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Club Sandwich 41

            Paul McCartney's long-awaited new single, "Press", was released on 14th July. The 12" features special mixes by Bert Bevan and Julian Mendelsohn and has an exclusive track, "Hanglide" -an instrumental mixed by Mac 'n' Matt, alias Paul McCartney and Matt Butler.

            Taken from the new album, Press to Play, Paul has made a fabulous video to back up the single, featuring a very exotic location!

            Due for release on 18th August, the album features ten great new songs:

            Side One
            Good Times Coming/Feel the Sun
            Talk More Talk
            Only Love Remains

            Side Two
            Pretty Little Head
            Move Over Busker
            Angry (featuring Phil Collins and
            Pete Townshend: see CS40)
            However Absurd

            And there are three extra tracks on the CD, which could drive many of us to invest in a machine capable of playing the small shiny things. Track three, side two, showed cosmic foresight: when Paul was shooting aforesaid fab vid, he encountered a busker playing the Beatles' "Help" and gave him a doubloon, whereupon the poor chap muttered "I can't handle this" and stopped playing!

            See our next Album Issue for a complete track-by-track info kit and exclusive features on how the album was put together.