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Club Sandwich 41

            Paul met Prince Charles and Princess Diana at the reception beforehand, when the following memorable exchange took place: -
            D: "Did you have any trouble getting your equipment in?"
            P: "No, I've only got a little acoustic."
            Collapse of royal party. (But Paul, we thought it was a Jumbo...). Asked how he had heard of the Prince's Trust, our man replied that it was difficult to miss and congratulated the Prince and Princess on their good work.
            Youngsters applying individually to the trust can get grants up to £300 if their project is approved. For a small spontaneous group - i.e. not scouts, guides etc. - this can be increased to £500. All applications are referred to local volunteer committees covering 90% of the country.
            Sue Clark, the Trust's only paid worker, gave some examples of grants made recently: "A chap with a small band got the cash to rent somewhere to rehearse. We help with expeditions, usually the ancillary equipment. Holidays can be paid for if the person is very needy.
We pay for sports equipment, such as a football strip for one Avon youngster. Someone needed tuition for the Deaf Theatre. We've bought photographic equipment, a trumpet..."
            The Trust relies on donations and fund-raising events - mainly concerts and film premieres, all of which are attended by

Club Sandwich 41