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Club Sandwich 41 Paul with Alan Grimadell at MPL's offices

leader. "It's solo guitar," Paul explains. "John is in fact leader of the group." Ringo reveals he's been with them nine weeks and shows off a pair of named drumsticks given him by a fan " 'cause we're going away". Monty asks where to. "Hamburg."
            Paul gives the background: "We first went there for a fellow who used to manage us, Mr. Alan Williams of the Jacaranda Club in Liverpool, and then we went under our own steam afterwards. We've just been going backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards."
            Monty: "You're not dizzy at all?"
            "Yes, actually. It's my left leg, y'know - the war." (It's all Paul's left side today!)
            Malcolm Threadgill, a 16-year-old apprentice hospital DJ, asks about their German recordings. Paul replies.
            "First of all we made a recording with a fellow called Tony Sheridan... 'My Bonnie', which got to number five in the German hit parade. But it didn't do a thing over here. It wasn't a very good record..."
            Malcolm: "Who does the composing?" "It's John and I, we write the songs between us. We've signed contracts and things" - John: "So we get equal shares" - "...yeah, equal shares in royalties.. .We both write most of the stuff. We've written about 100 songs, but we don't use half of them."
            John: "We did record another song when we were down there, but it wasn't finished enough." ("Love Me Do" had recently made the charts; the other song was "Please Please Me".)
            Monty: "Did any of you come over this side before you were famous?"
            Paul: "I don't know what you mean by being famous... We were here about two months ago." Discussion of local friends and relatives dissolves into laughter: "I've got a friend in Birkenhead." "I wish I had." "I know a man in Chester."
            Peter Smethurst, a second teenager: "I'd like your impressions of your first appearance on television."
            Paul: "Strangely enough... it was much easier doing the television than it was doing the radio, because there was a full audience for the radio."
            "We hope we've got a full audience in both hospitals," concludes Monty. "Over at Cleaver, a certain record on Parlophone - the top side has been requested..."
            Paul: " 'Love Me Do'." John: "Parlophone R4949!"
            I hope the patients appreciated the following day's broadcast.
            Footnote: Anyone wishing to join the 15,000-odd people already involved in hospital radio should contact their local hospital. There are over 300 independent stations covering about 90% of Britain's hospitals, so there should be one near you. However, in case of difficulty please write to Alan Grimadell, 5 Portreath Drive, Allestree, Derby DE3 2BJ, enclosing a SAE.


            Hi Hi and Hi Paul.
            we're writing all the way from New Zealand to say we think your songs (especially the ones with words included) are simply 'GEAR!' It is 2a.m. and we are sitting here starving plus singing to your 'FAB' songs. Well actually it's only 11p.m. but it'll be 2a.m. by the time we're finished. The reason we're starving is because we are on the 40 hour fast raising money for the starving people in Africa. It is an annual event over here but I don't ' know if you have it over in England or other parts of the world.
            The records we've listened to so far are...
            Valotte -
Julian Lennon
- Mike McGear
            Tug of War
            McCartney II

            and now Wings Greatest. We have about 10 more to listen to yet (including Beatles).
            The Live Aid mag is amazing and over here we were lucky to see nearly all of Live Aid on New Zealand TV.
            Also thank you and congratulations on putting out such Wonderlust records and movies (Broad St.) We luv getting Broad St. out on video every now and then. It is a neat movie. We're going to see Spies Like Us soon, too.
            Thank you again.
            Keep up the great work.
            Love and Best Wishes,
            LEE-ANNE McDONALD
            NEW ZEALAND

            Dear Paul and Linda.
            After reading Bill Harry's "Book of Beatle Lists" last summer, I learned there are over 20 active Beatle fan clubs! I joined the Fun Club in Sept. '85 and am so happy with its content. I ESPECIALLY love all the photos by Linda. She has a real touch for putting Paul into print! Thanks, Linda, for sharing your talent with us!
            And speaking of Linda, I am tired of reading quotes from her and Paul apologizing for her jumping into Wings in the beginning. Personally, I love your harmonizing and think she plays a mean keyboard! I've been a fan of Paul's since 1964, when I was eleven. You music has been one of the most consistently enjoyable things in my life. Unlike so many other things which I have outgrown, your music has grown and changed with the times. I'm anxiously awaiting your new album.
            Saw you in concert first in 1966 in Detroit, then again in Denver, Colorado with Wings in 1976. Was hoping this "decade" thing was destined to repeat itself... but it doesn't sound like it. So glad Club Sandwich will keep us informed of any touring in the future.
            I listen to a syndicated radio program called "Scott Muny's 'Ticket to Ride'." It's a one hour weekly show that plays Beatle and individual music and has interesting interviews and such, related to our four guys. Earlier this year they had a post card mail-in vote for your favorite three Beatle Songs of all time. Then over two shows, they played the resulting top 30 tunes.
            Here are the Americans' favorite Beatle tunes of all time! The best and most diverse music in the world!
            30. We can work it out.
            29. Michelle.
            28. Here comes the sun.
            27. Help.
            26. Dear Prudence.
            25. Day tripper.
            24. Can't buy me love.
            23. And I love her.
            22. While my guitar gently weeps.
            21. Please please me.
            20. A hard day's night.
            19. Eight days a week.
            18. Twist and shout.
            17. I saw her standing there.
            16. Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
            15. She loves you.
            14. Norwegian wood.
            13. The long and winding road.
            12. In my life.
            11. If I fell.
            10. I am the walrus.
            9. I should have known better.
            8. Here, there and everywhere.
            7. Something.
            6. A day in the life.
            5. I wantto hold your hand.
            4. Let it be.
            3. Strawberry fields forever.
            2. Yesterday.
            1. HeyJude.
            One last comment: Paul, you sure make an undershirt look sexy! (Smile... and keep the music coming.) Love it!!!
            GAIL KUCHARSKI
            AURORA, COLORADO,

