futura, 1976) and The Paul McCartney Story (London, Futura, 1975), an idea picked up by Ray Coleman in his useful John Lennon (London, Futura, 1985).
           There have been books about most of The Beatles' tours and sometimes about individual concerts, and I have used them all. For their days in Hamburg, the following were useful: Williams, Allan: The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away (London, Coronet, 1976); Jurgs, Michael, Ziemann, Hans Heinrich and Meyer, Dietmar: Das Album Der Beatles (Hamburg, Stern, 1981); Rehwagen, Thomas and Schmidt, Thorsten: Mach Schau! Die Beatles In Hamburg (Braunschweig, EinfallReich, 1992); Zint, Gunter: Gro?e Freiheit 39 (Munich, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag) and Vollmer, Jurgen: Rock 'n' Roll Times (New York, Google Plex, 1981).
           There are two essential books about Liverpool: Thompson, Phil: The Best of Cellars, the Story of the World Famous Cavern Club (Liverpool, Bluecoat, 1994) and Harry, Bill, ed: Mersey Beat, The Beginnings of The Beatles (London, Omnibus Press, 1977) [facsimiles from Mersey Beat magazine]. Evans, Mike and Jones, Ron: In The Footsteps of The Beatles (Liverpool, Merseyside Council guidebook, 1981) was also valuable.
           The Beatles In Sweden (London, City Magazines, 1963) was about just that and Glenn Baker's The Beatles Down Under, the 1964 Australia and New Zealand Tour (Glebe, Wild and Woolley, 1982) is the standard work on The Beatles in Australia, with so many facts and anecdotes your head spins. The Beatles in the USA were, naturally, very well covered. I made particular use of 26 Days That Rocked The World (Los Angeles, O'Brien, 1978) which consisted entirely of facsimile newspaper clips of The Beatles' first US tour, and also found data in Leach, Sam: The Beatles On Broadway (Manchester, World Distributors, 1964), a souvenir of The Beatles' first visit to the USA; Cosham, Ralph: The Beatles At Carnegie Hall (London, Panther Pictorial, 1964); Freeman, Robert: The Beatles In America (London, Daily Mirror Publications, 1964); Freeman, Robert: Yesterday, Photographs of The Beatles (London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1983); Rayl, A.J.S.: Beatles '64. A Hard Day's Night In America (London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1989); Harrison, George [of the Liverpool Echo]: Around The World With The Beatles (Liverpool, Liverpool Echo, 1964). Alt Bicknell with Gary Marsh: "Baby You Can Drive My Car" [np] (Number 9 Books, 1989) provided a few hotel names.
           There are only a few books about Apple. The most useful were: DiLello, Richard: The Longest Cocktail Party (London, Charisma, 1972); Martin, George: Summer of Love, The Making of Sgt. Pepper (London, Macmillan, 1994); McCabe, Peter and Schonfeld, Robert: Apple To The Core, the Unmaking of The Beatles (London, Martin Brian & O'Keeffe, 1972) and Taylor, Alistair: yesterday, The Beatles Remembered (London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1988).
           For the three films I consulted: Dellar, Fred: NME Guide to Rock Cinema (London, Hamlyn, 1981); Yule, Andrew: The Man Who "Framed" The Beatles, A Biography of Richard Lester (New York, Donald Fine, 1994); Matahira, Toru: Beatles Movie Catalog (Japan, 1979) and Cott, Jonathan and Dalton, David: The Beatles Get Back (London, Apple, 1969).
           I should also mention: Black, Johnny: The Beatles Complete (London, HMV, 1988); Blake, John: All You Needed Was Love (London, Hamlyn, 1981); Braun, Michael: Love Me Do! The Beatles Progress (Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1964); Brown, Peter and Gaines, Steven: The Love You Make (London, Macmillan, 1983); Castleman, Harry & Podrazik, Walter: The Beatles Again? (Ann Arbor, Michigan Pierian Press, 1977); Castleman, Harry & Podrazik, Walter: The End Of The Beatles? (Ann Arbor, Michigan Pierian Press, 1985); Friede, Goldie, Titone, Robin and Weiner, Sue: The Beatles A To Z (New York, Methuen.1980); Harry, Bill: The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia (London, Virgin, 1992); Hoffmann, Dezo: With The Beatles (London, Omnibus Press, 1982); Schreuders, Piet and Smith, Adam: The Beatles London, (London, Hamlyn, 1994); Miles [Barry], ed: Beatles In Their Own Words (London, W.H. Alien, 1978); Schaffner, Nicholas: The British Invasion (New York, McGraw-Hill, 1982); Schaffner, Nicholas: The Beatles Forever (New York, McGraw-Hill, 1977); Southall, Brian: Abbey Road, The Story of the World's Most Famous Recording Studios (Cambridge, Stevens, 1982); Taylor, Derek: It Was Twenty Years Ago Today (London, Bantam, 1987).
           Finally, I used the following Beatles internet sites, some of which will probably not still be up, but any search engine will take you to a site with links:

Dave Habeas Beatles page:

The Official rec.music.beatles Home Page:

Troni's Beatles Page:

Alan Braverman's Beatles Page:

Mike Markowski's Beatles Page:

Aaron Gill's Paul McCartney page:

Harald Gernhardt's Paul McCartney Home Page:

and on Usenet:

           As this is the acknowledgements page, it is the correct place to thank my assistant Polly Timberlake for working so long and hard on this book as well and to give a nod to Chris Charlesworth and Bob Wise for commissioning it in the first place.
           [Editor's note: The text in this edition of Barry Miles' Beatles Diary is substantially enlarged from the original illustrated 1998 edition. It benefits from incorporating much of the text from The Complete Guide To The Music Of The Beatles by John Robertson, and the inclusion of substantial additional material contributed by Peter Doggett. Reference sources for this included Many Years From Now by Barry Miles, Fifty Years Adrift by Derek Taylor, The Beatles: Abbey Road & Let It Be by Peter Doggett, Lennon by John Robertson and The Beatles: From Cavern To Star Club by Hans Olof Gottfridsson. Thanks also to Keith Badman for his suggestions.]

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