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by Mary Martin and Geoff Baker

PHOTO: RICHARD CARRARO Club Sandwich 55-56 Joe Ely, Paul, Dave Edmunds, Paul Hipp and Gary Tallent on stage at the Lone Star Roadhouse

            Rave On, he wrote. And they did - in style - when Paul and L inda hosted the start of the 15th Buddy Holly Week, held for the first time in New York.
            Police lined the streets to hold back crowds outside the Texas Lone Star Roadhouse as the Macs joined a host of other musicians for a loud, live and fun night in celebration of Buddy.
            MPL flew in the cast of 'Buddy', the hit musical then running in Toronto, who performed a half-hour segment from the show fronted by its star, Buddy-lookalike Paul Hipp.
            For McCartney fans who'd won an MPL competition to join the all-star party, it was a musical treat per minute After Paul Hipp performed Ready Teddy and That'll Be The Day, the stage was given over to the all-stars, ably supported by Bruce Springsteen's E-Street bandsters Garry Tallent on bass and Max Weinberg on drums - with Tommy Allsup, who played on many of Buddy's hits, adding lead guitar.
            Steve Forbert performed Well...All Right, Joe Ely gave them Not Fade Away, Ricky Van Shelton sang Rock Around With Looie Lee and Pat Dinizio of The Smithereens sang his own song, Maria Elena, in tribute to Buddy's widow who was among the 250 guests.
            Buddy's original band, The Crickets - Jerry Allison on drums and Joe B. Maudlin on bass - joined the post-Buddy guitarist Gordon Payne for Heartbeat before the night became one big, all-comers jam.
            Paul and Linda, sidekicked by Dave Edmunds, joined the throng on stage for Rave On, Oh Boy! and Little Richard's Lucille - although only after Paul had held a crowd vote on whether to play in E or G.
            "I wish Buddy was here tonight", mused Paul into the mike.
            "He is!", yelled a voice from the crowd.
            The evening was also attended by Otis Blackwell, Tony Visconti,Lenny Kravitz and Ben E. King. And Mayor David N.
            Dinkin was there to officially declare the start of New York's Buddy Holly Week.
            The party served as a taster for the opening of 'Buddy 'at New York's Schubert Theater. The musical premiered there on November 4th - to good reviews.
            "For those who remember the Fifties, this self-contained concert is bound to touch a nerve", wrote The New York Times.
            "Oh Boy - Buddy story has 'em dancin' in the aisles",
wrote the New York Post.
            "The audience was on its feet screaming for encores, as if at a stadium concert" ,
reported New York Newsday.