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Club Sandwich 55-56

ban Macca's records in indignant protest that how dare he not eat meat dripping in lovely blood and one even hired a small plane to trail a banner over the gig reading "KDWZ Welcomes Paul MooCartney".
            "Burger off", said Mac.
            If a handful of farmers feared our voodoo vegginess, the powerful ju ju of chilli non carne cooking for the crew backstage didn't deter the fans. Fifty five thousand of them turned up for the one Iowa show, setting yet another record.
            In fact, if anything characterised the tour it was this tendency to shatter records all over the world.
            Check it out....Record-breaker McCartney bust box office previous bests in:

  • Wembley, London.
  • San Francisco.
  • Dallas, Texas.
  • Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Ames, Iowa.

            And then there was the little matter of that world record, beat all-comers, gig at Rio on April 21st 1990 when 184,000 officially got through the gate.
            Then there were Macca's personal bests -

  • Glasgow - the biggest Scottish gig of his career.
  • Liverpool - the biggest Merseyside gig by any Beatle.
  • Knebworth - the biggest British gig of Paul's career.

            Add to that Performance Magazine's International Tour Of The Year Award, Billboard's award for the biggest U.S.A. gig of 1990, a Grammy and faces of the 2,843,297 people who left any of the 102 gigs in 13 countries smiling.
            Not bad going for a lad who "only ever wanted to give 'em a good night out".

Club Sandwich 55-56