            Dear Paul and Linda.
            I've just received a copy of Club Sandwich. It was fabulous. The "Spies" video was excellent, so were Dan and Chevy. I met Chevy Chase at NBC Studios when he was on Saturday Night Live. He told me he loved working with Paul and said he had lots of fun working on "Spies" with you. He also said Linda was at the studio when he met Paul and said you were a nice couple. Linda, I also enjoy your terrific photography in Club Sandwich.
            Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing more McCartney music in future years.
            ANN DEMPSEY

            Dear Sue.
            I would like to make a suggestion for a future issue. I know many fans have met Macca and sent in their pics to you (I'll be doing the same as soon as I can get prints made from my slides!). In one ish why don't you devote a page or two to fans' pics of Paul? I'm sure this would please all members of the Sandwich! I'm looking forward very much to the next ish of C.S. My friend and I were lucky enough to gettix to Live Aid in London (I called from the U.S. and ordered them with no problem. I heard from people in the U.K. that it was impossible to get through on the phones!) That concert was one of the biggest events of our lives. We'd given up all hopes of seeing Paul live. It was our BIGGEST dream to see Paul sing in concert. I'd like to thank him for taking part in Live Aid!
            Well I'm sure there's no need to say "Keep up the good work". Club Sandwich has always been, and I am confident it always will be the greatest fan mag in existence! Thanx for being so good to us fans.
            Best wishes always,
            EMILY CARETTE
            LOS ALTOS
            P.S. to Paul: I watched a video of Live Aid and it was YOU who dropped Bob Geldof (and had trouble lifting him) NOT PETE! Better increase your jogging hours, Wack!
            Gallery Corner has featured fans' drawings and paintings in the past, Emily, so a selection of photos is quite possible.

            Dear Paul.
            In Club Sandwich no. 40 one of the members mentioned the Life Magazine interview of April 1971. At the time I read that article I noted many of your quotes because I felt a side of you was revealed that rarely is exposed. After a bit of editing I arranged the quotes in their order as they appeared and came up with some beautiful lyrics to which I set a bit of music for my own enjoyment. Here are your lyrics:

            Nothing in life really stays
            And it is beautiful that they go
            They have to go
            In order for the next thing to come

            You add beauty to life
            When you accept that it ends

            Life is serious
            You can't live as if you have nine lives
            Thinking - as everyone does -
            I'll get it tomorrow

            Take on the little things
            Out of the tedium comes the joy of life

            Live your own life
            Or someone will live it for you
            Get back and plant the seeds -
            Nature doesn't wait!

            I met Linda in Minneapolis on June 4th 1976 after your Wings concert and I meant to give this to her.
            My thanks to you for the inspiration your music has given to my life
            DR. LAWRENCE DAVIS
            RENO, NEVADA

            Dear Paul,
            I am a number one fan of yours and really enjoy listening to your music. I am waiting for your new album when it is released.
            We have a real drought over here, we really need rain. We haven't much feed for our stock. Some places have had the rain. I hope we receive the rain soon.
            Have you any tours coming up in the future? I hope you can come over to Australia, as I haven't had the chance to see you in person the two times you have been here. It is ten years since you were here last. I hope you and all your family are well.
            IRENE MARSDEN

            Dear Sue and Harry,
            Now that MPL are releasing more video material - Broad Street and Rupert - how about a video singles compilation? Paul makes the most consistently strong videos and yet we only see them two or three times! Could even release the alternative version of Ebony & Ivory. I saw on VIDEO AID the video of "No More Lonely Nights" (Playout) which I'd never seen and was superb, featuring some clever editing.

            Any more news/update on the following?
            1. Linda's track "Love's Full Glory"
            2. Cold Cuts LP.
            3.Carl Perkins duet with Paul, "Old Friend"

            I've spotted two omissions in recent articles: -
            1. Club Sandwich 36: 12" singles. "No More Lonely Nights" (extended version, 8 mins 10 secs.) - only the dance mix (A. Baker) was mentioned.
            2. Sandwich 39: McCartney songs for screen "Did We Meet Somewhere Before?" - Wings. Film: Rock 'n Roll High School (Ramones)

            Best Wishes
            PAUL SWIFT

            Being perfectionists, Paul and Linda naturally produce more work than they issue commercially. If any of the items you mention are to be released, Paul, Club Sandwich will print full details. "Lonely Nights" appeared in several different forms including a 12" picture disc. "Did We Meet Somewhere Before?" should certainly have been included, though it is not on the soundtrack album.