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            With Paul's magnificent world tour now over, we are back at last with a bumper, double issue. Here for your consumption is this great memento from the tour, which we hope will more than compensate for our silence, and give you some happy reminiscences.
            Also, it's a good vantage point from which to reflect upon the events of the past year, to re-live those highlights through our words and pictures, and to savour what were for anyone who attended the concerts, unforgettable evenings. So this round-up of the final days, examines the feelings of the crew as the tour approached its end (see GLASGOW TO KNEBWORTH), and carries us on through the fifth leg of the tour in the USA, which was largely a result of Barrie Marshall's conversion to vegetarianism! (see ALMOST HOME).
            Also, as a contrast to the publicist's view of a McCartney press conference in our last issue, we offer you a fan's eye view of the Seattle press conference (see UNREQUITED PASSION).
            We're not boasting, but there were so many records broken, as Paul and the band progressed through the tour, that we thought we'd put them together for the archivists among you in MAC FACTS. You all knew about Maracana in Rio but some of the other tidbits may have escaped your notice.
            Then we have a special interview with Paul in THE LONG AND WINDING DOWN, in which Paul relects on the tour, and gives us some personal insights into how the pace of the last year has affected him and his plans for the immediate future. He does speak of going out and doing some small clubs in London and Liverpool, and there is a reference elsewhere to an Australian tour, but please don't write to us for information, because it's still too early and nothing has been decided yet. But rest assured, club members will hear from us as soon as there are any definite details, and that goes for the Liverpool Philharmonic event too!
            Our postbag reflects your delight with 'Tripping the Live Fantastic'. UK readers should rush out and buy (if you haven't already done so) the amazing rendition of 'All My Trials' c/w 'C-Moon’, released on 26 November and sure to be a Christmas hit.
            Technical manager of the tour, Keith Smith gets the MEET treatment this time, and we catch up on the events of BUDDY HOLLY WEEK, held in New York this year.
            Finally we have a wonderful veggie's eye view of eating round the world in Geoff Baker's hilarious article, FOREVER VERT. If after reading it you're still dry-eyed and a flesh eater, I'll be surprised, as it's one of the funniest insider views of the trials awaiting veggies in restaurants around the globe. Through the wackiness, however, comes a pretty sober message and I guarantee you won't feel the same about eating fish again! This article also brings me on to another project which we're really excited about; next time, we're doing a special SANDWICH dealing with the entire question of vegetarianism - starting with Paul and Linda's philosophy, the basis from which Linda's bestselling cookbook, Home Cooking, emerged, along to the wider questions of health, animal rights and ecology. It's an exciting departure for the SANDWICH (which might, after all, be devoted to food for once) and we're looking forward to your views.
            Lastly, you can order a copy of Linda's lovely Calendar for 1991. published by MPL in association with Friends of the Earth (Scotland), from our Club Offers. It makes a super pressie and is a treat which lasts all through the year.

            'til next time

PHOTO: BILL BERNSTEIN Club Sandwich 55-56